Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Day Today

Hello to all you lovely folks! Today I've decided to do something which I rarely do, and I'm rather excited about it.

Basically if you've read a number of my posts you'd realize that most of them are just streams of food pics coupled with some captions, or a bunch of random photos taken throughout my daily life. Due to my remarkably above-and-beyond level of procrastination, most of my blog posts are about events that have long passed and hence are super overdue by the time I actually get around to writing it, and I just feel that that's not really capturing the essence of a personal blog, which I think should be like an online journal or diary of sorts, where you write about things and events in your life not long after they actually happen.

Thus, for the first time in forever (there'll be music, there'll be light~~), I'm actually gonna do a journal-style entry of the happenings TODAY! :D

Yup, everything featured in this post will be like my diary entry for the events that have transpired on this very day. Also, I can't believe I actually accomplished the task of editing all the pictures at one shot (while listening to some amazing EXO music, bless~) and am now typing out this post. Quite a feat for The Queen of Inefficiency, aka me!

Alright so basically, today was totally SWAG-TACULAR and oozing with AWESOME SAUCE!! (i can't believe i actually said that wow someone hit me over the head with a shovel please)

The day started off with something that is just supertronimically awesome and something i was really excited about...


These were our splendid food and drinks from Starbucks, which Miss Clarice so generously paid for omg Miss Clarice you didn't have to do that!!!!!! Please, let me treat you back real soon next time okay!! I HAVE TO OMG I JUST HAVE TO YOU MUST LET ME.

Miss Clarice got a super yummerz-looking wrap and an Earl Grey Tea Latte (great choice! i commend you on your wonderful wet leaf beverage preferences), an Irish Creme Soy Latte for myself (extra shot of espresso coz i barely got any sleep the previous night lol damn my nocturnal tendencies), and two lovely SALTED CARAMEL CREAM PUFFS for the price of one because today was actually the last day of the 1-for-1 cream puff deal! What a treat :))

It was my first time trying the cream puffs and, what can I say? They were delicious of course.

A tad too sweet for my liking, the salted caramel could've been a little saltier instead of just tasting like an EXTREME SUGAR OVERDOSE (EXO reference, i see what you did there. you meaning myself. SELF-FIVE!). The cream filling was simply divine, just the right level of sweetness and it didn't contain that icky animal fat aftertaste (sounds so appetising, ikr?) that comes with some brands of whipped cream. Finally, I loved the generous sprinkling of almond slivers that stuck to the gloopy caramel drizzle. Not only did they add another dimension of appeal to the appearance of the otherwise generic-looking cream puff, they tasted great and provided a nice nuttiness and crunch to this delectable pastry dessert! Also I really just love almonds hahaha

Obviously I had to snap a pic of the gorgeous Miss Clarice!

*CRYING* Oh my lordy try and tell me that you've ever seen a lecturer who is more ravishing than she is, go ahead I dare you.

I need to find out where the fountain of everlasting youth and beauty that Miss Clarice bathes in is located and just throw my entire being in there and marinate for about 76 hours, damn.



I feel like a very enthusiastic fan taking a pic with her idol lol MISS CLARICE I AM UR NUMBER FANZ <3

I had such a marvellous time just chillin' and talking about my life and stuff with Miss Clarice omg. I felt so comfortable talking about personal thingies and stuff I wouldn't have opened up to others about. And she was just so comforting and provided me with so many tips and insightful advice and anecdotes. There was light-hearted gossiping as well as some pretty heavy stuff that honestly I felt really good finally getting off my chest to someone I could trust...and it was pretty cool that throughout the entire tea session there was nary an awkward silence or pause where we ran out of conversation topics! In fact, I was rambling on and on so much about myself that I felt it was such a pity when we ran out of time and I couldn't ask the burning questions I wanted to know about Miss Clarice's life haha~

Very very grateful indeed to have such an all-round terrific lecturer/PT and I'm so excited for future talkity-talks and class activities with her during the hols :))

Afterwards Kenneth aka Kenny B or Kenny Kenny Long Time crashed our tea party session coz he is an over-enthusiastic poopamus prime who's already getting started on MMR, what on earth. Meanwhile I haven't even leafed through the CA briefs thus I literally have no idea in hell what assignments we have been tasked to do during the holidays lol oops.

After Miss Clarice left for a meeting it was just us two so we retreated to T18 where I'd planned on finishing the Perth blog post I started writing last night but for some weird reason, I asked Kenneth if he'd watched any of the SAW movies and he said yes but just the 7th instalment and I was like cool I haven't seen that one and before we knew it we were watching it on my laptop in school lmao.

Idk if y'all know this about me but since my early teenage years I've developed a strange fascination with violence and gore (so messed up, i know) so naturally SAW movies are something that I'd be interested in (oh look here's a blog post i did in 2012 about my sick fascinations lol). To be honest I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but I actually prefer the Final Destination series over SAW, because frankly I'm just in it for the death scenes lol. Final Destination has the shittiest story lines in cinematic history, yes, but while SAW wins in that department, I'm not a big fan of the psychological aspects of the film which I find to be more unsettling than the actual torture scenes and all the gore haha. The messed up characters and story lines are what I find disturbing and what will keep me up at night rather than the explicit images of faces getting torn up and ripped apart and human innards spilling out with bucketfuls of fresh blood.

But that's just me lol.

If you've yet to watch it and want a taste of what SAW VII is like, here's a pic that shows you what the entire SAW franchise is like in a nutshell.


A woman with a gnarly metal contraption attached to her skull, which ripped her jaw clean off her face with a click of a button by the killer. As you can see, flesh is flapping and dangling all over the place and we can see her tongue now waggling about in her gaping mouth.

Complete with beautiful rays of sunlight in the background on such a glorious Wednesday afternoon, how nice!

That'd be about right.

Also I'd just like to point out that someone in the production side of this movie did not do their job well because SAW VII has the all-time WORST looking blood out of the entire series, as you can see from the above picture. Like forrealz it looks like horrible red paint and in one scene they just gave up and it was PINK. HOT PINK. Wtf guys, seriously?


Oh wait no here's a nice excerpt from the movie's IMDB page. You see, what I like to do with horror movies (be it the ghost kind, which i f*cking hate because they scare me shitless, or the gore kind) is to go to the Parental Advisory page on IMDB where some kind and helpful souls actually sacrifice time from their lives to list down, in great detail I might add, every single scene that is scary, violent, sexual, or contains vulgar language. Most of the time these descriptions are pretty vivid and allow me to paint quite a decent picture of what the scene is actually like without watching it myself. This way I can satisfy my burning, messed up curiosity, and I can also gauge within myself whether I have what it takes to actually watch the scene without getting too traumatised.

You may want to skip the following excerpt if you're squeamish, but really it's just words so don't be a wimp.

Nothing like quality literature :)

Selfies with The KennMaster 3000 and my laptop. You can't really see it but onscreen is actually a truly magical paused moment whereby *SPOILERS* a lady has two jagged pipes driven into her eye sockets and one drilled through her mouth.

Potential career option for me in future: brainstorming torture and death scenes for movies and stuff. They'd be so f*cked up you have no idea.

Okay confession time, every now and then when I can't fall asleep at night I imagine torture scenarios in my head with people I really don't like LOL. And let's just say they can get pretty...creative to say the least HAHAHAHA oh god what did I just reveal on the internet.

Future husband don't judge me please I'm a normal, sane human being I swear!

Afterwards (we actually sat through the entire movie what in the actual fuq...) I headed over to Vivocity for my...waxing appointment lol. Kinda embarrassing but over the course of the term (!that's a whole seven weeks!) I fell into that comfortable but icky zone of what I like to call the "I'm A Student, Idgaf About My Looks" phase.

I believe I speak for the vast majority of students when I say that there is just NO TIME to be caught up about our appearances throughout the duration of the school term. Sure, we may lament that the flab on our tummy and thighs has been ever increasing, or that our hair is becoming more reminiscent of dried grass each day, but will we actually get up and exercise or scoot our lazy bums over to the nearest salon for a treatment session?

No. Every waking moment is spent either slaving over assignments and revision or desperately trying to catch up on some much-needed rest for our weary souls, so it is safe to say that nobody will have the luxury of time nor energy to get our outward appearances sorted when we're already way too tied up with school.

And the great thing about it is, nobody judges you. Your unibrow might be starting to sprout back out again but hey, I get it. We have three CAs this week alone and you've barely managed to get any sleep for the past 48 hours, much less worry about getting rid of unsightly facial hair. I understand. No judgement here. This is a safe zone, my friend.

Anyways, my lil 'stache had plenty of time to grow and let me just tell you right now that dark asian hair plus fair skin is hardly an advantage when it comes to facial hair (so envious of you Caucasian folks with your super light, barely visible facial and body hairs, damn). Coupled with the fact that I have rather prominently pouty lips which always cause a shadow to form around them, I am genuinely appreciative of the fact that none of my schoolmates have pointed out and laughed at the obvious moustache that I have been sporting.

Super empty train to Harbourfront on the North-East line on an idyllic Wednesday at 4PM, good times :))

I freaking LOVE Strip's amazing flavoured hot waxes. Y'all know I'm crazy about smells (LOVE smells, LOOOOOVEEEEE) and these are just about the nicest smelling waxes you're ever gonna find throughout your entire life.

And lucky for me, the area which I'm getting waxed is around my lips so they pretty much slather the delicious-smelling goop right under my nose, aka optimum smelling zone.

During my very first visit I got to experience the absolutely amazing ❤CHOCOLATE❤ flavour hot wax, which honestly smelled so rich and decadent that it sent me into a mini trance and made me feel so much more relaxed in that scary situation.

This time I got the strawberry, which was also pretty lovely and had a sweet and creamy fragrance! Love it~~

When the waxing therapist yanked off the strips of dried wax (on which stuck all my little dark and fuzzy hairs lol...gross yet fascinating at the same time!), the pink strawberry shade made it look like little pieces of dried bubblegum LOL

Although that momentary feeling of fear and dread leading up to the YANKING and uprooting of every single one of your hairs is kinda awful, I must say that the delightful aromas from their fragranced hot waxes helps a great deal. In fact, I love the smells so much that I almost didn't want it to end LOL. Just continue smearing that hot and deliciously scented goo all over me, woman!!

Also, at the end of the day nothing feels better than the comfort and relief of strutting around with your girl 'stache area now completely bare and smooth to the touch :))

After the rather calming waxing session (i feel like some people perceive waxing to be an intense experience filled with clenched fists and screams of pain but...not really lol), I had some moisturising relief cream slapped onto my freshly waxed areas and went about roaming around Vivocity because after all, it is the holidays and hey, they were having SALES!!

I freaking love GSS*, y'all~

*Great Singapore Sale, aka the best time of the year in Singapore in my opinion lol

Freaking gorgeous snakeskin strappy wedges from H&M. They were hella tall and omg, I COULD ACTUALLY WALK IN THEM!! Like, not hobble about awkwardly with little balance and steadiness, I could legit walk in them LIKE A PRO! And, anything that can make me taller is always welcome hahaha~

Unfortunately they were $49.90 and I was like, hell nawww bitch I ain't payin' half a hundred bucks for shoes, damn!

Applications to be my sugar daddy now open.


(or not?)


I subsequently spotted these however...

and they were actually on sale at $30 and I was like girrrl, I could actually get these! Thirty dollars is a decent price to pay for hella cute shoes, especially if you're gonna be wearing them on a regular basis.

Sadly the only sizes left were 38 and 39, and I'm a 36/37 :(

Nevertheless I tried them on and heyyy, I could walk in them pretty well too!! Usually I'm more comfortable in wedges coz they're kind of fail proof and frankly I am just a complete noob at walking in heels (i've hardly ever worn them thus far and if you hand me a pair of really tall heels i guarantee you i'd probably trip, twist my ankle into the opposite direction and fall flat on my face all within the first three minutes of attempting to walk in them) but I guess because these were so chunky, they gave way more balance hence were a lot easier to walk in!

Tragically the size proved to be too big and even with the straps on at the tightest level, the shoes just felt like they were gonna slip off with each step that I took :'((


Alright, and now for the final portion of this post, which I am starting to realize is ridonkulously long...Probably because I feel the need to launch into a freaking novel-like story at each and every juncture oh my goodness.

Keeping my words concise is NOT my forte.

Which explains why my essays always manage to exceed the word limit by 6000%, without fail. Smh.

Anywhoozles, here are some bits and pieces of food I tabao-ed home to ensure my belly stays filled and happy throughout the night because mummy dearest is currently vacationing Down Under and there's no one to prepare all my meals and snacks for me on a daily basis D;

Super adorable and yummy-looking EGGLETS from the basement food stalls.

Holy crap even the name sounds ultra cute. EGGLETS. EGGLETS!!!!!!! SO KAWAII OMG I CAN'T. And how cute is their Momma Chicken Mascot?! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

I got pizza flavour which, as you can see, is splattered with delicious flavours like herbs, ham, and A LOT of cheese.

Fyi, that little cup of their Signature Milk Tea was available for only a dollar top-up from getting the egglets (SO CUTE AND FUN TO SAY!! egglets egglets egglets~~) and can I just say that it is THE ABSOLUTE BOMB DIGGITY.

It's COMPLETELY different from your run of the mill teh ping, which as you know, I freaking love. But hoo boy, this yummalicious Hong Kong style iced milk tea has that unique flavour to it which I cannot identify, but I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that it is the SAME taste of the bubble tea my parents used to buy at some ulu Singaporean mall when I was but a wee little child. At the time I was offered sips of it and I was fascinated by the black and chewy tapioca balls, not fully appreciative of the beautiful taste sensations of the simple yet exquisite milk tea blend.

Oh my goodness I loved it so much I was savouring every last drop of it and I was genuinely sad when the volume of the milk tea in that teeny cup was steadily decreasing. Sooner or later, I finished it all and as I gulped the last incredible mouthful down, my heart shattered as I tossed the emptied cup into the bin.

Separation is hard...*sniffs*

(and the award for Biggest Drama Queen of The Year goes too...)

The backview of the cutiepie egglets, which you can see are so adorably smooth like a brown baby's bottom HAHA awww <3

And, check out the interior...




Lolololol if you can you should definitely get your hands on these cute and delicious (fun to eat, too! just pluck each round egglet out and pop it into your mouth, great as a snack as well!) babies! They also come in other coolio flavours like cheese, floss (chicken, not dental), chocolate, chestnut (which sounds super cool and exotic, i'd love to try it someday!), and strawberry!


Grilled Chicken Salad I got from Sumo Salad!

I was quite disappointed with it I must say...I absolutely loved the one I tried in Australia a few years ago like crazy. I thought it'd be the same with the SG version but nope, it was completely different and the standard here is so much worse! Definitely not worth the hefty price.

Dressing smelled very off...Proportions were also not well-planned at all, there was so little lettuce and SO much chicken, it was almost like eating a chicken dish with a tiny side salad lol. Ugh. Really upset :((

Okie dokes, that concludes my diary-style post! Let me know if I should do more of these, or stick with the conventional photos-with-caption posts of events that have happened way back!

Damn, that was a terribly tedious and draining process. I feel super duper exhausted, both mentally and physically, from typing out this very hefty post!

As with other posts I write that are rather lengthy and a result of a lot of time and effort spent on my part, I am feeling very touched and grateful to any and all of you out there who took precious time out of your day to actually read through the entirety of my mundane and nonsensical posts :))

For that, I thank you, from the very bottom of my heart!

Merely by reading my words via the internet, you've brought me much joy and meaning to keeping this little blog.

I honestly love to read all your comments (shout-out to Carlyn, thank you so much if you're reading this! i am absolutely awful at responding to people but i truly enjoy reading each and every one of your very thoughtful and personal comments, and also thank you so much for the support! ♡) so please, do not hesitate to drop me one, no matter how random and silly it is!

You could say COOKIE CRUMBLE for all I care, or shout mildly abusive and sarcastic things in capslock, I would be very very happy reading it. Share the joy! Share the love!

I love you (yes, YOU! the one reading this, right now!) and I hope you have a wonderful, magical day ahead!

Til next time, take care my loves :))



  1. I love reading your blog!!! And plz bring me to eat those egg thingys when I visit Singapore hehhehehe miss you!!!

  2. I think it's great that you have such a friendly lecturer. I didn't really socialize with my lecturers while I was at uni but I think it would have been good to do so. I would of had help for assignments and just advice about anything that bothered me too. I don't like scary movies at all. I hate seeing people suffering even when it's pretend.