Sunday, 6 April 2014

Soup-er Fun Froyo Times + Best Ring EVER

Friday was Fun Night With The Ladies~! Or, as Rachael named our group, Peranakan Museum 2.0 hahaha!

We had dinner at The Soup Spoon @ JEM, which was a nice treat since their food is really wholesome and tasty, but way too pricey to be enjoyed on a regular basis!

My cute wooden block waiting thingy over their nice wall mural :)

Fancy ceiling lighting! The various light decorations in different eateries alway intrigue me, haha. Swensens has some really nice stained glass lights!

Lé beautiful Rachael with her Tangy Tomato with Basil soup. It was really yummy and aromatic with a noticeable kick in it! Great for spice-lovers :) I'm a total spice wimp so I couldn't even drink one spoonful without having to chug water and gobble some other food down to douse the flames in my mouth haha! A bit reminiscent of tom yam soup at times, like a nice herby Western version.

Ner and Van with their Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff soups. The Soup Spoon is really generous with their mushrooms! It's almost like eating a whole bowl of mushrooms along with some creamy soup deliciousness. Every mouthful is a mushroom-chewing extravaganza. Coupled with their nice bread rolls, there is NO way you wouldn't be full after slurping down this very filling soup!

I felt like getting something solid instead, so here's my Caesar Chicken with Mushroom wrap. I couldn't taste much of the Caesar dressing in this, as with the cheddar cheese. What a pity :( Every rare bite that had melted cheese in it, my tastebuds were pleasantly surprised and jumping for joy.

Apart from the grilled chicken breast chunks and mushrooms (not sure what kind exactly, but they were black and BURSTING with flavour! definitely not the cheapo basic kind haha), the wrap had yummy lettuce, cucumber and tomato slices. Super healthy and very filling too! A bit lacking in the flavour department but I guess being trim and healthy comes at a price haha. Perhaps you could try requesting for more cheese/dressing.

It came with a cute side salad of shredded veggies and was drizzled over with the most amazing sauce ever, it smelled awesome and was very tangy and appetising. Pity I couldn't eat it at all coz it was full of coriander/cilantro/Chinese parsley pieces (like WHOLE leaves and stems!!) which are just the vilest herbs to ever exist on the planet. Like, I'm serious. Ugh. The smell and the flavour is just...HORRID.

Selfie with @VANNVANZ :D

Afterwards Ner and I went to Sogurt for dessert, yay!! I freaking love froyo, especially when they come in cool ass flavours! Van and Rach went to Starbucks to buy some Dauntless Cake (really just normal chocolate cake lol) or whatever to celebrate Four Day. Idk, some weird Divergent fandom shit hahaha. Ner and I have yet to see the movie and so have not been bitten by the Divergent bug, unlike Van and Rach who are in it big time!


I got Banana Milk, Tiramisu, and Nutella flavoured froyo (they had Lychee too which I wanted to get but I already had such a heavy cup and I didn't feel like getting charged $15 for frozen yogurt haha) topped with

Crumbled Oreo cookies (any froyo is instantly made 1000x better with crunchy Oreo bits in the mix!)
Orange and yogurt pops (they're little balls of juice with really thin "skins" so you can pop them easily in your mouth with one bite, FUN!!)
Strawberry Japanese mochi cubes (soooooo good omfg i just love chewing on them in and when my remaining froyo has melted into soup, it's pure BLISS i tell you! also, i love how soft and powdery they are haha. so cute and fun to squish!!)
Coconut jellies (the kind that they put into bubble teas, i looooove them so much. so flavourful and fun to chew on, much better than dumb old tapioca pearls hahaha no offence)
✦ A random watermelon gummy candy that looked super cute but ended up being hard as an effing rock, like seriously I almost broke my jaw trying to chew that shit hahaha


They just look really girly and pretty okay lol. They tasted like regular maraschino cherries, which isn't really my thing haha so this was nothing special. I just found them so lovely to look at :))

Very cool patchwork cushion chair at Sogurt! It was the only one in the whole store that wasn't a basic plastic chair, and I got to sit on it so that makes me queen hahaha

Sooooooo good~~ I want some now please :( *pout*

Pretty fruit wall decor! Seriously that is gorgeous, I'd love to have one in my room haha!

Dauntless cake that the girls got for Ner as a belated birthday gift (actually just a Molten Chocolate Cake from Starbucks). It wasn't molten at all, the whole cake was solid and HARD all the way through and there was no flowing chocolate lava whatsoever. Get it warmed up by the staff if you buy it yourself, I think the chocolate chunk in the centre is supposed to be heated through so that it'll melt and ooze out.

Beautiful (belated) birthday girl :))

Okay on a sidenote, Rachael gave me this super ADORABLE ring that is of...

A PUDDING!! hahaahahahahhahah

Ok so if you haven't already noticed (points to the URL of this blog which you have been reading up to this point), I am quite a big fan of puddings so naturally this delighted me, VERY MUCH.

Can you see how cute and awesome and perfect it is?! I AM GOING CRAZY I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!! Also note how my lovely yellow nails matches the caramel pudding ring as well as the nice yellow and white polka dotted fabric in the background. Ok just because you've been nice enough to read my very long blog post all the way til here, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...

The background is actually my floor towel, on which I rub and dry my feet hahahahahaha


Alright that concludes this post, now go be jealous that I have the cutest little pudding ring in the whole wide world and you don't nyeheheheheheh. Just kidding lol that's mean

this post took way too long for me to type
i think i might be dead now

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