Thursday, 31 July 2014

Holiday Well Spent (not really)

Note: This was a draft I had first started typing out about a week before school reopened but due to the length of the content, I never got to finish writing it and hit publish More than five weeks later...

Anyway the fact that I haven't blogged in MORE THAN A MONTH (other than the previous post which i typed out on the day itself because i REALLY wanted to commemorate the date) is completely unacceptable and I am honestly super bummed out about it :((

Needless to say, school has been a giant bucket of crappy poo hell and thankfully, the workload has just started to decrease a teeeeeny tiny bit as we're nearing our last CAs of the semester so I swear I am gonna try my darndest to blog more regularly.

I seriously hate the feeling of accumulating so much blogging material over the period of weeks and months, and knowing that majority of it will never get to see the light of day. Sigh.

Anyway, hope y'all enjoy this post (the intro is a bit confusing, please keep in mind that i had written that part five weeks ago!!) about the random doodads that I was obsessed with during the course of the term break, still obsessed with them now actually haha.

Alrighty, enjoy~~


Hello, friends!

So, being the massive poopoo I am, I went ahead and ruined my wonderful streak of cranking out a new post every 3-4 days. Not only that, I've actually gone many many days without posting, and I am very ashamed :((

But right now my levels of motivation to blog have SKYROCKETED to past level 9000 (probably laced with a healthy amount of guilt, too), so here I am and I gonna type til my fingers fall off!

So basically, the three week holiday has come and gone in what seems like a blink of the eye (terribly cliche i know, but it's true), and I feel kind of numb about it because...I feel highly anxious about the fast approaching onset of extreme stress when school reopens and all the assignment due dates that will start rolling in one after the other, I'm sad that the fun and relaxation of this blissful vacation is almost coming to an end and the next one won't even be in sight for another eight weeks or so, and please, do not even get me started on how I have yet to touch a single one of my projects (!!) that will be due very soon once the term commences, and how the mere thought of it is enough to make me feel queasy.

Take all those horrid feelings, which only become increasingly stronger and more unbearable as days pass, combine them, and it almost feels like a giant punch to the face every time I stop to think about how there's only about a week or so before the terror begins. Thus, I'd really prefer not to even entertain the thought of it. The avoidance is my coping mechanism I guess, so I don't have a nervous breakdown and start trying to chew and swallow my blankets or something, idk.

Anyways, on to happier things!

It's sad that I've fallen off the wagon of blogging on a regular basis coz since the holidays have started, I've amassed sooo many things to blog about!! A lot of awesome pictures, a lot of cool stuff I've been up to. Mostly some really amazing food lol, you've been warned. Life is good :))

And even before that, I still have tons of material in my folders that I've been wanting, but have yet to blog about! Overseas trips to Perth and Penang, school shenanigans, epic meals, and random doodads that I'm not even sure will ever make it onto PuddingFancy...

Also there's this really cool writing project (personal and outside of school work) that I was totally looking forward to doing throughout the term break, I was so pumped and excited to steadily complete each project milestone during this little vacation that lasted almost a month, which I have to admit is plenty of time. However, my laziness and EXTREME procrastination got the better of me and I haven't even entertained the thought of it all this time...and now it's probably too late to find the spare time to start working on it :(

I suck, someone whack me repeatedly over the head with an inflatable toy hammer please.

Okie dokes, I'm now gonna quickly go through a couple of things that have happened in my life as of late so y'all know what's been going on with me! And by you guys, I actually mean myself when I go back and read my old posts like a nice online diary some time down the road, I know y'all don't give a shit what crazy stuff I've been into lol


This is probably the saddest and most pathetic thing that I'm willing to admit to the internet...and that is I literally have no life whatsoever. You wanna know how I spent the bulk of my vacation?

Perhaps doing some travelling or even exploring the little island of Singapore which I reside in? Spending quality time with my dearest family and friends? Earning some moolah with a part-time job? Or even just doing activities that would serve to better myself, like immersing myself in books and education or simply starting to actually exercise for the first time in for-freaking-ever.

But no, as you can possibly guess from the major spoiler that is the title of this first point, I spent pretty much 80% of my time during this holiday playing. Mobile games. Like, non-stop. All day. Every day.

SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!

It's undeniably tragic and the worst part is, I am fully aware of this extremely bad habit (which has more or less spiralled into a lifestyle now) and how much of my precious time and youth it is robbing away from me, all those minutes and hours that I'm never going to get back, it all could've been been spent on doing something else, anything at all, that would have garnered more use and value.

But of all the times where I start to ponder this fact, I am slouched over my uber comfortable bed playing Pokopang for about the 72nd consecutive time that day, physically unable to muster enough motivation and willpower to get off my lazy, unproductive ass.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Pokopang (which is seriously hella fun, btw. please add me if you play it so we can send other clovers, thank you very much) works on a "lives" system, except their lives are called clovers, whereby you get five of them to play five games. Thereafter, clovers regenerate automatically every 12 minutes. So if you've used them up, you've got to either get on with your life like a normal human being and come back the next time your clovers regenerate, or make like the maniac I am and just continue lying down on your comfortable bed/sofa/chair, scrolling through social media or just straight up staring at the screen til new clovers come about.

And if you're me, repeat this cycle non-stop throughout the day. Until you're tired, then go to sleep. Just woke up? Awesome, you have five clovers fresh and ready to go. Use them. Don't get up, perform your morning ablutions or get some breakfast in your tummy to start off the day or anything, play Pokopang.

One thing that I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed of is that I am pretty freaking awesome at the game lol. Well,I guess it's sort of a given since I'm currently level 90 in Pokopang (no life, NO FREAKING LIFE) and you progress one level per 100 games played meaning I've played 9,000 games so far (WHAT THE FUCK?!) which are about 60 seconds each and with some help from a calculator, that totals to somewhere near a whopping 150 HOURS SPENT PLAYING POKOPANG. Lord, help me.

Nerissa is such a cutiepie hahahahhaha awwww <3 (jiajia is me btw, just fyi)

Again, please download this wonderfully soul-sucking app and add me so we can send each other lots of clovers and dedicate substantial chunks of our lifetime on this pointless yet addictive game, thank you very much.


Ever since falling head over heels all over again with their music as well as their painfully handsome faces from listening to their comeback title track, "Overdose", I've gone on to discover plenty of other songs that are equally, if not more, bombastically amazing. And if awesome music isn't already good enough as it is, each of these songs are available in Korean and Chinese. Double the enjoyment, am I right? #PerksOfBeingAnEXOFan, whut whut~~

Here are the songs that I've basically been playing on loop throughout every day that has passed.
  • "Moonlight": Beautifully soothing ballad with a kickass tempo. Was a tad too slow for me at first, I tend to get bored with such mellow tunes so it took a while to get used to but DAMN, I am loving this song right now!
  • "Baby Don't Cry": Sorry EXO but this song is so ridiculously good I just HAVE TO cry!! I freaking love RnB, for crying out loud. And can I just say that Chanyeol's deep, raspy rapping voice and the emotions he poured into his verses sends shivers down my spine every time? Also, Lay's part in the second verse makes me tear up with gratitude for knowing the Chinese language, because those beautiful words sung by that sexy yet angelic (is that even possible omg sounds like a sin) voice of his will be the death of me yet.
  • "Miracles In December": Such a truly amazing ballad that really warms my heart and soothes my soul. I loved the beautiful lyrics in the Chinese version so much that I took it upon myself to memorise the full lyrics two days upon discovering, and falling head over heels in love with, this song. Seriously, this is as tragically beautiful and wonderfully emotional as songs get. My personal favourite line of the song: “夜空下的雪花, 每一朵都是你的泪滴。” ("The snowflakes that fall from the night sky, each one of them are your teardrops.") Also, it was probably because of this song that I suddenly developed an intense crush on Baekhyun, who is TOTALLY not my type coz he looks like a cute little boy and I ain't about that. BUT, his voice completely doesn't match his appearance AT ALL and I swear, that voice. Is the voice. That melts my heart. And brings tears to my eyes. :') SO BEAUTIFUL.
  • "Thunder": Ummm. Not much to say about this except that it is 1. pretty much the best song in the whole damn Universe, I swear if you listen to it with a decent pair of headphones it is physically IMPOSSIBLE not to have at least eight eargasms, every single beat and harmony is beyond perfect, and 2. ignites a fiery passion within my soul (as well as tingly sexual feelings, yes even when i'm listening to it in public but nevermind that MOVING ONNN).
  • "Let Out The Beast": The only song in this list that's an upbeat party song that will make you get your groove on even if you have a really bad cold and diarrhea for the past four days. Actually I am not sure about that lol. Don't quote me on it. What I do know is that it gets me pumped like nobody's freaking business and I just want to jump and touch the ceiling (or the sky, if i'm outdoors) every time that amazing bass line and infectious techno music comes on, DAMN!
So basically what I've been doing the past three weeks of the term break is combining points #1 and 2, playing Pokopang while listening and singing along to the above EXO songs over and over again, non-stop like my life depended on it. And honestly when I look back, all I can say...


Okay basically some time during mid to end of May at the height of my infatuation with Chanyeol from EXO (his devastatingly good-looking face still wrecks me...and those long limbs omg *fans self*), I saw a gifset on Tumblr of him being on the SBS variety show, "Roommate" and he freaking moved into his new home with...get this, an ENTIRE SUITCASE filled with snapbacks.


At the time I didn't think much of it other than that Chanyeol is freaking adorable and perfect. Also, I've never really been a caps/hats person my entire life. In fact, I like to keep my head pretty bare and free of any kind of accessories at all, even stuff like headbands. But one day, I decided to throw on a cap just for kicks and giggles and I was like, "damnnn girl I look hella cute~~" LOL NOT REALLY but you get my point.

From then onwards, I launched into crazy collector beast mode and went online ordering a whole bunch of snapbacks. My first shipment came in, I bought three at one go lol. I was madly in love with them but can you believe that I was actually really nervous and hesitant to wear one out for the first time haha. I guess it just looked so new and different...and brought a whole new dimension to my look which I didn't feel familiar with when I looked into the mirror.

Anyway, I decided to just suck it up and try wearing it outside because if I never try it, I'm never gonna know if I like it or hate it. And what, I'm just gonna have three snapbacks lying around in my house that I'm too scared to wear in public? Long story short: I absolutely loved it and...I went ahead and got myself more snapbacks. A lot more, I might add.

My loves~~

:D :D :D

Of course, I'm still keeping my eye out on more to expand my collection, but it's quite hard to find ones with a design that I really love.

Right now my goal is to slowly but surely achieve Chanyeol's level of snapbacks, aka a whole suitcase-ful hahaha. Pretty sure I'd regret that in due time though lol.

Imagine when I'm in my forties and out picking my children up from school, rocking my 'DOPE' and 'WOLF' snapbacks lol damnnnn girl


Alright alright hold up y'all, let me just scream about this show for a couple minutes hours, aight?

So basically during the weekend of my second week into the school hols, I woke up at like freaking 5pm as usual, pretty bummed out that I was wasting away my youth. I sat down for brekkie with my laptop, and I'd watched all of my Youtube subscribed videos and there were no new episodes of Modern Family OR New Girl, so I thought, damn what can I watch?

And I suddenly remembered that I've been seeing a lot of talk on Tumblr about this show called Orange Is The New Black, and I'd never heard anything about it prior to that and I knew nothing about the show except that it was about a women's prison and was pretty darn funny.


LIKE LITERALLY FIVE SECONDS INTO THE PILOT EPISODE THEY SHOWED LAUREN PREPON (whom i knew from HIMYM as Ted's hella annoying college ex-girlfriend who was super pretentious and also kept cheating on him, which lead to me hating her annoying face and stupidly deep voice) AND HER BARE BREASTS IN A LESBIAN SHOWER SCENE LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD.



Somebody should've warned me, I swear.

But anyways, thank goodness I've already been around on this planet long enough to be qualified as a person of legal age therefore I am entitled to enjoy this show in all its R-rated glory. What I do not enjoy, however, is the anxiety of watching it in the living room with my grandparents roaming around in the background every now and then and all of a sudden A LESBIAN SCENE WITH LOUD MOANING COMES ON AND LITERALLY MY ENTIRE SCREEN IS OF SOME CHICK'S BOOBIES WITH ANOTHER GIRL'S FACE BURIED IN HER NETHER REGIONS, MY GOODNESS.

Alright, now that that's out of the way, I'd just like to say that on that glorious day where I decided on a whim to just watch this show and see what all the hype is about, I watched the first episode almost immediately after I got out of bed, and at night I had already finished the third episode and it was the last thing I did before retiring for the night and going to sleep. And,


Holy freaking bananas you have NO idea how downright flabbergastingly awesome this show is unless you watch it FO YO SELF. It's such an amazing blend of hilariously comedic moments as well as scenes that really tug at your heartstrings and hit a raw nerve. And, there's nothing quite like the characters of a show that truly make it so much more extraordinary for the viewer to not only watch but to EXPERIENCE. Y'all know that I'm about to launch into a whole raving session about the characters, right?

Because the show has so many characters, and most of them are just so unbelievably fun to watch, I had quite a lot of trouble picking out my faves. All I know is that by the end of the first episode I'd already developed a pretty intense disliking for Piper, which is kind of a problem seeing that she is the main character. But, DAMN, that bitch is so whiny and annoying! You have no idea how many times throughout the two seasons that I wanted to stuff a sweaty old sock in her mouth for her to stop rambling about what a poor little sad victim she is! Goddamn, she is such a chore to watch.

But anyways, my fave characters in the show include...

Lorna Morello

So...I pretty much fell in love with this lil angel the moment she first appeared in the pilot episode as the prison van driver. Her cute little bob and siren red lips and pretty much her whole face in general is absolutely adorable and her accent just makes me want to cuddle her up so tightly with a thick duvet and we can be best friends for life all she gotta do is to keep talking to me with that cute ass accent <3

Not only is she probably the loveliest character on the show, she's also Australian in real life so that's pretty damn badass. I mean, she has the Aussie accent and everything so I seriously love hearing her speak in interviews. It's like, oh my god, you're so insanely charming and gorgeous and you've managed to master TWO super sexy accents when most people don't even have one that's nice?! That is just unfair.

Alex Vause

Okay so anyway, I mentioned earlier that I already knew Laura Prepon from HIMYM where she played one of the most annoying and hateful characters in the history of that legen-WAIT FOR IT-dary show. Therefore, I hated her guts and although I thought she had an unconventionally beautiful face, I found her very deep voice to be really awful and grating to the ears.

Since watching OITNB, I would like to throw all that RIGHT OUT OF THE WINDOW because I. LOVE HER CHARACTER. LOVE!!!!!!!

Seriously she is such a badass and the black hair + sexy librarian glasses combo just kills me. Her eyeliner is pretty on point, too.

Here's a photo I took of myself ages ago (click) which I've been going around showing people and asking if they think that I evoke the Alex Vause vibe HAHAHAHAHAHA so far I've had all positive responses so yay! I am very happy with that hahahahaha

Tricia Miller


I know she's kind of a minor character in the show but...I just find her such an adorable badass piece of fluff. That's what she is to me, like she's so cute and cuddly and pretty but she's decked out in freaking cornrows and behaves like such a gangsta. This may be weird but the way she talks like a gangster and laces practically every sentence with the word "yo" is like music to my ears HAHAHA. I just find it soooo cute that someone who looks this adorable and fluffy behaves like such a hardcore rebel! Hehehehehe~~

No spoilers here coz I wouldn't want to ruin it for you if you haven't seen the show yet because I am assuming you are going to start watching OITNB right after reading this post. Right? RIGHT?!!!?!?! But anyways, the thing that happens to Tricia in that one episode is just like, woah. That really messed me up big time.

Not just the fact that [SPOILERS!! DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT!! SPOILERS!!!] she died, which was so tragic on its own because I've just started to like her character A LOT and y'all decided to kill her off?! Man, that is NOT cool. But the way that Pornstache manhandled her deceased body and hung her up the ceiling with some wires like she was some kind of puppet, that's pretty sick if you ask me. I mean, technically he was the murderer and instead of showing any remorse or even just respect for someone who has passed on, he goes on to do such a heartless and disgusting act just to save his own ass. I felt pretty disturbed and just horrified by this scene, to be honest. [END OF SPOILERS!! SAFE TO OPEN YER EYES NOW!!]

Suzanne Warren, better know as Crazy Eyes

Initially I kinda disliked her coz, let's face it, at times she could be a bit annoying and, well, crazy. I started liking her when she made Piper feel uncomfortable coz HAH! I HATE THAT BITCH! YOU DESERVE IT! and honestly I just think Crazy Eyes is probably the funniest and most wacky characters ever like, my sister and I memorise most of her lines because they are pure gold. I mean, the wonderful poem she wrote for Piper?

"Before I met you,
The Sun was like a yellow grape.
But now, it looks like fire in the sky.
Because you,
light a fire,
inside me."

If anyone were to write that for me I swear, I'd be looking at auspicious dates for our wedding to take place already.

Also, who can forget the iconic "Chocolate and vanilla, swirl~~ swirl~~~" scene? One of the best moments in the series, I reckon.

Hey Suzanne, I'll be your dandelion ;)

While her character is super fun to watch, I was totally unprepared for her backstory that comes in Season 2. I just felt so bad for poor Suzanne like, oh my god people can be so awful :(

And when she asked Piper why everyone always calls her Crazy Eyes, lord help me, my heart just shattered into a million mother effin' pieces on the ground :'(((

Daya Diaz


She is sucha hottie with a body, I love her beautiful and exotic face, she is a major sweetheart and oh my goodness, her little love story with Officer Bennett (who is hella dorky and adorable but has a body that is ROCK HARD SOLID and JUST WON'T QUIT, DAMN! what an amazing combo i love it <3)  is one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed. Like literally the first scene showing them together, where she asks him for some gum and they have that cute little exchange and she was like, "Don't you (like me)?" and he kind of freezes awkwardly and just U-turns and walks away without saying anything lol what an adorable little penguin awww <3

I pretty much like all the Hispanic/Latina inmates (it's so lovely to hear them speak lol i love their accents and their little outbursts of Spanish), but Gloria Mendoza, Flaca Gonzalez and Aleida Diaz (Daya's mom) stand out as my faves.



She is just such a fucking badass and I love how she's like a mother hen and takes such good care of everyone in her little circle, including Daya whose real mom does a shit job taking care of.

Aleida (pretty name btw)


Like seriously though she is a horrible mother and her character is kind of SUPER AWFUL but I like her just because I find her really pretty hahahahaha also, she softened up a bit more when Daya know...NO SPOILERS but yeah, once she showed a more tender side and actually started treating Daya like a decent mom would, she just became all the more appealing.



Lastly, Flaca is probably one of the prettiest ladies I've ever seen, so pretty that even her hideous eye tattoos can be excused because that face is just PHENOMENAL. Jackie Cruz (her name in real life) is also pretty amazing and really talented in real life, and did I mention she retweeted my tweet to her?


So yeah, as you can see I have quite a lot of faves so it was pretty hard to single it down to just one absolute favourite character from the show. And then, seemingly from out of nowhere, AN INTENSE CRUSH ON POUSSEY WASHINGTON HAS SURFACED.





From her cute little signature grey sweater (which i want for myself, damn let's get couple sweaters and everything, make this thing official <3), her shaved head which makes her stunning face and gorgeous features stand out even more, her petite and atheletic body, her sad puppy eyes and pouty lips, the way her face completely lights up when she's happy, her amazing fashion sense which we caught a glimpse of in her backstory, her ability to speak German (which was freaking hot and had me repeating the scenes at least 12,000 times, btw), how she's thuggish yet so sweet and kindhearted, and her amazing relationship with Taystee, how they're the perfect best friends and how Poussey always has her back, she is literally sheer perfection, I kid you not.

Oh gosh I am so in love with this girl I can't even.


I ain't complainin', either. She's just such a sweetheart, through and through. I legit cry happy tears every time she gets some screen time coz every one of her scenes are straight up amazing omg watching her makes me soooo happy I would totes go gay for her in a HEARTBEAT!!

Also, fun fact: we get to see her titties in the series as well during the sex scene she has with this German chick during her backstory. You would think I'd be thrilled to see her naked and all but...I kinda wish I hadn't haha.


Damn, Poussey ❤ ❤ ❤


My hobbies now include stalking Samira Wiley (the actress who plays Poussey)'s Instagram whenever I have the time, mostly when I'm on the train going to school.

Hoooooo lordy look at this perfection right here:

Amazing. Just, amazing.

Aight guys, that's enough of me raving on and on about fictional characters on a tv show whom I love, madly. (kinda sad if you think about it...)

In terms of people I don't like (no pictures here coz i HATE THEM, why would i want to see their dumb ol' faces? duh.)...

Pennsatucky is annoying as all hell and she honestly makes me feel super uncomfortable because she's not just mean...she's legitimately psychotic, and that's what scares me. There's no controlling someone who literally doesn't have their sanity anymore. What a dangerous creature. As much as I dislike Piper, I was getting so frustrated with the way Pennsatucky was being such a massive pile of doodoo to her, like can she just back the fuck off?!!

Her horrendous teeth situation doesn't help make her easier to watch, either.

Vee. Oh god, do I even need to talk about this? She is one twisted motherfucker, evil beyond what words can ever begin to express. [SPOILERS] That scene with how her adopted son ended up getting killed? Oh my goodness, that was an amazing plot twist and I seriously DID NOT see that coming. So brilliantly psychopathic and sick to the core. And she had the nerve to lie to Taystee like she didn't even know the reason RJ died, all while comforting Taystee and PRETENDING TO MOURN. That's so messed up, I tell you. I also really like how the show managed to hide the real reason behind RJ's death (as well as the awful sex scene between him and Vee, wow seducing your own adopted son and getting him to fuck you all while knowing in your head that he is about to die real soon because of you, who the hell even does that?!! this is some seriously messed up, psycho shit right here. but it makes for good tv lol) until several episodes AFTER we find out that he has died. So it's like, wow all along you had no idea and you thought his death was just an accident and then suddenly BOOM. You find out what a magnificently heartless monster Vee is.

Also, NO ONE messes with my baby girl Poussey. Vee was an absolute shitwad and I CANNOT BELIEVE she tore Taystee and Poussey apart!! THAT GOT ME SO MAD!!!!!!!

And there's the whole thing with Red too, which honestly made me feel so heartbroken and PISSED but that's another story. [SPOILERS END]


Pornstache, otherwise known as Officer Mendez. Surprisingly I kind of like him because despite all his cold and ruthless ways of torturing the inmates, often unwarranted and solely for his own pleasure, I find it more comical than truly evil. With exception, of course, of the incident with Tricia which made me SUPER PISSED with him and I so badly wanted to just take that thickass caterpillar moustache and RIP IT RIGHT OUT OF HIS FACE with my bare hands, making a bloody mess as his skin comes right off with it, too. (told you i wanted a career writing gore scenes for Saw lol)

I honestly find his [SPOILERS] little Valentine card and love notes to Daya super sweet. I mean come on, this mean ol' tough prison guard is actually a soft widdle puppy on the inside, just craving for some lovin'? Doesn't get much cuter than that. Also, sidenote but the episode called "Tall Men With Feelings" is probably one of the best titles I've heard in ages. So yeah, I'm loving this soft and gentlemanly side of Pornstache, and it's like he'll make such a kind and supportive father, too. Ahh, I just remembered the scenes of how he raved about how much he's hopelessly in love with Daya and omg that was the cutest thing ever lol. (comparisons between women with thick and thin lips cracked me up HAHA) [SPOILERS END]

In addition to that, Pornstache doesn't look half bad in real life (without the goddamn caterpillar 'stache too, thank god)

Damnnnn, son.


So yeah...this post was way too long and it took me about eight years to write. No regrets though, I honestly love everything mentioned in this post so much and I feel like it will bring me much joy as well as some good ol' reminiscing when I read it in the future and remember how all these things brought so much happiness and excitement in my life :))

I'm gonna stop writing now because this post already has about seven trillion words (wow mad props to you if you've read it all the way, although wtf r u doing with your life bro?!), and I'm super hungry so I'm off to eat some delicious cheese and bacon pizza pockets my mum brought back all the way from Perth.


Love ya x


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

It Gets better

The last time my dad visited my school was almost exactly a year ago.

It was the second term into my first year at Singapore Polytechnic, and I'd missed school for six consecutive days.
It was the first time my dad stepped into my school, and it was because he had to physically escort me to the school counsellor. I couldn't do it on my own.
I was too out of it. It was the first time in almost two years, that I'd relapsed into depression. I was too unstable.

At that point in time, I wanted to give up on everything. I wanted to quit school.

Fast forward one year, and my dad visited my school again today.
Except this time, it was to witness his daughter being awarded for having achieved outstanding academic performance the past year, and managing to score among the top 10% of the entire cohort, against all odds.

This says something.

It gets better, it always does.
Keep pressing on. You never know what's gonna happen in a year, or in a week, tomorrow, an hour later, even.

Life is full of miracles.
And today, I fully realised that.

Instagram: @RenaeCJC

I'm very grateful indeed.