Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Kazokutei @ Plaza Singapura

Note: Backdated draft coz I was completely plum tuckered out last night from being out on a massive fun adventure! (well, not really...just hanging out with my friend Alex and getting my brows done and my hair waxed but And I am now about to go out yet again for another awesome day so I guess I'll be back with new stuff in a few days time!

Take care til then and I love youuu for reading this! Internet high-five! *slaps* Ohh yeah~!


I recently had the pleasure of dining at Kazokutei, a wonderful little Japanese restaurant over at Plaza Singapura (it's part of the Tokyo Walker family) and it was such a fantastic experience, I swear. Despite taking over 20 minutes for our food to arrive (they served all of our orders at once), it was well worth the wait because everything looked and tasted absolutely splendid.

I'm not even going to lie, I was so famished by the time the food was finally served and everything on the table just seemed so utterly tantalising (and the smell, oh god the smelll~) that I just haphazardly snapped a couple of photos before I dug in and began gobbling everything down. Thus, you might have to pardon some less-than-perfect photos :P

With that being said, please proceed to scroll down and take your eyes on a journey of delectable Japanese cuisine~!

Crunchy and oh-so-delicious kakiage! aka deep-fried vegetable fritters, topped with succulent battered shrimp, soooo good~~

Assorted vegetable tempura! There were pumpkins, eggplant, and sweet potato!

Mushroom tempura! You can never go wrong with mushrooms :)

Oyako don! I've loved this since I was a wee little kiddy, the aromatic egg with its sweet sauce is just heavenly! Just the smell alone is enough to whet my appetite and get my mouth watering :)

Awesome set meal featuring marvellous chunks of karaage aka Japanese fried chicken, rice AND bento! A very filling meal indeed!

Every bite of the chicken was pure sinful deep-fried perfection. The batter was uber tasty and it was just SO. CRUNCHY. Gosh, it was just amazing :')

The cold tofu appetiser was delicious too, I looove sesame miso sauces and dressings! Always so fragrant and yummy!

My order, which was a cute mini bowl of katsudon! The portion size was just perfect for me, as I'm not so much of a big eater and I'd much rather sample an array of different sides and small dishes rather than just one huge main course!

And of course, what better way to end off a fabulous meal than with a world-class dessert!

~*Creme brûlée*~!

Mmm-mmmm just look at that gorgeous caramelised sugar crackle!

It was nice and chilled in the body, very smoothly sliding down your throat and the top was wonderfully warm with beautiful bits of charred sugar. Gotta love that burnt flavour!

Dinner there was all sorts of fabulous and I don't know about you but seeing all this pics again just makes me hungry all over again!

i freaking love creme brûlée

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