Sunday, 19 October 2014


How do you like that new header, hmmm?

Decided it was finally time to retire my previous one, which has been up since the end of 2012.

To commemorate Simple Pastel Rainbow Header (Dec 2012 - Oct 2014), you've served us well :')

As you can see, the new one is still rainbow coloured, reason being that I simply love rainbows and also I'm too damn lazy to change up the colour scheme of all the other design elements on my blog hahahahahaha

I've jazzed it up a bit this time with a fancier font (coz puddingFANCY. hahahaha geddit? lol ok then.) and more notably, a watercolour texture!! :O *gasp*

Basically I was scrolling through various blogshops one day in TA class (coz i'm the best student ever and i pay full attention during every lesson. ahem.), and I came across the cutest little smartphone case EVER.

Unfortunately this happened a couple of months ago and I took a screenshot without the name of the blogshop being visible, so it has completely slipped my mind which website this is from!

Anyways, you see the one on the right with the adorable little whales? UGH IT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

And I was so drawn to it, in particular how nice the watercolour textured, non-outlined whale patterns looked over a solid background.

So one night when I was feeling extra creative (not to mention procrastinating doing any form of schoolwork whatsoever), I decided to hop onto Photoshop, source for a watercolour texture courtesy of none other than Google Images, slap on a rainbow gradient overlay and voila~! A beautiful new header :))

Well, I hope you guys find it beautiful too.

I mean, everyone has different tastes and all but it already appeals to me greatly coz I have a thing for watercolour textures and rainbows.

But overall, I think it looks rather...

...and I hope you think so too, teehee~~

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