Thursday, 29 May 2014

Music Madness: Iggy Azalea, EXO, and S.H.E


Okay I know I mentioned in my previous post that I would have a new one published on Tuesday which was yesterday (i'd started typing this post before midnight, when it was technically still wednesday lol) but, *gasp*! I failed to deliver on that promise!! D;

I felt terrible about it and last night I was trying really hard to just sit down and write at least a few paragraphs for a very basic post but unfortunately, I was just too plum-tuckered out :((

You see, for Monday to Wednesday I have classes that start at a criminally early hour. I usually sleep stupidly late on Sunday nights (because every single week I mess up my sleep cycle by waking up at 5PM on Saturdays), and the first two days of the school week are the longest. Coupled with the fact that the past weekend was spent burning the midnight oil for CP and other random fufu lame shit, I probably got about maximum six hours of rest over the span of three days :((

Therefore I was truly not able to blog at all last night, I seriously thought I was gonna die from tiredness! For the past few days I have been battling with dysania every morning, it's a legit struggle fighting the urge to skip school and just snooze the day away.

Okay but enough about that, let's get down to today's post!

I was searching through my phone pics to see what fun stuff I could blog about, but there haven't really been any "events" whereby I take a lot of photos during one day or activity. Rather, it was just a smattering of random pictures here and there, mostly of my school life and some of the shit I get up to during weekends and whatever small windows of free time I get haha.

Also, I feel like I've been quite absent on my blog and the few recent posts have mostly been of events that are way, waaay past. It's like nothing is current anymore!!

So today, I'm gonna be talking about something that has been a majorly predominant aspect of my life for the past few weeks! :D :D


Omg I cannot even BEGIN to explain how much I have been loving music lately.

Obviously I've loved listening to music since, well probably since the day I first started. And its role in my life definitely became progressively bigger as I grew up and went through stages of
  • being able to choose my own music to listen to
  • having my own very first set of earpieces and music players when i was a kid, fun!!
  • discovering new genres and languages, such as Mandopop and Kpop (and Japanese anime soundtracks omg, LOVE those)
  • when i started getting into kpop and dance, which helped me lose a lot of weight and definitely changed my life
  • when i got REALLY into rap music (which was just the end of last year) and became heavily influenced by Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and my queen Iggy Azalea. it's strange but rap music has honestly helped me so much and brought me so much joy. it's such a passionate genre, the fact that rap artists can take the pain, angst and every other shitty emotion they have ever experienced and translate it into such amazing words and songs, it is so insanely inspirational and worthy of admiration. plus, listening to rap music (and rapping myself haha) really ignites something deep within me and causes a surge of energy through my body, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.

But anyway, lately I've been loving music SO much that I honestly feel that I can relate to what Mr Mario said during our first RTPM tutorial: "I can't live without music. Without it, I'd die."

At first I was like, oooookay lol settle down cowboy let's not get dramatic over here. Sure, I enjoy listening to music as much as the next guy but, I'm sure I'd still be able to continue living my life happily without that one part of my life.

But now, NOOOO. NO I DO NOT want to imagine a world where music does not exist!! It honestly brings so much joy to me, and is such a wonderful form of therapy.

Here are just a bunch of reasons why music is ESSENTIAL:
  • had a bad day? CRANK UP THE VOLUME and drown out all the noise of the world
  • listen to heartwrenching ballads and have a good cry
  • listen to songs that make you feel AWESOME and remind you of the badass that you are
  • music makes you feel sooooo good and happy
  • scientifically speaking, listening to music releases dopamine in your brain which is GRRREAATT
  • get JIGGY with it and BOOGIE on the dancefloor coz music was made to make you MOVE, BABY~!
  • music gets you PUMPED like nothing else!! except for drugs lol but those are BADDD STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS, CHILDREN!!
  • without music, would you be able to work out at the gym for a whole freaking hour? didn't think so.
AND THAT'S JUST THE TIP OF THIS BEAUTIFUL MUSICAL ICEBERG!!!!!! but as you can probably tell i am getting way off-topic and also kinda high so im'ma stop before this gets any further lol

I honestly have been so obsessed with music that I find myself listening to it ALL. THE FREAKING. TIME. While I'm chillin' in bed playing games on my phone or Nintendo DS (Mario Kart FTW, forever and ever~~), using the computer, getting ready, sitting in the car being driven from one place to another and of course, when I'm taking the train/bus/walking, going anywhere and everywhere. In fact, I find myself starting to wish that the commute to and from school would be just a tad longer so I could squeeze in more songs to listen to!! I get so sad when I reach the classroom and have to take my earpiece out :(( And another thing, I kinda not want to go home with my friends because then I'll have to converse with them instead of listening to my music...LOL WHAT IS THISSS MUSIC IS MAKING ME ANTISOCIAL WTF!!

So yeah.

I've also started to sing and/or rap whilst I'm sitting on the toiletbowl LOL. And trust me, once it becomes a habit it's kinda hard to control yourself and not burst into song while you're peeing IN PUBLIC hahahaha.

Oh gosh what did I just reveal to the internet.


Here's some of the music I've been listening to A LOT for the past 2-3 weeks~~


This. Is. THE SHIT.

Oh my god seriously though it was so worth the wait coz EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. Well, with the exception of 'Lady Patra' which, as big a fan of Iggy as I am, I can't say that I like because the dude in the song is annoying as hell especially when he just starts obnoxiously shouting a bunch of incoherent crap in the beginning of the song and makes me wince and press the 'skip' button faster than the speed of light.

Other than that travesty, every single song is flawless and amazing and the first week after getting the album, I'd already listened to everything on loop for at least 300 to 2,000 times.

It's safe to say that I've memorised not only the lyrics to every song in the album, but also each beat riff, every guitar strum, every single breath and timing of each word down to the last syllable.

THAT'S how much I love Iggy Azalea. Praise the queen. #AZALEAN4LYFE

Some of my favourites: 'Don't Need Y'all' (probably my favourite song on the album that wasn't a single), 'Walk The Line', 'Impossible Is Nothing' (i REALLY love how all her songs are super motivational in a way that she tells you her story and the struggles she has overcome, but also making it about YOU and how YOU can achieve whatever you set your mind to. brilliant stuff, truly), 'Black Widow', 'Just Asking' (really helped me get over the period where i found out that my crush actually has a girlfriend hahaha awww), and 'New Bitch' (which makes me feel like a bad bitch when i'm walking down the streets fresh as hell blasting this song in my ears lol).

So basically every single song HAHA.

Oh and of course, that's not including the singles that had already been released (i.e 'Work', 'Change Your Life', 'Bounce' and of course, 'Fancy') because y'all know that I've been listening to that shit RELIGIOUSLY since months and months and months ago. They've become like my life's anthem, for crying out loud.

God I freaking love Iggy Azalea.

I have this pic saved on my computer desktop...

because I love Iggy and I love staring at her phenomenal ass that is totally worthy of worship lolololol omg is that weird??! I swear I am not a lesbian hahahaha OK MOVING ON!!

2. KPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More specifically, EXO <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Oh my flibbity flabbity goodness, someone call the doctor coz I am OVERDOSING on my love for Exo (hit me up if you got that reference coz we need to be bffs).

I kinda hate my cousin (in an affectionate way, of course. that dude is THE BOMB) for asking me two weeks ago whether I'd checked out Exo's new song, to which I scoffed "psssh, no! i am SOOO over kpop, and soooo over Korean boy groups, and DEFINITELY sooooooooo over Exo~"

Because it had been about a whole solid year of me having successfully torn myself apart from the world of Kpop Idol Obsession, a phase which I'd been in from 2009 to some time in between 2012/2013.

But then curiosity and boredom got the better of me, and I sat down and watched Exo's new music video.


Instant infatuation.

ESPECIALLY with this life-ruiner named Park Chan Yeol. 

It's funny coz I never noticed him AT ALL even when I loved Exo like crazy during my Kpop phase (I liked Kris and Sehun back then), but when I watched his rap segment,




Oh. My. God.

That boy is hot.

Ok it might be because he's a rapper and I like rap??!?!??!? I don't even know lol.

All I know is he is fineeee as all hell and that deep, raspy voice of his and those freaky, growling animal faces he likes to make just SET. MY HEART. ON FIRE.


He is so hot omg.

Also, also, also. Can I just say that, if Chan Yeol is my bias (that's kpop lingo for "favourite person if the band", if you're wondering) from Exo-K, my bias from Exo-M would have to be




i hate you.




Apart from 'Overdose', I've also been loving 'Wolf' which is highly hypocritical of me because for the past two years I've been tearing them apart for how maddeningly AWFUL that song is and how much I hated it to the core especially the part where they go "naega OOLF, naega OOLF, OWWWOOOOO~~ *weird squeaky voice*: saranghaeyo~!!" but now, I actually like the song?!!?!?!

Welcome to the world of being a blinded and delusional fangirl who is BIASED beyond belief, sighhhh hahaha.

I also just discovered 'Thunder' barely two days ago, which is a song on their latest album that has the ability to induce some very...intense...and sexual feelings within my soul...Ahem.

Okay before I go on any further can I just say that the perks of being an Exo fan is that you get to listen to split headset, also known as dual audio, songs whereby one side of the earpiece/headphone plays the Korean version of the song and the other side, the Chinese version.

So it's like the exact same song except two different languages, two different tones and voices, at the same time. Creating the most beautiful and eargasmic harmony in the whole entire world. Or should I say, the whole entire exoplanet. *wink wink* ;)


Some non-Exo kpop songs I have been love-love-LOVING, both fresh & new and old & nostalgia-inducing ❤

(click on the titles to be brought directly to their Youtube videos which have ENGLISH SUBTITLES, very important if you don't understand Korean but wish to know what on earth the lyrics are actually about.

sure, the songs may sound great on their own and you'd definitely have a blast just listening to the music with no idea what they're singing about, but I believe that knowing the beautiful lyrics in a different language brings about a whole new dimension of enjoyment! it'll convert you into a kpop fan in no time, just like it did with me ☺)

'Lonely' and 'One Way Love' by Hyorin.. She is a straight-up QUEEN omg I always say that if I were a guy, she'd be the one I'd want to marry coz she is both cute AND hot as hell, and godDAMN that girl can sing!
'Bar Bar Bar' by Crayon Pop (no english subtitles for this one coz it's the global version under VEVO) lol, yet another song which I used to violently detest but now find myself loving. It's just so cheery and happy!! And don't judge me but I found the silly dance so cute that I went and learned the choreography instead of doing my RTPM and CP projects lol #priorities, am i right?
'Something' by Girls Day. Okay first of all, can I just say that I used to hate Girls Day but have gone on a complete 180 and now I think they are THE BOMB. I downloaded this song the night before I went on my Perth trip a few months ago, and during my 5-hour flight I swear to god I listened to this song AT LEAST 30 times. And about a hundred more throughout my entire time in Australia. And it remained one of my favourite songs even when I went on my vacation to Penang and I would listen to it every night while trying to fall asleep. Seriously, this song is so good. SO. GOOD!! *sheds a single tear*

Alright last but not least, I'm gonna talk about something that is going to be relevant for like -0.03% of the people who read my blog.

3. S.H.E

When I was about seven to twelve years old, I was super into Mandopop songs. My cousin first introduced it to me because he was a teenager then and music was a huge part of his popculture life, and I had just started discovering music that I wanted to listen to myself and not just the oldies that my parents were always playing for their own enjoyment lol.

My all-time favourite bands were S.H.E and 5566 (i was so enormously infatuated with them, especially Zax and Tony, that even as a pre-pubescent girl i would scream and burst into a fit of giggles from just looking at their album covers, much less watch their swagtastic old-school music videos).

I also really liked Jolin Tsai, Cyndi Wang and Jay Chou but for the former two, I only knew a couple of their songs and didn't listen to almost all of the tracks they released like my life depended on it.

Oh gosh, I still remember all those times I'd spend strutting around the corridor outside the HDB flat, grooving along to Mandopop hits on my freaking DISCMAN haha.

Who still owns one of these ancient relics?! Good times man, good times~~

I stopped following S.H.E in 2007 or so (I remember 'Play' was their last full album that I'd listened to) and throughout all these years, I hardly even entertained memories of them save for the occasional song or two of theirs which I'd randomly decide to listen to because I missed it.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, I went on Youtube last week and saw this.


It felt like my heart was just being SQUEEZED for almost two hours and out came dripping all the MASSIVE FEELS and EXTREME WAVES OF NOSTALGIA just kept washing over me OVER AND OVER AGAIN, ENGULFING me with the most beautiful and saccharine memories ever.

It was amazing :')) ♡ ♡ ♡

Some of my faves (which was really hard to choose from coz honestly so many of their songs are absolutely AMAZING and each era and album brings with it a whole different set of memories for me):

I pretty much love like 98% of their songs like crazy so these are more like the FAVES of THE FAVES!

Sorted according to album (they have so many albums omg so proud of them <3), and once again you may click on the titles to be taken to their Youtube vids, yay!!

Girl's Dorm: '戀人未滿' (Lian Ren Wei Man/Not Yet Lovers)

Ohh boy, so much nostalgia. And guess what? After having heard this song about a billion times over the past decade, I only just found out YESTERDAY that it was a remake of 'Brown Eyes' by Destiny's Child lolololol. Seriously if not for that one internet comment I saw while listening to this S.H.E song on Youtube, I probably never would've known lol. I then proceeded to go check it out and it was mad trippy, every single tune was exactly the same haha! Cool shit~

Youth Society: 'Belief'

Omg, this is SOOOOOO old-school!! This was probably my #1 favourite song as a tiny little kid, it's seriously such an amazing song you HAVE to go listen to it!!

Super Star: '河濱公園' (He Bin Gong Yuan/Riverside Park)

Such a beautiful, mellow song! Really spins a tale of springtime romance and first loves, I also really enjoyed watching the MV for this :) (pretty school uniforms are my weakness HAHA)


'長相思' (Chang Xiang Si, Always Missing)

Not a very popular hit track but I loooooved singing this for karaoke!! I always sang it on this little kiddy toy karaoke mic + recorder set which my mum got me for my 11th or 12th birthday which kinda looked like this:

(except more advanced and not a Fisher Price baby toy lol but you get the idea)

And let me just say that at the time, I thought it was THE SHIT. Seriously, I was crazy about singing then so give me a working microphone and that little machine quickly became probably my most prized possession. If only I could find it now, but it's hidden somewhere deep within my Perth home and probably doesn't even work anymore aww :(

Soundtrack: '花都開好了' (Hua Dou Kai Hao Le, Flowers Have Blossomed)

This is one ballad that I would truly say is hauntingly beautiful. Especially if you've watched The Rose, the drama series that this was a soundtrack for, you'd understand how tragic everything was and the song is just the cherry on top of this heart-rending cake :'(

But the song is THE BOMB!!

Encore: '我愛你' (Wo Ai Ni, I Love You)

This song is soooooooooo amazing I can't even begin to explain!! The music video is pure cinematic perfection (the one i've just linked is for the shortened, song version but you can watch the full story version here) and I cry like a baby every time I watch it, especially since the saddest part of the story coincides with the beautiful climax of the song!!

A truly amazing ballad, PLEASE do check it out!

Once Upon A Time: '不作你的朋友' (Bu Zuo Ni De Peng You, Don't Wanna Be Your Friend), '天灰' (Tian Hui, Grey Skies), and '月桂女神' (Yue Gui Nü Shen, Laurel Tree Goddess)

'Once Upon A Time' was probably my favourite album in the sense that I thoroughly loved pretty every single song! Also, I listened to it heavily during a period of time where I have lots and lots of wonderful memories with my beloved cousin :) I had just become old enough to have sleepovers at my auntie's house and my cousin and I would have soooo much fun together! Playing computer games, playing video games, watching random lame shit on TV and Youtube, and my favourite...going out on late-night food and exploration trips!!

As a kid who grew up under the most over-protective parents in the whole of Asia, you have NO idea how much ecstasy this had brought me! It was amazing haha. So many good memories :')

Anyways back to the three amazing songs, all of them are ballads and although they each have very different styles, I love them all so much!! Truly beautiful tracks, you seriously have to go give them a listen!!

I also really like how each of them has a really nice concept to the MV.

The first one has an awesome plot twist and a great storyline, the second one is a beautifully sad tale that will have you reaching for the tissues, and the last one is just pure awesomeness because it's derived from ancient Greek mythology!

I am so amazed by how the people behind S.H.E can come up with seemingly INFINITE amount of song concepts and music video ideas!! Mad props, guys! Such a joy to watch :))

And lastly, we're down to our last album,

Play: '聽袁惟仁彈吉他' (Ting Yuan Wei Ren Tan Ji Ta, Listening to Yuan Wei-ren Play Guitar) and '再別康橋' (Zai Bie Kang Qiao, Farewell Cambridge)

As this was the last S.H.E album that I listened to, and was only released two whole years after its predecessor, I felt that it had a much more modern and "new" vibe to it. Also, I had grown up a lot during that window of time and thus no longer associated the songs with my lovely childhood memories but more so of my pre-teenhood, which wasn't exactly all sunshine and giggles :\

Anyways, I picked these two as my favourites because they're both very distinctly different from S.H.E's usual bubblegum-pop style! The former is an awesome rap song with a kickass R&B vibe, which I loooove~~ and the latter, I can't even pinpoint the style or genre but it just sounds GREAT! Not a very popular hit, yet again, but it's a really nice song so do give it a listen!


Hoo boy, I guess I'm finally done! That seriously took me WAY too long which is weird because this wasn't like a real, solid post or anything, pretty much just me raving about my favourite songs and shit. (with extreme high levels of crazy hormone-fueled fangirl rambling in the Exo part...)

If you've actually stuck through reading this entire post up til now, I'd like to first applaud you and also thank you from the bottom of my heart for actually taking so much time out of your day to read my nonsense. Also,


Seriously you've just read a full body of nonsensical text that contains more than 3,500 WORDS!! Don't you have things to do?!! Like, actual important things???

And you have gained nothing at all, except for some LEGIT music recommendations so I seriously implore you to go check those amazing songs out, for crying out loud!

With that, I really really do wanna thank you for reading all this crap. I feel genuinely touched and so happy ^_^

If ever you see me in real life, do come up to me to redeem ONE COOKIE, as a token of thanks for reading this total poopoo post!

And even better yet, if you actually resonated with any of my points and share the same likings of music as me, PLEASE hit me up and we can chat about it over hot cocoa from Starbucks in addition to the free cookie that I will still give you and we can become best friends forEVAR~!!


Til next time, ciao and happy listening to wonderful music~! :D

The next post will be back to normal with photos of my life and shit haha, I promise!!

Take care :))

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Hello, my dear readers!

Gosh, somehow it feels like it's been ages since I've "talked" to you guys through my blog posts! Oh wait, now I know why...

Last week I didn't manage to churn out a new post at all, the salad post you see preceding this one was actually a draft I'd written quite a while back! And, very unfortunately, this week there won't be a new (actual) post either :((

The reason being that I'm currently in the middle (or rather, nearing the end) of my CA project and assignments submission period, and things are getting crazy!

On Friday we had our very first CA of the school year, which was to conceptualise our very own 1-hour radio show complete with a radio clock, program rundown, written proposal and a pitch. Sounds pretty cool, but the entire process was soooo stressful!!

Being the absolute dimwit that I am, I procrastinated til literally the night before submissions to get started, and can I just say that creating a radio clock on the computer is the most complicated and gruelling thing EVER. I stared at the computer screen for four hours non-stop and when I finally caved in and decided to get some sleep, I legit felt like I was going to vomit and/or faint at any moment's time!

But the feeling of turning in the very first assignment and getting it all out of the way is pretty freaking great, especially knowing how much hard work and energy I poured into it :))

Nowadays I find that I'm no longer striving to get the highest grades like I did last year, but rather taking things in my stride, enjoying life and just doing the best that I can so that I know I can be proud. But that's a topic I'll save for another day.

Today marks the end of a truly taxing weekend, both mentally and physically (emotionally too, I'd say), where I spent almost the entire time working on my Consumer Psych case analysis essay (worst thing EVER, can't wait to hand it up tomorrow and come home to set my CA briefs ablaze. Burn, bitches, BURN!) as well as a bunch of projects for other modules.

Tomorrow is the submission day for the poopoo case analysis which honestly made me want to tear my hair out, and we'll also be having a test during GenEd.

Ughhhhhh why so many CAs at one time?!!

Super stressed out and on the verge of eating my own fists when Ms Kwa surprised me with a string of ultra sweet and thoughtful and oh so motivational messages on Twitter. Oh gosh they helped me so much, I can't even begin to express how thankful and appreciative I am of Ms Kwa's help.

(i wonder if she still reads my blog haha...hi Ms Kwa if you're reading this! you are hella awesome!! :D)

I really love how at the most trying moments, there will always be someone out there who completely takes you by surprise and steers you back into the right direction, giving you the strength to pull through.

It's almost like it's destiny's work haha. (oh god what am i talking about idk my brain is totally fried from all that work and i feel like it's refusing to function anymore)

Okay so anyway, this was just a quick update to let you guys know that I'm currently in a really shitty and ridiculously hectic period therefore there will not be a new post. I do apologise!!

With that being sad, I've missed blogging so much and I've been feeling a lot of things which I really want to talk about here, on my very own online sharing space (mostly about nostalgia coz i've been listening to a lot of old songs lately, and infatuation coz i recently got back into kpop and got enchanted by Exo LOL)! So I'm hoping that once the projects are out of the way and I catch up on some much-needed Zzzz's, I'd be able to hop online on Tuesday or so and have a spanking new post for you guys!

Yay~! Stay tuned ;D

Sadly I'll still have project submissions the following week but let's be real here, I'm obviously not even gonna think about starting it until the weekend before the deadline.

Oh, when will I ever learn?

P.S - Do check out my Instagram account, I post pretty pictures (alright lately they've mainly been of myself and i am NOT gonna call myself pretty lol. i was referring to the pretty food and scenery shots, ahem) on a frequent basis so please do follow me! My username is @RenaeCJC, as with all of my social media platforms :))


Take care and I'll see you guys soon!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sah Lads.

I'm back with more random Perth food pics, except this time instead of sinfully sugary sweets, it'll be of salubrious* salads!

*a word meaning healthy, i literally went and Googled synonyms for 'healthy' starting with the letter 'S' coz i wanted to alliterate everything hahahaha. well that's one new word added to my vocabulary! :))

AMAAAAAAZING potato salad from Supa IGA. Holy shit there was so much bacon. But who am I kidding, bacon overloads are welcome anytime, yes please!! There was also bits of hardboiled egg, which was awesome. Potato chunks were delightfully roasted and some nicely charred :D

Very nice sweet potato salad with yummy spinach and DELICIOUS FETA (any cheese is awesome cheese, tbh. #ilovecheese) topped off with the tastiest roasted almonds ever, damn.

I miss the little gourmet salad bowls from Supa IGA. Tasty, healthy (or should I say ~*salubrious*~ hahaha) and affordable. Can I like go back to Perth nowww?!!

Cool ass DIY pre-packed salad from Coles. Can you please check out how freaking FANCY the ingredients are?!!

1. Real bacon. REALLLL BACON I TELL YOU!! OMG!!!!! Not just some shitty artificially bacon-flavoured starch bits! REAL. FREAKING. BACON!!!!!!!!

2. The parmesan cheese is...*gulps* SHAVED. Not powdered, not even grated (which I would already be super excited about), but BIG SLIVERS OF SHAVED. mUTHAF*CKING. PARMESAN.


3. Look at how fancy the croutons are?!!?!?!?!!!?

They ain't even your basic, regular ass cubes and shit. Or, you know. Ripped pieces of toasted bread crust haha. They are fabulous little coins of herb and butter toast, why thank you very much.

It was so glorious that I devoured the whole bowl in less than four minutes hahaha. That's gotta be bad for my digestion. Also, I barely had to use 1/4 of the dressing they provided before achieving the most bombastic flavour ever, with each and every lettuce leaf adequately coated with Caesar deliciousness.

Oh and it all cost $5 and took about two minutes to prepare.




Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meeting Jenn Im of ClothesEncounters

So, last week I got the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely Miss Jenn Im herself, better known as the vivacious fashion vlogger behind incredibly popular Youtube channel, ClothesEncounters.

I remember first finding out about her some time last year when I saw the thumbnail of this video in the sidebar after I finished watching some random nonsense.

It was a 'featured video', the title caught my eye (that was during my "dieting" phase when all i wanted to do was lose weight without particularly doing much exercise hahaha. now i hardly give a shit about all that weight loss nonsense. bring on the flab, i say!), and even from the tiny thumbnail alone I thought the girl was pretty cute and wouldn't mind watching her talk to a camera for almost 10 minutes!

So I clicked on it, and fell in love almost instantly.

She was so charming, well-spoken, and just so easy to watch. I also really enjoyed the way her videos were shot and edited, everything was very simple and pleasing to the eye. Although she just sits and talks throughout the entire duration of her videos, she mixes it up with clips detailing certain stuff she talks about, keeping viewers engaged unlike the rest of Youtube vloggers whose videos can be quite a drag to sit through.

Of course I went through her channel afterwards, and found that she was actually a fashion vlogger! Not only that, she specialises in styling thrifted clothes items, which really struck a chord with me coz y'all know how much I love thrift shops and cheap clothing!

(can i just add at this point that she has this bewitching ability to make even the wackiest thrift store clothes look incredibly stylish. case in point: a freakin' Hawaiian shirt that looks hideous when you first lay eyes on it, but somehow manages to look like something you would pay a hefty price at a fashion boutique for when she puts it on and styles it accordingly. amazing. AMAZING!!)

(and she is nothing like Qiu Qiu aka Budget Barbie, who manages to buy extremely cheap clothing, yes, but they are all freaking ugly and no girl in her right mind would deny that fact.)

That afternoon was spent chain-watching almost all of her videos that were available at the time, and I loved it. My favourites were the ones where she would just sit and talk about herself and her life, and for the longest time I have absolutely ADORED watching her Monthly Favourites videos!

Alright, enough of me blabbering on about my massive girl crush for Jenn, you really have to check out her videos yourself (if you haven't already, in which case, shame on you!!) to be captured by her alluring charisma. It's almost magical.

To make everything clearer for you guys, here's a little timeline of the events that lead to me first finding out about her presence on the sunny Little Red Dot that is Singapore, and how I actually got to meet her in the flesh!

Wednesday, 7 May | Morning

In school early in the morning for boring classes, bleh. We were having our Advertising module early in the morning and during our break, we went to FC5 to get breakfast and drinks from the fruit juice stall.

I sat down at the table sipping my mango Yakult drink (which was delicious albeit super sweet, in case you were wondering), scrolling through my Instagram timeline while waiting for the rest to get their KFC breakfast, and I saw this.


Jenn Im was in Singapore. I was in Singapore!! WE ARE BREATHING THE SAME AIR!!!!!

*internal screaming ensued*

I slapped the table really hard a couple of times before asking around if anyone knew who she was, coz I NEEDED to share my excitement with someone (and see if i could rope in a partner to come along as i attempted to stalk her around the island).

Nobody had the faintest idea who she was with the exception of Nerissa (i should've guessed, she's like the most fashionable one out of us all), who quickly joined in the squealing and disbelief that somewhere, Jenn Im was standing on the very same shores as us!!

Many local girls were bombarding Jenn with pleads of having a Meet & Greet, but there wasn't really a response.

But that night, she tweeted that she was, quote, "flirting with the idea of having a Meet & Greet"!! :D :D :D

There is hope!!

Thursday, 8 May | 5PM

I joined Nerissa and Vanessa to have dinner after school before they had their Certificate in Digital Film class. I was slurping on my delicious cheesy ramen yong tau foo noodles when, all of a sudden I saw on my phone...



I was so freaking stunned and also EXCITED that I could barely keep my butt seated down. Can you believe that just a few seconds ago, my mundane life was just unfolding as per normal and, if it wasn't for my decision to stay behind and grab some dinner in school, I would've gone on home, showered, slept and COMPLETELY MISSED THIS OPPORTUNITY?!!!?!?!

Ideally Nerissa should've gone with me because we both love Jenn so much and the two of us would've had soooo much fun being girly girls giggling about FASHUN and CLODZZ and BIUTY but sadly, Nerissa couldn't come coz she is a good girl and didn't want to skip class :((

Anyway, I was juggling within my head the possibilities of either going alone (which isn't so bad if you think about it, going alone to events isn't necessarily such a super sad and pathetic thing. sure, you'd be surrounded by hoards of people who are all their with their besties and groups of girlfriends but you could always make new friends!), or giving it a miss, and continuing on with my life not having really missed out on much.

I did a quick Google search of where the venue, Pies and Coffee @ Rochester Mall, was. And guess what?

It was at Buona Vista.

Which is,



*throws a beef patty up and PUNCHES it while it's in the air*


So then the decision to go was made.

I was excited to the point of buzzing around in my seat, I planned the route there (venturing to new places alone always gives me the jitters, especially when that place is not connected directly to a train station or bus stop. anytime actual travelling on foot is required, there's an 80% chance i'll get super lost and wind up calling my mum on the phone and crying to her), and since I still had about an hour before the event, I figured I'd prepare some little gifts for her.

Now take note that I was in school at this moment, and if I wanted to get anything remotely acceptable as a gift for someone, my best bet would probably be the Popular bookstore at FC5.


So I went and bought the cutest little white Carebear mini plush toy/keychain as well as a card (this was a pretty challenging task as most of the cards there were like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" or "TO MY SPECIAL FRIEND" which would've been creepy coz Jenn doesn't even know who the hell I am or "THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE" which maybe would've worked if I were to write something like "thank you for changing my life with your videos and your beauty and your very pretty smile" but again, that'd be majorly creepy) so I got this very simple-looking card that just read "A note for you" on the cover.

I sat down at the food court and filled the card up with my writing, and I decided that the gift was lacking something so I headed to Subway and bought three cookies for Jenn LOL. A bit random but, who doesn't love cookies right? And I wanted to make sure she was well-fed and happy while in Singapore hahaha! I got Choc Chip, Rasberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter flavours for her, because these three are straight-up the most DELICIOUS flavours ever and you can never go wrong with them.

Awwwww cute lil Carebear~! Which was so freaking pretty I actually wanted to keep it for myself HAHAHAH. And it was the last one at the store too! Now I can't get one for myself D;


Armed with my gifts and a whole load of excitement surging through my veins, I began making my way to the venue. I was hella early (the event was 7.30 to 8.30PM) but I figured I'd probably need plenty of time to get there plus a bit of extra allowance in case I get lost, and if I get there extra early, I'd be one of the first few to see Jenn! :D

The journey there was surprisingly straightforward and I'm really pleased with the fact that I now know how to go to Rochester Mall all by myself coz it's a place that I've been wanting to visit for quite a while now, but never actually did it because, you know. It's not connected directly to an MRT station lol.

In addition, along three-quarters of the way there I bumped into two teenage girls who were very well dressed, so I just assumed that there was a good chance that they were headed the same place I was LOL

As I started nearing Pies and Coffee, more and more super trendy and fashionable teenage girls started appearing and I have to say, I was a tad bit intimidated haha!

Then I finally arrived and hoo boy, there were already a good 50 or so people camped outside of the café, and it was barely 7PM.

I sat outside and patiently waited for the star to arrive. Thank goodness I had my school laptop with me and started using it as a giant portable charger for my phone which was on dangerously low battery power. (don't die on me, i need you to take selfies with Jenn!!!!!!!)


A lady announced that if we were here for the Meet & Greet, to line up at a certain spot. SHIT, PEOPLE STARTED SCREAMING AND RUNNING TO THAT SPOT AND BITCH, I FXCKING RAN TOO!!

It was a moment of pandemonium and felt like a stampede, there was extreme squeezing and pushing going on and a lot of the girls there were sweaty and sticky as hell so trust me, it was not a pleasant situation at all. (i overheard one girl commenting that we were all behaving like as if we were crazy fangirls waiting to see One Direction, and i have to say that i totally agree)

Thankfully I managed to dash and squeeze to somewhere close the front of the line, I guess I was within the first 50 of the queue. I sneaked a peek behind me and at this point there was more than a hundred people, mostly well-dressed and all very excited, tightly packed into this hot and humid space like a tin of sweat-covered human sardines.

A few minutes later, the queen herself arrived and although I was at the back of tens of girls and sadly not tall enough to see pass them, I knew Jenn was here because people started screaming and cheering at the top of their lungs. Mayhem ensued.

For the next 15 minutes or so, I patiently waited (still sandwiched by a hoard of sticky teen girls, mind you) for my turn to get about eight precious seconds of being up close and personal with Jenn.

When it finally came to my turn, I was pretty nervous lol it was embarrassing.

I fished the gift package out from my bag and told her I got some freshly-baked cookies for her, and she was so surprised and happy it was insanely adorable. She was like awwwww thank you~!! She then reached out to hug me (!!) which made me go crazy and completely over the moon coz in my head, I had planned to ask her at the end if it was okay for me to give her a hug. And now I didn't even have to do that coz SHE, JENN IM HERSELF, reached out to hug ME!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D omg

I then proceeded to tell her that I love watching her videos and she was like, "aww thank you! thank you for watching them!" and at this point I sort of touched my chest to feel my rapidly beating heart and I quietly muttered, "I'm so nervous right now" LOL

So then we took a selfie, which was freaking awesome and I am gonna treasure this selfie FOREVA (meeting famous people is such a rare occurrence for me so this makes it extra special, and having an actual picture of myself with said famous person is like the best thing in the world because a) you get to have something to forever remind you of that wonderful point in your life that lasted for only a few fleeting seconds and b) you have pictorial evidence and can thus go around bragging to your friends and family and possibly strangers).

Behold, the beautiful selfie worth all the chocolate gold coins in the world (in my heart):

I don't look the best here but at least I look recognizable so no one can deny that it was in fact I, Renae Cheng, who met Jenn Im and got to get reeeal close with her, close enough to get a selfie with her where our faces are like a few inches apart HAHAHAHAHAH ok now that sounds creepy rofl

After this experience, I'd have to say that Jenn is extremely ravishing and downright gorgeous in real life, not much different from what she looks like in her videos. She looks slightly thinner offscreen though, and is very petite, which may come off as a shock to some people as she appears to be quite tall in her videos but she has mentioned before on Youtube that she is of very minute height, so it wasn't anything new to me. Also, you might be deceived by the illusion of the crazily tall shoes that she always wears in her videos hahaha.

The moment lasted for no more than a few seconds but somehow, I left feeling like all the disgusting sweaty squeezing and waiting in the heat, tired after a whole day at school was worth it. This was my first time attending a Meet & Greet, is this what all fans feel like? That all these sacrifices, be it time or energy, or even money, and having to scrub extra hard when you shower that night to rid your skin of the sweat stains of complete strangers, is all worth it just for a brief encounter of your idol. There's a first for everything, I guess :))

And after having experienced this, I feel like I am now more equipped to attend future Meet & Greets to be able to withstand all the mayhem. Bring on the rabid screaming fangirls and waiting in line for extended periods of time! *triumphant look on face*

I went and got myself a drink at Pies and Coffee before heading home (i actually just wanted to be in an airconditioned room for a while before trudging through the heat to the train station, but i got thirsty too lol). I ordered an Iced Matcha Tea Latte at the typically exorbitant café price but I gotta say, I ain't even mad coz it tasted so good lol! Might be heading back there soon to lepak and use my laptop at the cozy café, sip on some delicious drinks that cost a small fortune and relive the memory of one of the most simple yet joyous days I've had :))

Btw, this was the Instagram post that Jenn posted afterwards, it's my Carebear! The one I gave to her!! :D :D :D

Can you spot it? :P

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kings Park + Jawdroppingly Good Pizza

Mixing it up a lil, previous post was about my Penang trip and now this is gonna be about my Perth trip! :D

This is the result of being terribly lazy and procrastinating coming up with blog posts about events that happened several months ago hahaha~

One day we drove up to the city and visited Kings Park to go and enjoy the sunset and skyline scenery.

I simply love this place as it holds so much nostalgia and memories for me. I remember routinely visiting Kings Park since I was a little girl, running along the wide grassy plains and admiring all the beautiful and exotic flowers. And I would always see at least one couple taking their wedding pictures there! As a child, seeing the beautiful brides wearing their long and enchanting gowns just felt like a real life fairytale to me, and at one point in time I told my mum that I wanted to have my wedding photos taken at Kings Park too haha!

This is pretty lol.

Memorial fire.

Check out that sunset!

Australia has one of the most breathtakingly beautiful skies I've ever seen. In Singapore it's always just this greyish-looking blue that's a bit depressing...Not many clouds too. But Down Under, there's gorgeous swirls of deep blues, pinks, oranges and purples. With fluffy cotton candy-like clouds that make you feel dizzy with joy every time you gaze up above.

Can't wait to be there again this coming holiday :))

I am pretty proud of my own photography skills haha!

Awesome city scenery. I love this so much!!

Standing at the top of Kings Park peering down at the hustle and bustle of the city, as the lights go on while the sky has yet to go completely dark, it's simply magical. Especially when I put my glasses on and everything turns to HD lolololol~

Soooo beautiful! And, do you see what I see?

That wonderful giant Christmas tree with the dazzling rainbow lights is still up!! After all this time! It first made an appearance on this blog post that was of my Perth vacation in 2011, that's three years ago!! :O

It has also been my Twitter cover photo ever since, just because it's so insanely gorgeous :))


Dinner that night was Domino's pizza, wheeee~!!

We usually get the value ones, which are $4.95 for a large. CRAZY! But this time my mum felt like a ~*baller*~ lol, so she decided to get some from the Chef's Gourmet Selection.

Okay please tell me I'm not the only one who almost let out a squeal of terror when I first opened up the pizza box because those little brown things look like cockroaches lmao.

Little roach-lookin' mushrooms...y'all are nasty.

And now...time for the pizza of all pizzas.


You ready?


brb screaming

Holy crabs on a stick would you just look at that?!!

This beauty tasted sooooo sinfully good I almost didn't care that the creme fraiche made it like 6,000 calories per slice.

The prawns were so cute and fat and super fresh and AMAZINGLY SUCCULENT, can I just say. A lot of the time I've had to endure prawns that were completely ruined by unskilled cooking, resulting in a dry and hard mess. But these? These were exquisite. And for a pizza delivery joint, I must say that it's worth five stars.

It also contained spinach, which I absolutely love, as well as plenty of diced tomatoes which, although I detest (they make me puke, no joke), did a fantastic job of cutting through the richness of the delicious garlic-tinged creme fraiche sauce and adding a touch of refreshing lightness.


Alright so this week I actually posted TWICE instead of just the one weekly post! Yay for that! Although I did originally plan on typing out more drafts so I would have plenty of material to fall back on should I get too busy to write any new posts as I get busier through the upcoming weeks (CA submissions are starting to creep up on me, ugh), but once again, laziness got the better of me!

I'm gonna go off and fantasise about the garlic prawn pizza now, seriously tho that shit was so good! SOOOOO good!! *cries*

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Penang Trip: Day 1

Hi so I'm here today to finally get started on my Penang vacation posts!

So during the last week of my school holidays, my family and I booked a super last minute trip to go to Penang, Malaysia. It's where my grandparents were from and also where my mum stayed when she was just a child, so it was nice to have an opportunity to head back after decades and decades of being in Singapore, as well as for my grandparents to finally meet up with their Malaysian relatives! Of course, it was great fun for my sister and I too as it was our first time visiting the place (i'd been there once before when i was a wee kid but i was too young to remember anything!).

Obligatory pic of the sky from my window seat view. Such lush greenery!

We flew Tiger Airways and unlike what I mentioned here, the air stewardesses this trip were actually quite pleasant! Out of the four or five who were onboard, only one of them was a tad impatient and a bit more frowny and aggressive. Also, on our return flight one of the air stewardesses looked like a dead ringer for SISTAR's Dasom so that made me happy hahaha.

The flight was scheduled to be about 57 minutes but wound up taking only shortly over half an hour! Pretty amazing stuff heh.


Okay so we went as a party of five, my two grandparents, my mum, my sister and I, and that was one too many for a room at a hotel. So my mum brilliantly found us a lovely apartment at a condo to stay at for the duration.

It was a service apartment which came fully furnished and with cable TV, some drinks and snacks stocked in the kitchen, toiletries, fully-functioning appliances and basically every necessity you could ask for in a home and I'd like to mention, some extremely powerful airconditioning! Seriously it felt like the arctic hahaha.

Of course, being a condominium there were facilities like a gym, pool, playground and, WIFI ROOMS THANK YOU LORD ALMIGHTY.

Oh and the best part?

There was a spanking awesome shopping mall, with a whole bunch of restaurants and cafés, located right downstairs.

How's that for convenience?!

So on the day of our arrival, we chucked all our luggage down at our place and after a chat with the landlady (who was super friendly btw), headed downstairs to have a sumptuous meal at one of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever been to. (and i'm chinese so...i've been to quite a lot hahaha)


I still cannot believe how amazingly convenient it is to have all these fabulous eateries and shops literally right out of the doorstep to your home (i'll be sharing more of them with you throughout the series of my Penang vacation blog posts). If I were ever to relocate to Penang I'd definitely want to stay at this condo!

Little dishes of appetisers and garnishes.

Soupy roasted peanuts (my fave!!), fried peanuts (YUM), chopped green chillies and raw minced garlic.

The garlic was soooo strong and pungent we had to ask for it to be removed from our table haha.

First dish of the day!

Finely sliced lotus root tossed with celery, snow peas and capsicums, garnished with slivers of almond.

A light and refreshingly crunchy start to our meal!

Fried fish in soup!

I couldn't eat this coz tragically I am allergic to fish :'(

But the soup smelled sooo amazing!

Next we had the undeniable star of the show, the legendary PEKING DUCK!!

And bonus points to this particular restaurant for the added feature of ~*theatricality*~, because they actually bring out the whole roasted duck and have the employee carve out all the delectable pieces of crackling skin and roll it up into thin little sheets of egg pastry rolls right in front of your face!!


It's like watching a live performance of culinary cruelty lol (sorry vegetarians) (but duck is too damn tasty).

Pretended to be a fascinated tourist snapping pics but really I just wanted a photo memory of the waiter on the right's face. Isn't he gorgeous lololololol omg I am such a perv what on earth.

I first noticed him when my sis said he resembles a certain actor from the Percy Jackson movies, namely Jake Abel. And after a quick Google search (bless this restaurant for having wonderful food AND free wifi, albeit a lil shaky), I have to say she was damn right.

And there we have it, a plate of exquisite Peking Duck rolls with a dash of delicious sweet sauce and a strip of crunchy cucumber in each, lovingly handmade and freshly prepared by handsome waiters hahahaha (okay i'll stop perving now).

One of my all-time favourite foods ever, salted egg yolk prawns!! Theirs were extra herby and delicious, very flavourful and delightfully well-fried and crunchy!

Also, is it just me or can you spot a teddy bear face in the purple decorative flower lol!

And lastly,

a plate of super yummy fried noodles that were cooked with the delicious duck meat left over from the Peking Duck! Oh my goodness this was soooo good I almost fell off my chair.

Usually Chinese fried noodles are kind of on the dry side and a bit lacking in flavour, but this one was soupy and packed with intense flavour! There was also lots of lovely bean sprouts and generous stalks of delicious kai lan, one of my fave green veggies coz it's just so tasty.


Alrighty that's all for Part 1 of my Penang Diaries! I'll be back with more to come! :))


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Osaka Ohsho @ Plaza Singapura

Greetings, I'm here again with my weekly post haha! Okay but honestly though I'm striving to have more than just one post per week, but I do tend to get pretty tired (and very lazy...) during the school week so please bear with me!

Although you'd at least be assured that there'll be one new post for you to read when you come by every Saturday or Sunday, unless I get too lazy that I even skip that, in which case I urge you to come after me because that is unacceptable!!

gotta love Lemongrab

Alrighty so anyway today's post is gonna be about WEEKEND FAMILY FUN TIME~!! Whereby every weekend my family and I basically sleep in til about 5PM and thereafter go out to have dinner somewhere. That's it lol.

Last week we went to Osaka Ohsho at Plaza Singapura, the newly opened/renovated (?) Japanese restaurant that specialises in their signature gyoza! It's part of the Tokyo Walker series of Japanese eateries at Plaza Sing, another one is Kazokutei which I blogged about here.

Beautiful Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, aka a nice thin omelette flopped over a bed of rice, swimming in a sea of sweet sauce and topped off with delightfully deep-fried chicken cutlet with the perfect amount of crunch, and delicious shredded veggies.

It was super yummy, but a tad too much rice for my liking. The sauce was sooooo flavourful and delicious and I loved how fragrant the egg was. The chicken was also heavenly, I was amazed by how super crispy and crunchy it was, and the best part? It wasn't dripping with oil and grease like how a lot of deep-fried cutlets are!

Fried chicken and double-cooked pork set. The fried chicken karaage was good but nothing too special. The pork would be a good choice for anyone who loves their meat really tender with heaps of flavour infused throughout! Sadly I prefer lean meat and it was too mushy for my tastes.

I love the shredded cabbage that came with it coz a lot of the food they served were either too greasy or too salty (or both haha) so the crisp freshness of the raw veg really helped!

The legendary signature gyozas, whooo~!!

Alright so they weren't bombastically amazing, and anyway I like to have my gyozas or potstickers to be very charred so as to provide maximum aroma, but I must say that the meat inside was particularly succulent and juicy, whereas regular gyozas tend to be quite dry inside. It was also extra flavourful and I could tell that a bunch of special secret ingredients were involved rather than just the usual pork and spring onions in order to achieve that extra oomph.

Worth a try but I wouldn't rave about it, considering the fact that they claim to be gyoza specialists :\

And lastly, soft shell crab!

My mum loves this and lately it's been rubbing off on me, it's soooo good though!! One of the very few seafoods I can actually enjoy haha.

Their's was waaaay too greasy unfortunately, take one bite and you'd wind up with a mouthful of oil! Definitely not pleasant at all. But still, being a soft shell crab it was really flavourful and yummy overall haha!


That's all for now, hope you enjoyed your week and had a lovely weekend!

It's kinda weird but I'm actually quite looking forward to school nowadays, unlike before where I used to detest Sundays coz it meant that a new week of school was coming up just around the corner.

Assignments are slowly but surely being doled out one by one but thankfully I'm not feeling particularly stressed out as I figure that as long as I consistently tackle them at a steady pace, I'll have plenty of time to be able to not only do them, but do them well.

Also, it's always a pleasure to hang out with my awesome friends at school and share loads of fun and laughter. Oh and there's so much good food to be had! I am starting to get real tubby already...

I'll see you again soon! :))