Thursday, 8 May 2014

Penang Trip: Day 1

Hi so I'm here today to finally get started on my Penang vacation posts!

So during the last week of my school holidays, my family and I booked a super last minute trip to go to Penang, Malaysia. It's where my grandparents were from and also where my mum stayed when she was just a child, so it was nice to have an opportunity to head back after decades and decades of being in Singapore, as well as for my grandparents to finally meet up with their Malaysian relatives! Of course, it was great fun for my sister and I too as it was our first time visiting the place (i'd been there once before when i was a wee kid but i was too young to remember anything!).

Obligatory pic of the sky from my window seat view. Such lush greenery!

We flew Tiger Airways and unlike what I mentioned here, the air stewardesses this trip were actually quite pleasant! Out of the four or five who were onboard, only one of them was a tad impatient and a bit more frowny and aggressive. Also, on our return flight one of the air stewardesses looked like a dead ringer for SISTAR's Dasom so that made me happy hahaha.

The flight was scheduled to be about 57 minutes but wound up taking only shortly over half an hour! Pretty amazing stuff heh.


Okay so we went as a party of five, my two grandparents, my mum, my sister and I, and that was one too many for a room at a hotel. So my mum brilliantly found us a lovely apartment at a condo to stay at for the duration.

It was a service apartment which came fully furnished and with cable TV, some drinks and snacks stocked in the kitchen, toiletries, fully-functioning appliances and basically every necessity you could ask for in a home and I'd like to mention, some extremely powerful airconditioning! Seriously it felt like the arctic hahaha.

Of course, being a condominium there were facilities like a gym, pool, playground and, WIFI ROOMS THANK YOU LORD ALMIGHTY.

Oh and the best part?

There was a spanking awesome shopping mall, with a whole bunch of restaurants and cafés, located right downstairs.

How's that for convenience?!

So on the day of our arrival, we chucked all our luggage down at our place and after a chat with the landlady (who was super friendly btw), headed downstairs to have a sumptuous meal at one of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever been to. (and i'm chinese so...i've been to quite a lot hahaha)


I still cannot believe how amazingly convenient it is to have all these fabulous eateries and shops literally right out of the doorstep to your home (i'll be sharing more of them with you throughout the series of my Penang vacation blog posts). If I were ever to relocate to Penang I'd definitely want to stay at this condo!

Little dishes of appetisers and garnishes.

Soupy roasted peanuts (my fave!!), fried peanuts (YUM), chopped green chillies and raw minced garlic.

The garlic was soooo strong and pungent we had to ask for it to be removed from our table haha.

First dish of the day!

Finely sliced lotus root tossed with celery, snow peas and capsicums, garnished with slivers of almond.

A light and refreshingly crunchy start to our meal!

Fried fish in soup!

I couldn't eat this coz tragically I am allergic to fish :'(

But the soup smelled sooo amazing!

Next we had the undeniable star of the show, the legendary PEKING DUCK!!

And bonus points to this particular restaurant for the added feature of ~*theatricality*~, because they actually bring out the whole roasted duck and have the employee carve out all the delectable pieces of crackling skin and roll it up into thin little sheets of egg pastry rolls right in front of your face!!


It's like watching a live performance of culinary cruelty lol (sorry vegetarians) (but duck is too damn tasty).

Pretended to be a fascinated tourist snapping pics but really I just wanted a photo memory of the waiter on the right's face. Isn't he gorgeous lololololol omg I am such a perv what on earth.

I first noticed him when my sis said he resembles a certain actor from the Percy Jackson movies, namely Jake Abel. And after a quick Google search (bless this restaurant for having wonderful food AND free wifi, albeit a lil shaky), I have to say she was damn right.

And there we have it, a plate of exquisite Peking Duck rolls with a dash of delicious sweet sauce and a strip of crunchy cucumber in each, lovingly handmade and freshly prepared by handsome waiters hahahaha (okay i'll stop perving now).

One of my all-time favourite foods ever, salted egg yolk prawns!! Theirs were extra herby and delicious, very flavourful and delightfully well-fried and crunchy!

Also, is it just me or can you spot a teddy bear face in the purple decorative flower lol!

And lastly,

a plate of super yummy fried noodles that were cooked with the delicious duck meat left over from the Peking Duck! Oh my goodness this was soooo good I almost fell off my chair.

Usually Chinese fried noodles are kind of on the dry side and a bit lacking in flavour, but this one was soupy and packed with intense flavour! There was also lots of lovely bean sprouts and generous stalks of delicious kai lan, one of my fave green veggies coz it's just so tasty.


Alrighty that's all for Part 1 of my Penang Diaries! I'll be back with more to come! :))


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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed your Penang trip. How fortunate that you had apartment accommodation. I think it's much better than living in a hotel because it feels more like a home environment. The duck looks super good. .