Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kings Park + Jawdroppingly Good Pizza

Mixing it up a lil, previous post was about my Penang trip and now this is gonna be about my Perth trip! :D

This is the result of being terribly lazy and procrastinating coming up with blog posts about events that happened several months ago hahaha~

One day we drove up to the city and visited Kings Park to go and enjoy the sunset and skyline scenery.

I simply love this place as it holds so much nostalgia and memories for me. I remember routinely visiting Kings Park since I was a little girl, running along the wide grassy plains and admiring all the beautiful and exotic flowers. And I would always see at least one couple taking their wedding pictures there! As a child, seeing the beautiful brides wearing their long and enchanting gowns just felt like a real life fairytale to me, and at one point in time I told my mum that I wanted to have my wedding photos taken at Kings Park too haha!

This is pretty lol.

Memorial fire.

Check out that sunset!

Australia has one of the most breathtakingly beautiful skies I've ever seen. In Singapore it's always just this greyish-looking blue that's a bit depressing...Not many clouds too. But Down Under, there's gorgeous swirls of deep blues, pinks, oranges and purples. With fluffy cotton candy-like clouds that make you feel dizzy with joy every time you gaze up above.

Can't wait to be there again this coming holiday :))

I am pretty proud of my own photography skills haha!

Awesome city scenery. I love this so much!!

Standing at the top of Kings Park peering down at the hustle and bustle of the city, as the lights go on while the sky has yet to go completely dark, it's simply magical. Especially when I put my glasses on and everything turns to HD lolololol~

Soooo beautiful! And, do you see what I see?

That wonderful giant Christmas tree with the dazzling rainbow lights is still up!! After all this time! It first made an appearance on this blog post that was of my Perth vacation in 2011, that's three years ago!! :O

It has also been my Twitter cover photo ever since, just because it's so insanely gorgeous :))


Dinner that night was Domino's pizza, wheeee~!!

We usually get the value ones, which are $4.95 for a large. CRAZY! But this time my mum felt like a ~*baller*~ lol, so she decided to get some from the Chef's Gourmet Selection.

Okay please tell me I'm not the only one who almost let out a squeal of terror when I first opened up the pizza box because those little brown things look like cockroaches lmao.

Little roach-lookin' mushrooms...y'all are nasty.

And now...time for the pizza of all pizzas.


You ready?


brb screaming

Holy crabs on a stick would you just look at that?!!

This beauty tasted sooooo sinfully good I almost didn't care that the creme fraiche made it like 6,000 calories per slice.

The prawns were so cute and fat and super fresh and AMAZINGLY SUCCULENT, can I just say. A lot of the time I've had to endure prawns that were completely ruined by unskilled cooking, resulting in a dry and hard mess. But these? These were exquisite. And for a pizza delivery joint, I must say that it's worth five stars.

It also contained spinach, which I absolutely love, as well as plenty of diced tomatoes which, although I detest (they make me puke, no joke), did a fantastic job of cutting through the richness of the delicious garlic-tinged creme fraiche sauce and adding a touch of refreshing lightness.


Alright so this week I actually posted TWICE instead of just the one weekly post! Yay for that! Although I did originally plan on typing out more drafts so I would have plenty of material to fall back on should I get too busy to write any new posts as I get busier through the upcoming weeks (CA submissions are starting to creep up on me, ugh), but once again, laziness got the better of me!

I'm gonna go off and fantasise about the garlic prawn pizza now, seriously tho that shit was so good! SOOOOO good!! *cries*

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  1. I love going to any kind of Botanical Gardens because of the exotic and beautiful plants and flowers. I love seeing brides take their wedding snaps in the park too.