Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meeting Jenn Im of ClothesEncounters

So, last week I got the absolute pleasure of meeting the lovely Miss Jenn Im herself, better known as the vivacious fashion vlogger behind incredibly popular Youtube channel, ClothesEncounters.

I remember first finding out about her some time last year when I saw the thumbnail of this video in the sidebar after I finished watching some random nonsense.

It was a 'featured video', the title caught my eye (that was during my "dieting" phase when all i wanted to do was lose weight without particularly doing much exercise hahaha. now i hardly give a shit about all that weight loss nonsense. bring on the flab, i say!), and even from the tiny thumbnail alone I thought the girl was pretty cute and wouldn't mind watching her talk to a camera for almost 10 minutes!

So I clicked on it, and fell in love almost instantly.

She was so charming, well-spoken, and just so easy to watch. I also really enjoyed the way her videos were shot and edited, everything was very simple and pleasing to the eye. Although she just sits and talks throughout the entire duration of her videos, she mixes it up with clips detailing certain stuff she talks about, keeping viewers engaged unlike the rest of Youtube vloggers whose videos can be quite a drag to sit through.

Of course I went through her channel afterwards, and found that she was actually a fashion vlogger! Not only that, she specialises in styling thrifted clothes items, which really struck a chord with me coz y'all know how much I love thrift shops and cheap clothing!

(can i just add at this point that she has this bewitching ability to make even the wackiest thrift store clothes look incredibly stylish. case in point: a freakin' Hawaiian shirt that looks hideous when you first lay eyes on it, but somehow manages to look like something you would pay a hefty price at a fashion boutique for when she puts it on and styles it accordingly. amazing. AMAZING!!)

(and she is nothing like Qiu Qiu aka Budget Barbie, who manages to buy extremely cheap clothing, yes, but they are all freaking ugly and no girl in her right mind would deny that fact.)

That afternoon was spent chain-watching almost all of her videos that were available at the time, and I loved it. My favourites were the ones where she would just sit and talk about herself and her life, and for the longest time I have absolutely ADORED watching her Monthly Favourites videos!

Alright, enough of me blabbering on about my massive girl crush for Jenn, you really have to check out her videos yourself (if you haven't already, in which case, shame on you!!) to be captured by her alluring charisma. It's almost magical.

To make everything clearer for you guys, here's a little timeline of the events that lead to me first finding out about her presence on the sunny Little Red Dot that is Singapore, and how I actually got to meet her in the flesh!

Wednesday, 7 May | Morning

In school early in the morning for boring classes, bleh. We were having our Advertising module early in the morning and during our break, we went to FC5 to get breakfast and drinks from the fruit juice stall.

I sat down at the table sipping my mango Yakult drink (which was delicious albeit super sweet, in case you were wondering), scrolling through my Instagram timeline while waiting for the rest to get their KFC breakfast, and I saw this.


Jenn Im was in Singapore. I was in Singapore!! WE ARE BREATHING THE SAME AIR!!!!!

*internal screaming ensued*

I slapped the table really hard a couple of times before asking around if anyone knew who she was, coz I NEEDED to share my excitement with someone (and see if i could rope in a partner to come along as i attempted to stalk her around the island).

Nobody had the faintest idea who she was with the exception of Nerissa (i should've guessed, she's like the most fashionable one out of us all), who quickly joined in the squealing and disbelief that somewhere, Jenn Im was standing on the very same shores as us!!

Many local girls were bombarding Jenn with pleads of having a Meet & Greet, but there wasn't really a response.

But that night, she tweeted that she was, quote, "flirting with the idea of having a Meet & Greet"!! :D :D :D

There is hope!!

Thursday, 8 May | 5PM

I joined Nerissa and Vanessa to have dinner after school before they had their Certificate in Digital Film class. I was slurping on my delicious cheesy ramen yong tau foo noodles when, all of a sudden I saw on my phone...



I was so freaking stunned and also EXCITED that I could barely keep my butt seated down. Can you believe that just a few seconds ago, my mundane life was just unfolding as per normal and, if it wasn't for my decision to stay behind and grab some dinner in school, I would've gone on home, showered, slept and COMPLETELY MISSED THIS OPPORTUNITY?!!!?!?!

Ideally Nerissa should've gone with me because we both love Jenn so much and the two of us would've had soooo much fun being girly girls giggling about FASHUN and CLODZZ and BIUTY but sadly, Nerissa couldn't come coz she is a good girl and didn't want to skip class :((

Anyway, I was juggling within my head the possibilities of either going alone (which isn't so bad if you think about it, going alone to events isn't necessarily such a super sad and pathetic thing. sure, you'd be surrounded by hoards of people who are all their with their besties and groups of girlfriends but you could always make new friends!), or giving it a miss, and continuing on with my life not having really missed out on much.

I did a quick Google search of where the venue, Pies and Coffee @ Rochester Mall, was. And guess what?

It was at Buona Vista.

Which is,



*throws a beef patty up and PUNCHES it while it's in the air*


So then the decision to go was made.

I was excited to the point of buzzing around in my seat, I planned the route there (venturing to new places alone always gives me the jitters, especially when that place is not connected directly to a train station or bus stop. anytime actual travelling on foot is required, there's an 80% chance i'll get super lost and wind up calling my mum on the phone and crying to her), and since I still had about an hour before the event, I figured I'd prepare some little gifts for her.

Now take note that I was in school at this moment, and if I wanted to get anything remotely acceptable as a gift for someone, my best bet would probably be the Popular bookstore at FC5.


So I went and bought the cutest little white Carebear mini plush toy/keychain as well as a card (this was a pretty challenging task as most of the cards there were like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" or "TO MY SPECIAL FRIEND" which would've been creepy coz Jenn doesn't even know who the hell I am or "THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE" which maybe would've worked if I were to write something like "thank you for changing my life with your videos and your beauty and your very pretty smile" but again, that'd be majorly creepy) so I got this very simple-looking card that just read "A note for you" on the cover.

I sat down at the food court and filled the card up with my writing, and I decided that the gift was lacking something so I headed to Subway and bought three cookies for Jenn LOL. A bit random but, who doesn't love cookies right? And I wanted to make sure she was well-fed and happy while in Singapore hahaha! I got Choc Chip, Rasberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter flavours for her, because these three are straight-up the most DELICIOUS flavours ever and you can never go wrong with them.

Awwwww cute lil Carebear~! Which was so freaking pretty I actually wanted to keep it for myself HAHAHAH. And it was the last one at the store too! Now I can't get one for myself D;


Armed with my gifts and a whole load of excitement surging through my veins, I began making my way to the venue. I was hella early (the event was 7.30 to 8.30PM) but I figured I'd probably need plenty of time to get there plus a bit of extra allowance in case I get lost, and if I get there extra early, I'd be one of the first few to see Jenn! :D

The journey there was surprisingly straightforward and I'm really pleased with the fact that I now know how to go to Rochester Mall all by myself coz it's a place that I've been wanting to visit for quite a while now, but never actually did it because, you know. It's not connected directly to an MRT station lol.

In addition, along three-quarters of the way there I bumped into two teenage girls who were very well dressed, so I just assumed that there was a good chance that they were headed the same place I was LOL

As I started nearing Pies and Coffee, more and more super trendy and fashionable teenage girls started appearing and I have to say, I was a tad bit intimidated haha!

Then I finally arrived and hoo boy, there were already a good 50 or so people camped outside of the café, and it was barely 7PM.

I sat outside and patiently waited for the star to arrive. Thank goodness I had my school laptop with me and started using it as a giant portable charger for my phone which was on dangerously low battery power. (don't die on me, i need you to take selfies with Jenn!!!!!!!)


A lady announced that if we were here for the Meet & Greet, to line up at a certain spot. SHIT, PEOPLE STARTED SCREAMING AND RUNNING TO THAT SPOT AND BITCH, I FXCKING RAN TOO!!

It was a moment of pandemonium and felt like a stampede, there was extreme squeezing and pushing going on and a lot of the girls there were sweaty and sticky as hell so trust me, it was not a pleasant situation at all. (i overheard one girl commenting that we were all behaving like as if we were crazy fangirls waiting to see One Direction, and i have to say that i totally agree)

Thankfully I managed to dash and squeeze to somewhere close the front of the line, I guess I was within the first 50 of the queue. I sneaked a peek behind me and at this point there was more than a hundred people, mostly well-dressed and all very excited, tightly packed into this hot and humid space like a tin of sweat-covered human sardines.

A few minutes later, the queen herself arrived and although I was at the back of tens of girls and sadly not tall enough to see pass them, I knew Jenn was here because people started screaming and cheering at the top of their lungs. Mayhem ensued.

For the next 15 minutes or so, I patiently waited (still sandwiched by a hoard of sticky teen girls, mind you) for my turn to get about eight precious seconds of being up close and personal with Jenn.

When it finally came to my turn, I was pretty nervous lol it was embarrassing.

I fished the gift package out from my bag and told her I got some freshly-baked cookies for her, and she was so surprised and happy it was insanely adorable. She was like awwwww thank you~!! She then reached out to hug me (!!) which made me go crazy and completely over the moon coz in my head, I had planned to ask her at the end if it was okay for me to give her a hug. And now I didn't even have to do that coz SHE, JENN IM HERSELF, reached out to hug ME!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D omg

I then proceeded to tell her that I love watching her videos and she was like, "aww thank you! thank you for watching them!" and at this point I sort of touched my chest to feel my rapidly beating heart and I quietly muttered, "I'm so nervous right now" LOL

So then we took a selfie, which was freaking awesome and I am gonna treasure this selfie FOREVA (meeting famous people is such a rare occurrence for me so this makes it extra special, and having an actual picture of myself with said famous person is like the best thing in the world because a) you get to have something to forever remind you of that wonderful point in your life that lasted for only a few fleeting seconds and b) you have pictorial evidence and can thus go around bragging to your friends and family and possibly strangers).

Behold, the beautiful selfie worth all the chocolate gold coins in the world (in my heart):

I don't look the best here but at least I look recognizable so no one can deny that it was in fact I, Renae Cheng, who met Jenn Im and got to get reeeal close with her, close enough to get a selfie with her where our faces are like a few inches apart HAHAHAHAHAH ok now that sounds creepy rofl

After this experience, I'd have to say that Jenn is extremely ravishing and downright gorgeous in real life, not much different from what she looks like in her videos. She looks slightly thinner offscreen though, and is very petite, which may come off as a shock to some people as she appears to be quite tall in her videos but she has mentioned before on Youtube that she is of very minute height, so it wasn't anything new to me. Also, you might be deceived by the illusion of the crazily tall shoes that she always wears in her videos hahaha.

The moment lasted for no more than a few seconds but somehow, I left feeling like all the disgusting sweaty squeezing and waiting in the heat, tired after a whole day at school was worth it. This was my first time attending a Meet & Greet, is this what all fans feel like? That all these sacrifices, be it time or energy, or even money, and having to scrub extra hard when you shower that night to rid your skin of the sweat stains of complete strangers, is all worth it just for a brief encounter of your idol. There's a first for everything, I guess :))

And after having experienced this, I feel like I am now more equipped to attend future Meet & Greets to be able to withstand all the mayhem. Bring on the rabid screaming fangirls and waiting in line for extended periods of time! *triumphant look on face*

I went and got myself a drink at Pies and Coffee before heading home (i actually just wanted to be in an airconditioned room for a while before trudging through the heat to the train station, but i got thirsty too lol). I ordered an Iced Matcha Tea Latte at the typically exorbitant café price but I gotta say, I ain't even mad coz it tasted so good lol! Might be heading back there soon to lepak and use my laptop at the cozy café, sip on some delicious drinks that cost a small fortune and relive the memory of one of the most simple yet joyous days I've had :))

Btw, this was the Instagram post that Jenn posted afterwards, it's my Carebear! The one I gave to her!! :D :D :D

Can you spot it? :P


  1. I had never heard of Jenn Inn before your post. I think it's great that you ventured off on your own to meet someone you admire.

  2. First of all: I've been a lazy blog reader, shame on me! Anyway, I love the way you write, it's just so fun and entertaining! I'm really happy for you to have met Jenn Im. It must feel amazing when you meet an idol and can have a photo together. Your photo looks so good~~!! You gave her a cute gift, and she can have it forever.*-* I did spot it from her photo.^^