Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Agency Awards 2014

Howdy angelcakes and baby possums, today I'm here to post about the recent Agency Awards held by the wonderful seniors from DMC!

You have been warned though, just like the previous time I blogged about a school event (Halloween 2013), it'll just be a relentless slew of selfies taken with a bunch of awesome people, with maybe some random photos thrown in here and there.

To start this blog post off, here's a picture of the legendary Food Foursome.

Vanessa the Popcorn Bucket, Gloria the Can of Chunky Vegetable Soup, Sarah the Sexy Cupcake and Lynette the Taco complete with the most adorable little sombrero ever.

Courtesy of Summer's fantastic costumes, which cost over $60 each. Pretty worth it though, if you factor in their quality, design, and sheer awesomeness.

That was the stage we practised our dance routine on. It was swelteringly hot that day, and it sure didn't help that we had an all-black dress code and I was wearing leather leggings.

My delicious banana and carrot milkshake from FC3 to save the day :))

Only two dollars, my goodness I love the drink stalls in school.

After rehearsal, we loitered around the underground area below Koufu and Lynette proceeded to do our makeup! Initially I protested against wearing any cosmetics, even though it was a theme for the girls in our class. I just can't be arsed to have to remove it at the end of the day lol. Yes I am THAT lazy. I feel so inadequate as a female hahaha.

Eventually I gave in and I'm glad I went ahead with it coz Lynette did such a fabulous job!! This is probably the second time in my life I've had proper eye makeup on (like eyeshadow, the works) besides that one time I was in a photoshoot for Seventeen magazine and that was HORRIBLE because they literally piled on two kg of makeup on my face (I felt it) and I looked like some 47-year-old lagoon monster who works at the red light district so yeah.

Very happy with the result this time round :)


Lé lovely Rachael~

Gorgeous Esther Tam, who helped me fix my makeup by touching up the messy bits and concealing my very dark eye circles lol.

Nerissa, my love xoxo

Notice how I was not a part of the ripped stockings dressing theme lol #rebel

Summer the cutest widdle booboo on the planet <3

Azra, my angel and my love. My lips look crazy in this photo I don't even know why...just ignore them. They look so scary wtf it's like botox gone horribly wrong.

Syazana, literally wtf look at her face she's like a living breathing supermodel doll that woman will be the death of me.

Vanessa. I love you so much Vannvanz omggg I'm gonna buy you so many socks at rub your body with them <3

Neripoo again. Look at her scrunched up face lol I am laughing so hard, she looks like a smurf hahahahah cutiepie <3

We're seated and ready for a good time!

So basically we played some warm-up games to pump ourselves up, then we watched all the short film entries for the video awards. Some really top-notch videos produced, I was really impressed and it was great fun to watch the work done by my peers. Well done, guys!

Toilet selfie, yeehaaa~

Nerissa and I getting our swag on.


Hariz and I holding some cute lil speech bubbles for a photo op, notice how his has really poor grammar.

My #ootd.

I felt like a mafia boss but in actual fact I just looked like a businesswoman whut whut.

Here's us in the middle of our dance performance, that's me second from the left with the light glaring through the exit door and onto my head so it looks like I have a bright, glowing tin of beans balancing on my noggin while I dance.

The performance was soooo much fun to do, high energy and laughter all around and I honestly wished it had lasted longer.

Needless to say, our class won Best Performance out of five classes and we were over the moon! Not to brag, but seriously our routine was not only the most enjoyable to watch, it was clear we had put in the most effort too.

I really enjoyed 01 and 03's performances as well, they've got some pretty slick moves :)

Here's our performance if you wanna watch it, it's really silly lol (it's supposed to be funny):

(I'm the girl with the straight hair and the short sleeved peplum top and the black pants and the black shoes ok)

Some lovely class photos to end off with:

All black!

With their wacky and straight-up PHENOMENAL costumes.

Spot the sexy cupcake, popcorn, taco, zebra, giraffe, and dragon. Esther was in the cutest cow onesie ever but sadly she took it off :( You can see it in the video though!

I love these people :)) ❤

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  1. What a lovely day you had. I love the costumes, especially the animal ones.