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¡hola señorita~! I couldn't sleep (even though it's like 3AM now, that's how messed up my sleep cycle is smh) so I decided to hop out of bed, eat some delicious 锅贴 aka potstickers and while I'm at it, clear some Perth blog posts while we're still in the 21st century, ya feel me?

Okie dokes today I'm gonna be blogging about ~*Sizzler*~, which if you're not familiar with, is a wonderful chain of family dining restaurants which specialise in delicious steaks and seafood mains and, my favourite part of course, ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SALAD BARS.

Now, make no mistake my dear friend. This ain't some sort of crummy ol' salad bar that has little tubs of raw veggies like lettuce leafs, carrot slices and a couple coins of cucumber for you to dump onto a plate and mix with some spoonfuls of dressing and scatter stale croutons on (yeah that's right, i'm looking at YOU Earle Swensens, c'mon man get your act together).

Sizzler has The Most. Mouthwatering. Scrumptious. Tantalising and FRESH salad choices that will bring a tear to your eye (i accidentally typed "ear" LOLwhut) as you lovingly wolf down each ginormous mouthful.

Not only that, their "salad bar" doesn't just contain salads. I like to think of it more as a buffet if anything. Check it out, we got spaghetti, a selection of soups, nachos with various sauces (my personal favourite which is kinda dumb i mean who goes to a buffet to eat freaking nachos?! but idc man i ALWAYS pile a generous heap of tortilla chips onto my plate, bathe that crunchy corn goodness with their fantastic tomato & basil sauce (it's SOOOOO good omg. i suppose you could get their yummy beef sauce too but watevs) and to top it all off, a whole MOUNTAIN of parmesan cheese on top. HOOOO BOY THAT IS SOME GOOD NACHOS RIGHT DERE), potato wedges, scalloped potatoes (SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS), make-your-own salads, seasonal PRE-MIXED salads which are always a treat, so fresh and exotic omg think pumpkin and beef, teriyaki prawns, oriental crispy chicken noodle salads with mandarin oranges, mmmm-mmmmm I am drooling up a storm here!!

Hello, have I arrived at the gates of Food Heaven?

They also have free-flow fresh fruits OMG (check out dat alliteration tho).

Anddd, the food begins!

Keep in mind that when I mentioned earlier that I ALWAYS get nachos, it was prior to this trip where they had different price options for their All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar (COUNTLESS trips, THERE IS NO LIMIT!! THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!) and their new One-Trip Salad Bar, which of course was much more affordable and so, we made the economical choice as a family since we probably couldn't get full value out of the unlimited buffet as we aren't the biggest of eaters (contrary to what you may have been led to believe from the endless stream of food pics on my blog, but i have a rather small stomach capacity) and can I just say that food in Australia is VERY expensive.

But also VERY good.

My tummy is full and happy but my wallet is empty and crying :'((

Anyways, needless to say we had to make the absolute most of our one and only trip to the glorious Salad Buffet Bar, with concentration levels at an all-time high, a lot of effort was put in, care and thought placed behind each type of food and exactly how much you'd be sacrificing your limited plate space for, careful planning and estimation of how high you could possibly stack the food up without running the risk of it all tumbling tragically to the cold hard ground.

Because this isn't some casual buffet, my friend.

This is the real deal.

Choose wisely.

But first, a little appetiser.


It's Sizzler's legendary Cheese Toast! This stuff is AMAZIN', Y'ALL. I know sailors who have traveled across the seas for a bite of this, rockstars who have written countless love songs* dedicated to this soft and fluffy bread toasted to a nice crisp and radiating the most heavenly cheese aroma that you seriously have to smell with your own two nostrils to truly believe how great it is.

*not really but you get the idea


My daddy-o's salad! Not really a whole moutain-ful but pretty sufficient, I'd say!

Still my dad's salad plate, but rotated to a different angel lol. He got a lot of food!

And here's mine! :D :D

I had delicious potatoes (both wedges and scalloped), an assorted of delicious salads including a yummy pasta one (i LOVE pasta salads!!) and some special Mexican salad that was kinda spicy (which i love), some diced bacon (when i say some i actually mean A LOT), a small handful of the amazing nachos tucked away at the bottom, a scattering of sundried tomatoes (hate tomatoes but i LOVE these! they're always so expensive though damn), and as you can see, I went a little crazy with the cheese ahem...(two kinds!!).

Twas delicious, filling and super satisfying. I actually had to take a break in the middle because I was so full, so suffice to say that I got my money's worth of good food and a satisfied tummy!

Here's the salad plate that my mum got: (i think it's worth noting at this point that my dad and i were pretty much done with our food and my mum had just finished piling the last bit of salad on her plate, i am not joking at all when i say she took close to 20 minutes to put together this masterpiece/mess, depending on how you look at it)

As you can see, my mum kinda went all-out with the salad dressing lol

Yay and now, for the main dishes! Kinda...Well, they're considered the mains but they're basically little portions of a meat and a potato side, you can pretty much tell from the pictures that the salads are the star here lol

My dad's steak!

Very very smokey and aromatic, coupled with the yummy mushroom brown sauce it really was lovely! He got a baked potato with sour cream to go with his :)

My slider and fat chips! Now, you may be thinking the same thing as what my mum yelled at me about, WHY THE HELL WOULD I CHOOSE A CHEAP ASS PATHETIC MINI BURGER WHEN I COULD HAVE A SLAB OF STEAK?!!

Well, the first reason is that during this period of time I was watching Hell's Kitchen like crazy lol, and Chef Gordon Ramsay serves sliders so I WANTED SOME SLIDERS TOO!! HMPH! Also, can I just say that while I was disappointed when my dish first arrived because it was just one measly little slider,




Holy shit you do not understand. Let me just paint a picture for you, okay?

Bun: Softest, fluffiest little pieces of lightly toasted bread EVER. When you open your mouth and sink your teeth into such absolutely divine buns, that's when you know this burger you're now chewing on is gonna be pretty freakin' great. Patty? INSANELY succulent and juicy meat. Seriously, you think I'm messin' around right now? Meat juices SPURT OUT into your mouth when you take a bite, filling your entire mouth with the most delectable flavours known to mankind. Gourmet and ultra fresh lettuce leaf? Check. Lil rasher of beloved savoury bacon? Totes. Slice of delicious swiss cheese that's been melted down to sheer gooey perfection? Duh. Take all those already amazing ingredients, combine them and BOOM. Congratulations, you have just experienced the greatest taste sensation ever. Your tastebuds are now dancing around with Jesus and Buddha up in Food Heaven. You're welcome.

*100% no exaggeration, this was legitimately the best burger i've ever eaten, and it pains me that it was a MINIATURE BURGER. if i had my way i would've ordered at least 12 of these babies, damn. 

My mom's fish fillet and chips. Due to my wretched fish allergy I couldn't try it (sobs), but it looked pretty dang delicious if you ask me.

My sister's nuggets kids meal. I'm gonna just go on the record right now and say that Sizzler produces probably the WORLD'S BEST CHICKEN NUGGETS. PERIOD. These little angel babies are LEGIT CHICKEN instead of whatever slimy rejected-body-parts-mixture nuggets you've been eating at the average fast food store. Each one lovingly coated with delicious BREAD CRUMBS, not just basic batter here, hell no, and fried to the most ridiculously perfect golden crunch.

You thought McDonald's nuggets were good? *scoffs*

They ain't NUTHIN' compared to Sizzler's nuggets.

Oh lordy me I really wish I could have some right now, they are just soooo good :'((

And now, onto DESSERT!

Check out their fantastic dessert bar,

hellooooo there, I'l have three scoops of everything please.

Basically we have some mucho deliciousõ chocolate mousse, lime jelly, custard (which, granted is not that tasty but probably a favourite among the elderly folk teehee), apple crumble (SO GOOD), bread and butter pudding (i tried it one time and it was rather horrendous so i really don't see why it's such a popular dish), key lime pie, and my all-time favourite, TIRAMISU <3

There's also heaps of sprinkles, mini marshmallows (which i always eat a ton of lol), chocolate chips and jelly babies for you to top off your desserts with, as well as fudge, strawberry and caramel syrups for you to drizzle all over your ice cream, which you can actually get yourself from a giant ice cream machine which dispenses the yummiest vanilla and chocolate soft serves ever. It is sooooo fun to pull the lever and swerve around so that the ice cream pipes out in a perfect pretty pyramid of creamy deliciousness. I like to pretend I'm working at an ice cream shop while I'm doing it lol. I would've taken a picture but...there were actual humans around at the time so I was too shy lol.

My loot:

I was already completely stuffed and bursting at the seams at this point so I went (kinda) light and only picked my absolute faves: key lim pie, apple crumble, and tiramisu. Aka yumz, super yumz, and EXPLOSION OF YUMZ.

It was my first time trying key lime pie and it was pretty awesome! The cream balanced out the super tangy lime bits, so that was cool.

Last but not least, no meal at Sizzler is complete without their legendary mints! (which are free, yay fo dat lol)

Waitress was super generous and gave us a whole plateful!! Usually we get one for each diner, two if we're lucky. When she brought it over my jaw almost dropped lol.

Delicious little balls of mint chocolate coated with a hard candy shell. What's not to love?


Okie dokes, this post took way too long for me to type and now I'm just having massive cravings for Sizzler's amazing food (as well as how fun it is to walk around the buffet tables picking out food, that shit fun as hell).

Really excited for tomorrow coz I'm going out for Starbucks with Summer, gonna try their tiramisu frappe which is a huge YAY omg so excited. Tiramisu is love, tiramisu is life.

Also hoping to try out their new cronuts but fingers crossed that they'd be available coz they keep getting sold out everywhere. Idk man we're going pretty early, like before noon so if they're still sold out I'm gonna flip some tables and kick some people in the face.

I hope I can fall asleep but...probably not considering the fact that I woke up at freaking 6pm today because I didn't want my wonderful dream starring Baekhyun to end lmao


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  1. I've never heard of anyone so enthusiastic about Sizzler before. I agree that Sizzler have a good variety of things to eat. I always like getting pasta salad, sampling all the soups and spaghetti. I have never tried the nuggets or sliders before so I'll remember to try them next time.