Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sweet Week!

Good evening friends, I am here typing up a post while savouring a pint of creamy and delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream from Ben & Jerry's (LOVE) in a bid to soothe myself from the crumbling anxiety I've been experiencing lately because this right here, is the weekend before D-day.

And by that, I mean the dreaded day of disastrous doom (you like that alliteration, dontcha?) that is the ADV/TA twin CA group presentation. A phrase that has haunted me for the past two or so months.

Seriously though, I highly doubt that I've ever had a CA that was this much of a depressing and tedious burden. It's like a gigantic downer that has made me hate every Wednesday and Thursday this term, and that is just sad.

The only good thing is that very soon, it will all be over. And I cannot wait to walk out of the presentation room with my group mates, triumphant. Elated. With a colossal weight off my shoulders.

Oh wait no I have my GenEd pitch on the very same day too, DANG IT.

*deep sigh*

Well, on to happier things, shall we?

Here are some random bitsies and doodles (wat) from my past week, which has been rather sweet indeed! And you shall see why, teehee!



After school sweet treat of the day: SOGURT!!

Yum yum, got Sogurt with ma girls Van, Ner, Sum and Rach after PR!

I got tiramisu (SCREAMS ❤), lychee, and mixed berries topped off with my usual faves, orange and lychee pops (they're little balls of juice encased in a thin skin that POPS! in your mouth with a satisfying spurt when you bite on it ever so slightly, very fun to eat hehehe), oreos, rainbow cereal (aka pretty and sugary heaven, they are my equivalent of drugs), almond slivers, crushed graham crackers, and cute little iced gem biscuits that just remind me, and I'm sure a whole lot of other people as well, of our wonderful childhood :))

All five of our Sogurt cups, guest starring Vanessa Lim's left knee.

The Star Vista branch is smaller and cozier than our usual JEM hangout but the decoration is so much cuter and sweet and girly!!

Oh yes I couldn't resist taking this very tourist-y shot of the marvellous architectural masterpiece that is The Star Vista.

Glad I got a nice clear shot too because I was really shy and self-conscious about the onlooking passerbys judging me and had to take this picture and run away to join my friends in about eight milliseconds.

Here is my nice iced Irish Creme latte I got from Manna Cafe after GenEd, as well as two little bowls of pasta salad so I could have something decent to munch on throughout PR class and not faint from hunger (and boredom).

Chronologically this photo would've appeared first but I didn't want it to appear at the top of this post as it is...not very visually appealing hahahaha.

Which is quite sad though, it looked reeeally pretty and completely Instagram-worthy when it was first served, with a more distinct brown-white coffee and milk gradient and a nice layer of dark brown Irish Creme syrup at the bottom, creating a delightful tri-layer visual. But, unfortunately the treacherous trip from T11 up to the hilltop (as well as climbing up all those gosh darn stairs) did a good job of shaking up my drink and jiggling its contents all about, creating a cup of boring brownness.

Still delicious though!

At night, I made the highly foolish and irresponsible decision of not going to bed early when I had the chance, but instead staying up late to watch beauty vlogs and doing my nails even though I had an 8AM class the next day.

Priorities, am I right?

Did this cute and summery watermelon manicure which I have to say I am really proud of. As I mentioned before in my previous post, I am absolutely rubbish at nail art and although you can see from the pictures above that the stripes and white line are pretty horribly butchered, from far it looks rather okay as a whole so I guess that's all that matters lololol.

The inspiration came to me really suddenly when I was rolling about in my bed just a few hours earlier contemplating whether or not I should jazz up my nails a little so I would actually stop biting them off every time they grew to a length that made them, well, biteable.

Yay pretty!

I spent a solid three or so hours on Youtube watching Jenn Im (whom y'all know I love and got the wonderful pleasure to meet), as well as a newly found vlogger who has managed to suck me in and make me click the 'subscribe' button almost immediately upon watching one of her videos, and that is Claire Marshall.

Seriously though she is so insanely beautiful and charismatic and just reeeally pleasant to watch, you know? Much like Jenn Im herself, but the two of them have very distinctly different styles that I can't quite put into words, but I just love watching their videos, my goodness.

In fact, after a whole night of watching Claire's vids I developed this HUGE urge to start creating vlogs myself, like I was REALLY pumped and kept thinking about it when I finally went to bed and planning in my head what my videos would look like, despite feeling super exhausted haha.

I slept at about 4+, full of regret lol. When morning came around, I knew that there was no way in hell I would be able to survive until the end of the day (aka about 6PM) on just two hours of sleep so I went back and snoozed for another couple of hours before waking up to go to my afternoon Mass Media Research class.

And that was because I've already gotten an attendance warning for that module and if I continued to miss anymore classes, I'd be in a whole lotta trouble lol.

Which brings us to,


Which marked the first day of me using my new fragrance...


Y'all know that I love all things holographic, so just the packaging of this perfume was enough to capture my heart.

And just when you thought it couldn't get much better than that...


Seriously, I am flailing with excitement here. A beautiful glass bottle encrusted with baby pink and powder blue jewels? Even the lid comes off as a whole chunky gem OH MY GOODNESS this delights my girly sense so freaking much, seriously.

I give the design a solid 10 out of 10, it is totally on point and just seeing it is enough to brighten up my day.

Anyway, the fragrance is Radiance by Britney Spears. I actually first came to know about it years ago when it came out in 2010. I remember seeing it a lot in my teenage magazine ads and thinking that it looked absolutely beautiful.

Sadly, that was way before my "perfume journey" started so I never thought of ever owning it.

You see, my mother has been super sensitive to perfumes her entire life, and thus forbade the family to use any strong fragrances.

That is, of course, until I discovered somewhere along the line that I am INSANELY in love with pleasant aromas of all kinds, to the point where they can alter my mood completely, soothing my soul and giving me so much joy.

I then started experimenting with perfumes (usually just using the tiny sample bottles that came free with my magazines every once in a blue moon), and it was actually my mum who bought me my very first set for my 18th birthday, and it was Marc Jacob's signature Daisy fragrance.

Still, she freaks out a little when I spray a tad too much and she does request for me to not stand too close to her until the smell wears off hahahaha.

Okay back on topic, Radiance is, according to its official website, a blend of "red berries, tuberose, delicate jasmine petals, orange blossom, iris, cashmere wood, amber and soft musk".

I don't know about you but that description of flavours alone is enough to send my head into a whirl.

Although I do pride myself on having a more sensitive nose and am better at detecting smells than most people, my nose is not yet discerning enough to pinpoint the exact flavours within a perfume.

I knew that I was drawn to this fragrance because of its notes of soft musk, which I absolutely adore, but I also wrongly believed that there were hints of vanilla too. Turns out, it was actually the creaminess of the tuberose. Oh well! It smells utterly amazing nonetheless.

Sadly, on the very first day of wearing it, while I was gleefully prancing around my living room getting ready to set off for school, my grandmother asked if I was sporting a different scent than what I usually wear. I excitedly told her yes, and was rather impressed by how quickly she noticed.

I did not, however, expect that she would then say, "Oh no wonder. Your previous one smelled so much better."



Anyway it's no surprise either, my previous scent (Flower by Kenzo, which sadly I am very close to finishing up... *sobs*) came at a significantly higher price and bore a noticeably fancier aroma.

In fact, I'd say that Radiance is a much "cheaper" smelling perfume, and I mean that in the kindest way possible. It's kind of reminiscent to hotel lobbies and fancy bathrooms, which may deter some people but I just so happen to love it :))

Alrighty enough about my beloved new fragrance (i just typed like a mini novel on it wtf)

At school, pretty much the whole class was getting DIY henna tattoos with Summer's cool ass henna tube thing (which was suuuper duper affordable btw, wtf i want like 10).

The designs all looked amazing and I was itching to get one myself but then again, I didn't want something that was even just temporarily permanent (is that even a thing?). What I mean is, I want to be able to remove it whenever I want because chances are, my fumbling fingers would probably create a huge mess and I am NOT about to walk around for the next couple of weeks or so with a hideous monstrosity stained onto my skin.

So I stuck to what I'm comfortable with, eyeliner tattoos! lol

My watermelon nails looking cute as ever, even if I do say so myself hahahahaha

My henna design is definitely one of those things that look intricate and pretty from a distance, but you get up close with the details you'd be like ugh dafuq is dis.

Also, I wanted a pretty little diamond on my finger but I messed up haha. I MESSED UP BIG TIME!!

In case you didn't know, I've kind of been obsessed with drawing "temporary tattoos" on myself (usually during classes where i'm bored out of my skull) with either eyeliner or a good pen. Most of the time it's on my wrist or the back of my hand, coz seriously where else can I put it lmao.

I'm thinking of doing a compilation post of all the designs I've done so far but in the meantime, you can check out my previous works and get updated on future ones by following me on Instagram. Woohoo, shameless self-promotion segue lol~~

After school sweet treat of the day: ARTEASE!!

Being one of the absolute most darling lecturers ever, Miss Clarice suggested going for Artease with Van and Ner after MMR class so she could finally try out their salted caramel milk tea (she was so excited too, awwww how cute can she get!!) and obviously I had to be a butt and ask if I could join in too hahaha.

Our drinks! Including Summa's~~

I got myself, a ummm...hazelnut earl grey milk tea I think hahaha. Can't even remember it, it was so many days ago and truth be told, it wasn't that good :\

Oh yes I topped up to have aiyu jelly too, which was pretty bleh as well. I just like to have some form of jelly or pudding (yay pudding) to munch on while I'm slurping up my delicious milk tea. NO TAPIOCA BALLS/PEARLS/BUBBLES THOUGH. I used to love them as a child all the way through my early teenhood until I discovered one day during the peak of my bubble tea addiction phase (i literally walked like five blocks from my school every day for weeks on end just to get my daily fix after class, then have to take an extra long bus ride home. worth it though!!) that they were THE DEVIL and although fun to chew on, are totally NOT worth the insane calories.

Okay rant about bubble tea toppings is over.

Miss Clarice and us girls had a splendid time chatting about everything under the sun. She was awesome as usual and checked up on whether we were all doing okay with each of our modules, asked about our future plans, talked about random funny shit with us lol, and I don't seem to recall how it led to it, but at one point we started showing each other old photos of ourself which was super fun hahahaha.

I love seeing my poly friends in their secondary school days, cute nerdy uniform and all.


Miss Clarice showed us pics of her back when she was in uni, she was so freaking adorable I can't even. Still is, but in a different way, ya know?

And I showed everyone photos taken during my extreme fat and fugly phase (which i like to keep in my phone and bring around with me as motivation LOL) and it suddenly dawned on me why I used to be bullied quite severely hahaha.



Anyways yes, three cheers for Miss Clarice! She is the bomb diggity like forrealz tho, she's always taking time out to just chill and get to know her students better, and I can really sense that she genuinely cares about what's going on in each of our lives.

She the cooliest <3


I am starting to realise how unnecessarily long this post is getting (initially thought it was just gonna be a collection of desserts and sweet drinks photos, but i somehow felt the need to write a large chunk of irrelevant text at every single juncture we are) so I'm gonna try and be very chop-chop-go-go-gadget-let's-get-to-the-point from here on out.

After school sweet treat of the day: BASKIN ROBBINS!!

I got myself Pistachio Almond, which you can see is a gorgeous, highly saturated shade of aqua green, and Tiramisu, which is probably one of my all-time favourite desserts as well as ice cream flavours!

I love Baskin Robbins because their ice cream is always chock full of extra ingredients. There were heaps and heaps of whole roasted almonds in the pistachio ice cream, so much so that every scoopful that went into my mouth had at least one whole nut (!), and my tiramisu ice cream was swirled through with plenty of coffee sauce and tiramisu cake crumbles soaked in espresso!

Good quality, creamy ice cream in adorable colours just makes life so much more worth living, especially the craptastic day we'd just spent doing ADV/TA for hours on end.

Also, can I just say that their new Flavour of the Month, Roses & Cream, is the most heavenly thing that has landed on my tongue and swirled around in a delightful cascade of flavours.

It tastes strongly of roses, or bandung, which of course I love, and just has such a pretty and dainty aroma and taste to it! Definitely gonna get myself a cup of it soon before the month ends. Or four or five hahaha.

Vanessa and Summer's ice creams. I think they both got Roses, wise choice haha. As you can see, it's powder pink and white coloured, almost as lovely to look at as it is to eat!

After our delicious creamy frozen treats, we continued chilling at Baskin Robins and playing Pictionary/Guess The Random Drawing on my lil notebook (which i use more for doodling in class when i'm bored than taking down notes...oops).

It was so much fun and the drawings and guesses were hilarious hahaha ("carton of eggs" LOL).

I thought it was pretty cool to how each of us took a page to draw on, and when you looked at the three pages individually you could definitely point out clear differences between each one of our drawing styles, and even things like how we distribute the space. For example, Summer and I were just using random spots around the page and filling it up quite messily, but when it was Vanessa's turn she was all neat and systematic about it, keeping her drawings close together and filling up the page row by row.

I don't know, this sort of thing seems super cool to me. Like it's a reflection of our personalities or something hahaha.

Ok, rambling over. On to...


After school sweet treat of the day: STARBUCKS!!

It was the start of Starbucks' special 49th National Day Promo, $4.90 for a Tiramisu or Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe as long as you get two at the same time! :O :O *screaming*

Cool Bae Gang all got the Strawberry Cheesecake haha. Gosh we are like a little gaggle of white girls...But Starbucks is just so good!!

And I hadn't had my Starbucks fix for like, several weeks. Which kinda made me feel really stressed haha, as weird as it sounds. I think Starbucks is kind of like a little stress reliever or a treat for me when I've been doing lots of hard work. So to not have it in my life so long just felt...bleugh.

And yes I know I said I love Tirasmisu like crazy but I just had it in ice cream form the previous day so I was craving something a little more light and not so chocolatey and heavy the next day!

The barista gave my cup a pathetic amount of Strawberry syrup swirl...Seriously though have you ever seen such a plain and white frappucino?!

Oh well, still tasted pretty good haha

And finally, we have arrived for...


Okay initially I thought this wasn't going to be a fully "sweet week", because I left to go home immediately after class on Friday without getting anything, well, sweet! We were planning on getting Llaollao, but Vanehha didn't want to walk all the way to FC3 lol.

But, as it turns out, when I was walking to the train station I noticed that the new tea and desserts shop had just been newly opened!

I walked over to check out their menu, not really planning on getting anything that day especially since I was just about to hop on the train which means I wouldn't be able to eat or drink anything, unless I wanna get fined.

That was until my eyes caught a three-word phrase on the menu that made me so excited I almost jumped right out of my skin.



And so,

After school sweet treat of the day: THAI MILK TEA!!

Ohh sorry, saying those three words made me shiver a little bit with glee, wow.

Anyway, yes. I bought it, and to make it even better, I got mine with egg pudding. EGG PUDDING!! MILK TEA + PUDDING?!! I LOVE THE UNIVERSE.

Okay I quickly dashed home so I could stick the fat straw through it and savour it for the first time, but I gotta say. I was pretty disappointed with the shop coz they already failed the first test with me; a bit of the milk tea leaked out into the plastic bag :((

How does that even happen?! Isn't the cup sealed with a freaking plastic lid?? Jeez. Very annoyed haha.

But anyways, the most important thing of course was, the taste.

And let me just say, it was so good. SO GOOD!!

Not amazing to the point where I would shed tears at the mere thought of it (lol), but definitely enough to make me wanna go back again and again for the rest of my duration at SP.

As you can see, it's rather orange which makes me suspect if they put in artificial colouring...Which would be completely unnecessary coz who in their right mind would find this weird orange coloured beverage appealing. I'd rather have an all-natural drink that's muddy brown or whatever colour it is in its original state.

And yes, I had to remove my watermelon nails because I thought we were doing a full-dress rehearsal shoot for RTPM and I wanted to have continuity for my character haha.

But I gave myself a new manicure by the end of the night LOL. Pink and yellow gradient, woohoo~~

And that's the adorable business card for Tea Tozz (no idea why it's called that, what the hell is a tozz).

So excited to go try out all their yummy drinks (they have Vietnamese coffee, ermahgerddd) as well as their desserts and snacks (THEY SELL WAFFLE STICKS. WAFFLES. IN STICK FORM!!).

Please chalk it up into the list of reasons why I freaking love my school

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  1. Glad to see that you have a good network of friends to support you. School can be a bit lonely and overwhelming for people who don't have friends. Your comment about your nails and henna tattoo being nice to look at from far away reminds me of the movie Clueless. When the main character Cher is asked if Amber (a frenemy) is pretty she says,
    Cher: No, she's a full-on Monet.
    Tai: What's a monet?
    Cher: It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess