Sunday, 26 October 2014

ANTM!! *screams*

I was planning on posting a blog entry about my Perth trip (which was many, MANY months ago...) because I've been missing it so damn much these past few weeks or so. However, I spent the entire weekend procrastinating as usual (long weekend actually, HELL YESSS) and binge-watching every episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 there is so far.

My gosh, haven't been into ANTM since like, Cycle 14. Which was a whopping four years ago, fyi!!

Really takes me back to those times (mostly during my early teenhood) where I was madly obsessed with everything about the series. And yes, I do mean OBSESSED.

Apart from watching and re-watching every episode like a maniac, I went online and researched all of the contestants, finding great joy in seeing their modelling work pre-ANTM.

I also made it a point to memorise the FULL names of all the girls (i don't even know why, but i would test my memory every day by reciting their names while i was IN THE SHOWER. realizing how weird and creepy that is...oh god).

And, seeing as it was my "graphic design phase" (i spent countless hours toying around with this graphic editing software called GIMP. it's like the poor man's version of Photoshop, totally free and pretty awesome to use. go check it out!), I also created dozens of graphics featuring the models on the show. Everything from my own custom-made display pictures for MSN Messenger (yes, it was THAT long ago), to fancy edits of the pictures taken during their actual photoshoots, which I would then post on my blog (not this one, my horrific teenage one. it was so awful i deleted every single bit of it, no one should EVER be subjected to the trauma that is reading what my disgusting, Ah Lian phase teenage self had to say).

Ahh, such fun times.

(okay after typing all that, i seemed to recall that i've mentioned my ANTM obsession on this blog before and true enough...there is lmao. written more than two years ago, wow)


I'll be back with a new, legit post some time soon haha. Forever torn between attending to the Perth posts, Penang posts, and just posts about everyday life (which is mainly about school, seeing as i've now been spending majority of my waking hours there) first.

We shall see!!


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