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Fullhouse Cafe @ Times Square (Georgetown, Penang)

So, my trip to Penang earlier this year was from 13th to 18th April.

It was definitely an exciting getaway filled with discovery, amusement, and a whole lot of indulging in good food every single day.

Unfortunately, my lazy ass has only gotten to posting just one measly entry about the wonderful trip, and that was published five months ago. *hangs head in shame*

I know it's probably kinda silly to blog about it now seeing as it has already been so long past (although come to think of it, that is kinda my usual style of writing about events that have transpired months and months ago...), but I felt super nostalgic when I was in the shower listening to my music playlist, and "Go Away" by C-Clown came on.

Like, oh my goodness. All those memories!!

This k-pop song was pretty much all I listened to during my stay in Penang, along with "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne. Both amazing songs btw, you should definitely go check them out!! Music is food for the soul~~~

I had just discovered these two songs and what I tend to do with new songs that I like is to keep listening to them on loop, over and over again until I finally get tired of them after a certain number of days/weeks/even months hahaha.


Today, I'm gonna be talking about Fullhouse Café! It's situated at Penang Times Square, a shopping mall which is actually attached to Birch Plaza, the apartment we were staying at. So we could basically just take the lift to go downstairs and walk right into the awesome shopping and dining haven!! Super convenient, I loved it so much :))

As you can see, the entrance to the cafe alone is super girly and pretty. Fullhouse is actually a themed cafe, with a white, princess-y design and concept which you are soon about to see!

This post is rather picture-intensive, and you are hereby warned that the photos are all gorgeous (because the place itself is gorgeous...not that i'm calling myself a great photographer or anything...ahem.) and if you're a typical girly girl, you are probably gonna squeal in excitement at least one or five times.

Are you ready?

BOOM. First thing you see when you walk into the cafe, a beautiful space decked out in fake grass walls and carpeting, with a pure white chariot, cute metal sheep, and a grand chandelier to top it all off.

If you happen to be a fan of chandeliers, hoo boy. Hold onto your chair coz this place is gonna be your DREAM. COME. TRUE. Lots more chandeliers await.

Walk into the dining area itself, your mind will instantly be blown. You will stand there, in that enormous space that looks like a wonderland in real life, jaw probably already dropped to the beautiful hardwood ground. Take it all in. This is real, this is happening.

What did I just say about chandeliers?! It' beautiful. So grand. :')) So bright, too. Don't stare straight into it for too long!!

Even the sofas look so luxe and royal. I want one too, please. With red cushioning!! *drools*

Oh yes can we please address the fact that this already huge space has a SECOND FLOOR?!! Oh, my word! Not to mention the fact that beautiful stairwells thrill me to no end to begin with.

If you have stairs within your home, first of all you're fancy as hell and secondly YOU NEED TO INVITE ME TO YOUR HOUSE like, you don't even have to serve me water and entertain me I'll just spend my entire time there climbing up and rolling down your awesome staircase over and over again.

Not even joking right now.

Oh my god if your stairs are carpeted, EVEN BETTER.

Call me, please.

The colour and font choice for the banner was rather tacky...but whatevs. I mean I personally would've gone for slightly more neutral tones, perhaps pastel shades of pink and some tan or cream to fit in with the rest of the decor. And a more minimalistic yet classy font but...yeah okay I'll stop now.

Although, think about how totally BOMBASTIC it would be to throw a party over here. Like, a girly princess-themed birthday bash, or a hen night/bachelorette party with a fairytale feel. OMG, FUN!!

Basically the whole damn cafe would be yours coz you'd book the entire place and you could decorate it in your own special style and HOLY CRAP IT WOULD BE SO FUN. YES PLEASE.

Tragically, the upstairs section was closed for whatever unknown reason :'(((((

I would've loved to just prance up and down the stairs and pretend I was in some Romeo and Juliet-esque fairytale love story, leaning forward from the railings above and peering into the distance for my Prince Charming to appear.

Okay you know what on second thought maybe it wouldn't have been such a good idea for me to have access to the staircases and upper floor after all.

I probably would've gone crazy and galloped about, maybe even screaming slightly I don't know. I find it hard to control my excitement sometimes...


Here is a pretty wall of clocks. I'm very upset okay every visible corner of this cafe is so painfully gorgeous and looks like a scene straight out of Pet Society. Remember? The Facebook game? I spent way more time playing it than I'd like to admit...

(including one night before my exams where i stayed up til 4AM earning coins by going fishing and subsequently selling my fish, instead of actually revising in preparation for my paper the next day. please don't tell my mum.)

(image source: Google)

At the time, Pet Society was supposedly more important than my future. *deep sigh*


Beautiful shelves perfectly lined with adorable little potted plants and quaint white lamps.

I love how everything is so crazily organised and neatly arranged. MY OCD SENSES BE MAD TINGLING, Y'ALL.

There was this shelf that was just filled with all sorts of cute knick-knacks like these awesome vintage drink can telephones. Hoooo mai god this is so freaking cool I am close to tears.

Pretty sure that when I'm grown up and (fairly) rich with my own house I'll just become an all-out hoarder and collect a bunch of completely useless yet strangely fascinating objects like the above funky ornaments.

Holy crap I am looking forward to that happening.

The stack of basic Ikea baby high chairs injects a dose of mundanity back into this post, but in general this scene still looks amazing because of the gorgeous vintage drawers and cabinets, beautiful dainty wall-mounted lighting, crisp and clean white decor and even the little details like the pretty potted flowers and framed photographs on the wall.

Breathtakingly gorgeous flower arrangement. It looks so regal, oh my god. I love the little wheel-y thing on the left with difference compartments for you to store your things. It's so pretty and like, omg I really want one.

Alright we are nearing the end of this cafe tour lmao hang in there! But seriously though, this place is freaking huge like damn.

This is the spot where we ended up sitting. I'm not sure if you've picked up on this through all the photos you've seen up til now, but the cafe was pretty much completely empty. Like, there was literally not a single patron there except for myself, my mum and my sister. It was probably just as well because I was snapping pictures like a maniac and also ooh-ing and ahh-ing non-stop as if I've just emerged from the hole in the ground where I live and have never seen a pretty cafe in my whole damn life. The one waitress there was kinda judging me though lol.

But yeah, I have no idea why it was so quiet and empty because this place is COOL AS HELL.

Okay so this right here is their menu, and prepare yourself right now coz I am gonna start legitimately SCREAMING about how awesome it is. Ready?

So yeah this ain't your typical, boring ass, BASIC menu, alright?

This right here, is like an entire booklet, filled with adorable cartoon illustrations, information about the cafe, even COMICS, and of course, the food that they serve (duh).

But instead of just names and a couple of plain ol' pictures...



HOW CUTE IS THIS???!?!!!!!!?!?!?!

I almost lost my damn mind when I saw this, I shit you not. I came very close to snapping a picture of every goddamn page there was, because the illustrations are just so fantastic it brings tears to my eyes.

Everything looked incredible and I didn't even care if the actual food looks like a pile of fresh turds when they serve it, I'll just be content staring at the beauty in all these drawings while gobbling it up.

So, SO pretty. Ugh. I can't. I just can't.

Alrighty, now comes the FOOD part of this post. FINALLY, am I right?

Let us see if the actual food itself is as flawless and amazing as the rest of this magnificent cafe.


A nice and cooling refreshment, the best way to quench your thirst on a hot sunny day :))

And the colour is just perfect, my goodness.

Also, can you please look at how even the lil beverage stirrer is straight up ADORBZ. Man, they are seriously tryna kill people with the overwhelming levels of cuteness.

OK OK EVERYBODY STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW. Wait okay the thing you're doing now is probably reading this post in which case please continue to read on but yeah. THIS, RIGHT HERE, IS STRAIGHT UP ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING BEVERAGES I'VE HAD IN MY CLOSE TO NINETEEN YEARS OF EXISTENCE ON THIS PLANET, NO LIE.

Now, y'all know that I loved teh ping (otherwise known as milk tea) like cray cray, right? Well. This, my friend, is a delicious mini jug of ROASTED. MILK. TEA.

Das right. MILK TEA. THAT'S ROASTED. ROASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As in like, the tea leaves were roasted. Yep.


The roasted flavour is really robust and intense, and it tastes like the Hong Kong style of milk tea that I love so much, but about three billion times better. It's like NEXT LEVEL teh ping goodness.

I was so in love <3

After my first sip I began bouncing up and down the seat and my mum yelled at me lmao IT WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY TASTY YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND UGHHH.

Oh yeah and there's bubbles/tapioca pearls in it too but ehh. I don't really fancy them so my sis pretty much ate them all hahaha.

Holy crap, it was a life-changing experience.

I swear y'all think I'm insane right now but if I could just harness the marvellous flavour of it and somehow let you have a taste through the internet, you would totes be screaming about it too.


Moving on to some mains, here we have a nice and simple pesto pasta dish tossed with some delicious BEEF BACON (pretty sure it was my first time trying that, cool cool~~) and my favourite, BLACK OLIVES. Yum yum <3

Basically anything and everything involving pesto is a clear winner, so there's really not much to say here :)

Next up we got tuna and cheese sandwiches with french fries! And a side salad too, but that's just lettuce leaves with a dash of vinaigrette so yeah.

I must say that the fries were SOOOOOOOO yummy. Really perfect; super crispy on the outside, hot and fluffy potato goodness on the inside. It's like, they were piping hot and ultra fresh, but not dripping with grease, you know? It almost seemed healthy hahaha. Almost.

The cheese on the sandwiches was delightfully charred, as you can see. But as far as the tuna goes...

kwa kwa kwaaaa~~

Ummm. I did not even know that it was physically possible to have such a ridiculously little amount of tuna in a sandwich that is supposed to have tuna as one of the two main ingredients. But okay then, it still tasted pretty decent.

And the fries were really fantastic so I'm willing to let this slide!

Now, up til this point everything has pretty much been a feast for the eyes. But unfortunately, I'm gonna have to throw in a really big boo-boo to end things off.

As we made our way to the cashier to pay for our very pleasant lunch indeed, there was a dessert display case and naturally, I was drawn to it and very tantalised by the sweet treats lying inside. The goodies ranged from tiramisu to matcha cakes, but what really caught my eye was...

(what is supposed to be) the creme brulee.

Ummm. Yeah not sure if they know how creme brulee is supposed to be like but it's definitely not THAT. Whatever lies on top is definitely not a caramelised layer of crackling sugar, by any means. In fact the one on the far right just looks plain vile.

Who knows, maybe it tastes really good? In which case I'm sure you could just distract yourself from the horrible visual by instead staring at the adorable illustrations in their legendary menu booklet.

Aight I'm really sorry that I had to finish things off on an...ugly note. Here is a photo of an absolutely breathtaking sunset to make up for it!

Simply stunning, ain't it?

This was the view from the living room window of the guest apartment we were staying at. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. The golden sunset, the vast mountains, the hustle and bustle of this wonderful little state.

I haven't done much traveling and I've yet to be able to experience any other parts of the world besides Singapore and Perth, and Penang is so much different from the both of them. And I must say, I really quite love it there :))

Which...brings me to my super sneaky announcement...


Hahahahahaha oh my goodness, I can't believe this is happening.

But yes, my mum booked a week-long trip there which was pretty last minute and caught me by surprise. But I definitely ain't complaining! I mean, it's not like I have a job or anything... *weeps at the thought of how i haven't been getting an income and have been dipping into my life savings to fund my daily fast food needs*


I'm actually flying tomorrow, or rather, in a few hours time.

Obviously I am hella excited because airports and airplane rides alone are like, two of the things that I love the most, EVER.

And what's even crazier is that we will be staying at the exact same apartment, WHEEEEEE~~!!

Idk man, other people might think it's boring but I'm honestly really looking forward to returning to all that familiarity. Which means seeing the sunset from the exact same spot, and going back to Fullhouse again to see how things have changed!!

You cannot even begin to imagine how thrilled I am to soon be reunited with my roasted milk tea, oh my goodness.

Hell, if they've taken that item off the menu (touch wood!), I am gonna freaking lose my shit.



Alrighty, I'm so so so excited not only to be embarking on this lovely adventure but also to be sharing it with you guys in due time!

I'll try to post short lil updates here if possible (although it's probably a safer bet that i'll update on my instagram instead). In the meantime, take care and I'll see you sooooooon~~!


P.S - This post was hella long I'm really proud of you for making it this far without quitting on me hur hur hur~

love ya bye! <3

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Penang. I hope you will be in good spirits when you return. I like the attention to detail that Fullhouse presented especially the menu. They must have a really dedicated owner. I'm glad that the food was good as sometimes stylish themed places have mediocre food.