Friday, 19 September 2014

UPDATE: All Dem #shootfood Feels...

Hello, you adorable dumpling~ ❤

I haven't been able to find time to sit down and blog this past week due to my production commitments.

For the past three days I've been springing up from bed at about six in the morning, going for filming which usually ends some time in the evening, then coming home, getting all showered and clean, stuffing some food down my gullet with my eyes already half closed, then collapsing onto my wonderfully comfortable bed, completely plum-tuckered out.

I've barely even had time to go on Facebook to play Criminal Case lmao, and that's pretty serious considering the fact that I am totally obsessed with that game. (HIGHEST LEVEL AMONG ALL MY FB FRIENDS, NBD.)

There is a pretty fun and exciting blog post (about cafe-hopping and karaoke, wow much funzxc) which is currently in the process of being drafted, but it's rather lengthy and has more than 50 photos (not even kidding, good luck to me) so I doubt that I'd be able to get it done for at least another week or so, and I really didn't want my previous post to be the first thing people saw when they came to my blog ahahahaha.

(and just in case you were wondering...the crush has not fizzled out at all. if anything, it has strengthened and intensified about tenfold over the course of one week, and feels more and more "real" as days go by. help me please. *internal screaming*)

Anyways, tomorrow is officially the last day of production. Technically we wrapped last night, but tomorrow we'll only be doing one scene, which is a reshoot because of audio problems that came up in the first time round.

I am not ready for this project to end :((

Not gonna lie, when I was first approached to act in this web series I just said yes because I love acting and it sounded like an awesome way for me to pass time during my semester break which I'd probably spend doing absolutely nothing but rotting in bed using the computer for 18 hours straight anyway.

But...throughout the course of production I've just had such an amazing time, and I feel that this six-day period is gonna really stick with me for the rest of my life.


From here on out, every time I walk past Shrove Tuesday café, or approach Braddell or Serangoon MRT station (fun fact, prior to this production i have NEVER in my life been to or even near Braddell, and the only time i'd ever been to Serangoon was when i visited my secondary school teacher for chinese new year, and that was almost half a decade ago hahaha), or listen to any songs by 9MUSES or on Ariana Grande's My Everything album (this was unintentional, but for some reason i've been looping the crap outta this selection of songs for the past week. I AM SO MADLY IN LOVE WITH THEM UGHHHH), or even put on any of the outfits that I've worn for this production (ranging from five to eight costume changes per day of filming, you can imagine that it makes up like 70% of my sad little wardrobe lol), I will be transported back to this era of my life.

Yes, I get that all good things must come to an end, but I just can't help the fact that I've developed a substantial sense of emotional attachment to all the people and places that were involved in this production!!

Anyways, I was originally intending to post all the photos I took during the process and tell you alllll about how super fun and awesome each day was for me, but I looked through my gallery and there are probably 30+ pictures that I'm gonna post and it's currently 3 in the morning and I've to be up and at 'em in like three hours so...AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT hahaha.

I promise to write a legit blog post on my experience working on #shootfood, and if I fail to deliver on that promise I'm just gonna come back to this post and delete this sentence lmao.

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and I hope you have as much fun as I'm sure to have tomorrow!

(we are having a wrap party - with like, food wraps - to celebrate wrapping up on filming! lol kill me now pls that's effing hilarious)

(hope i don't start bawling tomorrow from being overly attached to a goddamn web series production omg. wish me luck!!)

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