Thursday, 13 March 2014

Paradise Dynasty @ VivoCity

NOTE: This is a scheduled draft, I am currently in Perth now cuddling with wombats and eating my weight's worth of Red Rooster's cheesy chicken nuggets!

A while back, my family and I went down to Vivo City to dine at the newly opened Paradise Dynasty!

They're famous for their legendary xiao long baos, delectably soupy little meat buns. Not only that, they offer a cool range of unique flavours too!

Sooo cute and colourful! I was really excited to try them out coz I usually just have the traditional plain ones, yay for variety!

Little doggies waiting patiently in a pram outside of the restaurant while their "parents" enjoy their dinner :)

Pretty little sauce holders and shit.

As you can tell, I was pretty bored while waiting for the food to arrive haha.


Delicious spicy steamed chicken drumstick. Its Chinese name is '口水鸡', which literally translates to 'saliva chicken' lol.

It was suuuper tender and succulent, a dish served cold and the sauce was tasty but definitely packed a punch! Couldn't take more than one bite of it without having to chug water to douse the flames in my mouth :P

Bamboo shoots, my love~!

Yummy black fungus :)

I've always loved the unique look and texture of this very peculiar Asian delicacy!

Some simple vegetarian appetiser that would be delicious if it weren't for the addition of whole stems of CHINESE PARSLEY BLEHHH *vomit x1000*

Scrum-diddly-umptious fried noodles :D

Cute and delicate little pastry puffs!

And when you crack them open...

radish filling!! I didn't like them coz I'm not a big fan of radish :\

Preserved vegetable ramen with the prized lava egg!

I freaking love lava eggs (´∀`)♡

It comes with the following, a side of the most delicious fried chicken I've ever taste in my life.

Sooooo crunchy and flavourful, oh my god what I wouldn't do for a bite right now <3

And finally, the much-anticipated star of the show...

Colourful xiao long baos!!

As you can see, one of them ruptured and all the soup came spilling out, what a pity :((

They tasted absolutely superb, my favourite would probably have to be the black truffle as well as the cheese, both very robust and tasty!

I sampled them all except for the ginseng one, I just detest the taste of ginseng lol.

And when I was eating the very last one, which happened to be the sze chuan flavour, I slurped the soup a little too hard and it went shooting straight down my throat!! Almost choked on it and the spiciness did not help at all haha. Be warned, the spiciness of the sze chuan soup is REALLY strong and it'll leave your mouth and lips feeling numb for a period of time lol.

Nice and refreshing almond jelly dessert :)

Some weird rice soup dessert my mum was having. Doesn't look very dessert-like or appetising at all :\

My mango pudding! It was alright lol.

Alright lovelies, ciao for now~! I shall see you again in a bit :))


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