Saturday, 15 March 2014

Scootin' My Way Down Under

Greetings from Perth :D

Hooray for finally getting some internet access so I can bloggg about the happenings so far!

Check out this glorious picture I managed to snap, mini airplane taking off in the sky and all~

First time flying Scoot! I was pretty excited about it coz it’s a budget airline that’s under Singapore Airlines’ company.

I’ve flown Jetstar and Tiger Airways before, and let me just say that the latter was the absolute PITS. Not sure if I was just down on my luck that time, but all the air stewardesses were super rude and unpleasant. They were crudely shouting across the aisles and some were even SCOLDING the passengers, wtf?! It’s almost as if they weren’t trained at all. Jetstar was alright, the service was passable and the food was okay, if not exorbitantly expensive.

In terms of Scoot, however, hoooo boy. First of all, when I first got on the airplane I was greeted by a marvelous surprise. I’d expected the seats to be super cramped and cheap-looking like they usually do in budget airlines, but guess what? The interior was pretty much exactly the same as that of a standard Singapore Airlines plane! :D

So yeah, the seats were nice and comfy and because there was no inflight entertainment, I slept through the flight for the very first time :P

Oh btw, here’s the beautiful pic I posted on Instagram before checking in:

Check it out! My flight was the one at the very top! :D

P.S, if you’re not already following me on Instagram, you are MISSING OUT!! Seriously, I’ll fill your feed with the prettiest pics ever, you need to get on that shit.

My Premium inflight meal, which I had to pre-order and it cost a whopping 22 DOLLARS.

It featured a main of Chicken Parmigiana with Pasta, a side of Salad Greens, Plain Drinking Water and a tiny cup of Haagen-Dazs’ Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert.

The Chicken was pretty disappointing as it was nowhere near what it looked like in the menu photo and description (crispy and deep-fried to golden perfection, my ass). It was more like soggy fried chicken that was VERY hard and VERY salty.

To my absolute horror, the pasta was PLAIN and sauceless, save for the tiny diced chunks of peppers and zucchini (yum!). Also plain was the salad, which consisted of nothing but plain lettuce leaves and one measly cherry tomato. It was sad, but I scarfed it all down anyway because I was so famished lol.

Cheesiness of the Chicken!

Afterwards my mum was feeling peckish so she got us some snacks:

Cheese & Crackers and a nice Sparkling Iced Apple Tea!

A bit strange how their soft drinks are supplied from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf haha. Isn’t the Babybel cheese ADORABLE?!


And so we arrived in Perth and we loitered around the duty free shopping area for a bit (where I marveled at all the jawdropping-ly gorgeous OPI nail polish shades) before we went out to the public area to wait for our neighbor to come pick us up from the airport.

While waiting, we decided to get some of the wonderful fast food they have to offer in Aussie…

This was supposed to be an ~*artistic*~ shot of the Red Rooster food I got with the Red Rooster store in the background hahaha. But instead I got some weird stares from the family sitting next to me :(


Bliss <3

Ignore Barney in the background lol


Okay bonus, here are the gorgeous nails I got before flying off:

Pardon my pathetically short and nubby fingernails, but isn’t that the PRETTIEST POLISH YOU’VE EVER SEEN?!!

It’s waaay prettier in real life, a sandy matte textured polish with lots of diamond-like sparkles in a shade of beautiful sea green by ZOYA <3

I think I may officially be in love with ZOYA :))

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