Sunday, 25 May 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Hello, my dear readers!

Gosh, somehow it feels like it's been ages since I've "talked" to you guys through my blog posts! Oh wait, now I know why...

Last week I didn't manage to churn out a new post at all, the salad post you see preceding this one was actually a draft I'd written quite a while back! And, very unfortunately, this week there won't be a new (actual) post either :((

The reason being that I'm currently in the middle (or rather, nearing the end) of my CA project and assignments submission period, and things are getting crazy!

On Friday we had our very first CA of the school year, which was to conceptualise our very own 1-hour radio show complete with a radio clock, program rundown, written proposal and a pitch. Sounds pretty cool, but the entire process was soooo stressful!!

Being the absolute dimwit that I am, I procrastinated til literally the night before submissions to get started, and can I just say that creating a radio clock on the computer is the most complicated and gruelling thing EVER. I stared at the computer screen for four hours non-stop and when I finally caved in and decided to get some sleep, I legit felt like I was going to vomit and/or faint at any moment's time!

But the feeling of turning in the very first assignment and getting it all out of the way is pretty freaking great, especially knowing how much hard work and energy I poured into it :))

Nowadays I find that I'm no longer striving to get the highest grades like I did last year, but rather taking things in my stride, enjoying life and just doing the best that I can so that I know I can be proud. But that's a topic I'll save for another day.

Today marks the end of a truly taxing weekend, both mentally and physically (emotionally too, I'd say), where I spent almost the entire time working on my Consumer Psych case analysis essay (worst thing EVER, can't wait to hand it up tomorrow and come home to set my CA briefs ablaze. Burn, bitches, BURN!) as well as a bunch of projects for other modules.

Tomorrow is the submission day for the poopoo case analysis which honestly made me want to tear my hair out, and we'll also be having a test during GenEd.

Ughhhhhh why so many CAs at one time?!!

Super stressed out and on the verge of eating my own fists when Ms Kwa surprised me with a string of ultra sweet and thoughtful and oh so motivational messages on Twitter. Oh gosh they helped me so much, I can't even begin to express how thankful and appreciative I am of Ms Kwa's help.

(i wonder if she still reads my blog haha...hi Ms Kwa if you're reading this! you are hella awesome!! :D)

I really love how at the most trying moments, there will always be someone out there who completely takes you by surprise and steers you back into the right direction, giving you the strength to pull through.

It's almost like it's destiny's work haha. (oh god what am i talking about idk my brain is totally fried from all that work and i feel like it's refusing to function anymore)

Okay so anyway, this was just a quick update to let you guys know that I'm currently in a really shitty and ridiculously hectic period therefore there will not be a new post. I do apologise!!

With that being sad, I've missed blogging so much and I've been feeling a lot of things which I really want to talk about here, on my very own online sharing space (mostly about nostalgia coz i've been listening to a lot of old songs lately, and infatuation coz i recently got back into kpop and got enchanted by Exo LOL)! So I'm hoping that once the projects are out of the way and I catch up on some much-needed Zzzz's, I'd be able to hop online on Tuesday or so and have a spanking new post for you guys!

Yay~! Stay tuned ;D

Sadly I'll still have project submissions the following week but let's be real here, I'm obviously not even gonna think about starting it until the weekend before the deadline.

Oh, when will I ever learn?

P.S - Do check out my Instagram account, I post pretty pictures (alright lately they've mainly been of myself and i am NOT gonna call myself pretty lol. i was referring to the pretty food and scenery shots, ahem) on a frequent basis so please do follow me! My username is @RenaeCJC, as with all of my social media platforms :))


Take care and I'll see you guys soon!

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  1. Good luck on your assignments Renae. When I was a uni student, I completed a lot of stuff at the last minute too. That radio assignment sounds very cool, I wish I had a project like that when I was at uni.