Thursday, 17 April 2014

Orgasmic Risotto + Random Snappy Doodles

Here's an awfully backdated post I started drafting out back when I was still in Singapore but was too lazy and unmotivated to finish and thus procrastinated for a long time, dragging it out til I finally got to finish writing it here in Penang.

I've been having a fantastic time here in the Pearl of The Orient (such a pretty name! i love all these nicknames for cities and places, like how we affectionately term Singapore as The Lion City), and I can't wait to blog all about the adventures I've had here when I return home!

Yup, I guess I'm back on the blogging grind once again hehe :))

I guess I just needed that extra burst of motivation to spur me on and reignite the fire that fuels my passion for blogging (sounds so deep and meaningful but it's just me writing some nonsense ramblings amidst randomly snapped photos of my very mundane life hahaha), and I am so glad that I received it.

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of those who took the time and care to leave such lovely messages of support and motivation, be it the wonderful comments left on my previous post or the private messages that were sent to me (y'all know who you are! ;)). Each of them were amazingly thoughtful and kind, and I never ever would've thought that people out there felt that way about my blog, about my writing, if it weren't for your kind messages. 

Did you have to drop me a message? No. But you did it anyway, and it made such a world of difference to me, honestly. I was absolutely beaming whilst reading each of your very kind words, and now I shall forever have your words to encourage me.

So once again, thank you very much indeed.

And I'll see you all again soon! Hope you'll be well til then :))



A while back, Alex and I headed to Cedele @ Great World City (one of my favourite places in Singapore <3) to have the most AMAZING risotto ever.

Now y'all know that I love watching Hell's Kitchen, and can I just say that I have developed a bit of an obsession with risotto from watching that show?! Actually...I always wish that I could just reach out and grab all the insane looking food that's featured on the Hell's Kitchen menu...Risotto...Beef Wellington...SCALLOPS.

*extreme drooling ensues*

Me taking random pics while being bored waiting for my food to arrive, as usual.

Sexy schmexy Alexy.

Dat tanline tho~

His yummy-looking iced mocha drink (i Yay for cocoa-dusted froth! Milkstache :D

WONDROUS WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO. Very tasty, tastes like a nice mushroom soup but solid version heh heh. Lovely robust mushroom aromas throughout, just heavenly.

LORD ALMIGHTY, IS THAT NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING YOU HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON. Paprika prawn risotto with pumpkin. Apart from the pure divine colours and magnificence of its appearance (it looks so pretty i wanna smash my face in it), it tasted OH. SO. GOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS*

Sauce was pure amazingness, pumpkin chunks were aplenty, rice nicely cooked. The only downside would have to be the prawns which, although very fresh, were overcooked and very dry, not succulent at all :(( But hey, at least they were generous with the portion sizes! It was perfect, nice and filling but not too much that you'd have to leave some behind coz your tummy's just bursting.

Damn, this pretty much made me fall in love with risotto (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

After our truly delectable lunch, Alex and I strolled around Great World City and made lovely conservation while checking out all the fancy stuff there. Here are some random pics of some cool doodlies. Enjoy~!

Awesome Pure Acacia Honey from Marks & Spencer. Holy smokes there's an entire slice of honeycomb inside the jar, how freaking fancy is that?!

Marks & Spencer has some of the coolest foods ever, pity it's all so expensive :((

Corset and boobie nail polish bottles haha. I don't get it, do the boobs add better grip when you're painting your nails? trolololololl

I read "Acoustic Pain' at first sight.

Eye infection!! Finger edition hahahaha #howlamecaniget

Super cool hand soap holder in the form of...a bar of soap!! Haha~ Damn I love the awesome furnishing and decor shops at GWC, they sell some pretty cool shit. But you can't really just stroll around and browse (especially if you're a poor-looking teenager like myself) coz the staff there know that you won't be purchasing any of their stuff, and they'll just glare at you with their judge-y eyes as you make your way through the shop :(().

Super duper old-school Philips computer desktop.

OMG I used to loooove all the fake computer props they display at furniture shops when I was a kid. I wasn't old enough to use computers yet, so I had such a blast pretending to type and "do business" on the cardboard computers and laptops hahahah. Who would've thought I'd wind up being such a massive tech addict that I now spend about 17 hours a day online :\

Such an adorable Samsung tablet! It first caught my eye coz it was in the prettiest and most cheerful shades of bright yellow and aqua, but I later found out that it was a kiddy tablet, and I think that's horrible.

It's bad enough that parents nowadays are just shoving an iPad to pacify their children instead of providing them with fun toys and educational games, now there's a near-$400 tablet JUST for them?! So, what? At the age of five, they demand for their very own tablet and one or two years down the road they'll start requesting for their very own iPhones and laptops and whatnot. Smh...I didn't even get my first smart phone until I graduated secondary school at the age of 17, for crying out loud. #truestory

Okay intermission from serious talk, here have some cute and cuddly critters:

Mr. Bun Bun having a sip of water coz it's hard work being this adorable.


Okay guinea pigs have never done much for me haha. They're sort of like little tufts of peaky fur creatures that are between rabbits and hamsters...not very appealing to me heh.



Spotted this majestic big cat at a baby store:

I almost let out a scream, I thought it was a REAL TIGER HAHAHAHAHAH. It looks soooo realistic and amazing, I wanted one in my room so bad. It looks like it'd be great to cuddle and just lie on, too :))

Look at that booty doe.

Got myself a Cinnamon Pretzel from Auntie Anne's before heading home, so that officially makes it a great day :)) Unfortunately the pretzel had been left out for quite a while so the dough became reeeally tough instead of the usual warm, chewy goodness. But cinnamon sugar always makes EVERYTHING better, and the girl was kind enough to absolutely drown my pretzel in it with multiple coats of the good stuff haha!


  1. I have a hankering for risotto myself. I haven't had risotto for years. Although I still don't have a smart phone, I didn't get my own mobile until I graduated from high school. In regards to children having expensive gadgets, I use to tutor two children a brother and sister aged 5 and 7 who both had their own iphones and ipads!

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