Monday, 13 October 2014

Penang Adventures: Sushi & Dessert Party

I just returned from Penang last night, and I must say that I had an absolute blast, through and through.

Nothing fancy, pretty much just stuffing my face with incredible food non-stop every day since I'd arrived.

And I couldn't be happier :))

Just wanted to pop by and post a little update on something that happened one night and made me very, very happy.

On Tuesday, my family and I were out eating for pretty much the whole day, as well as getting some shopping done at a mall called 1st Avenue. And by shopping, I also mean getting a whole lot of takeaway for the rest of the night when we return home to the apartment we're temporarily staying at.

That's right.

More food.

My mum managed to bag some crazily affordable sushi at the supermarket ( like seriously though it was dirt cheap but still fancy and hell and tasted pretty darn good), some pizza, pasta, and desserts from Pizza Hut, and cakes from the bakery downstairs from Birch The Plaza (the name of our apartment rental).

When we got home late at night, we just laid all of the yummy food out onto the kitchen counter (which is totally gorgeous by the way, i love it and i definitely want one in my future home hahaha), sat on the awesome bar stools (which are fab and yes, i do want them in my future home as well lol), and indulged in the takeaway smorgasbord while chatting as a family and watching cable tv together (some weird dance movie starring BoA was on).

A simple night in with my beloved family, just talking and laughing while enjoying some lovely food. And I felt so thoroughly blessed and happy :))

This giant package of pick-and-mix sushi, all for only TEN RINGGIT.

Are you freaking serious right now?!!

To be it into context, that's less than about FOUR SINGAPORE DOLLARS, or 3.07 USD.


WHAT, NOW????!!?!?!!!?!?!?!

Here is a clearer picture of just how much sushi was bought for that meagre price, and not just plain and shitty sushi, too. As you can see, they're rather fancy and I can tell you right now that they tasted grrrrrrrreat.

Usually in Singapore they'd cost somewhere between $1 to $2, but if you do the math, the ones picture above are about 40 cents a piece??????!!!?!?!?!?!


Here are the ones I had, yo.

Egg & Cucumber Maki with Chilli Coating

I'm not sure if this is a Malaysia thing but the chilli powder they use is REEEALLY spicy. Like, seriously hot stuff.

I've been trying to train myself into being able to take spicier stuff, so I've just been dumping chilli into my food whenever possible like a freak and I usually put as much as three heaping tablespoonfuls of dried chilli flakes and chilli powder into my food when I'm at home (with access to a whole fridge of drinks to douse the fire, i'd be more restrained if i was eating in public hahaha).

However, the last time I was in Penang, I literally sprinkled about half a teaspoon of chilli powder over my cream pasta and my tongue proceeded to BURN and was numb for like, half an hour. No amount of soda, plain water, or other non-spicy foods, could put out the flames in my mouth. There were tears in my eyes and I'm pretty sure a good portion of my tastebuds died that day. RIP.

But yeah, the chilli on this sushi was hella strong too, and considering the amount on each thinly coated sushi, ie not a lot, my tastebuds were temporarily paralysed once again.

Mashed Crabstick(?) Inari Sushi

Not sure if it was mashed crabstick or some other form of seafood, but it was absolutely delicious regardless.

Basically everything with inari (sweet beancurd skins) tastes amazing, hands down no discussion needed.

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber Maki with Inari

What did I just say about inari?? Soooo yummy.

Tuna mayo is probably my favourite sushi filling, and I know it looks rather brownish and weird in the photo but really it was delicious so who cares hahaha

Grilled Salmon Sushi with Spiced Mayo Sauce

This is the star of the show, right here. Y'all ready?

Like, can you please just look at how beautiful it looks, just sitting there.

A delightful slab of fresh salmon, slathered with the tastiest spiced mayo concoction ever, and blasted with a blowtorch so that the salmon remains just a little bit raw and chewy in its semi-sashimi state, but still giving the sauce a truly delectable charred surface.

I'm actually allergic to sashimi (as well as smoked salmon, but not fried or poached salmon, oddly enough), but this was well worth it.

It is that good.

I didn't have this one but look how cute it is!!

It's a tiny baby temaki* awwww~~

*hand-rolled seaweed cone sushi

It's pretty simple, just two tiny sticks of crabsticks poked into it along with a brown rod of...something that I wasn't able to identify hahaha. Finished off with a smidgen of fish roe!

And now we move on to desserts!

First up from Pizza Hut we have...

Apple Crumble

Isn't the little tray just adorable?!!

It tasted fairly good for its price (4.90RM if i'm not wrong. or 4.50...either way it's less than two SGD!), and it even have raisins at the bottom! I happen to looooove raisins and let me just tell you when they're baked and have their juices caramelised, the results are simply MARVELLOUS.

I forgot to take a cross-section photo (lol) but it didn't look very pretty to be honest. It had waaaay too much pastry at the top and not even apple filling in the middle, but for some reason it still tastes great so ain't nobody complainin' teehee.

Alright alright alright, y'all ready for this next one?

Chocolate Lava Cake


Sinful. Indulgent. PERFECT.

I've had my fair share of lava cakes and let me just tell you, this one right here, was A-MAY-ZINGGGGGG.

I shit you not, probably up there in the Top 3 best lava cakes I've ever tasted in this lifetime. And for LESS THAN TWO DOLLARS!!!! WHAAAAAAT?!!!?!?!?

The cake was ridiculously soft, moist and spongey, with the perfect amount of chewiness. The oozing chocolate sauce was seriously OUT OF THIS WORLD. Very rich, intense chocolatey flavours. Soooo good. SO GOOD, I TELL YA!!

And most importantly, there was plenty of it to go around. I really hate it when choc lava cakes are like, 5% lava and 95% cake like, wtf is wrong wit chu.

But nah man, this one right here?


Here is a short video to help paint a better picture of just how insanely DIVINE this gosh darn cake is, my goodness.

You might want to brace yourself for the dripping chocolate part which comes on at around the halfway mark. That is pure CHOCOLATE SEX, right there.

Okay, we've almost reached the end of this post and, my dear friends, I have saved the best for last.

Rainbow Cake

Umm. What. Is This. BEAUTY. That lies in front of my very eyes??!

Such pretty pastel colours, gorgeous red-dyed coconut shreds, a classy shard of chocolate, and just the fluffiest vanilla sponge cake you can ever imagine.

How much do you think it costs?

A decent rainbow cake in any local cafe would cost up to, oh I don't know, like $6 and above? I mean, it's worth it for the priceless Instagram shot right?

By now you probably already noticed the pattern here in this post and are well aware that the price of the rainbow cake pictured above is gonna be ridonkulously low.


*clears throat*

It cost...5.50 ringgit.

In other words, SGD$2.14. may now proceed to scream and holler in disbelief.

From the bakery located downstairs from the apartment. Damn, if I wanted to I'd have been able to afford to buy like 28 whole cakes every day but I'm not really a cake person so yeah.

That's all for now, I'll see you all next time teeheeeeee~~


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  1. I'm glad that you are enjoying your holiday. I thought it was funny that you filmed the chocolate lava cake and added majestic music. I think you are right that there is an abundance of chocolate sauce in that cake which is a good thing.