Sunday, 28 September 2014

Strangers' Reunion w/ Nerissa

Last Saturday, I had Nerissa come down to my turf so we could go grab a late brunch at Stranger's Reunion.

This was definitely a much needed reunion for us, since the last time we'd seen each other was almost an entire month ago (!). That is not okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!

Missing all my cool baes very very much ;(

It was my second time visiting this glorious café, the first being a very memorable lunch session with Vanessa, Lynette, Rachael, and Nerissa once again, after our PR agency research trip.

Damn, all those school memories.

Not too sure how I feel about it being slightly less than a month before school reopens again. Add to that the fact that we all received our semester results last night and, not surprisingly, my GPA plummeted like a majestic, falling star. Sighhh.


Such an honour to be dining with a young lady as kind and gorgeous as Miss Ngein herself :)) <3

Initially Nerissa and I really wanted to meet up because it was gonna be that last opportunity of freedom for me before I was supposed to start work on Wednesday. Well.

The plans fell through and now I'm not gonna be working AT ALL.

Not gonna go into too much detail over what happened and why I was just dropped literally at the last minute, when I'd already signed every damn contract there is to sign, collected the work uniforms, and spent a substantial amount of time (no less than a total of six hours, i shit you not), energy, and MONEY, dashing around from the corporate office to the store headquarters to the actual branch that I was supposed to be working at and back to the office again, on a separate occasion, without prior notification, in order to secure this job assignment.

I hate recruitment agencies, let's leave it at that.

No but seriously though, I've dealt with like, three different recruitment agencies over the years and with the exception of one, just ONE, the office people who work there are all super inefficient and treat the student workers like absolute crap, looking down on you and making you feel stupid and downright worthless. Like, I don't get it??? Not to mention their grasp of the English language seriously makes me want to weep.

But yeah.

If I'm being 100% honest, I'm actually kinda glad because now I just feel soooo lazy and if given a choice, I'd much rather spend the remainder of my precious holidays just chilling with my family and friends, doing the fun stuff that I want, and savouring every chance to relax and recharge my batteries in preparation of the fast approaching new semester ahead.

On the other hand, no job = no monies.

And I'm already broke as hell :((

Speaking of broke...

Nerissa and were just chatting when all of a sudden I looked down at her hand which was just resting casually on the table, but it just so happened that there was a little piece of a burnt, broken french fry lying near it and...


Look at that and tell me it doesn't resemble one of Ner's delicate, black-manicured fingers??!!!???!


Alrighty, time for the long-awaited FOOD PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brace yourselves!

My Smashed Avocado on Focaccia - with added bacon because I quite literally cannot survive without eating meat - making the grand total a whopping $19.50.

Bread was so-so, not too tough but not fluffy either. It did a swell job of balancing out the intense flavours of salty bacon and very rich avocado, though. As did the lovely arugula/rocket leaves. Initially I was like woahhh buddy calm down there's like a whole mountain of greens here, but by the halfway point I kinda wished that there was even more lol.

Flavours are definitely intense. The avocado mash tasted a lot more tart and tangy than I expected it to. They seem to have added quite a bit of extra ingredients into the mix to sort of neutralize the rich creaminess of avocado, which can sometimes be so overpowering that I can't get through half of the fruit without gagging from how jelak it is.

Oh yes and it comes with a couple of sliced cherry tomatoes too! I love how everything was stacked prettily, layer by layer. Very fancy indeed!

Although I'd hardly expect anything less considering the fact that I paid almost twenty bucks for a damn open-faced sandwich...

Nerissa's gorgeous Buttermilk Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits ($12.90).

I love how they serve it on such quaint and lovely plates. It brings my heart so much joy!!

And the way the chopped bananas and sliced strawberries are so perfectly framing the delectable scoop of ice cream, with a dainty scattering of blueberries? All topped off with a light sprinkling of yummy icing sugar. It's so dreamy, I can't even look at it right now. *sniffles* :'))

The waffles are wonderfully light and fluffy, and I'm not sure what kind of witchcraft was involved but the ice cream takes a relatively long time before it actually starts melting into a soupy mess, which is fantastic news for slow eaters like myself.

Their waffles also come with the option of artisan Greek yogurt instead, if you're into that kind of thing. But seriously though, the amazing vanilla ice cream is where it's at.

Truffle fries, ($12.90).

Yes, this side dish costs the same as the aforementioned waffles, which is considered to be a full (dessert) meal. Well, it is truffles we're talking about here. Plus, it's mightily delicious so I'm not really complaining.

Topped off with freshly grated truffle and delicate parmesan shavings.

Can I just take a minute to rave about how that little shot glass of truffle aioli dip is jawdroppingly AMAZING??!

Like seriously, never has there been a more delicious sauce. I don't even know how they do it. It's so, sooooooo tasty. I'm tearing up now, it's really that insanely good :'))

I know truffle fries are all the rage, but I haven't tried any other versions besides this one. And I ain't even mad, I could eat this all day!

It's a pretty big bowl and you know how your throat sorta gets too dry and maybe even a tad sore after you've had one too many fries? Well, that was definitely the case and we were kinda struggling to finish the last handful or so, but although I was hella full and my throat wasn't feeling the best, I physically COULD NOT STOP shovelling these little deep fried sticks of truffle-infused potato-y goodness down my gullet. And of course, cleaning out that shot glass completely and making sure not a single, microscopic drop of that absolutely divine aioli cream sauce goes to waste.

Ngeinrat obviously very excited about the lovely food laying in front of our eyes ( ᵕ́ૢ‧̮ᵕ̀ૢ)‧̊·*

Close up of the beautiful mess that was my smashed avocado heaven on a plate <3

Can you see how lean the bacon was???!!! LEAN BACON IS LOVEEEEE~~

And here we have a behind the scenes look at how I take my food shots lol, courtesy of Miss Nerissa.

Okay fun story time. When I met up with Nerner at the train station, I went up to her and said hi and the first thing I noticed...WAS THAT WE WERE WEARING TOTALLY UNPLANNED COUPLE RINGS AHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA.

And on the same finger too, goddamn.

This reminds me of the time the two of us had to meet at Dover MRT station and go to class together. I arrived slightly later and I was scanning the crowd for Nerissa. When I spotted her, I was like holy shit you have got to be kidding me, and I had to try so hard to stifle an impending explosion of laughter. I walked up to her, wearing my denim jacket. And she turned to look at me, wearing a similar denim jacket herself. YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN THE LOOK ON HER FACE HAHAHAHAH SHE WAS LIKE WTF ARE YOU WEARING GIRL and we burst out laughing hahahahaha it was ridiculous. AND THE THING IS, THAT WASN'T EVEN THE FIRST TIME WE COINCIDENTALLY WORE THE SAME THING.

Pictorial evidence here and here.

Anyway, later on when we showed up to the classroom we found out that Vanessa had almost left the house that morning with a denim jacket as well. Almost.

That would've been a hoot and half *insert tear-inducing laughter emoji*

Alrighty, story time is over! Back to Strangers' Reunion~~

Their restroom is amazing btw, you should definitely go check it out hahaha.

I do apologise for not being able to provide a decent photo for your reference, but unfortunately I was too shy and awkward to stand there and take pictures of a freaking public restroom like some kind of country bumpkin lunatic. It also doesn't help that my old ass phone is laggy as hell and takes like twelve seconds to snap a single shot so basically I was stationed there holding up the giant clunker of a phone and like...yeah.

Just the mirror and counter area alone was like something straight out of an island resort villa, with beautiful stone sinks, flower arrangements and my personal favourite, aroma reed diffusers ❤ ❤ ❤

If I'm not wrong, the scent they're currently using is Peach & Orchid, and it smells soooo heavenly.

It's the little touches like these that show that the people behind this café really took every single aspect into consideration when making the place as perfect as possible, and making sure each customer who walks in is able to enjoy their experience to the fullest.

Cute little wooden tray the bill is served on instead of the traditional and boring leather bill covers, yet another nice touch! What's not so nice, is the bill itself...

Almost fifty bucks for a brunch for two...

It's actually pretty worth it considering the fact that the food was of amazing quality AND taste, the setting was lovely, the service was great and all in all, we really did enjoy ourselves. However, it still cuts like a knife to have to fish out all that money...for a single meal...when I have not been receiving any form of income whatsoever...


It is now time for selfie pic-spam. Brace yourselves!

Kisses for my numba one luv <3

Afterwards we stepped out to have a walk (good for digestion, all that jazz haha) and the natural lighting from the sun was PHENOMENAL.

Close mouth close mouth open mouth open mouth.

Strolled around the block and discovered this gorgeous neighbourhood of the most adorable little shophouses, each one in a different colour.

Obviously this pretty pastel, mint green one was my favourite!

Also, purely by chance a police car drove by at the exact same second I snapped a picture. Pretty cool how it's perfectly framed haha.

When life presents you with a full length mirror, you MUST take mirror selfies.

So much love for this girl, I can't even begin to explain it ♡

Thank you for coming out all the way, and as usual, I had an absolute blast just chilling with you~ ^_^


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Shit Happens

Greetings, you beautiful creature. *lovingly strokes your hair* (wow, soft! what shampoo do you use??)

I am back with a new post in less than 24 hours since my last one, which I must say is quite an astounding feat for someone like me.

However, today's post isn't gonna be about the #shootfood production...YET! That post will come in due time, you just wait and see.

I can't really bring myself to write about it so soon since production officially wrapped...also, there was one last surprise that was completely unexpected and just so amazing it was...gosh. Unbelievable.

This whole journey, albeit short, has been truly incredible.

It honestly feels weird not to receive the e-mails from Jiaying the producer (hi if you're reading) (you a poo <3) every night with the schedule and scripts so that we can prep for the next day. And when I wake up in the morning, I'm just sitting on my bed in a daze instead of scrambling up and packing my multiple costumes, slapping makeup onto my face, dashing around the house and running on pure adrenaline while I pump myself up for yet another awesome day of shooting to come.

Everything is just so fresh and raw now...I need to give myself some time to properly settle down and go through all this withdrawal nonsense before I actually allow myself to go through all the memories of this blissful 6-day period.



Although, damn. When the time comes, revisiting all those moments during production is gonna be a pretty solid, bittersweet kick straight to my heart.

Alrighty, I've already blabbered on about my over-attachment issues for paragraphs on end. Without further ado, let us proceed to the actual contents of today's blog post.

I'm just gonna start off from after the point where I left school after production was over and we were done with our wrap party and everything. (sobs)

Basically...shit went down and I was pretty bummed out.

I've noticed that as of late, I have been very gradually slipping back into my old bad habits.

I think it's been about a month or more since I've last touched my gratitude journal, even though I know damn well that writing in it daily made such a great impact on my emotional wellbeing and general outlook on life.

I haven't been making an effort to get sleep in the correct amounts and at the right time, allowing the serotonin to wreak havoc within my mind and body.

Just this week, I went through two full days of filming despite having completely deprived myself of adequate rest. On the third night, I was close to collapsing but even though I'd had probably only a little over 1.5 hours of sleep for the past two days, I couldn't fall asleep for more than fifteen minutes or so without being jolted up by an anxiety attack. My mind would just go crazy and be filled with a flurry of disturbing scenarios which all seemed so real, like they really happened, but were nothing more than images created by my brain to mess me up.

I woke up scared, confused, and doubled over from the uncomfortably high amount of acidity in my stomach, which rendered it impossible for me to even try laying down and getting relaxed enough to fall into a much needed slumber.

Thankfully I felt fine as soon as I got up and actually kept myself occupied with activities other than overthinking myself to the point of insanity, but there was a tiny hiccup during the time where I was filming at a friend's house, and I guess my energy levels kind of dropped and I just felt so out of it, like I was floating. My mind was completely blank, my brain just quit on me and all my thought processes became worryingly slow. I also began feeling sad as all hell :((

This cocktail of shitty feelings I'm all too familiar with, and what I hate more than anything.

I'm now trying my darndest to just be as positive as I can possibly be, keeping in mind how far I've come since those days spent in struggle and hopelessness. From a place that was as dark as I'd been in...I never wanna go through that again.

Which brings us back to yesterday after I'd left the wrap party and returned home, alone with nothing but a flurry of negative thoughts swirling in my head.

Because of all the misery I was wallowing in...I know myself, and I knew that I was probably gonna swing by the convenience store to grab a bottle or two of alcohol to chug late at night so that I'd be able to knock myself out and go to bed.

As someone who had always vowed so strongly to abstain from alcohol her entire life, I didn't even bat an eyelid a while back (probably during the busiest period of the semester, no surprise there) when I started drinking at least once every week because I was just so fucking stressed out all the time.

Looking back, it did seem like a problem.

I mean, yes. It was actually my parents who not only gave me the green light to start consuming alcohol when I became of legal age, but my mum in particular, encouraged me to enjoy it. So long as it was in moderate amounts, of course.

But I hated the taste. It was disgusting. A ridiculous amount of empty calories. I didn't feel good physically from it either.

The only reason I drank...was to avoid sitting at the edge of my bed in the dark at three in the morning, so numb from prolonged sadness that it doesn't even make sense to cry. There's just a constant pang in the heart, and the feeling of not being able to experience joy anymore, no matter how hard you will yourself to break out into even the tiniest smile.

Horrible fucking habit, I'll admit. And thank god it's over.

If I had to actually go through it in order to learn my mistake, well I'm glad.

And not too much damage was done, the drinking probably lasted for a little over a month before I started getting back on my feet and even on days where I felt under the weather, I knew I had alternatives in terms of cheering myself up.

Anyway long story short, I managed to nip this goddamn bad habit in the bud yesterday by not getting myself any form of alcohol at all, but doing something much, much healthier instead.

I went for a walk. At the park.

Since about two years ago when I first discovered how wonderfully therapeutic it can be, it has fast become one of my favourite activities ever.

And the park? Is just amazing.

View from a height, coz I climbed up this grand platform thingy:

I probably only go up and chill about once every 20 or so times I visit the park lol. I'm always so tempted to do it but I get hella shy and think people are gonna judge this crazy chick walking around, listening to music all alone and climbing things. I'm also genuinely worried that when I make my way up there I'll be interrupting some teenage couple's make out session lmao. #irritationalfears

Lovely view of the sky...

I absolutely adore gazing up at the clear blue skies, the vastness just makes all my problems seem so small and insignificant :))

I also love the feeling of knowing that I will one day be able to travel and explore this magnificent world we live in ❤

Cute bridge and pond!! Every time I cross the bridge, just taking those few steps never fail to brighten up my mood in less than five seconds flat. I love these simple joys of life, there is so much beauty in the world!

Now realising that I sound so crazily happy compared to all the paragraphs in the beginning hahaha. Which is exactly what taking a walk in the park and being surrounded by nature did for me, it completely transformed my mood and made me feel a thousand times better. And in almost no time at all!

Really, really thankful.

Gonna end this post off with the final pics, which are of the most adorable little kitty cat I stumbled upon during my stroll!!!!!!!

Awwwwwww look at it snooze!!

Now if you know me, you'd know that I've been a dog person my entire life and I kinda hate cats (lol no hard feelings) coz I just think they're such bitches lmao. Save for the kittens and munchkin cats, those are ALWAYS adorable.

However, after spending so much time with a bunch of cat lovers in the production crew, I've come to kinda sorta like them???!?? The same way I've started liking coffee a lot because of the premise of the story as well as adventures with cold brew...BUT WE SHAN'T GO INTO THAT. Oh my lord the #shootfood feels are creeping up on me again...NO. I MUST SUPPRESS THEM.


Cute little guy stretching it out *SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aight, that's all for this post.

I'm sorry you had to read all that dark and depressing shit, but it personally felt great for me to get it off my chest. I guess I just needed an outlet for me to vent, and doing so via my blog really did help.

Also, by chance I revisited this post and reading it never fails to remind me how blessed I am to have overcome so much and be where I am today.

I feel much better now, so yay for that and hopefully I'll be back in due time with my usual happy, overexcited, probably screaming-about-good-food posts!!

Oh yes, and the making-of #shootfood post too, look forward to that!

I am gonna cry ughhhh I miss filming and I miss all the cast and crew's cute little faces booooo :'(((

Take careeeeeee ily xoxo

Friday, 19 September 2014

UPDATE: All Dem #shootfood Feels...

Hello, you adorable dumpling~ ❤

I haven't been able to find time to sit down and blog this past week due to my production commitments.

For the past three days I've been springing up from bed at about six in the morning, going for filming which usually ends some time in the evening, then coming home, getting all showered and clean, stuffing some food down my gullet with my eyes already half closed, then collapsing onto my wonderfully comfortable bed, completely plum-tuckered out.

I've barely even had time to go on Facebook to play Criminal Case lmao, and that's pretty serious considering the fact that I am totally obsessed with that game. (HIGHEST LEVEL AMONG ALL MY FB FRIENDS, NBD.)

There is a pretty fun and exciting blog post (about cafe-hopping and karaoke, wow much funzxc) which is currently in the process of being drafted, but it's rather lengthy and has more than 50 photos (not even kidding, good luck to me) so I doubt that I'd be able to get it done for at least another week or so, and I really didn't want my previous post to be the first thing people saw when they came to my blog ahahahaha.

(and just in case you were wondering...the crush has not fizzled out at all. if anything, it has strengthened and intensified about tenfold over the course of one week, and feels more and more "real" as days go by. help me please. *internal screaming*)

Anyways, tomorrow is officially the last day of production. Technically we wrapped last night, but tomorrow we'll only be doing one scene, which is a reshoot because of audio problems that came up in the first time round.

I am not ready for this project to end :((

Not gonna lie, when I was first approached to act in this web series I just said yes because I love acting and it sounded like an awesome way for me to pass time during my semester break which I'd probably spend doing absolutely nothing but rotting in bed using the computer for 18 hours straight anyway.

But...throughout the course of production I've just had such an amazing time, and I feel that this six-day period is gonna really stick with me for the rest of my life.


From here on out, every time I walk past Shrove Tuesday café, or approach Braddell or Serangoon MRT station (fun fact, prior to this production i have NEVER in my life been to or even near Braddell, and the only time i'd ever been to Serangoon was when i visited my secondary school teacher for chinese new year, and that was almost half a decade ago hahaha), or listen to any songs by 9MUSES or on Ariana Grande's My Everything album (this was unintentional, but for some reason i've been looping the crap outta this selection of songs for the past week. I AM SO MADLY IN LOVE WITH THEM UGHHHH), or even put on any of the outfits that I've worn for this production (ranging from five to eight costume changes per day of filming, you can imagine that it makes up like 70% of my sad little wardrobe lol), I will be transported back to this era of my life.

Yes, I get that all good things must come to an end, but I just can't help the fact that I've developed a substantial sense of emotional attachment to all the people and places that were involved in this production!!

Anyways, I was originally intending to post all the photos I took during the process and tell you alllll about how super fun and awesome each day was for me, but I looked through my gallery and there are probably 30+ pictures that I'm gonna post and it's currently 3 in the morning and I've to be up and at 'em in like three hours so...AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT hahaha.

I promise to write a legit blog post on my experience working on #shootfood, and if I fail to deliver on that promise I'm just gonna come back to this post and delete this sentence lmao.

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and I hope you have as much fun as I'm sure to have tomorrow!

(we are having a wrap party - with like, food wraps - to celebrate wrapping up on filming! lol kill me now pls that's effing hilarious)

(hope i don't start bawling tomorrow from being overly attached to a goddamn web series production omg. wish me luck!!)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Girl Crush.

I don't usually post these highly personal, "diary-like" entries on my blog, but these thoughts and feelings have been bubbling within me over the past day and ESPECIALLY intensely in about the past eight hours or so, hence I've decided to pour my heart out through this virtual medium.

Here goes.

I love guys, everyone knows this. I consider myself to be just about as straight as they come, and I have given it some thought in the past, but I really doubt that I am bisexual.

However, every once in a blue moon, and often seemingly out of nowhere, I develop strong feelings of both attraction and affection towards a fellow female. (<- oxymoron hahahaha)

And I know the title can be rather misleading, but I am not talking about your average girl crushes which are totally common and completely normal.

"Girl crush" is a term mainly used to describe girls whom other girls greatly admire and sometimes even idolise. They could be female celebrities, or even regular ladies from a girl's everyday life. (Jenna Marbles made a hilarious video in which she discussed the concept of girl crushes in great detail, you should go check it out!)

I know I have plenty of these sorts of girl crushes.

I could probably give you a list of names right off the bat of female celebs whom I love so much and always refer to as my "wife" and so forth.

But the crush I'm talking about isn't like, say, Ariana Grande or Iggy Azalea, both superstars whom I absolutely adore but I know that they're just idols and nothing more (wow that rhymed). In fact, it even differs from people whom I have felt a connection with, even though they're just celebs or even fictional characters. For example, Poussey Washington (played by the amazingly beautiful Samira Wiley, and whom i gushed about endlessly in this post), or like...Asa Akira lol (please don't judge me hahahaha).

In terms of people in real life, my peers know that I have no qualms going up to a female friend and telling them how amazing I think their booty is, or how their face looks so beautiful I just want to stroke it ever so gently for three hours straight. (both real examples, just fyi)

The thing is, for these "girl crushes", I 100% am sure that I regard them as just a friend whom I happen to be close enough with to openly joke about such things.

In these cases, I know that I have no sexual attraction to them whatsoever, and my praises and comments, despite sounding rather suggestive and might even be alarming to some, are usually just honest observations and actually pretty objective.

What I'm trying to say through this post today is...this is a legit crush. On a girl.

And it's only the second time this has happened to me in my entire life thus far, the very first time being in 2011 (of course i remember the specifics, since it was a first in my life not to mention i was freaking out at the time lmao) when one of my close girl friends revealed to me that she was actually a lesbian.

Nothing unusual happened after her confession, I gave her a hug and told her that I still love and accept her for who she is, as I do to all of my friends who have come out to me as homosexual/bisexual.

But...that night I couldn't stop thinking about her in a totally different light hahahaha. Apparently I developed crazily intense feelings for her, feelings that are more than what you would have towards just a friend.

Long story short, I freaked myself out completely and I was unable to look her in the eye throughout that period of time or even hear her voice coz back then, although it was just a crush, all I could think of was OMG I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU PLEASE STOP BEING SO CLOSE TO ME AND MAKING ME EVEN MORE INFATUATED WITH YOU.

Anddd...after about three days to a week, the feelings dissipated and we went back to being just normal friends hahahaha. Yep I made it out to sound like such a big deal when in actual fact this "crush" of mine lasted for less than 10 days. But the feelings I was experiencing were hella strong ok!!

She didn't even know anything was up with me until I told her about the whole episode many months after it happened, and trust me when I say we both laughed our asses off over it hahaha. And in case you were curious, she is now one of my closest friends ever in the whole wide world, and I really treasure her so much :))

Okay anyway...enough about all this blabbering. The reason behind this whole damn post today in the first place...the girl

Oh my god I am squealingggggg.

I only just met her like, literally a day ago (can't reveal much more as i've probably already said too much and i genuinely hope that no one who might know who i'm referring to, or even the girl herself omg, reads my blog otherwise i'm as good as dead) but the moment I saw her I was like, woaaah. I seriously had to take a step back, calibrate, and tell myself to keep calm and carry on with my life as per normal, which seemed kinda tricky at first after meeting this amaaazing girl.

I'm gonna try not to gush and rave too much about her, but she is honestly so gorgeous, adorable, sweet, kind, funny, and just uber pleasant to be around.

But the real kicker lies in the fact that for some reason which I've yet to be able to pinpoint, she stands out as being a person who is perfectly attractive, to me.

And yes, I do realize that "perfect" is a really strong word to use and I've never really used that to describe someone seriously (i mean obviously this is different from me saying like for example, how i think Chanyeol is perfect and amazing, because he is an idol. you get it right?) before but when I look at her, it's just like. Her as a whole, looks and feels perfect.

And let me just tell you right now that I've honestly never felt this way about anyone else, be it any of the guy crushes whom I've had over the years.

Usually I like someone for a few particular aspects, like for instance they have great muscular arms and nice tanned skin but I don't necessarily fancy their face and I don't find their personality all that appealing (i sound like such a massive bitch right now lol but i'm trying to illustrate a point so please bear with me).

Whereas this girl...literally every aspect of her just blows me away. Her face, her body, her character. And yes I am aware of the fact that I'm being creepy as fuck now describing her this way AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Please kill me if I'm ever found out to be saying all these things about her lmao.

She is so, so, so, so, SO, cute. Like, REALLY cute. Ridiculously cute.

And her voice, oh my godddd.


I wouldn't be able to explain it fully or single out one main reason why I find her to be so "perfect", but all I know is when I look at her, something just clicks.

And I'm not gonna lie, I caught myself stealing glances at her on numerous occasions during the time we've spent together (in a group) so far hahahaha. Hope I didn't/don't get caught :X

Alrighty this post was probably super boring and creepy for you to have read, but it's mostly a personal entry which allows me to log my current thoughts and emotions so that one day I can revisit this post and just piss myself from laughing at all the ridiculous and disgusting things that I've written today.

And let's be honest (lezbehonest loll), this "crush" is probably gonna fizzle and die out within less than a week, and hopefully I'd still get to become friends with this girl and we could perhaps slowly become closer to one another because she is seriously such an adorable lil sweetheart...and UGH, I just wanna cuddle her in soft blankets and drink hot cocoa with her and watch movies in the dark and maybe peck her on the cheek and like...umm.


(i'm totally straight i swear)

Saturday, 6 September 2014


In what is probably a new record even for me, today's post is going to be about an event that took place more than a year ago.

Part of the reason why these pics have been sitting in my blog drafts for so long, all edited and ready to go but never given the time of day where I sat down to write out the full entry and hit publish, is because... I miss the day so much :')

It was the time my family and I had dinner at The Platypus Kitchen @ Bugis Junction, only the second time since first discovering the wonderful restaurant on this glorious day back in 2012.

To be honest the food there isn't even that extravagantly priced, but for some reason in my mind it's one of the fanciest eateries that I've been to in the whole of Singapore hahahaha.

Please don't judge me ._.

I enjoyed this meal so much that my head was positively spinning, and I knew that it was a special treat so it probably wouldn't happen again anytime soon. True enough, I have not visited the restaurant since then :((

(if i were to be brought there on a first date i'd probably die hahahahaha)

(not that i'd be trying to make my date pay for my fancy ass food)

(i pay for my own shit bruh)

(#missindependent lmao)


Anyway, the other reason why I was a bit hesitant on whether or not I should post this was because the photos taken are, as you are about to see, of a pretty shitty quality.

It was before I got my spanking new camera and apart from having to make do with my crummy phone camera (no offence lol), the lighting in the restaurant was also fairly dim.

Therefore, please pardon the miserable quality of the photos, which totally do not do the beautiful and amazing dishes justice btw, and enjoy :))

Oh yes I edited these pics months and months ago when I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to go on Photoshop to add the names of each dish in fancy font hahaha.

SUPER FREAKING DELICIOUS. I'm sure that I'm overreacting and being slightly biased because I just love this restaurant so much, but these fruity iced teas are legitimately one of the most delicious and ultra refreshing beverages to have been introduced to my life thus far.

*sheds a tear*

Yes I am getting emotional over drinks. Just wait til we get to the actual food dishes, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Pomegranate tea (which was mine), had lil bits of pomegranate arils/seeds sitting at the bottom of the glass! Yumz.

This soup was just about as rich and creamy as you could imagine.

Really robust notes of woody mushroom in every spoonful, love love love it!

Pumpkin soup was equally as exquisite.

Luxuriously rich and reminiscent of autumn flavours :))

Also, you know your bowl of soup is gonna be fancy and delicious as hell when it comes with a gourmet style drizzle and swirl of cream to top it off!

Alright, here come the main dishes.

Y'all better grab on to your seats coz shit is about to get serious here.

Gnocchi is not just a hella exotic form of pasta (though technically they are considered as more of a kind of dumpling) but also super duper interesting to eat and ridiculously fun to chew on.

Like. Chew chew chew chew om nom nom nom. What's there not to like?!!

Beef ragu sauce was superb and the smell alone sent me into a frenzy. I simply adore meat sauces, oh my goodness.

Also, I seriously love how they garnish their dishes with fluffy paper-thin shreds of cheese as well as the daintiest little herbs ever! So beautiful. Look at all the colours on the plate, goddamn.

Here's my dish, and I was feeling kinda adventurous and wanted to try sort of an unconventional pasta dish, but this really caught my eye coz I've alway wanted to try prosciutto ham for the very first time and see how it tastes like!

It was...extremely salty and quite hard to chew HAHAHAHA.

Now if you know me you'd know that I have a pretty big salt tooth; I love drowning my McDonald's french fries in their amazing salt (i used to go two packets per serving of fries but then i realized how high a risk i was at to have hypertension and so i'm now down to just one lol) and when I was a kid I could have nothing but a bowl of plain white rice flooded with soy sauce for dinner. Well, this prosciutto ham was way too salty even for me!

It was balanced out slightly by the nice rocket leaves (as well as chugging my delicious fruity iced tea), but still it was very overpowering and truth be told I didn't enjoy eating it very much at all. Could hardly finish the plate on my own :((

Other than that, the truffle mushrooms were lovely, and tucked nicely underneath all the ham and salad was actually a small bundle of beautifully cooked, al dente fettuccine (or some other form of long and thick pasta noodle, i'm not too sure).

If I remember correctly, one of the very friendly staff members came by our table to check how our meal was going and also to let us know that their pastas are all freshly handmade in the restaurant each day (!!). I could definitely taste the sheer quality and freshness in the pasta they used in all the dishes, that's for sure.

The taste, texture, and mouthfeel all have a significant difference and trump any store-bought brand you can think of!

This, my dear friends, is the dish that my sister got and can I just say. *sniffles* It. Was. SO. GOOD!!!!!!!!

I'm a huge, HUUUGE fan of carbonara and I find that it is rather hard to mess up such a wonderful gastronomic creation.

Even the cheapo $5 plate of carbonara I've had from the 24-hour coffee shop near my house is pretty decent.

But this...hoo mai god.

Let me just tell you.

The truffle cream sauce. Will blow your mind.

Upon first taste, you will start questioning whether it was worth it to eat any other kind of food prior to this terrific explosion of flavours in your mouth. Your tastebuds will be so grateful to you that you will almost be able to feel them trying to sprout out and give you a hug. (well okay that was a gross visual)

The bacon bits are exquisitely panfried, crispy, and exude just the most hypnotising fragrance that you will ever experience in this lifetime. Yes. Bacon smell. It will make your head spin. Also, the strong savouriness of the bacon swirled in with the rich creamy flavours of the's just beautiful :')

Not to mention the blanket of fluffy cheese shavings and aromatic herbs which envelop the freshly prepared, al dente pasta.

Nothing but a plate of pure pasta perfection.

Yes, I am crazy indeed.

Crazy for pasta.

:') <3

And last but not least, well, maybe it is indeed least appealing to me since after all I am tragically allergic to fish (i feel like this is the 76th time i am typing out this statement on my blog...if you've read more than three of my food-related posts you probably already learned this about me and are rolling your eyes over how much i keep harping on this wretched allergy of mine, and i do apologise but it is necessary for clarification purposes) and hence I was not able to enjoy this dish.

But just the visual really is a feast for the eyes!

And judging by the looks of it, the sizeable slab of salmon looks wonderfully executed. I mean come on, just look at that gorgeous black to gray gradient traveling from left to right on the crisp salmon skin!

Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind sacrificing an allergic reaction to try this dish just one time...That does it! The next time I have the fortune to dine at The Platypus Kitchen again, I am going to charge in, armed with a good handful of antihistamines, and I will order this tantalising chunk of salmon! And nothing is going to stop me, not even the very high possibility of me getting swollen lips, an itchy throat, nausea, and stomach cramps!

Good night, my friends.

And wish me luck for when it really happens.