Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sah Lads.

I'm back with more random Perth food pics, except this time instead of sinfully sugary sweets, it'll be of salubrious* salads!

*a word meaning healthy, i literally went and Googled synonyms for 'healthy' starting with the letter 'S' coz i wanted to alliterate everything hahahaha. well that's one new word added to my vocabulary! :))

AMAAAAAAZING potato salad from Supa IGA. Holy shit there was so much bacon. But who am I kidding, bacon overloads are welcome anytime, yes please!! There was also bits of hardboiled egg, which was awesome. Potato chunks were delightfully roasted and some nicely charred :D

Very nice sweet potato salad with yummy spinach and DELICIOUS FETA (any cheese is awesome cheese, tbh. #ilovecheese) topped off with the tastiest roasted almonds ever, damn.

I miss the little gourmet salad bowls from Supa IGA. Tasty, healthy (or should I say ~*salubrious*~ hahaha) and affordable. Can I like go back to Perth nowww?!!

Cool ass DIY pre-packed salad from Coles. Can you please check out how freaking FANCY the ingredients are?!!

1. Real bacon. REALLLL BACON I TELL YOU!! OMG!!!!! Not just some shitty artificially bacon-flavoured starch bits! REAL. FREAKING. BACON!!!!!!!!

2. The parmesan cheese is...*gulps* SHAVED. Not powdered, not even grated (which I would already be super excited about), but BIG SLIVERS OF SHAVED. mUTHAF*CKING. PARMESAN.


3. Look at how fancy the croutons are?!!?!?!?!!!?

They ain't even your basic, regular ass cubes and shit. Or, you know. Ripped pieces of toasted bread crust haha. They are fabulous little coins of herb and butter toast, why thank you very much.

It was so glorious that I devoured the whole bowl in less than four minutes hahaha. That's gotta be bad for my digestion. Also, I barely had to use 1/4 of the dressing they provided before achieving the most bombastic flavour ever, with each and every lettuce leaf adequately coated with Caesar deliciousness.

Oh and it all cost $5 and took about two minutes to prepare.




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