Monday, 16 June 2014


¡hola señorita~! I couldn't sleep (even though it's like 3AM now, that's how messed up my sleep cycle is smh) so I decided to hop out of bed, eat some delicious 锅贴 aka potstickers and while I'm at it, clear some Perth blog posts while we're still in the 21st century, ya feel me?

Okie dokes today I'm gonna be blogging about ~*Sizzler*~, which if you're not familiar with, is a wonderful chain of family dining restaurants which specialise in delicious steaks and seafood mains and, my favourite part of course, ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SALAD BARS.

Now, make no mistake my dear friend. This ain't some sort of crummy ol' salad bar that has little tubs of raw veggies like lettuce leafs, carrot slices and a couple coins of cucumber for you to dump onto a plate and mix with some spoonfuls of dressing and scatter stale croutons on (yeah that's right, i'm looking at YOU Earle Swensens, c'mon man get your act together).

Sizzler has The Most. Mouthwatering. Scrumptious. Tantalising and FRESH salad choices that will bring a tear to your eye (i accidentally typed "ear" LOLwhut) as you lovingly wolf down each ginormous mouthful.

Not only that, their "salad bar" doesn't just contain salads. I like to think of it more as a buffet if anything. Check it out, we got spaghetti, a selection of soups, nachos with various sauces (my personal favourite which is kinda dumb i mean who goes to a buffet to eat freaking nachos?! but idc man i ALWAYS pile a generous heap of tortilla chips onto my plate, bathe that crunchy corn goodness with their fantastic tomato & basil sauce (it's SOOOOO good omg. i suppose you could get their yummy beef sauce too but watevs) and to top it all off, a whole MOUNTAIN of parmesan cheese on top. HOOOO BOY THAT IS SOME GOOD NACHOS RIGHT DERE), potato wedges, scalloped potatoes (SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS), make-your-own salads, seasonal PRE-MIXED salads which are always a treat, so fresh and exotic omg think pumpkin and beef, teriyaki prawns, oriental crispy chicken noodle salads with mandarin oranges, mmmm-mmmmm I am drooling up a storm here!!

Hello, have I arrived at the gates of Food Heaven?

They also have free-flow fresh fruits OMG (check out dat alliteration tho).

Anddd, the food begins!

Keep in mind that when I mentioned earlier that I ALWAYS get nachos, it was prior to this trip where they had different price options for their All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar (COUNTLESS trips, THERE IS NO LIMIT!! THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!) and their new One-Trip Salad Bar, which of course was much more affordable and so, we made the economical choice as a family since we probably couldn't get full value out of the unlimited buffet as we aren't the biggest of eaters (contrary to what you may have been led to believe from the endless stream of food pics on my blog, but i have a rather small stomach capacity) and can I just say that food in Australia is VERY expensive.

But also VERY good.

My tummy is full and happy but my wallet is empty and crying :'((

Anyways, needless to say we had to make the absolute most of our one and only trip to the glorious Salad Buffet Bar, with concentration levels at an all-time high, a lot of effort was put in, care and thought placed behind each type of food and exactly how much you'd be sacrificing your limited plate space for, careful planning and estimation of how high you could possibly stack the food up without running the risk of it all tumbling tragically to the cold hard ground.

Because this isn't some casual buffet, my friend.

This is the real deal.

Choose wisely.

But first, a little appetiser.


It's Sizzler's legendary Cheese Toast! This stuff is AMAZIN', Y'ALL. I know sailors who have traveled across the seas for a bite of this, rockstars who have written countless love songs* dedicated to this soft and fluffy bread toasted to a nice crisp and radiating the most heavenly cheese aroma that you seriously have to smell with your own two nostrils to truly believe how great it is.

*not really but you get the idea


My daddy-o's salad! Not really a whole moutain-ful but pretty sufficient, I'd say!

Still my dad's salad plate, but rotated to a different angel lol. He got a lot of food!

And here's mine! :D :D

I had delicious potatoes (both wedges and scalloped), an assorted of delicious salads including a yummy pasta one (i LOVE pasta salads!!) and some special Mexican salad that was kinda spicy (which i love), some diced bacon (when i say some i actually mean A LOT), a small handful of the amazing nachos tucked away at the bottom, a scattering of sundried tomatoes (hate tomatoes but i LOVE these! they're always so expensive though damn), and as you can see, I went a little crazy with the cheese ahem...(two kinds!!).

Twas delicious, filling and super satisfying. I actually had to take a break in the middle because I was so full, so suffice to say that I got my money's worth of good food and a satisfied tummy!

Here's the salad plate that my mum got: (i think it's worth noting at this point that my dad and i were pretty much done with our food and my mum had just finished piling the last bit of salad on her plate, i am not joking at all when i say she took close to 20 minutes to put together this masterpiece/mess, depending on how you look at it)

As you can see, my mum kinda went all-out with the salad dressing lol

Yay and now, for the main dishes! Kinda...Well, they're considered the mains but they're basically little portions of a meat and a potato side, you can pretty much tell from the pictures that the salads are the star here lol

My dad's steak!

Very very smokey and aromatic, coupled with the yummy mushroom brown sauce it really was lovely! He got a baked potato with sour cream to go with his :)

My slider and fat chips! Now, you may be thinking the same thing as what my mum yelled at me about, WHY THE HELL WOULD I CHOOSE A CHEAP ASS PATHETIC MINI BURGER WHEN I COULD HAVE A SLAB OF STEAK?!!

Well, the first reason is that during this period of time I was watching Hell's Kitchen like crazy lol, and Chef Gordon Ramsay serves sliders so I WANTED SOME SLIDERS TOO!! HMPH! Also, can I just say that while I was disappointed when my dish first arrived because it was just one measly little slider,




Holy shit you do not understand. Let me just paint a picture for you, okay?

Bun: Softest, fluffiest little pieces of lightly toasted bread EVER. When you open your mouth and sink your teeth into such absolutely divine buns, that's when you know this burger you're now chewing on is gonna be pretty freakin' great. Patty? INSANELY succulent and juicy meat. Seriously, you think I'm messin' around right now? Meat juices SPURT OUT into your mouth when you take a bite, filling your entire mouth with the most delectable flavours known to mankind. Gourmet and ultra fresh lettuce leaf? Check. Lil rasher of beloved savoury bacon? Totes. Slice of delicious swiss cheese that's been melted down to sheer gooey perfection? Duh. Take all those already amazing ingredients, combine them and BOOM. Congratulations, you have just experienced the greatest taste sensation ever. Your tastebuds are now dancing around with Jesus and Buddha up in Food Heaven. You're welcome.

*100% no exaggeration, this was legitimately the best burger i've ever eaten, and it pains me that it was a MINIATURE BURGER. if i had my way i would've ordered at least 12 of these babies, damn. 

My mom's fish fillet and chips. Due to my wretched fish allergy I couldn't try it (sobs), but it looked pretty dang delicious if you ask me.

My sister's nuggets kids meal. I'm gonna just go on the record right now and say that Sizzler produces probably the WORLD'S BEST CHICKEN NUGGETS. PERIOD. These little angel babies are LEGIT CHICKEN instead of whatever slimy rejected-body-parts-mixture nuggets you've been eating at the average fast food store. Each one lovingly coated with delicious BREAD CRUMBS, not just basic batter here, hell no, and fried to the most ridiculously perfect golden crunch.

You thought McDonald's nuggets were good? *scoffs*

They ain't NUTHIN' compared to Sizzler's nuggets.

Oh lordy me I really wish I could have some right now, they are just soooo good :'((

And now, onto DESSERT!

Check out their fantastic dessert bar,

hellooooo there, I'l have three scoops of everything please.

Basically we have some mucho deliciousõ chocolate mousse, lime jelly, custard (which, granted is not that tasty but probably a favourite among the elderly folk teehee), apple crumble (SO GOOD), bread and butter pudding (i tried it one time and it was rather horrendous so i really don't see why it's such a popular dish), key lime pie, and my all-time favourite, TIRAMISU <3

There's also heaps of sprinkles, mini marshmallows (which i always eat a ton of lol), chocolate chips and jelly babies for you to top off your desserts with, as well as fudge, strawberry and caramel syrups for you to drizzle all over your ice cream, which you can actually get yourself from a giant ice cream machine which dispenses the yummiest vanilla and chocolate soft serves ever. It is sooooo fun to pull the lever and swerve around so that the ice cream pipes out in a perfect pretty pyramid of creamy deliciousness. I like to pretend I'm working at an ice cream shop while I'm doing it lol. I would've taken a picture but...there were actual humans around at the time so I was too shy lol.

My loot:

I was already completely stuffed and bursting at the seams at this point so I went (kinda) light and only picked my absolute faves: key lim pie, apple crumble, and tiramisu. Aka yumz, super yumz, and EXPLOSION OF YUMZ.

It was my first time trying key lime pie and it was pretty awesome! The cream balanced out the super tangy lime bits, so that was cool.

Last but not least, no meal at Sizzler is complete without their legendary mints! (which are free, yay fo dat lol)

Waitress was super generous and gave us a whole plateful!! Usually we get one for each diner, two if we're lucky. When she brought it over my jaw almost dropped lol.

Delicious little balls of mint chocolate coated with a hard candy shell. What's not to love?


Okie dokes, this post took way too long for me to type and now I'm just having massive cravings for Sizzler's amazing food (as well as how fun it is to walk around the buffet tables picking out food, that shit fun as hell).

Really excited for tomorrow coz I'm going out for Starbucks with Summer, gonna try their tiramisu frappe which is a huge YAY omg so excited. Tiramisu is love, tiramisu is life.

Also hoping to try out their new cronuts but fingers crossed that they'd be available coz they keep getting sold out everywhere. Idk man we're going pretty early, like before noon so if they're still sold out I'm gonna flip some tables and kick some people in the face.

I hope I can fall asleep but...probably not considering the fact that I woke up at freaking 6pm today because I didn't want my wonderful dream starring Baekhyun to end lmao


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Day Today

Hello to all you lovely folks! Today I've decided to do something which I rarely do, and I'm rather excited about it.

Basically if you've read a number of my posts you'd realize that most of them are just streams of food pics coupled with some captions, or a bunch of random photos taken throughout my daily life. Due to my remarkably above-and-beyond level of procrastination, most of my blog posts are about events that have long passed and hence are super overdue by the time I actually get around to writing it, and I just feel that that's not really capturing the essence of a personal blog, which I think should be like an online journal or diary of sorts, where you write about things and events in your life not long after they actually happen.

Thus, for the first time in forever (there'll be music, there'll be light~~), I'm actually gonna do a journal-style entry of the happenings TODAY! :D

Yup, everything featured in this post will be like my diary entry for the events that have transpired on this very day. Also, I can't believe I actually accomplished the task of editing all the pictures at one shot (while listening to some amazing EXO music, bless~) and am now typing out this post. Quite a feat for The Queen of Inefficiency, aka me!

Alright so basically, today was totally SWAG-TACULAR and oozing with AWESOME SAUCE!! (i can't believe i actually said that wow someone hit me over the head with a shovel please)

The day started off with something that is just supertronimically awesome and something i was really excited about...


These were our splendid food and drinks from Starbucks, which Miss Clarice so generously paid for omg Miss Clarice you didn't have to do that!!!!!! Please, let me treat you back real soon next time okay!! I HAVE TO OMG I JUST HAVE TO YOU MUST LET ME.

Miss Clarice got a super yummerz-looking wrap and an Earl Grey Tea Latte (great choice! i commend you on your wonderful wet leaf beverage preferences), an Irish Creme Soy Latte for myself (extra shot of espresso coz i barely got any sleep the previous night lol damn my nocturnal tendencies), and two lovely SALTED CARAMEL CREAM PUFFS for the price of one because today was actually the last day of the 1-for-1 cream puff deal! What a treat :))

It was my first time trying the cream puffs and, what can I say? They were delicious of course.

A tad too sweet for my liking, the salted caramel could've been a little saltier instead of just tasting like an EXTREME SUGAR OVERDOSE (EXO reference, i see what you did there. you meaning myself. SELF-FIVE!). The cream filling was simply divine, just the right level of sweetness and it didn't contain that icky animal fat aftertaste (sounds so appetising, ikr?) that comes with some brands of whipped cream. Finally, I loved the generous sprinkling of almond slivers that stuck to the gloopy caramel drizzle. Not only did they add another dimension of appeal to the appearance of the otherwise generic-looking cream puff, they tasted great and provided a nice nuttiness and crunch to this delectable pastry dessert! Also I really just love almonds hahaha

Obviously I had to snap a pic of the gorgeous Miss Clarice!

*CRYING* Oh my lordy try and tell me that you've ever seen a lecturer who is more ravishing than she is, go ahead I dare you.

I need to find out where the fountain of everlasting youth and beauty that Miss Clarice bathes in is located and just throw my entire being in there and marinate for about 76 hours, damn.



I feel like a very enthusiastic fan taking a pic with her idol lol MISS CLARICE I AM UR NUMBER FANZ <3

I had such a marvellous time just chillin' and talking about my life and stuff with Miss Clarice omg. I felt so comfortable talking about personal thingies and stuff I wouldn't have opened up to others about. And she was just so comforting and provided me with so many tips and insightful advice and anecdotes. There was light-hearted gossiping as well as some pretty heavy stuff that honestly I felt really good finally getting off my chest to someone I could trust...and it was pretty cool that throughout the entire tea session there was nary an awkward silence or pause where we ran out of conversation topics! In fact, I was rambling on and on so much about myself that I felt it was such a pity when we ran out of time and I couldn't ask the burning questions I wanted to know about Miss Clarice's life haha~

Very very grateful indeed to have such an all-round terrific lecturer/PT and I'm so excited for future talkity-talks and class activities with her during the hols :))

Afterwards Kenneth aka Kenny B or Kenny Kenny Long Time crashed our tea party session coz he is an over-enthusiastic poopamus prime who's already getting started on MMR, what on earth. Meanwhile I haven't even leafed through the CA briefs thus I literally have no idea in hell what assignments we have been tasked to do during the holidays lol oops.

After Miss Clarice left for a meeting it was just us two so we retreated to T18 where I'd planned on finishing the Perth blog post I started writing last night but for some weird reason, I asked Kenneth if he'd watched any of the SAW movies and he said yes but just the 7th instalment and I was like cool I haven't seen that one and before we knew it we were watching it on my laptop in school lmao.

Idk if y'all know this about me but since my early teenage years I've developed a strange fascination with violence and gore (so messed up, i know) so naturally SAW movies are something that I'd be interested in (oh look here's a blog post i did in 2012 about my sick fascinations lol). To be honest I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but I actually prefer the Final Destination series over SAW, because frankly I'm just in it for the death scenes lol. Final Destination has the shittiest story lines in cinematic history, yes, but while SAW wins in that department, I'm not a big fan of the psychological aspects of the film which I find to be more unsettling than the actual torture scenes and all the gore haha. The messed up characters and story lines are what I find disturbing and what will keep me up at night rather than the explicit images of faces getting torn up and ripped apart and human innards spilling out with bucketfuls of fresh blood.

But that's just me lol.

If you've yet to watch it and want a taste of what SAW VII is like, here's a pic that shows you what the entire SAW franchise is like in a nutshell.


A woman with a gnarly metal contraption attached to her skull, which ripped her jaw clean off her face with a click of a button by the killer. As you can see, flesh is flapping and dangling all over the place and we can see her tongue now waggling about in her gaping mouth.

Complete with beautiful rays of sunlight in the background on such a glorious Wednesday afternoon, how nice!

That'd be about right.

Also I'd just like to point out that someone in the production side of this movie did not do their job well because SAW VII has the all-time WORST looking blood out of the entire series, as you can see from the above picture. Like forrealz it looks like horrible red paint and in one scene they just gave up and it was PINK. HOT PINK. Wtf guys, seriously?


Oh wait no here's a nice excerpt from the movie's IMDB page. You see, what I like to do with horror movies (be it the ghost kind, which i f*cking hate because they scare me shitless, or the gore kind) is to go to the Parental Advisory page on IMDB where some kind and helpful souls actually sacrifice time from their lives to list down, in great detail I might add, every single scene that is scary, violent, sexual, or contains vulgar language. Most of the time these descriptions are pretty vivid and allow me to paint quite a decent picture of what the scene is actually like without watching it myself. This way I can satisfy my burning, messed up curiosity, and I can also gauge within myself whether I have what it takes to actually watch the scene without getting too traumatised.

You may want to skip the following excerpt if you're squeamish, but really it's just words so don't be a wimp.

Nothing like quality literature :)

Selfies with The KennMaster 3000 and my laptop. You can't really see it but onscreen is actually a truly magical paused moment whereby *SPOILERS* a lady has two jagged pipes driven into her eye sockets and one drilled through her mouth.

Potential career option for me in future: brainstorming torture and death scenes for movies and stuff. They'd be so f*cked up you have no idea.

Okay confession time, every now and then when I can't fall asleep at night I imagine torture scenarios in my head with people I really don't like LOL. And let's just say they can get pretty...creative to say the least HAHAHAHA oh god what did I just reveal on the internet.

Future husband don't judge me please I'm a normal, sane human being I swear!

Afterwards (we actually sat through the entire movie what in the actual fuq...) I headed over to Vivocity for my...waxing appointment lol. Kinda embarrassing but over the course of the term (!that's a whole seven weeks!) I fell into that comfortable but icky zone of what I like to call the "I'm A Student, Idgaf About My Looks" phase.

I believe I speak for the vast majority of students when I say that there is just NO TIME to be caught up about our appearances throughout the duration of the school term. Sure, we may lament that the flab on our tummy and thighs has been ever increasing, or that our hair is becoming more reminiscent of dried grass each day, but will we actually get up and exercise or scoot our lazy bums over to the nearest salon for a treatment session?

No. Every waking moment is spent either slaving over assignments and revision or desperately trying to catch up on some much-needed rest for our weary souls, so it is safe to say that nobody will have the luxury of time nor energy to get our outward appearances sorted when we're already way too tied up with school.

And the great thing about it is, nobody judges you. Your unibrow might be starting to sprout back out again but hey, I get it. We have three CAs this week alone and you've barely managed to get any sleep for the past 48 hours, much less worry about getting rid of unsightly facial hair. I understand. No judgement here. This is a safe zone, my friend.

Anyways, my lil 'stache had plenty of time to grow and let me just tell you right now that dark asian hair plus fair skin is hardly an advantage when it comes to facial hair (so envious of you Caucasian folks with your super light, barely visible facial and body hairs, damn). Coupled with the fact that I have rather prominently pouty lips which always cause a shadow to form around them, I am genuinely appreciative of the fact that none of my schoolmates have pointed out and laughed at the obvious moustache that I have been sporting.

Super empty train to Harbourfront on the North-East line on an idyllic Wednesday at 4PM, good times :))

I freaking LOVE Strip's amazing flavoured hot waxes. Y'all know I'm crazy about smells (LOVE smells, LOOOOOVEEEEE) and these are just about the nicest smelling waxes you're ever gonna find throughout your entire life.

And lucky for me, the area which I'm getting waxed is around my lips so they pretty much slather the delicious-smelling goop right under my nose, aka optimum smelling zone.

During my very first visit I got to experience the absolutely amazing ❤CHOCOLATE❤ flavour hot wax, which honestly smelled so rich and decadent that it sent me into a mini trance and made me feel so much more relaxed in that scary situation.

This time I got the strawberry, which was also pretty lovely and had a sweet and creamy fragrance! Love it~~

When the waxing therapist yanked off the strips of dried wax (on which stuck all my little dark and fuzzy hairs lol...gross yet fascinating at the same time!), the pink strawberry shade made it look like little pieces of dried bubblegum LOL

Although that momentary feeling of fear and dread leading up to the YANKING and uprooting of every single one of your hairs is kinda awful, I must say that the delightful aromas from their fragranced hot waxes helps a great deal. In fact, I love the smells so much that I almost didn't want it to end LOL. Just continue smearing that hot and deliciously scented goo all over me, woman!!

Also, at the end of the day nothing feels better than the comfort and relief of strutting around with your girl 'stache area now completely bare and smooth to the touch :))

After the rather calming waxing session (i feel like some people perceive waxing to be an intense experience filled with clenched fists and screams of pain but...not really lol), I had some moisturising relief cream slapped onto my freshly waxed areas and went about roaming around Vivocity because after all, it is the holidays and hey, they were having SALES!!

I freaking love GSS*, y'all~

*Great Singapore Sale, aka the best time of the year in Singapore in my opinion lol

Freaking gorgeous snakeskin strappy wedges from H&M. They were hella tall and omg, I COULD ACTUALLY WALK IN THEM!! Like, not hobble about awkwardly with little balance and steadiness, I could legit walk in them LIKE A PRO! And, anything that can make me taller is always welcome hahaha~

Unfortunately they were $49.90 and I was like, hell nawww bitch I ain't payin' half a hundred bucks for shoes, damn!

Applications to be my sugar daddy now open.


(or not?)


I subsequently spotted these however...

and they were actually on sale at $30 and I was like girrrl, I could actually get these! Thirty dollars is a decent price to pay for hella cute shoes, especially if you're gonna be wearing them on a regular basis.

Sadly the only sizes left were 38 and 39, and I'm a 36/37 :(

Nevertheless I tried them on and heyyy, I could walk in them pretty well too!! Usually I'm more comfortable in wedges coz they're kind of fail proof and frankly I am just a complete noob at walking in heels (i've hardly ever worn them thus far and if you hand me a pair of really tall heels i guarantee you i'd probably trip, twist my ankle into the opposite direction and fall flat on my face all within the first three minutes of attempting to walk in them) but I guess because these were so chunky, they gave way more balance hence were a lot easier to walk in!

Tragically the size proved to be too big and even with the straps on at the tightest level, the shoes just felt like they were gonna slip off with each step that I took :'((


Alright, and now for the final portion of this post, which I am starting to realize is ridonkulously long...Probably because I feel the need to launch into a freaking novel-like story at each and every juncture oh my goodness.

Keeping my words concise is NOT my forte.

Which explains why my essays always manage to exceed the word limit by 6000%, without fail. Smh.

Anywhoozles, here are some bits and pieces of food I tabao-ed home to ensure my belly stays filled and happy throughout the night because mummy dearest is currently vacationing Down Under and there's no one to prepare all my meals and snacks for me on a daily basis D;

Super adorable and yummy-looking EGGLETS from the basement food stalls.

Holy crap even the name sounds ultra cute. EGGLETS. EGGLETS!!!!!!! SO KAWAII OMG I CAN'T. And how cute is their Momma Chicken Mascot?! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

I got pizza flavour which, as you can see, is splattered with delicious flavours like herbs, ham, and A LOT of cheese.

Fyi, that little cup of their Signature Milk Tea was available for only a dollar top-up from getting the egglets (SO CUTE AND FUN TO SAY!! egglets egglets egglets~~) and can I just say that it is THE ABSOLUTE BOMB DIGGITY.

It's COMPLETELY different from your run of the mill teh ping, which as you know, I freaking love. But hoo boy, this yummalicious Hong Kong style iced milk tea has that unique flavour to it which I cannot identify, but I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that it is the SAME taste of the bubble tea my parents used to buy at some ulu Singaporean mall when I was but a wee little child. At the time I was offered sips of it and I was fascinated by the black and chewy tapioca balls, not fully appreciative of the beautiful taste sensations of the simple yet exquisite milk tea blend.

Oh my goodness I loved it so much I was savouring every last drop of it and I was genuinely sad when the volume of the milk tea in that teeny cup was steadily decreasing. Sooner or later, I finished it all and as I gulped the last incredible mouthful down, my heart shattered as I tossed the emptied cup into the bin.

Separation is hard...*sniffs*

(and the award for Biggest Drama Queen of The Year goes too...)

The backview of the cutiepie egglets, which you can see are so adorably smooth like a brown baby's bottom HAHA awww <3

And, check out the interior...




Lolololol if you can you should definitely get your hands on these cute and delicious (fun to eat, too! just pluck each round egglet out and pop it into your mouth, great as a snack as well!) babies! They also come in other coolio flavours like cheese, floss (chicken, not dental), chocolate, chestnut (which sounds super cool and exotic, i'd love to try it someday!), and strawberry!


Grilled Chicken Salad I got from Sumo Salad!

I was quite disappointed with it I must say...I absolutely loved the one I tried in Australia a few years ago like crazy. I thought it'd be the same with the SG version but nope, it was completely different and the standard here is so much worse! Definitely not worth the hefty price.

Dressing smelled very off...Proportions were also not well-planned at all, there was so little lettuce and SO much chicken, it was almost like eating a chicken dish with a tiny side salad lol. Ugh. Really upset :((

Okie dokes, that concludes my diary-style post! Let me know if I should do more of these, or stick with the conventional photos-with-caption posts of events that have happened way back!

Damn, that was a terribly tedious and draining process. I feel super duper exhausted, both mentally and physically, from typing out this very hefty post!

As with other posts I write that are rather lengthy and a result of a lot of time and effort spent on my part, I am feeling very touched and grateful to any and all of you out there who took precious time out of your day to actually read through the entirety of my mundane and nonsensical posts :))

For that, I thank you, from the very bottom of my heart!

Merely by reading my words via the internet, you've brought me much joy and meaning to keeping this little blog.

I honestly love to read all your comments (shout-out to Carlyn, thank you so much if you're reading this! i am absolutely awful at responding to people but i truly enjoy reading each and every one of your very thoughtful and personal comments, and also thank you so much for the support! ♡) so please, do not hesitate to drop me one, no matter how random and silly it is!

You could say COOKIE CRUMBLE for all I care, or shout mildly abusive and sarcastic things in capslock, I would be very very happy reading it. Share the joy! Share the love!

I love you (yes, YOU! the one reading this, right now!) and I hope you have a wonderful, magical day ahead!

Til next time, take care my loves :))


Monday, 9 June 2014

Sushi Express @ Westgate

So on Friday, to celebrate the official end of YEAR 2 TERM 1 (!!), us kids went to Sushi Express @ Westgate with the oh-so-lovely Miss Clarice! (hello Miss Clarice if you happen to be reading this, you're super adorable and i hope you're having a wonderful day! ♡)

Sushi Express is pretty much your average grab-off-the-conveyor-belt sushi and Japanese food restaurant, but here's their selling point: every single plate of food that you eat, costs $1.50. No matter what it is, whether it's a basic tamago sushi, or slices of fresh salmon sashimi, everything that you lay eyes on is only a dollar fifty. Pretty awesome right?

Value is one thing, but I guess what you pay for is what you get because I didn't really enjoy my first and what will probably be my only experience there :\

I'll tell you why in a bit.

First things first, the decor of the place is pretty freaking swaggular. Very hip and modern, with nice crisp furnishings in their red and white theme. At first glance you definitely wouldn't think that this was a "value" restaurant! If anything, it looks rather swanky.

ALSO. We walked in and as we were shown to our seats, I froze in my steps and had to grab on to Summer's arm for support. THEY WERE PLAYING EXO's SONG. ("History", to be exact.) I almost collapsed onto the floor and began foaming at the mouth. After the song ended and I had pretty much collected myself emotionally, I prayed that they wouldn't play any more Kpop songs. And BAM.

Now playing: "Thunder" by EXO.



And so, despite being a Japanese restaurant, Sushi Express proceeded to blast a whole bunch of Kpop songs on their speakers throughout our meal, about 55% of which were by EXO. (other than the two which i've already mentioned, they also played "MAMA", "Baby Don't Cry", "Into Your World (Angel)", "Overdose" (i died at this point), and "Growl" TWICE, with only one song in between the first and second time, for some reason)

They also played some awesome 2NE1, BIG BANG, A Pink, and SNSD tracks, among others but I've forgotten because I was too fixated on the abundance of EXO songs lmao

Great if you're the type who likes to listen to music while eating, but I personally like to be in a relaxed environment when I'm savouring my food rather than have to resist the intense urge to groove along to the music, burst out into song mid-chew or get up and start dancing on the tables.

Alright, mini raving session about the music over. It was very important to me lol, and I think I mildly terrified Miss Clarice with my hardcore enthusiasm for EXO heh :P

Introducing, the prettiest lecturer you ever did see...


Have you ever seen such ravishing beauty, such a dazzling smile, such PERFECTION?!! *no angkat i swear*

Miss Clarice, 你的笑容怎么那么的灿烂?! 简直太迷人了!! *faints*

Also featuring a wild Kenneth who was in serious contemplation of which sushi to get next.

And now, we proceed to the food pics!

Please do take note at this point that as they're a value sushi chain, they obviously do not specialise in having the best presentation ever. As such, the following photos will probably not be as enticing as say, the pics from the Ichiban Sushi post I did just recently. Don't blame me for having shitty photography skills lol, I did my best :P

Marinated scallops sushi!

I told you it wasn't gonna look pretty lol. In fact, the sauce and the "vein"-looking things kinda make the scallops look like balut?! Gross LOL definitely not something you'd want to think of when you're eating actual food!

Inari sushi!

Yum yum~~ Sweet beancurd skins are always A+ :)

Raw scallops sushi!

The scallops were INSANELY soft, almost mushy and melt-in-your-mouth! Pretty cool but I actually prefer my scallops a little more solid with some bite to it :P

Tung hoon, also known as cellophane or glass noodles!

Now in my opinion, it's kinda hard to get tung hoon wrong coz it's such a delicious food to start out with, so this was pretty average.

Nothing spectacular about the sauce, a bit less watery would've been good!

Also, bonus points for the cute scallop-shaped dish it was served in lol!

Ebi prawn sushi!

My first time trying out this basic staple sushi and it was pretty good :)

Really succulent and you could literally taste the freshness of the prawns, great job on that front!

Ebi prawn sushi, grilled edition!

Now, THIS one I was really excited about! Growing up watching the Crayon Shin Chan anime cartoon series, I'd always been fascinated by how grilled Japanese food were always so beautifully charred and just looked soooo good!

I mean seriously, how mouth-watering does this look?!

All I know is, every time a grilled food scene came on my stomach would just growl relentlessly at the TV lol.

And on Friday, after more than a decade I finally got to savour what something so tantalisingly grilled tastes like! HAHA.

It possessed a delightful burnt aroma, just as I expected. Very tasty seafood flavours and just the tiniest hint of sweetness from the sauce it was marinated in! A must-try, definitely.

And now, we move on to the much-awaited (more on this later, when i touch on the service of the restaurant, bleh) desserts!

Wibbly-wobbly mango pudding! Yay pudding!! Lol~~ #number1puddingfan (cy)

It was pretty cool, nice but nothing that would make me go OH MY GOD, you know? Still, $1.50 for a mango pudding is a decent price considering that ordering it at other restaurants would probably cost you three to five dollars.

I thought it contained a little too much fruit syrup, and was too sweet as a result :\

Yay so many mango puddings lol! If you're a massive fan of mango pudding, you can just grab a whole bunch of the conveyor belte and stuff your face into it all hahaha

Blueberry cheesecake sent straight from the heavens!

The cake was pleasantly creamy with just the right amount of sharpness from the cheese, mixed with the slight tang of the blueberry swirl, it really was delicious! The biscuit base was terrific too, definitely a satisfying dessert and soooo worth it for $1.50! Five stars!!

Next up I had some seriously yummy pink mochi, which I actually forgot to take a picture of because I was so carried away by eating a mini buffet of desserts lol but here's a pic of me holding it in its cute scallop dish because the colour matched my sweater HAHA

My face looks like an overweight seal's arse so I did your eyes a favour by slapping a sticker over it, you're welcome.

The mochi was strawberry-flavoured with a delightful filling of azuki beans! Yum!! And so Japanese-y haha~

A trail of mochis going by on the conveyor belt! (is it just me or do they totally look like testicles LOL) (NOT something you would want to think about while eating hahahahaha i apologise)

And lastly, cream puffs!

Although they seemed really unfresh and probably have been kept in the restaurant's refrigerator for a long period of time and as a result was super hard and unpleasantly stale, the pastry still had a delightfully buttery taste to it that I find very important when it comes to cream puffs! A lot of people only care about the cream filling, but I've had enough cream puffs to know that the puff pastry makes a HUGE different to the overall taste!

And on the inside,

surprise jam filling!! I was not expecting that haha~

The cream was nice and sweet and the fruity jam gave a sour-y kick to it! Not a huge fan of fruit jams so I'd actually have preferred it if it were just plain cream lol. Or chocolate, mmmmm I love chocolate~~

Oh damn I have a sudden intense craving for Beard Papa's legendary giant cream puffs OMG WHYYY

Anddd...that brings the grand total to 10 plates! That's fifteen bucks perfectly, but there was a GST charge too so I wound up having to pay $17.50 haha alright then.

Okay, lemme just rant about the service a lil bit.

As this was my first visit to Sushi Express, I knew nothing about it and so while I was on the MRT ride to Jurong East, proceeded to do a bit of research prior to dining there. I went to their Facebook page which was pretty empty and not well-maintained, which honestly I don't really give two hoots about but what caught my attention was that their wall post was full of customer feedback from Facebook users. All of them were unsatisfactory, and bored pretty much the same complaints.

That the service was terrible.

Many of the customer feedbacks had the recurring complaints of bad attitudes from the staff, lack of knowledge about the food and just general unpleasant experiences as far as the servers were concerned.

I dismissed this entirely when I first read it, it's not like I was going to pass judgement of Sushi Express before getting to experience it myself, neither did I preempt any dissatisfactory service because of it.

When I was actually eating there for the first time though, the entire meal was going pretty well until the point where we were pretty much done with the sushi and wanted some dessert. We had waited for a fair bit of time and no desserts were coming by on the belt (and i was really looking forward to trying the cheesecake), so I wanted to approach the staff for assistance.

First problem: getting the attention of the staff.

We were lucky enough to be seated near the utensils counter, which is where the staff are stationed at to clean the plate covers and such. There were three servers congregated there when I needed to ask them about the desserts, THREE. And they were so engrossed in their chatting that it was almost impossible to get their attention! This is so annoying, you have no idea.

When I finally got this Chinese lady to come to our table, I asked her how the system works, do I request for a certain dessert when I want to order it? Or will it come by on the conveyor belt in due time? As I was verbalising my enquiries, she had the look of utmost confusion on her face and I was worried whether I should start speaking in Chinese instead (which i absolutely could've done, no problems at all).

She told me that if I wanted a dessert, I have to request for it and she'll tell the kitchen. So I'm like, okay cool thanks, can I see a menu? And she told me that they did not have any menus. Then I'm like, okay then what desserts do you offer? And she says that SHE DOES NOT KNOW. At this point I was kind of exasperated so I told her, how am I supposed to know what to order then if I don't know what desserts are available here? And she gave me this blank look and, without a word, turned around and walked away to talk to her colleague.

UMM. You couldn't have asked me to hold on for a moment?!

And that's not all, far from it!

Right in front of my very eyes, she explained to her colleague what I had just told her but GESTURING AT ME WITH HER HANDS, DISPLAYING BODY LANGUAGE THAT PLAINLY EXPRESSED THAT SHE THOUGHT I WAS SOME SORT OF AN IDIOT.

I swear, you HAD to be there to fully experience what an outrage this was.

She was clearly the one who lacked basic knowledge of the menu and how the f*cking restaurant even WORKS, and she had the nerve to tell her colleague about what I said while trying to convey the message that I was some moron?! Oh, excuse me for not knowing what the hell kind of desserts were on offer on that particular day!

At this point, Summer and I were both flabbergasted by this totally horrendous standard of service, and I was fuming. I literally couldn't believe this waitress, who stood right in front of me and disrespected me as a customer, was for real.

Her colleague then came over to me, I believe she was a manager or something, and I thought to myself, oh good, at least she'll be able to help me. So I asked her when and how we'd be getting our desserts, and she asked me what I wanted, so I told her cheesecake (which was the only dessert i knew they would have because Vanessa got it when she was here) and guess what?




What the hell is up with this place and the attitude of their servers?!

No basic level of courtesy and respect for the paying customers?? A simple, "hold on while I go check" isn't possible?!

At this point I was ready to scream at someone.

I buried my face in my hands, utter disbelief over the pathetic service that this establishment has to offer.

The lady came back after about five minutes, explaining that the kitchen was preparing the desserts and would have them out on the conveyor belt in a few minutes time.

I thanked her and that was that.

Overall, I will probably NOT be returning to Sushi Express again, in the near future at least. Reason being, the food is average at best. Sure, it's cheap, but it is NOT value for money if you're paying low prices for food that is not good.

The desserts are worth it, yes, but I'd probably give the sushi a score of 4/10. Can I just add at this point that I never realized until visiting Sushi Express that the rice in sushi is equally, if not MORE important than the topping?

Usually people think it's just plain ol' rice, it's the ingredients on top that matters. Nope. The rice that Sushi Express uses is extremely low quality, and anybody who has had not even good but just DECENT sushi would be able the taste the differences, it's literally worlds apart.

I'd say that it's worth going for the salmon sashimi, which my friends said is very fresh and delicious but I couldn't try for myself because of my horrible fish allergy.

Also, I don't like how there's no menu for you to order from, and there's no control over what the chefs decide to put out on the conveyor belt either. It's all based on luck, you could be served an endless array of dishes you don't like, and you could go there looking forward to your favourite dishes in particular and wait hours and not see them, like we did with our much-anticipated tuna mayo sushi that never came.

Needless to say, the service there is terrible but I'm not gonna slam them too much as a whole because for the two servers who had absolutely craptastic attitudes, there were also two servers who happened to be very kind and cheerful, so I guess that evens things out haha.

All in all, if you ever want to pay Sushi Express a visit, I'd urge you to keep your expectations superbly low if not you will be very, very disappointed.

And do not be fooled by the $1.50-for-anything price tag as it does NOT equate to a filling and delicious meal. My bill totaled up to $17.50 and I left feeling neither satisfied nor full. I could've easily gotten a way more enjoyable meal for the same price, with food that tastes a hundred times better, make me more full AND with easily much better service.

I had a super fun time with Miss Clarice and my friends though, so I wasn't too fussed about the shitty dining experience!

Yay, good company always makes the worst situations just that less shitty lol. Also, the EXO songs were a huge plus ;)

Friday, 6 June 2014

TA Report + Swensen's

Hello, hello, and HELLO~~ to you!

I am currently up typing a new post at this ungodly hour due to a number of reasons.

1. My mum got me an amazing supper of ham and cheese omelet (my fave!!) from Han's Cafe. 24-hour food establishments are a godsend!! And I'm currently digesting it before I can go to bed (having a full meal at 3 in the morning, yay for healthy living, am i right?)
2. Tomorrow's class starts in the noon so I don't have to wake up at a ridonkulous time like freaking 5.45AM.
3. I already had a "nap" earlier today which I had planned to be about two hours max but spiralled out of control and lasted from 6+ to 10.30pm...
4. Tomorrow is Friday, and the LAST DAY OF THE TERM so who effing cares anymore?!! YOLO!!

Haha but yeah, it totally boggles my mind that the first term of Year 2 has officially come and gone. Honestly it feels like it has been no time at all! In fact, I was just sitting in class today listening to the lesson when all of a sudden I zoned out and was like, woah. I have literally sat through seven weeks of school and I have learnt so much with each lecture and tutorial. Like, day by day you think nothing much has happened or changed, but when you look back on it all, EVERYTHING is just huge! This tripped me out haha. Crazy!

And with yesterday came our last project submission for the term, the TA environmental scanning report. Oh boy, I was dreading it so much but the fact that it was our last CA made me more motivated to get it done and out of the way I guess.

Also, for the first time in forever month and months (i think i actually stopped giving a shit about doing well in school work since the second semester of last year lol, which is kinda sad if you think about it), I actually got started on an assignment AHEAD of the night before the submission deadline!

*collective gasp from every living creature in the Universe*

That's right, I sat down on Monday, that's three freaking days before the due date!! To do this dreaded report, and I managed to complete everything by Thursday morning with about 20 minutes to spare lol! Yes I'm a slow worker and I like to spread the workload out so I don't crumble under pressure and shoot myself in the face or something haha.

And can I just say that not doing things at the very last minute reduces the anxiety by like 6000%?! Kind of a given but wow, seriously the difference is remarkable! I felt so much more at ease throughout the duration of writing the report, knowing that I had ample time.

Also, not doing last-minute work eliminates the very likely chances of you thinking, "oh f*ck it, i already don't have enough time so i'm just gonna half-ass this shit and aim for completion and not well-doneness, which is basically me like, 80% of the time. Especially with the CP essay that I recently handed up and never want to think about again, ever.

But with all that being said, towards of the end of the TA report I actually quite enjoyed myself lol! The STEEP analysis bit was torture, but from there on out everything was pretty simple and fun to do. I liked researching my brand's marketing communication activities and shit, that was pretty cool. And I actually really enjoyed brainstorming my own creative ideas for the brand! No budgets or limits, pretty freaking cool imo (i proposed to hire Miranda Kerr to be the brand's spokesperson LOL. i'm not even kidding!). AND AND, you have no idea how much fun I had photoshopping the perceptual map as well as the concept images in my proposal lol.

Doing lame shit on Photoshop is surprisingly more fun than you would imagine! I was also blasting EXO's songs throughout the entire process, so that just made everything infinitely better.

(go check out their song "Moonlight", i just discovered it last night and it is GRRRREAT)

In short, I'd have to say that I invested a lot of time, energy, and brain juices into producing the report, and I actually enjoyed it! Looking at the end result I was thoroughly pleased with how everything looked and I feel that regardless of the grade that I get for this assignment, it's something that I really can be proud of. And that's all that matters :))

Enough rambling on about my (super mundane) life (oh boy, paragraphs upon paragraphs of me whining about my report, how interesting and fun to read! /sarcasm), here are some food pics which, let's be honest here, is what you're all here for.

Yeah, I see you! Always scrolling through my posts not bothering to read the text but just eyeing the food porn pictures. Shame on you, SHAME!

Anywho, last Tuesday we went to Swensen's yet again for a nice meal in between classes because their lunchtime promo is just too good to miss!

Basically you order a main, and you are entitled to have either a side dish, sundae, or drink of your choosing entirely FREE!!

I always opt for the drink because I'm the kind of person who always needs a nice beverage to accompany my food. And besides, I'd be too full from my main course alone to even think about piling on more food!

And being the kiasu Singapore which I hate to admit I am, obviously I have to get the most expensive drink there is to offer so as to get the most value for my money LOL.

Behold, the malted milkshake float. Any flavour of ice cream from Swensen's extensive selection, delightfully blended til creamy and frothy, with the addition of delicious malt and topped off with a perfect scoop of ice cream. Perfection, truly. At $7.70, but during the lunchtime promotion, completely free.

(my fave words to hear)

Look at that beauty right there.

I usually get Sticky Chewy Chocolate, which is my favourite Swensen's ice cream flavour of all time because it is just so decadently rich and thick and gooey, it's the most indulgent chocolate flavour I've ever tasted thus far, and it would make any chocolate lover's head spin without fail!

This time I wanted to try something different so I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Buttercup. I was really excited because it does sound very promising, like it could taste of Reese's peanut buttercup chocolates haha! Sure enough, I was not disappointed at all! It tasted super strongly of peanut butter, a great choice if you're a PB fan! There were some chocolatey notes swirled in as well, but the icing on the cake? There were crunchy chopped almond bits!! Sooooo good omg~~ Very creamy and ultra delicious, you HAVE to try it!

The fact that it was totally free of charge probably delighted my tastebuds even more HAHAHA.

Alright I mentioned at the beginning of the post that I'm currently digesting my supper which was a yummy ham and cheese omelet.

Well, here's what I got for my main course at Swensen's...

a ham and cheese omelet lol.

I CAN'T HELP IT OKAY IT'S SO YUMMY I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I practically order this EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit Swensen's, it's embarrassing lol. And no, I do not get bored of this coz it's honestly super yummy and hey, it's like one of the most affordable items on the menu so. Lol~~

Stringy abundance of melted cheese and savoury sliced ham enveloped in a fragrant pillow of egg, with delicious hot and crunchy chips that go SO well with tartar sauce, what's there not to love?

Hey look, I love it so much, the cheese formed a heart shape lol! Amazing~~

And lastly, here's Vanessa very photogenic Sambal Fish! (hello vanz, shoutout to u coz u damn dope <3) (let me touch u vanehha pls)

As you can see, even the mashed potatoes are beautifully piped out in the shape of an exotic blooming flower rather than haphazardly splattered onto the plate.

A++ for presentation, my friend.

Well, despite the massive nap I had earlier on, my eyelids are currently getting really heavy and my head is spinning a bit. I'm about to collapse anytime soon and when I do, it'll only be like four hours before I have to drag myself out of the bed again.

Ahh, well. My only motivation to get up in the morning will be to go for the sushi session with Miss Clarice, who can I just say is easily one of the greatest lecturers ever.

Besides being the most cheerful, gorgeous, pleasant, patient, cute, caring, and BEAUTIFUL lecturer ever, she is TOO NICE to even be real! Case in point: I missed her class on Tuesday and instead of getting upset about it and reprimanding me, she just told me she missed me!! AWWWWWWWW~~!!!!!!!! ♡

Hahaha yeah. My Personal Tutor > yours. I still miss Miss Trudy though :\ (miss miss hahahahaha)

Alrighty I really have to go to bed now if not I'd die lol. Cya~~!

Will blog about fun times with Miss Clarice & Sushi in due time :))

Ciao and take care~!