Saturday, 26 April 2014


So the new school year has officially started. The first week of being in Year 2 has come and gone and, if asked to describe it in three words, I'd say it was

1. Boring
coz pretty much all the lessons were introductory and we didn't get much done at all, save for the few class activities we had and listening to that one lecturer who spent two hours telling us about his life story (i was so bored and tired i wanted to shoot myself in the face). I tried that technique I saw on Twitter Lifehacks whereby holding your breath for one minute would keep you awake and alert because apparently it drives blood flow to your brain or something. Shit doesn't work.

2. Scary
coz we were introduced to how most of our modules are about to suck the life out of us throughout the semester (i'm looking at you, MMR). I mean, when you have 90% of your lecturers reminding you all the time how tough and draining Year 2 is, it gets kinda scary. All I know is the actual workload hasn't even set in yet and I'm already super stressed.

coz I finally get to see all my super amazing friends again and have so much fun and laughter every single day in school and eat all the yummy food and do all the lame shit yay yay yay yay I LOVE LIFE :D

Okay so obviously now that school has started I have way less time to blog than I already used to, and I'm also an exhausted, unmotivated blob most of the time so. :(

I'm still gonna try really hard to crank out a steady stream of posts though, maybe one or two every week? (i say this now but i have a feeling that as soon as assignments start rolling in, i'll be gone for like eight weeks at a time) (that is, of course, if i'm not already dead from school stress)

I have looooads of backdated posts and the way they're piling up in my folders is starting to bum me out big time when I think about how I'm slowly going to have to clear them all.

Perth vacation (which was like three thousand years ago wtf), Penang vacation (which i miss A LOT right about now), and just a whole bunch of random stuff I got up to while in Singapore.

Okie dokes anyways here's some random pics and doodle bitsies of stuff that happened during the first week of school!

Enjoy :))

First picture is a selfie I took on the first day of school HAHA

Oh god but seriously though I think I'm starting to have a problem...I have become hella vain recently LOL but omg I used to post pictures of myself on Instagram like once in a blue moon, and in recent weeks almost all of the pics I post (and i think i post quite a lot...) are either SELFIES OR OOTDs OR MIRROR SELFIES?!!?!?!!


Okay but I remember Ms Soh saying that if you're worrying about yourself being narcissistic, chances are you're not because real narcissists do not believe that there is anything wrong with their thoughts and behaviours. So yeah, I guess I'm still safe for now lol.

We went to NeNe Chicken @ Star Vista on Tuesday because we had a 2-hour long lunch break. It's essentially a fried chicken fast food place that came from The Land of Kimchi. There was quite a lot of hype over it when it first opened on our sunny shores and I was pretty excited about trying it out myself but after actually experiencing it...


The spaces were tiny and cramped (even the ordering area ffs), service was subpar and the food is very mediocre and INSANELY OVERPRICED.

The waiting buzzer thing, my gangsta owl laptop cover (say hi to Benn) and Vanessa poking Benn's eye :O

It's okay tho he's wearing glasses.

Okay so here's what I got:

Chicken tenders, small packet of fries and a grape soda. (it also comes with a little box of pickled radish but come on, who the hell eats that shit so i'm just gonna leave that out) (my apologies if you do in fact like to eat that nasty shit, no offence intended)

And guess how much this cost?

A whopping $9.90.

Almost 10 FREAKING BUCKS for this sad little tray of average fast food.

Oh my goodness I was not pleased, not pleased at all, I tell ya.

I got my tenders in the Snowing Cheese flavour. It's essentially just fried chicken chunks coated in a very pungent cheese powder which is quite unpleasant to smell but tastes quite nice.

Sadly the coating was rather thin and not sufficient enough to give flavour to the full chunk of chicken, which totally doesn't have any taste on its own.

The chicken "tenders" were nowhere near tender. Half of them were dry as hell and the rest were just passable.

The fries were lovely though! But that's about it.

Never heading back again, that's for sure.

BMO card I got up at 4AM to make for Summer's birthday because I was scared I wouldn't have time to complete it hahahah.

Doesn't really look 100% like BMO but...oh well lol. I had fun making it :D

Oh speaking of SumSum,

Look at her fabulous cow print keyboard skin!? She even got a cow pic for the sole purpose of me taking this pic hahahaha #swaggular

Vannvanz's delicious and pretty strawberry soursop juice from FC3 (i really really like the fruit juice stall there, i wish i could go more often D;) which she kindly let me have a sip of and it tasted DIVINE. Like forrealz tho there were real strawberry bitties and shit, soooo yummy~

Seemingly normal photo of us chillin' at FC3 (and vanz being a qt), but allow me to direct your attention to the window on the left.


If I see this at night I would scream.

Ending the post off with the most glorious bag of snacks I've ever had the honour of holding in my hands (and subsequently shoving down my throat),


It was the most amazing thing ever. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. Oh and Summer said it cost like 80 cents for a packet?!?!!! Kill me now.

If I lived in Thailand I would live on nothing but Lay's exotically flavoured chips and Thai iced tea.


  1. Nice. Whoop whoop! All the best for your second year in SP while i prepare to graduate. Heheh!

  2. Good luck and enjoy school. I love the teletubbies photo, I think it's so funny. If I were in that costume, I would be ignorant to the creepy effects I gave off just by admiring the view.