Sunday, 17 August 2014

Washokudokoro Waraku @ VivoCity

Howdly doodly, my fellow cowboys!

This is just going to be a short (ok maybe not really...) post of some legit drool-worthy Japanese food, which I was truly blessed to indulge in some time ago.

My family and I went to Washokudokoro Waraku (that was quite a mouthful...) at Vivocity for the first time.

Unfortunately we were there to have dinner a tad too late, so we couldn't really enjoy the experience fully as we had to gulp everything down pretty hastily. I hate the pressure of having to finish your food as fast as humanly possible because the restaurant staff are already cleaning around you and preparing to close up the place!! I hate even more having the workers not be able to finish their shift and go home on time because of me, I just feel so freaking guilty wtf.

Anyways, it's a lovely casual dining place that overlooks the gorgeous Harbourfront Bay, and it even has private rooms with tatami seating, very cool indeed. My mum originally requested for us to have our meals in one of the private rooms because we were seated next to this huge family which included four boisterous and annoying little kids, three of whom were boys.

I hate small boys, wtf. No offense but 9 out of 10 times they are annoying and naughty as fuck. I do plan on having a son (i got all my kids' names planned out and everything, fyi) so I am praying hard to the high heavens that my future kid would be one of those rare but oh so loveable boys who are really well-behaved and just downright angelic.

Okay back on topic, their table was hella loud and just awful throughout our meal. And we couldn't get the private room coz we would be required to spend a minimum of $300 (i think, can't remember exactly) to qualify. (!!!)

What the frickle frackle we ain't got that kind of money, we ain't kings and shit.


Other than that the food was absolutely amazing, so I shall stop rambling on about pointless doodads and head straight into the food pics now, which is what y'all are here for, don't lie.

Gotta love good Japanese cuisine :')

Prepare your eyeballs for the visual smorgasbord that is about to ensue!

Edamame peas, which I love love looove.

They're probably like the simplest dish ever, just plain ol' peas that are thrown into some boiling water, chucked into a bowl, then scattered with a pinch of salt.

Plus, how fun is it to pop each pea out of its pod with just a gentle push and squeeze?

I remember stuffing my face with entire bags of edamame peas back when I lived in Australia, and again a few years later when I was staying in Guangzhou for a period of time. It's like once I get into a edamame pea phase, I cannot stop. I'll just have them and nothing else for my three meals a day...


More Japanese appetisers that are all-time fan favourites! Agedashi Fried Tofu and Gyozas, I seriously do not know anybody in their right mind who would dislike these fantastic dishes.

Their Agedashi Tofu is the fluffy-skin version instead of the dryish, thin and paper-like kind like the ones from Sakae Sushi. Kind of hard to explain unless you've personally tried the two different types!

Both were pretty yumz, no complaints whatsoever :)

And the side dishes continue...Chawanmushi and Fried Chicken Karaage!

The chawanmushi (steamed egg) was silky smooth and delicious as it should be, with a hidden treasure tucked within...a small piece of grilled unagi(!!)

I love how each variation of chawanmushi contains different ingredients, the most common ones being a slice of Japanese fish cake and some slivers of mushroom.

My favourite would probably have to be just plain ol' meat chunks (i freaking love meat lol) as well as the fun little strings of "jelly" from the chawanmushi at Sakae Sushi, which is actuallyy supposed to be imitation sharks fin lmao.

This was definitely the first time I've had an unagi in my chawanmushi, and in case you were wondering, I did not try it because I was too scared that I might be allergic to it (like i am to most types of fish), and I wasn't willing to risk having my lips and throat swell up and itch uncontrollably when my epic meal had barely started!!


Moving on...

How bout some muthafookin' DRINKS to go with your swagtastic meal, monsieur~? (whut)

Usually my mum doesn't allow us to order drinks other than plain water which comes free of charge (boo) (but restaurant drinks are hella expensive tho, i get it), but my sister and I were battling a massive thirst so she kindly got us this delightful Matcha Float, hooray!

Essentially just a scoop of Matcha ice cream (which wasn't the best tbh, i've had way better) atop some plain soda water. Or was it Sprite? I think it's one of those Japanese carbonated sugary drinks but without the citrus flavours of Sprite/7-Up!

Anywho, it was pretty cool and did a nice job of quenching my thirst! Nothing super special, though.

And now, finally...The actual main meal dishes!

Round of applause, everybody. We have made it this far into the post! Yess!

Fried Chicken Ramen that my sister had. I think it's a miso broth if I'm not wrong? Anyway it's the creamy kind that I'm not a particularly huge fan of. Read on to see the ramen that I had, which I personally think is way more swaggy in comparison. Yes, I've saved the best for last. And yes, that was an ironic use of the word "swaggy". Ahem.

Here's the fabulous Grilled Saba (mackerel) Bento Set which my parents shared. Again, I am tragically allergic to fish hence I was unable to enjoy this dish, but can you please check out how adorable the little scoop of mashed potato salad looks?!

And now...the moment we've all been waiting for...

My mindblowingly delicious and amazing Shoyu Chashu Ramen!!


Clear shoyu (or chicken) (or miso) broth trumps creamy broth ANY DAY, in my opinion.

Bamboo shoots were super yummy, as they always are.

Chashu pieces were succulent and had the perfect balance of lean meat and fatty bits (the latter which i always just give to my mum anyway, lol).

Soft-boiled lava egg with runny yolk was as divine as you could possibly imagine. It was infused wonderfully with the flavour and aroma of shoyu, and I sent a snapchat of myself poking it delicately with my chopsticks and you could see the glory of the soft-boiled whites and the beautiful golden lava yolk flowing out, truly magnificent :')

And of course, you know your ramen is da real deal when it comes with a giant sheet of seaweed.


That was some good ass ramen.

Tears in my eyes right now, my goodness.

And with that, I bid thee farewell for now, and may you too be blessed with a marvellous bowl of ramen in your life some time soon.

Ciao, my loves~~



  1. Your mother reminds me of my best friend who never orders a drink at restaurants except a delicious free glass of water. I try to avoid ordering from restaurants if I see them closing up. On the other hand, my brother has no shame about it and will act as everything is normal even when the staff are cleaning up and starting to turn off some of the lights.

  2. I also hate feeling rushed when eating. It's one of the reasons I don't eat during my lunch break at work. I need to take my time. Obviously anxiety is increased when you're at a restaurant where people are waiting on you.

    Misbehaving little kids whether they be boys or girls are also an annoyance. I'm not saying my siblings and I were angels, but mum would take us out and take us home if we were too cranky and vocal. >.<

    Renae, I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award @

    If you choose to accept the award I hope that your post will be as fun to read as your dining out experience. =)

  3. errrmagawd, reading this in the morning definitely doesn't help especially while I'm hungry! OMG, the pictures of the food looks so damn yummy pls, especially the saba set, which I had while I was in Japan! The ramen looks really good too, ughhhhh super hungry now, HAHAH!