Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tom N Toms

Note: Backdated draft of some Singapore happenings to keep this blog alive and updated. I'll be flying back from Perth tomorrow so new posts will be coming soon :))

Love ya guys! xx


The other day, Steffi was kind enough to accompany me to Tanjong Pagar so that I could settle some serious grown up duties that I had hahaha. Asked her to tag along coz being in the Central Business District scares me (office people intimidate me so much!!).

Afterwards we trudged down to a café nearby in the hot sun to get some much needed refreshments, and to just catch up on life :)

Tom N Toms, what an adorable name :)

They had lovely murals all over the wall! Very cute and cartoony.

The LEGENDARY New York Cheesecake that Steffi ordered.

Holy shit, let me just rave about this for a few quick seconds.

As you can probably tell, it's not like most cheesecakes which are compact and moulded into a slice with clean edges. This beautifully rustic cheesecake is essentially a soft and delectable sponge, with creamy and delicious sweet cheesiness slathered on top complete with a yummy biscuit base.

Every bite was sheer perfection with the soft and chewy sponginess of the cake coupled with the amazing flavours in the creamy cheese.

Definitely one of the best cheesecakes I've ever tried, hands down.

My pretzel and yogurt smoothie :)

Got myself a grande Cherry Yogurt Smoothie. I was a bit nervous about it coz usually cherry flavoured things can either taste totally fab or go horribly wrong and wind up tasting like bad medicine. Well, this one nailed it and it was like drinking delicious candy from your sweet childhood days :)

A tad too sweet for my liking, however. I'm not sure what's in the syrup that they pump into these smoothies, all I know is that they don't necessarily taste the greatest, but they are definitely ADDICTIVE. Seriously, your body TELLS you to continue putting more of it into your system.

I suspect that drugs are involved.

Kidding, please don't sue me.

My yummy and super filling pepperoni pretzel.

All of their pretzels are prepared and baked upon order, resulting in the softest, freshest, chewiest, and most incredible pretzels ever. Mine was a little like a pizza pretzel. There was an abundance of tasty melted cheese that oozed out of every bite (bliss), flavourful tomato and herb sauce, and delicious coins of pepperoni that just provided an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Even the pretzel dough had a subtle and pleasant taste and aroma to it, it was fab.

Definitely a great lunch option, it was so filling that I couldn't even manage to get to the end of it without feeling stuffed to the point of not being able to walk! And it costs less than $10 too, good deal I'd say!

All in all, it was a great trip and I'd certainly love to head back again for their delicious smoothies, unbelievably yummy cheesecakes and the fantastic pretzels! Such great munchies for when you're doing work at the café :))

Ending off with this pic of their napkin, which was the thing that made me realise that it was actually a Korean café hahaha. They also play K-pop music videos on a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall so that's cool too, if you're into K-pop!

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