Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fairywoods Patisserie

...aka the reason why I haven't been posting here in such a long time.

Apologies, my sweet peas, but this game has completely taken over my life in a pretty sad way.

Basically it's the type of game where you press a few buttons to have your "employees" "cook" food which is thereafter eaten by "customers" who come to your "patisserie". Similar games include Restaurant City and Cafe World, both of which are Facebook games and both of which I was severely addicted to at a certain point in my life.

(image source: google.com)

So many memories :'))

And by addicted, I mean spending a minimum of 80% of my waking hours playing the game, and going so far as to set alarms to wake up at three in the morning to serve my food so it doesn't rot and make all the money I used to buy the ingredients go to waste!

Yes, I am aware that I do need help.

Anyways, Fairywoods Patisserie is a LINE mobile game app which my sister has been bugging the absolute crap out of me to start playing since September or so, because she loves it so much but has no one playing it with her, visiting her patisserie and all that jazz.

I kept telling her NO, because as much as I love this genre of games, I would never want to play it on my mobile. It's so much easier to play it on the computer when the screen is way bigger and you can control everything swiftly by going click click click with your mouse.

Also, I was already spending way too much time on other equally addictive games like Farm Heroes Saga, 2048, and of course, Pokopang.

This is pretty obvious at this point but yeah, I did eventually give in and downloaded this game. On the night of Monday, 3rd November 2014. Oh, what a fateful moment it was.

Boy, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

My cute lil ratchet ass patisserie shortly after it just opened. I wanted to have stone tiles instead of the basic wooden flooring they make you start out with, but as you can see I was unable to complete it as I was short of funds lol

I spent the entire night staying up and playing this stupidly addictive game, cooking so many dishes and raking in the cash.

If you ask me, I love games which require you to do mindless tasks in order to earn some form of currency. Which probably explains why I spent so much years being OBSESSED with earning money on Neopets...damn.

I continued playing the game first thing the next day when I woke up to prepare for school, during my morning commute, and I'm not proud to say this but...even during my classes lol. Just every now and then!! I need to utilise precious time to bake as many cakes as possible hahaha. Gotta keep the customers happy :)

And before I knew it, I had advanced to freaking LEVEL TWELVE in less than half a day of playing it. Also, and this is a terrible thing, I noticed that this game was sapping my phone battery juice like crazy. I can usually get through an entire day of school (which is about seven hours on average, give or take) without going under 20% if I leave the house with my phone fully charged. But on this day, I spent barely three hours in school and my battery level had already plummeted down to a measly 48%!!

I get very fixated on my phone's battery level. It's a terrible habit which comes with this technological generation, I know. But for real, it's like my happiness level is in proportion to how much battery power there is left on my phone -_-

My patisserie, furnishing and decoration in progress! I was going for the checkered look for the flooring tiles, but once again I didn't have enough coins to cover the entire space hahaha

Until a few days later...

Voila~! Expanded so that there's most spaces available for customers (which equals more profits, hooray!), and decked it out in the cutest bright yellow flooring ever!

I love yellow, it just makes me feel so happy simply by looking at it :))

It's a scientifically proven fact, fyi!

Oh and here's a screenshot I took which I then sent to my sister to taunt her over the fact that I had barely been playing the game for like, half a week and I had already beaten her score.

Clearly, I take this very seriously HAHAHAHA

A few days later...LEVEL TWENTY-SEVEN!! Making good progress and thus...

I upgraded the scenery surrounding my patisserie from the original Three Bears in the Woods theme...

to a swaggy Peter Pan theme!! Check out Captain Hook, though. Wowowowow such fun much cute.


Alright so evidently I have a problem but the thing is...the fact that I just wrote an entire post about my obsessive tendencies towards the game just makes it so much worse lol.

But sadly that ain't gonna stop me from continuing to play this game, at all. IT'S FUN AS HELL!! If I haven't already established that through my extensive gleeful raving about it hahahaha.

Okay gtg, I need to go serve me cakes and coffee now before they get cold.



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