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In what is probably a new record even for me, today's post is going to be about an event that took place more than a year ago.

Part of the reason why these pics have been sitting in my blog drafts for so long, all edited and ready to go but never given the time of day where I sat down to write out the full entry and hit publish, is because... I miss the day so much :')

It was the time my family and I had dinner at The Platypus Kitchen @ Bugis Junction, only the second time since first discovering the wonderful restaurant on this glorious day back in 2012.

To be honest the food there isn't even that extravagantly priced, but for some reason in my mind it's one of the fanciest eateries that I've been to in the whole of Singapore hahahaha.

Please don't judge me ._.

I enjoyed this meal so much that my head was positively spinning, and I knew that it was a special treat so it probably wouldn't happen again anytime soon. True enough, I have not visited the restaurant since then :((

(if i were to be brought there on a first date i'd probably die hahahahaha)

(not that i'd be trying to make my date pay for my fancy ass food)

(i pay for my own shit bruh)

(#missindependent lmao)


Anyway, the other reason why I was a bit hesitant on whether or not I should post this was because the photos taken are, as you are about to see, of a pretty shitty quality.

It was before I got my spanking new camera and apart from having to make do with my crummy phone camera (no offence lol), the lighting in the restaurant was also fairly dim.

Therefore, please pardon the miserable quality of the photos, which totally do not do the beautiful and amazing dishes justice btw, and enjoy :))

Oh yes I edited these pics months and months ago when I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to go on Photoshop to add the names of each dish in fancy font hahaha.

SUPER FREAKING DELICIOUS. I'm sure that I'm overreacting and being slightly biased because I just love this restaurant so much, but these fruity iced teas are legitimately one of the most delicious and ultra refreshing beverages to have been introduced to my life thus far.

*sheds a tear*

Yes I am getting emotional over drinks. Just wait til we get to the actual food dishes, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Pomegranate tea (which was mine), had lil bits of pomegranate arils/seeds sitting at the bottom of the glass! Yumz.

This soup was just about as rich and creamy as you could imagine.

Really robust notes of woody mushroom in every spoonful, love love love it!

Pumpkin soup was equally as exquisite.

Luxuriously rich and reminiscent of autumn flavours :))

Also, you know your bowl of soup is gonna be fancy and delicious as hell when it comes with a gourmet style drizzle and swirl of cream to top it off!

Alright, here come the main dishes.

Y'all better grab on to your seats coz shit is about to get serious here.

Gnocchi is not just a hella exotic form of pasta (though technically they are considered as more of a kind of dumpling) but also super duper interesting to eat and ridiculously fun to chew on.

Like. Chew chew chew chew om nom nom nom. What's there not to like?!!

Beef ragu sauce was superb and the smell alone sent me into a frenzy. I simply adore meat sauces, oh my goodness.

Also, I seriously love how they garnish their dishes with fluffy paper-thin shreds of cheese as well as the daintiest little herbs ever! So beautiful. Look at all the colours on the plate, goddamn.

Here's my dish, and I was feeling kinda adventurous and wanted to try sort of an unconventional pasta dish, but this really caught my eye coz I've alway wanted to try prosciutto ham for the very first time and see how it tastes like!

It was...extremely salty and quite hard to chew HAHAHAHA.

Now if you know me you'd know that I have a pretty big salt tooth; I love drowning my McDonald's french fries in their amazing salt (i used to go two packets per serving of fries but then i realized how high a risk i was at to have hypertension and so i'm now down to just one lol) and when I was a kid I could have nothing but a bowl of plain white rice flooded with soy sauce for dinner. Well, this prosciutto ham was way too salty even for me!

It was balanced out slightly by the nice rocket leaves (as well as chugging my delicious fruity iced tea), but still it was very overpowering and truth be told I didn't enjoy eating it very much at all. Could hardly finish the plate on my own :((

Other than that, the truffle mushrooms were lovely, and tucked nicely underneath all the ham and salad was actually a small bundle of beautifully cooked, al dente fettuccine (or some other form of long and thick pasta noodle, i'm not too sure).

If I remember correctly, one of the very friendly staff members came by our table to check how our meal was going and also to let us know that their pastas are all freshly handmade in the restaurant each day (!!). I could definitely taste the sheer quality and freshness in the pasta they used in all the dishes, that's for sure.

The taste, texture, and mouthfeel all have a significant difference and trump any store-bought brand you can think of!

This, my dear friends, is the dish that my sister got and can I just say. *sniffles* It. Was. SO. GOOD!!!!!!!!

I'm a huge, HUUUGE fan of carbonara and I find that it is rather hard to mess up such a wonderful gastronomic creation.

Even the cheapo $5 plate of carbonara I've had from the 24-hour coffee shop near my house is pretty decent.

But this...hoo mai god.

Let me just tell you.

The truffle cream sauce. Will blow your mind.

Upon first taste, you will start questioning whether it was worth it to eat any other kind of food prior to this terrific explosion of flavours in your mouth. Your tastebuds will be so grateful to you that you will almost be able to feel them trying to sprout out and give you a hug. (well okay that was a gross visual)

The bacon bits are exquisitely panfried, crispy, and exude just the most hypnotising fragrance that you will ever experience in this lifetime. Yes. Bacon smell. It will make your head spin. Also, the strong savouriness of the bacon swirled in with the rich creamy flavours of the's just beautiful :')

Not to mention the blanket of fluffy cheese shavings and aromatic herbs which envelop the freshly prepared, al dente pasta.

Nothing but a plate of pure pasta perfection.

Yes, I am crazy indeed.

Crazy for pasta.

:') <3

And last but not least, well, maybe it is indeed least appealing to me since after all I am tragically allergic to fish (i feel like this is the 76th time i am typing out this statement on my blog...if you've read more than three of my food-related posts you probably already learned this about me and are rolling your eyes over how much i keep harping on this wretched allergy of mine, and i do apologise but it is necessary for clarification purposes) and hence I was not able to enjoy this dish.

But just the visual really is a feast for the eyes!

And judging by the looks of it, the sizeable slab of salmon looks wonderfully executed. I mean come on, just look at that gorgeous black to gray gradient traveling from left to right on the crisp salmon skin!

Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind sacrificing an allergic reaction to try this dish just one time...That does it! The next time I have the fortune to dine at The Platypus Kitchen again, I am going to charge in, armed with a good handful of antihistamines, and I will order this tantalising chunk of salmon! And nothing is going to stop me, not even the very high possibility of me getting swollen lips, an itchy throat, nausea, and stomach cramps!

Good night, my friends.

And wish me luck for when it really happens.


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  1. I hope you can convince your family to go to Platypus Kitchen. Maybe a special occasion could be a good excuse to go again. I never thought to put more salt on McDonald's French fries, I always thought they had enough salt. It's good that you reduced your salt packets to one. For tit for tat, when it comes to the weird stakes, I'll admit that I use to put six sugars in my milo when I was a teenager. I now only put one sugar but I know that putting sugar in milo can be seen as weird by some.
    As I read a lot of your food posts, I'm use to seeing the disclaimer about you being allergic to fish. I understand why you need to do that as a new reader could be reading your post. I constantly mention in all my blog posts about how I'm a new teacher because there might be a new reader out there who doesn't know my background.