Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sweetheart ♥

Hello beautiful, here is a random compilation of all the pics I took of sweet treats while in Perth. Now you can savour the delightful saccharinity without getting an actual toothache or worse, diabetes! (that is not something to be joked about ok)



They have half-priced waffles every Tuesday so that's awesome.

My sister's Cookie Dough and my Rum & Raisin.

My mum's Chocolate thingy and my dad's Mocha thingy.

If you'd be so lovely as to scroll back up to the first photo of all the ice cream flavours, you would see that in the top right-hand corner is a tan-coloured tub that actually contains the NEW Spiced Carrot Cake flavour.

Whut whut.

I asked to sample it and it was soooooooooooo good oh my ding dang doodly goodness. The friendly lady told me that the flavour itself didn't actually consist of carrots or cake, but it contained notes of cinnamon and cream cheese which is what the flavour reminiscent of carrot cake comes from.

Now I don't know about y'all but I love cinnamon and I loooooooove cream cheese and carrot cakes so I was basically flipping out after just tasting that little sample spoon of this amazing revolutionary ice cream innovation taste sensation extraordinaire and I wanted to scream and holler at the sheer awesomeness of it all but sadly I could not and had to suppress my inner feelings and emotions and mutter a quiet "it's nice" when the lady asked me how I liked it.

After all that, I went ahead to get my Rum & Raisin coz I felt like ingesting some rum lol despite not sampling the flavour first (I am too shy to ask for a second sampling and I had just about hit my quota of social interactions per day after speaking those two lines to the server) which was a big mistake coz the Rum & Raisin turned out quite...bad :((

But not to worry, I returned to Geláre two tuesdays later and finally got Spiced Carrot Cake!

YAY~!!!!!!!!! *shrieks*

My sis got Cookie Dough AGAIN coz she's boring as hell lol

Okay that concludes this episode of The Geláre Chronicles hahaha. Now, moving on...

You know what is one of the simple things in life that I absolutely love?

Bakery display windows. 

That's right, all those sweet and decadent goodies, so colourful and beautifully decorated. I might not be buying them, heck, I might not even want to eat them! But just seeing them makes me feel sooo happy. THIS right here is the definition of eye candy :))

Hot diggity damn, look at those swirls. And IS THAT NOT the perfect shade of caramel brown?!! I'd love to have a lick of that, if you know want I mean ;) (that sounds super suggestive when it is not at all supposed to be, i do apologise)

Heart shape cut-out cupcakes, how cute and romantic!!









Cute lil tub of chocolate mousse I had one night while watching Hell's Kitchen 11. It's from Nestle's Soleil Diet range of desserts, and it is soooooo good, I tell you!! You would NOT be able to tell that it is, in fact, a whopping 97% fat free! OH MY GOD!!!!!! *gasps* :O

It was really flavourful and yummy and the best part? IT WAS LIGHT AS AIR. Seriously it was such a fun time eating this thing coz with every spoonful, it makes a squishy noise when you scoop it up. And there's all the air bubbles and shit, seriously it was like eating CHOCOLATE AIR. Or fluffy clouds!!

What a dream.

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  1. I love how you love Australian food. I have never heard anyone rave on about it as much as you do.