Friday, 6 June 2014

TA Report + Swensen's

Hello, hello, and HELLO~~ to you!

I am currently up typing a new post at this ungodly hour due to a number of reasons.

1. My mum got me an amazing supper of ham and cheese omelet (my fave!!) from Han's Cafe. 24-hour food establishments are a godsend!! And I'm currently digesting it before I can go to bed (having a full meal at 3 in the morning, yay for healthy living, am i right?)
2. Tomorrow's class starts in the noon so I don't have to wake up at a ridonkulous time like freaking 5.45AM.
3. I already had a "nap" earlier today which I had planned to be about two hours max but spiralled out of control and lasted from 6+ to 10.30pm...
4. Tomorrow is Friday, and the LAST DAY OF THE TERM so who effing cares anymore?!! YOLO!!

Haha but yeah, it totally boggles my mind that the first term of Year 2 has officially come and gone. Honestly it feels like it has been no time at all! In fact, I was just sitting in class today listening to the lesson when all of a sudden I zoned out and was like, woah. I have literally sat through seven weeks of school and I have learnt so much with each lecture and tutorial. Like, day by day you think nothing much has happened or changed, but when you look back on it all, EVERYTHING is just huge! This tripped me out haha. Crazy!

And with yesterday came our last project submission for the term, the TA environmental scanning report. Oh boy, I was dreading it so much but the fact that it was our last CA made me more motivated to get it done and out of the way I guess.

Also, for the first time in forever month and months (i think i actually stopped giving a shit about doing well in school work since the second semester of last year lol, which is kinda sad if you think about it), I actually got started on an assignment AHEAD of the night before the submission deadline!

*collective gasp from every living creature in the Universe*

That's right, I sat down on Monday, that's three freaking days before the due date!! To do this dreaded report, and I managed to complete everything by Thursday morning with about 20 minutes to spare lol! Yes I'm a slow worker and I like to spread the workload out so I don't crumble under pressure and shoot myself in the face or something haha.

And can I just say that not doing things at the very last minute reduces the anxiety by like 6000%?! Kind of a given but wow, seriously the difference is remarkable! I felt so much more at ease throughout the duration of writing the report, knowing that I had ample time.

Also, not doing last-minute work eliminates the very likely chances of you thinking, "oh f*ck it, i already don't have enough time so i'm just gonna half-ass this shit and aim for completion and not well-doneness, which is basically me like, 80% of the time. Especially with the CP essay that I recently handed up and never want to think about again, ever.

But with all that being said, towards of the end of the TA report I actually quite enjoyed myself lol! The STEEP analysis bit was torture, but from there on out everything was pretty simple and fun to do. I liked researching my brand's marketing communication activities and shit, that was pretty cool. And I actually really enjoyed brainstorming my own creative ideas for the brand! No budgets or limits, pretty freaking cool imo (i proposed to hire Miranda Kerr to be the brand's spokesperson LOL. i'm not even kidding!). AND AND, you have no idea how much fun I had photoshopping the perceptual map as well as the concept images in my proposal lol.

Doing lame shit on Photoshop is surprisingly more fun than you would imagine! I was also blasting EXO's songs throughout the entire process, so that just made everything infinitely better.

(go check out their song "Moonlight", i just discovered it last night and it is GRRRREAT)

In short, I'd have to say that I invested a lot of time, energy, and brain juices into producing the report, and I actually enjoyed it! Looking at the end result I was thoroughly pleased with how everything looked and I feel that regardless of the grade that I get for this assignment, it's something that I really can be proud of. And that's all that matters :))

Enough rambling on about my (super mundane) life (oh boy, paragraphs upon paragraphs of me whining about my report, how interesting and fun to read! /sarcasm), here are some food pics which, let's be honest here, is what you're all here for.

Yeah, I see you! Always scrolling through my posts not bothering to read the text but just eyeing the food porn pictures. Shame on you, SHAME!

Anywho, last Tuesday we went to Swensen's yet again for a nice meal in between classes because their lunchtime promo is just too good to miss!

Basically you order a main, and you are entitled to have either a side dish, sundae, or drink of your choosing entirely FREE!!

I always opt for the drink because I'm the kind of person who always needs a nice beverage to accompany my food. And besides, I'd be too full from my main course alone to even think about piling on more food!

And being the kiasu Singapore which I hate to admit I am, obviously I have to get the most expensive drink there is to offer so as to get the most value for my money LOL.

Behold, the malted milkshake float. Any flavour of ice cream from Swensen's extensive selection, delightfully blended til creamy and frothy, with the addition of delicious malt and topped off with a perfect scoop of ice cream. Perfection, truly. At $7.70, but during the lunchtime promotion, completely free.

(my fave words to hear)

Look at that beauty right there.

I usually get Sticky Chewy Chocolate, which is my favourite Swensen's ice cream flavour of all time because it is just so decadently rich and thick and gooey, it's the most indulgent chocolate flavour I've ever tasted thus far, and it would make any chocolate lover's head spin without fail!

This time I wanted to try something different so I ordered the Chocolate Peanut Buttercup. I was really excited because it does sound very promising, like it could taste of Reese's peanut buttercup chocolates haha! Sure enough, I was not disappointed at all! It tasted super strongly of peanut butter, a great choice if you're a PB fan! There were some chocolatey notes swirled in as well, but the icing on the cake? There were crunchy chopped almond bits!! Sooooo good omg~~ Very creamy and ultra delicious, you HAVE to try it!

The fact that it was totally free of charge probably delighted my tastebuds even more HAHAHA.

Alright I mentioned at the beginning of the post that I'm currently digesting my supper which was a yummy ham and cheese omelet.

Well, here's what I got for my main course at Swensen's...

a ham and cheese omelet lol.

I CAN'T HELP IT OKAY IT'S SO YUMMY I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I practically order this EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit Swensen's, it's embarrassing lol. And no, I do not get bored of this coz it's honestly super yummy and hey, it's like one of the most affordable items on the menu so. Lol~~

Stringy abundance of melted cheese and savoury sliced ham enveloped in a fragrant pillow of egg, with delicious hot and crunchy chips that go SO well with tartar sauce, what's there not to love?

Hey look, I love it so much, the cheese formed a heart shape lol! Amazing~~

And lastly, here's Vanessa very photogenic Sambal Fish! (hello vanz, shoutout to u coz u damn dope <3) (let me touch u vanehha pls)

As you can see, even the mashed potatoes are beautifully piped out in the shape of an exotic blooming flower rather than haphazardly splattered onto the plate.

A++ for presentation, my friend.

Well, despite the massive nap I had earlier on, my eyelids are currently getting really heavy and my head is spinning a bit. I'm about to collapse anytime soon and when I do, it'll only be like four hours before I have to drag myself out of the bed again.

Ahh, well. My only motivation to get up in the morning will be to go for the sushi session with Miss Clarice, who can I just say is easily one of the greatest lecturers ever.

Besides being the most cheerful, gorgeous, pleasant, patient, cute, caring, and BEAUTIFUL lecturer ever, she is TOO NICE to even be real! Case in point: I missed her class on Tuesday and instead of getting upset about it and reprimanding me, she just told me she missed me!! AWWWWWWWW~~!!!!!!!! ♡

Hahaha yeah. My Personal Tutor > yours. I still miss Miss Trudy though :\ (miss miss hahahahaha)

Alrighty I really have to go to bed now if not I'd die lol. Cya~~!

Will blog about fun times with Miss Clarice & Sushi in due time :))

Ciao and take care~!


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