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Penang: Touchdown + Night #1

Every time the memories of my most recent Penang trip enter my mind, I get overwhelmed with so much joy and nostalgia. It's incredible, and definitely something that has helped keep me going the past few weeks as the stress of school work starts to set in, along with a couple of other unpleasant feelings and situations that seem to always find a place in your life so that things aren't perfect for too long.

The trip was really unbelievable; even up til now I'm still in awe of how blessed I am to travel and explore such a lovely place. The gorgeous sights, the delicious food, the all out AMAZING adventures I had and most precious of all, the time I got to spend with my beloved family.

Out of the week-long getaway, Day #5 in particular stood out as probably one of the best times I've had in my entire life thus far, no joke. I like to fondly remember it as the Best Day Ever, but then again every time there's a day in which I was super happy and did a bunch of awesome stuff, or basically whenever something monumentally delightful that happened, I'd coin that day my Best Day Ever.

Some examples I can think of at the top of my head are the day I got my new camera (i was so happy i couldn't sleep lol), the day I spent filming a web series in various places all around Singapore, even the day I got to eat at Chili's for the very first time hahaha.

So as you can imagine I've had a lot of "Best Day Evers" in my life so far, which defeats the purpose of the name itself coz it doesn't even make sense anymore. You can only have ONE best day "ever". Just one.

But anyway, I digress.

That day was so darn epic that I'm nervous about writing its blog post, as I feel that it would never do the marvellous day justice.

Silly, I know.

I'll probably be breaking it down into several parts (two or three?) when I do get down to writing it, just because the day was so chock full of terrific activity and naturally, a whole lot of photos taken throughout.

In the meantime, here are the happenings of the first evening following our arrival!

(there's already a blog post here of this Penang trip, so this is actually the second post. of many more to come, hopefully! i'm planning on blogging about every day i spent there hehe. wish me luck! at the rate of my procrastination i'd probably finish this series in 2018 or something...)

(if that actually turns out to be true it'd be pretty funny HAHAHA)

Day #1: 5th October 2014, Sunday

As with every first entry in a series of travel posts on this blog, there is at least one essential view-from-the-window-seat-of-a-plane photo.

Boats boats boats!!

Yes, I am reusing that How I Met Your Mother reference from this post. lol

Gorgeous view of the horizon as the sun starts to set! This was taken at 6PM btw.

Okay I just had a random thought, what is the best time for flying overseas, if there is one?

Personally I just love being in an airplane so much that I seriously do not care at all what time of the day it is. But I supposed I'd want to arrive at my destination when it's still fairly early so I could get started on some activities immediately before retiring for the night?

What's your favourite time for flying?

Lovely islands scattered across the oceans. I love peering down from above and seeing all the lush greenery and vast plains of clear sand. Really, really beautiful.

Anddd...we're here!

:D :D :D

First order of business. get some much-needed food to fill our starving tummies!!


KFC in Singapore doesn't have nuggets on the menu, for whatever unfathomable reason.

They used to have it, when I was in like Primary 1. I know this because I remember how my dad would buy me a box of four nuggets every single day without fail when he picked me up from school, and I'd be so darn famished that I practically gulped them all down with barely any chewing involved. And they tasted so, soooo good. Then KFC had to go and ruin everyone's lives* and take it off the menu, UGH!!

But yeah, NUGGETS FTW <3

*They did, however, introduce the Banditto Pocket and BBQ Meltz, so they've redeemed themselves. Kinda.


Here are some pictures of the dinner my family and I had after a drive from the airport which lasted about an hour or so, meaning my nuggets had been digested and I was ready for MORE FOOD hahahaha.

We ate at Ming Garden, which is the restaurant featured in my Penang posts earlier this year when we had visited the place together with my darling grandparents.

The food is still as amazing!

Y'all know that I love love loooove salted egg yolk prawns with a passion, coz that stuff is just plain AMAZING. Some time in August last year I had the utmost pleasure of trying salted egg yolk PORK slices. Naturally, it was the bomb.

Well, check this out...

SALTED EGG YOLK PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!

Now I don't know about you but I freaking LOVE pumpkin. I mean, who doesn't?!

Well okay I know a number of people think it's too mushy or whatever and they find it gross, comparing it to baby food and whatnot. Personally I think pumpkin is one of those most DELICIOUS and versatile foods everrr. I mean you can cook it in soooo many ways. It's simple and tasty on its own, makes a helluva yummy soup, and can even be used in DESSERTS! Pumpkin is AWESOME, okay?

This dish was super yummy, obviously. I don't know if you can see it but there are actually small clumps of solid salted egg yolk. LITTLE NIBBLES OF HEAVEN, RIGHT THERE.

Next we have another cool ass vegetable that I love just as much, EGGPLANT.


It's so so delicious, wow. I can barely contain my excitement every time I get to eat it :'))

These were little deep-fried sticks of eggplant, almost like eggplant FRIES, now that I think of it! My, my. It doesn't get any cuter than that!

They really did taste incredible; super crispy on the outside, and when you bit into it it was just DIVINE. You know how eggplant sorta has this very unique, melty texture? So when you bite into it, it's so wonderfully warm and soft and it just melts into your mouth and tastes completely OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I suppose the selling point of this dish was actually the chicken/pork floss that was heaped onto the eggplant to give it a strong, distinctive flavour, but I'm actually not a fan of meat floss at all hahaha. So yeah I just picked out the plain sticks of eggplant, and it tasted soooooo good, no lie.

Okay so that's actually all the photos I took of our dinner that night. We also ordered a few other dishes but they were all the typical Chinese restaurant fare like sambal kangkong (LOVE!!!) and fried rice etc., nothing super fancy so I didn't bother to snap pictures haha. Also I think I was too tired to care LOL.


After dinner we finally headed to the apartment we were renting out for the week, which is the same one we stayed at in our previous trip. The place is really lovely and the landlady is super nice too, which is always a plus!

I mean, seriously. Check this out...

They prepared food for us!! Instant coffee and milk tea packets, sesame crisp cookies, water and fresh fruits. OH MY GOODNESS HOW SWEET (no pun intended lol) CAN THEY GET!!? It's like you know when you check into a hotel and they have a nice little fruit basket or something waiting for you in your room as a welcome gift? They really shouldn't have!

Ugh, I am just so touched by their thoughtfulness. And everything they got for us is so splendid, too! Oh, did I mention there was also a carton of mango juice sitting in the fridge as well? I happen to LOVE mango juice (my all-time favourite fruit juice, actually. just fyi) so I finished the entire thing by the end of the trip haha. guys know I am a massive fan of teh ping so when I saw that adorable little box of instant teh tarik milk tea sachets, I almost lost my damn mind right there and then.

Sidenote, I have grown to like hot drinks in the past few weeks or so.

I used to detest hot beverages since I was a child and I would insist on ALWAYS ordering the iced version, be it tea, coffee, plain water, basically any drink you can think of. Reason being that my "heat tolerance" is relatively low and I can't touch or drink anything unless it is very much cooled through. It's hard for me to explain it but...other people's perception of warm is my idea of VERY HOT.

However, I found out somewhere along the line that I could still be able to enjoy hot drinks, and all I had to do was...

wait a while for it to cool down.

That's it.

And I've been savouring plenty of hot teas, coffees and Milo ever since.

The end.


Aside from the drinks and fresh fruits, you probably also noticed the box of snacks. Well.


They're called Sesame Crisps, and they sounded lovely straight off the bat but NOTHING could have prepared me for the tantalising adventure that my tastebuds were about to embark on.

They're these super delicious butter and brown sugar cookies with black and white sesame seeds encrusted all around the top. Sooooooo yummy!!

What's different about them is that they're way thinner than traditional cookies, so the crisp texture and the delicate breaking and crumbling when you take a bite is just awesome. Plus, they're very melt-in-your-mouth-y, which is simply fabulous.

Okay as I'm typing this right now I suddenly have a monstrous craving for some Sesame Crisps...thankfully my mum brought a whole tonne before we came back so I'm gonna go grab a pack from the kitchen as soon as I'm done writing this post HAHAHA

Self rewarding is very important! :P

Anyway, I would just like to direct your attention to the box which actually encased the phenomenal Sesame Crisps,

Gorgeous, isn't it? My dad tells us that it was a hand-drawn watercolour design which was printed onto the box. Exquisite, really. I love watercolour art! It's so beautiful.

Oh yes, Ghee Hiang will always be legendary.

"Hand made, heart baked.", what a lovely slogan! I love it, and it's definitely true, I'd say :)

Gonna end off this post with this stunning photo (if i do say so myself, teehee) right here which I took of the skyline shortly after dusk.

You've probably already seen this photo if you follow me on my Instagram, but if you don't, shame on you! SHAME!


I especially love how the lights just twinkle and look so dazzling as the sun goes down, signalling the arrival of nighttime for civilization which is about to come to life with hustling and bustling activity for hours on end.

When I stood at the balcony of the apartment complex to take this photo, and even as I'm looking at it right now, I was just taken aback and in awe of how much beauty there is in the world, and how insanely blessed I am to be able to enjoy such luxuries and privileges in my life.

Yes, I know it's cheesy, but it's also very true.

I couldn't be more thankful of everything I have in my life :))

With that, I'll see you guys in my next post!

Take care, and remember to cherish and be grateful of all the amazing things in your life!


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