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Of Miracles And Dreams Come True: DMC Pride

It's officially the last day of the school holidays, and tomorrow brings with it the beginning of a whole new chapter of my education in undoubtedly my dream course in my dream school. So I thought it'd be a good time to do a little recap of the past school year so far, as well as take a little trip down memory lane, the rocky path that brought me to this destination :))

So...Y’all know from this post that I’d always wanted to be studying in Media and Communications at Singapore Polytechnic, but I’m not sure if you know just how much.


Enough to make me write, "I am going to score distinction for both Maths as well as Combined Science (my all-time worst subjects back in secondary school) and be successfully posted to Media and Communication at Singapore Polytechnic" 10 times a day, every single day, for an entire year.

Yeah, I know. It sounds super crazy (and frankly, quite a waste of pen ink and a whole load of paper haha. environmental nuts please don’t kill me!! i will recycle it all, i swear!!), but at the time, it seemed like a last resort.

I wanted to go to this school, to be in this course, so freaking badly. Time was running out, I’d already wasted one year. I knew that if I were to study anything else, I’d just be miserable and it would probably lead nowhere in my life in terms of chasing my passion.

I was struggling with trying to attain the grades I needed in order to secure a spot in this much-coveted course.

Everything seemed pretty bleak, and that’s when I realized…

I needed a miracle.

I started reading “The Secret”, and got to know about affirmations. Through reading Xiaxue’s (who incidentally also graduated from Diploma in Media and Communications at Singapore Polytechnic, holla!) blog, I came to know about a man who wrote down what he wanted 10 times a day, affirmations which later became reality.

I was desperate at this point, and I had nothing to lose, so I started writing that sentence 10 times a day.

When I got my ‘O’ level results, I did not get A1 for both Maths and Science like I had wished for (I’d always known at the back of my head that it was a bit of a stretch, those two subjects have never been my forte, especially Maths which I absolutely loathe, and furthermore I have to admit that I never did give my 100% in studying for the exams… #badstudent #dontlearnfromme). Devastated and crushed knowing that my aggregate did not meet DMC’s cut-off point, I continued writing my affirmations, this time shortening it to, "I will be successfully posted to Media and Communication at Singapore Polytechnic".

One thing lead to another, I received a call from the school asking me to come down for an interview through JPSAE (I first got contacted by DTVM, but I knew that my heart and passion lied with DMC). I sat for a written test, writing like my life depended on it. I came up with an entire portfolio in the span of less than 24 hours, producing a magazine article of my girl Ailee when I had never in my life used a graphic editing software before, as well as a series of essays, articles, poems, and even a short children’s story. I went into the interview with an All Or Nothing attitude, but deep inside I wanted to grab the interviewers by the hand and beg them to just please give me a spot.

The interview went very well, and I had a feeling that good news was coming my way.

Still, I was not at ease for a single second leading up to the day of the posting results because I was afraid of celebrating prematurely. Until…(see this post)

And that was the end…which lead to a whole new beginning :))


It’s been one year, and what an amazing time I’ve had so far.

All the wonderful people I’ve met and became close friends with. The fun, supportiveness and unity of DMC 05. The patient, caring and super knowledgeable lecturers who are always willing to go the extra mile for us students, some even turning into friends. The amazing experiences, be it once in a lifetime opportunities or simply everyday life in SP with the greatest people ever.

I love each and every single day in school.

Be it having a good laugh with my classmates, having the highly experienced lecturers impart their wisdom onto me in engaging and valuable lessons (i honestly enjoy every single lecture and tutorial, though some more than others, i’ll admit haha), and even when I’m slogging it out for yet another project, I couldn’t be more thankful to be in this fantastic school, in the best course ever, in a class so perfect I could never even have dreamed of it.

Every time I set foot onto the campus, I still remember how thoroughly grateful I am to have my wish granted, and in a way it still feels a little surreal just how miraculously everything has worked out. In this short period of one year, so much has happened. I’ve become a much more confident, wise, strong, and open person than before. And above all else, I’ve definitely become much happier :))

I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge, met a whole bunch of friends who are just the most loving, kindhearted and endlessly giving people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, gotten to receive the honour of being under the tutelage of the coolest and most fun lecturers in the history of teaching, and amassed a myriad of priceless memories from an endless amount of amazing experiences and opportunities, as well as the little joys in between. To name a few…

(click on certain events to be taken to their own individual posts!)

  • Visiting Gardens By The Bay for the first time during the Freshmen Orientation Program. I still remember the super nice Pals, my lovely seniors Dan and Fil (not to be confused with the famous British Youtubers), and how Swe brought Summer and I to get falafels together after the trip!

  • Being a part of Eat Out Mondays and thereafter, Breakfast On Wednesdays :))

Getting to meet local celebrities Desmond Tan and Jeffrey Xu at Star Vista during one of our first EOM trips!

  • Having a karaoke session in school because GenEd class was cancelled!

  • Receiving the sweetest and most uplifting little gifts and notes throughout the week from Azra, who then became one of my best friends ever, through the "Secret Angel" game that Mr Kan thought of. I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to think of what to get for Gloria, my mortal, each day and preparing all the little presents for her!

  • Snacking in class (lol), and sometimes even having full meals...

  • Dressing up for school every day (this is something which brings me great joy because i am someone who loves to be able to express myself through the way that i look and dress. i’ve always love dressing up, putting together an outfit through coordinating each piece of clothing, complementing it with accessories and the perfect pair of shoes and an awesome bag, all to my liking. i was never able to do this in my previous years of school so now that i finally can (and i feel that i earned the right because i studied my butt off through a whole decade before being able to come to a polytechnic and not have a school uniform hahaha), please do not give me any crap about dressing to the nines to go to school, okay. It’s my choice and my prerogative to look however i want, and as long as i am comfortable and not bothering anyone (or scantily clad), why should you care?)

  • Shooting a video for our PC project (one of our first CAs. ahhh, how time flies :)) in which I get cyberbullied by Hariz, who played the Domo-Loving Douche, and I cried so hard that snot came dribbling down my face hahaha

  • Shooting a short film with esteemed director and filmmaker extraordinaire, Mr Kan Lume, who is also easily one of the best lecturers ever. A wonderful experience that was equal parts fun and rewarding :))

  • Going to the live telecast of The Final 1 as part of our field trip for IMCA. It was my first time being at a TV studio and being in the audience of a live performance! And thereafter...

  • Being part of the audience at The Star Theatre to see the Grand Finale of The Final 1, an awe-inspiring night indeed. So surreal! And as a result of that...

  • Getting to know the winner, Farisha and receiving the most thoughtful, inspirational and heartwarming email from her, which still pushes me on and gives me strength when I need it the most. (thank you sweetheart!)

  • Going to an intimate fanmeet and live performance session with Glen and Yuresh’s band, Still Sunrise. "Untitled" is still one of the most played songs on my phone, you have to go check them out!

  • Going to the Peranakan Museum as part of our VC field trip,and later to Strictly Pancakes with three of the most wonderful ladies ever whom I love so, SO much! I still remember clearly how much fun we had on that hot and tiring but memorable day :))

  • Eating crickets, something I thought I’d never ever do in my lifetime, it was pretty great haha! Crispy, crunchy, flavourful and packed with protein! (please don't run away from me haha)

  • Mindblowingly fantastic events organised by the fabulous seniors. They are always so much fun and create such wonderful memories, I really am super grateful for all their hard work and effort, sacrificing their time so that us freshies can have such a blast!

  • VVIP, our very first event in school. So much fun how everyone got to dress to the nines! I look so weird and different hahaha~

  • Halloween 2013, definitely one of the most fun and memorable days! Made me officially fall in love with Halloween and all things spooky haha :))

Fun times in class...all part of a day in the life of a DMC student.

  • Dressing Queen Elson up in line with all the hype over Frozen.

Does your course have students dressing up in awesome animal costumes while giving a normal everyday presentation in class? Didn't think so.

  • Photobooth fun times in class...and sometimes during lecture hahahaha

  • Getting to celebrate special occasions with each other...

  • Chinese New Year! (thank you NerNer for inviting us to your lovely abode!)

  • Birthdays~ (shout out to Hariz who came to this Earth on the same day as my mum) (but not the same year tho)

  • Valentines Day! Never have I felt more loved on V-Day than on the day all these sweet darlings surprised us with the most adorable little gifts and treats~ (nevermind my closed eyes in the (focus on the gorgeous origami roses that Rachael lovingly handmade for each of us! so sweet!!)

  • The most inspiring lecturers ever, who have all touched our lives in more ways than one. Bringing a whole new dimension to teaching, I am ever so thankful, so blessed to have been under your care and guidance throughout this time!

Ms Trudy!

Mr Kan!

Ms Kwa! (shout out if you're reading this right now! HELLOOOOOO~!! *waves*)

We will all miss you terribly :(( It sucks that we won't be taught by you all in Year 2, I really really look forward to seeing you guys around school!

One of my all-time favourite moments and most precious memories in my life...

  • Having probably my best birthday to date, a sweet and thoughtful surprise from everyone in 05, especially BOW, who made me awesome cards that had the most touching and heartfelt messages and wishes ever. They took the time and trouble to prepare for me wonderful gifts, cake and even pudding! haha~ To help me celebrate my 18th birthday which just so happened to fall on a particularly troubling period of time for me…Thank you once again for turning one of my worst days, into one of the greatest and most memorable yet! I couldn’t ask for a greater gift :)) ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Accomplishing projects that I am super proud of, especially from the amount of hard work I put in (and the toll it took on my sleep…and mental health hahaha), like the logo and mascot design, brochure design, brochure writing, every single CA for HMB (creating a board game, analyzing an experiment of heuristics (which led to my team and i presenting in front of the whole cohort of over 100 students, pretty cool experience if you ask me), producing a voice-narrated lecture, and studying for the test counts too lol)

All which led to my current cumulative GPA which, although not perfect, is pretty ~*sparkly*~ even if I do say so myself hehehehe~~ And I am secretly (maybe not so much, now that i've announced it on the internet...) super proud of it!

My babies! I put an insane amount of time and hard work into all okay, I'll admit it, MOST of my projects and assignments and it's always such a great feeling after submitting it to just be able to sit back, look back on my efforts and admire the end product! Even better if I get a marvellous grade for it hahaha! :P

Me presenting alongside my fantastic group mates, Swaggular Summer and Hazim Faiz aka Dollah Kasim Award winner and Singapore National Youth Football Superstar, no biggie.

Looking forward to keeping up the good standard of work, getting back on my grind all whilst having an absolute blast in school every day. I also really hope to broaden my social circle beyond the friendships of my undeniably close-knit class, and get to know people from other classes, the seniors and also the cute little freshies~!! Yay lol. Bring on Year 2!

Oh and did I mention how the food in school is pretty freaking fantastic too?!

(Top to bottom, L-R): Yong Tau Foo from Koufu, Rainbow Sprinkled Donut from FC6, Awesome Drinks from Artease, Vanilla Latte with Coconut Jellies from Artease, Rum & Raisin Gelato from Monday Blues, Cheese Ramen Yong Tau Foo from FC6, Carrot Cake from Angmore Cafe, Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Artease, Chicken Cutlet with Pasta Salad and Garlic Rice from Manna Cafe, Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Artease, and Chicken Cutlet Rice Set with Corn Soup from the now defunct Taiwanese food stall at Koufu.


I predict massive snack attacks in class once school starts :P

Stay tuned for more awesome campus food pics, and even more awesome tales of being in hands down, the best course, in the best school, EVER :))

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