Sunday, 4 May 2014

Osaka Ohsho @ Plaza Singapura

Greetings, I'm here again with my weekly post haha! Okay but honestly though I'm striving to have more than just one post per week, but I do tend to get pretty tired (and very lazy...) during the school week so please bear with me!

Although you'd at least be assured that there'll be one new post for you to read when you come by every Saturday or Sunday, unless I get too lazy that I even skip that, in which case I urge you to come after me because that is unacceptable!!

gotta love Lemongrab

Alrighty so anyway today's post is gonna be about WEEKEND FAMILY FUN TIME~!! Whereby every weekend my family and I basically sleep in til about 5PM and thereafter go out to have dinner somewhere. That's it lol.

Last week we went to Osaka Ohsho at Plaza Singapura, the newly opened/renovated (?) Japanese restaurant that specialises in their signature gyoza! It's part of the Tokyo Walker series of Japanese eateries at Plaza Sing, another one is Kazokutei which I blogged about here.

Beautiful Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, aka a nice thin omelette flopped over a bed of rice, swimming in a sea of sweet sauce and topped off with delightfully deep-fried chicken cutlet with the perfect amount of crunch, and delicious shredded veggies.

It was super yummy, but a tad too much rice for my liking. The sauce was sooooo flavourful and delicious and I loved how fragrant the egg was. The chicken was also heavenly, I was amazed by how super crispy and crunchy it was, and the best part? It wasn't dripping with oil and grease like how a lot of deep-fried cutlets are!

Fried chicken and double-cooked pork set. The fried chicken karaage was good but nothing too special. The pork would be a good choice for anyone who loves their meat really tender with heaps of flavour infused throughout! Sadly I prefer lean meat and it was too mushy for my tastes.

I love the shredded cabbage that came with it coz a lot of the food they served were either too greasy or too salty (or both haha) so the crisp freshness of the raw veg really helped!

The legendary signature gyozas, whooo~!!

Alright so they weren't bombastically amazing, and anyway I like to have my gyozas or potstickers to be very charred so as to provide maximum aroma, but I must say that the meat inside was particularly succulent and juicy, whereas regular gyozas tend to be quite dry inside. It was also extra flavourful and I could tell that a bunch of special secret ingredients were involved rather than just the usual pork and spring onions in order to achieve that extra oomph.

Worth a try but I wouldn't rave about it, considering the fact that they claim to be gyoza specialists :\

And lastly, soft shell crab!

My mum loves this and lately it's been rubbing off on me, it's soooo good though!! One of the very few seafoods I can actually enjoy haha.

Their's was waaaay too greasy unfortunately, take one bite and you'd wind up with a mouthful of oil! Definitely not pleasant at all. But still, being a soft shell crab it was really flavourful and yummy overall haha!


That's all for now, hope you enjoyed your week and had a lovely weekend!

It's kinda weird but I'm actually quite looking forward to school nowadays, unlike before where I used to detest Sundays coz it meant that a new week of school was coming up just around the corner.

Assignments are slowly but surely being doled out one by one but thankfully I'm not feeling particularly stressed out as I figure that as long as I consistently tackle them at a steady pace, I'll have plenty of time to be able to not only do them, but do them well.

Also, it's always a pleasure to hang out with my awesome friends at school and share loads of fun and laughter. Oh and there's so much good food to be had! I am starting to get real tubby already...

I'll see you again soon! :))



  1. Wow your family must stay up pretty late if you are all still in bed by 5pm! My family only sleep in til about 10am. I like the look of the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han. At first I thought it was mashed potato with some kind of meat on top. haha... but that wouldn't make sense because it's a Japanese dish. I love restaurant omelettes because they are always so fluffy. I'm glad that your gyozas were nice and moist, I've only eaten dry ones mainly from the food court but I bet they are better in a restaurant. Good luck with your assignments.