Monday, 2 June 2014

Ichiban Sushi @ IMM

Hello, my beautifuls!

Today I'm gonna be blogging about that time I had an absolutely, mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly AMAZING Japanese dinner at Ichiban Sushi with my family! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Was craving for small bites rather than a full meal, so I got myself a whole bunch of little sushi plates instead of a main course! I love sushi buffets, you get so much variety by sampling a little bit of everything, and it's alway fun to see the colourful plates stack up as you eat more and more lol!

Prepare yourself for a feast for the eyes~! You may not want to proceed scrolling down if you're currently reading this at 2AM, or hunger pangs WILL ensue! Don't say I didn't warn you...

BAM! First dish of the day is already equal parts visually pleasing and UBER DELICIOUS. We got ham, cucumber, and egg maki topped off with a delectable slice of cheese that is ever-so-daintily charred to sheer perfection with a blowtorch. Scatter some strips of seaweed on that beauty and hello, you've just met your new favourite sushi of all time.

Seriously, how can you ever go wrong with cheese?!

Next up, something super special and very innovative indeed. Here we have a lobster salad maki, which I absolutely ADORE because lobster is amazing and I wish I could eat it every single day of my life but tragically, I am too poor to afford to do so. Anyways, lobster salad is a cheap(er) alternative and it's super yummy especially with the awesome wasabi sauce dressing it is often doused in when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

That little dollop of lobster salad was enough to send me straight to tantalising food heaven, but add to that a delicious coin of rice maki that has been slathered in delicious tempura batter and deep fried to a perfect golden crunch.



Forget your boring old potato croquettes, that's basic as hell. Check out these lovely PUMPKIN croquettes. Mmmmm, I'm salivating just thinking about it. The delightfully crispy deep-fried golden shell encases mouth-watering, super soft pumpkin mash along with yummy vegetables like corn, peas and carrots. Heavenly on its own, or you can choose to dip it in either the special mayo or sweet sauce that it comes with. Heck, go on ahead and dip a little bit of both at one go, you maniac!

Here we have some DIVINE soft shell crabs, which hardly need any introduction. If you've ever had the privilege of savouring these babies, you'd know that soft shell crabs never fail to taste 100% AMAZING. Seriously though, they were so good I shed a single tear as I was chewing lovingly on their crispy shells and savouring their scrumptious and succulent insides, bursting with exquisite seafood flavours. Bellisimo~

Oh look, here's a bunch of nicely fried fish skins that I'm sure would taste great with the mayo dip and all, but unfortunately I couldn't and never will be able to have myself due to my fish allergy. *sad face*

Cute bowl though lol

Back to sushi heaven, look at this bombastic looking spicy fried chicken maki with the most gorgeous and colourful sprinklings of goodness coating it. Yellow, white and black sesame seeds, seaweed tatters, meat floss and a lovely topping of bright orange-coloured roe. Just the appearance alone garners it a 110 out of 100.

Taste-wise, it sure does not disappoint as I heartily wolfed it down despite already being full to bursting at this point.

The chicken was savoury and delicious, having just the right amount of kick to lend some heat to your tastebuds without you having to chug water to quench any fires that may erupt within your mouth. Overall super tasty and definitely a crowd-pleaser because hey, who doesn't love chicken?

(except for vegetarians, i guess. go back to drinking your seaweed and tofu milkshakes)

(kidding. no offence to any vegetarians who might be reading this, of course. thank you for saving our cute animals.)

(more for me to enjoy)

Okay this right here, is a hot plate of scallops and enoki mushrooms baked with a big heaping of cheese on top. Considering the fact that

a) I freaking love scallops like nobody's business
b) I love me some mushrooms
c) I love cheese SO much I have ever considered selling my soul for it,

this dish sounds like it could very well be my favourite food in existence, right?

That is what I had in mind too, as I first spotted it on the menu and gleefully ordered it. Well.

IT. WAS. AWFUL!!!!!!! D':

You do not know true pain until you eagerly scoop a big spoonful of what could theoretically be your ultimate Dream Dish into your mouth only to discover that it's a disgusting mess that has been tainted by...MUSTARD SEED.

Seriously, those little seeds of PURE EVIL are so devastatingly pungent and yield such a vile, robust flavour that just one taste will cancel out any and all traces of yumminess from the beautiful scallops, cheese and mushrooms, and just knock you right out of your seat and have you questioning Life itself and how you just got betrayed by what could have been the perfect dish...

Truly heartbreaking :'(

Alright, on to happier things now...*sobs*

This here is a yummy inari sushi (that's sushi rice wrapped with sweet beancurd skins, for those of you who aren't familiar. they're super juicy and delicious so i highly recommend you go try some if you haven't already!) that's topped with potato salad and finished off with the cutest little square of cheese ever! (and also a microscopic dab of lobster lol. wow, so generous~~)

This was pretty yummerz, but by this point of time I was totally bursting at the seams so as you can probably imagine, I couldn't really enjoy it to the fullest :\

Oh boohoo~! What a #firstworldproblem lol.

(suddenly remembering the scene in Hunger Games: Catching Fire where Peeta is so horrified and disgusted that the rich ass folks in the Capitol have a pill which they take when they're full so that they can vomit out the contents of their stomach and thus be able to eat ever more food. all while people back in the poor districts don't even have food to eat, gosh)

OKAY BACK ON TOPIC, PLEASE. (how good was that movie though?!) (so excited for Mockingjay omg)

This lil cutie right here is a soft and squishy strawberry mochi that came as part of my sister's kiddy set meal (seriously get that shit if you have children with you, it comes with a delicious and super fun-looking main, a drink, dessert, a side dish, and even a freaking SNACK PACK that you can either nibble on at the restaurant but you'd probably be too full so bring it back home with you for later!! also comes with a fun activity, like origami or something idk lol. damn, it's fun to be a kid).

Isn't it just the prettiest shade of dark pink ever? I love seeing beautifully coloured petite desserts like macarons and mochis! The more bright and saturated they are, the better hahaha~

Also, I had a blast squishing this cutie patootie in my fingers before my sister got to eat it lmao (don't worry, i've got clean hands. she didn't get diarrhoea or anything lol). THEY ARE JUST SO SOFT AND SQUISHY AND THE POWDER MAKES THEM SO SMOOTH AHHHHHH I WANT TO SQUISH THEM FOREVER.

And last but not least, what's a mega satisfying sushi smorgasbord meal without ending it off with the ultimate Japanese dessert?

BOOM. Green tea ice cream with azuki beans (aka red beans) and delightfully chewy glutinous rice balls.

If you know me, you'd know that I love green tea or matcha ice cream like NO. OTHER.

Not a particularly huge fan of azuki beans but, I eat them whenever possible coz they're great at replenishing red blood cells and I'm a girl so, that's always welcome HAHA *COUGH*periods*COUGH*

The contrast of the cold and delicious creamy matcha ice cream with the warm red bean mixture was heavenly, and the adorable little balls of glutinous rice were so fun to chew on! Nom nom nom~~

Truly an awesome meal that brings back great memories and leaves my stomach growling just thinking about it and seeing the's 3 in the morning now and yes, I'm completely famished and in desperate need of some yummy sushi haha (WHY IS THERE NO 24-HOUR SUSHI DELIVERY SERVICE?! i'd seriously be their top customer, ordering food all the time when i'm up at some ungodly hour rushing assignments, or just surfing the net like the nocturnal Scorpio that i am).

Of course, we couldn't just leave without taking something special home with us...

100% Hokkaido Milk Japanese Cheesecake!!

*screaming and crying*

Even the packaging is gorgeous, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

It doesn't get more authentic than this. This is a true-blue, traditional Japanese cheesecake that's entirely CHEESECAKE and no biscuit base like the Western versions!

And to hell with your crummy little slices of cake, this right here comes as one whole slab! Go hard or go home, am I right?

Oh my lordy look at that goodness right there...So delectably creamy yet fluffy at the same time...Sweet and delicious with distinct cheese flavours throughout. Dusted with just the right amount of icing sugar to create something so simple yet no less than perfect.

I kid you not, it's the cake equivalent of dancing in the clear blue skies and walking from one fluffy cloud to another. It literally is like a fantasy~

I was supposed to be on Day 1 of my healthy-eating diet but...screw it all lol I probably devoured like 2/3 of the cake on my own HAHA.



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  1. I think you would be the best person to take to a restaurant as you are so enthusiastic about food. I also like lobster sushi and fried crab meat. I once saw a documentary on Hokkaido cheesecake, there was a family who have their own farm and make a lot of dairy products.