Wednesday, 31 December 2014


We have come to the end of yet another year, and seeing as it's the last day of 2014, I figured I'd do something a little special to wrap up a year that I have to say has been pretty darn exciting, blessed, and just all-out fantastic :))

This here is gonna be a mega post detailing the events which transpired on 20 November, which was my 19th birthday.

Hands down the best birthday I've had in my life so far and, dare I say it...the BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!

So sit back and relax, coz we are gonna have some fun times reliving that glorious day! least I will.


Fair warning though, this post is gonna get reeeally long coz it details all the marvellous events throughout the day. I'll be splitting it into Day and Night sections, aka the gigantic birthday surprise I had at school and the splendid dinner I had with my beloved family respectively.

Hope you enjoy reading about one of the greatest days in my life so far :))




Early morning, News & Feature Writing Class

I walked in and sat down fully prepared and aware of the celebration that was bound to be heading my way at any time throughout the day. Everybody gets a nice handmade card with birthday wishes written from all the students in the class, as well as a “surprise” birthday song serenade on the anniversary of their birth.

Nothing super fancy, just very heartwarming and a wonderfully thoughtful and touching gesture indeed.

Everyone knows this, it’s become the norm. Also, fun fact but it was going to be in the exact room as when it happened last year.

The lesson ended three hours later, and I excused myself from the classroom to go to the loo.

When I came back, people had mostly wandered out of their seats and were chatting among themselves in little groups.

‘Oh, so the celebration’s not happening just yet’, I thought.

I went to my desk and started packing my stuff up and preparing to go for lunch, when the people around me started acting awkward as hell, giving each other strange looks and stuff.

Some of them looked at me with this cute goofy smile on their faces and I was like what, yo?

“1, 2, 3…Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! ~~~”

Oh gosh I was so happy and surprised I almost fell over.

Everyone in the class was so nice, they cheered and clapped for me after the birthday serenade and everything. I was so so elated!!

My emotions were on a real high at this point so the situation was a little foggy, but trust me when I say there was one moment which still remains awfully vivid to me, to this very day.

Vanessa came up to me, passing me my card (YAY!!) while saying the following words:

“(Umm…) Sorry Jia Chi, we kind of forgot!”

And I looked at her cute little face which seemed so innocent and bashful and I was just like AWWWWWWWW POOR BABY so I quickly retorted by saying that it was totally fine and not to worry about it.

Which was true btw!

Yes, of course I was a little disappointed, especially given the fact that the revelation that not only my class but my closest group of friends forgot about my birthday came in the form of a bombshell which was dropped on me while everyone was looking to me and my reaction.

Nonetheless, I didn’t find it to be a gigantic deal or even hurtful because truth be told, we were in the middle of a very busy CA period and I’m not at all shocked that their minds – like mine, actually – were too preoccupied with the thought of having to rush assignments last minute than to be regardful of someone’s birthday coming up.

Also, for that same reason I didn’t expect something that took a lot of time and preparation. Heck, I didn’t WANT something like that. Something that would sap them of even more precious time which could be better spent on napping or just allocating time to chill out and rejuvenate yourself!

Trust me, that is SO important during the term and I, for one, can tell you right now that without a healthy dosage of relaxation and recharging, you’re bound to crash and burn when the tough gets going.

Anyway, back on topic.

After assuring them that I was fine with whatever simple card they took the time to make for me, I sat down and tried to sort of absorb the situation, acting as natural and unaffected as I possibly could.

Sidenote, most of them were still being fairly sheepish and seemed so apologetic oh my god YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON THEIR FACES. Adorable buttheads <3

So yeah, this was the card which I then proceeded to hold in my hands and would spend a lot of time just staring at. And I mean A LOT.

Note: "Joochi" is Summer's version of "Jiachi", aka my real name

A flimsy piece of A4-sized printing paper folded in half and written on with colourful felt tip pens.

AND I WAS HAPPY WITH IT!! I really was, I swear.

All I could think of at that point of time was how excited I was to read the sweet and thoughtful birthday wishes inside of it, I honestly didn’t mind the appearance of the card at all.

In fact, if anything I was touched and very impressed by how they could still wrangle something up at the very last minute despite having forgotten about preparing a proper one lol. A decent effort, I’d say!

I tend to get super sentimental so I prefer to read personal messages and stuff like that when I’m in a private space and am able to be alone with my thoughts, so I decided not to open the card at all until later.

Also, Sheng Xiong came by and passed me a little box from Four Leaves Bakery (also the norm for birthday celebrations in my class) which contained a slice of tiramisu.

I actually hate cake but tiramisu is one of my favourite freaking desserts of all time so I was really happy with this!

Sadly, however, the weather and lack of refrigeration had caused the tiramisu to become a melted, sloppy mess.

As you can tell, my birthday celebration was looking pretty crummy at this point of time, but still I was very much happy and thankful with what I got. The effort was definitely there, and needless to say, it’s the thought that counts.

I felt their love and that’s all that really matters :)

I even went ahead and tweeted this picture hahaha

Also, Rachael passed me an adorably wrapped present which turned out to be the most gorgeous little locket necklace ever (pictured above), bless her soul. It was so beautifully vintage and I absolutely loved the floral design. I’m so so grateful. Thank you so much Rachael, if you’re reading this! <3


Noon, lunch break

We proceeded to Food Court 6 and everyone went ahead to queue up and buy food while I sat down first and started on my melted but nonetheless delicious tiramisu slice for lunch. I stared at the humdrum cover of the card once more and took a deep breath before opening it up, heart filled with glee and excitement of the lovely birthday wishes I had counted on reading.


No. Freaking. Way.


WHAT???!!?!?!??! "Happy birthday, full stop" WHAT THE DEUCE KENNETH I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!!! RUDE!


In the middle of FC6 at the peak of the lunch crowd, I struggled to keep myself composed. Honestly my heart was just sinking as I sat alone at the table, a literal lump in my throat.

I seriously tried so hard to console myself in my head, it was crazy. Trying to convince myself that it’s no biggie, they didn’t have ample time to write lengthy messages, it’s the thought that counts, at least they bothered to wish me, all that jazz.

But hoo boy, the feeling was NOT good at all.

I sat there having to maintain a smile to convince all my friends that I was genuinely fine with what they gave me and that I wasn’t hurt or upset that they’d forgotten all about my birthday, but it kinda felt like someone had delivered a punch straight to my heart :(


Afternoon, Media Law & Ethics Class

Not even gonna lie, throughout the entire lesson I was hardly ever not comforting myself, the voice in my head telling me that everything’s okay and I should stop feeling like a sad fool.

At this point of time I pretty much started to focus on looking forward to the rest of my birthday, i.e. spending the evening having a nice dinner with my beloved family.

I was trying pretty hard to forget the whole long-awaited-but-supremely-underwhelming birthday celebration, as well as the biting feelings of my-dearest-friends-hate-me-nobody-cares, which was obviously not at all fun.


After MLE class, the Big Surprise

After the lesson ended, I burst out of my seat because I desperately needed to go to the loo (what else is new lol) and at the same time, lil ol’ Nerissa was like “ey yo jc i need to go pee u wanna come with or nah” (not her exact words but you get the idea) and I was like EHHHHHHH SAME SIA LES GO TOGEDAAAAA

seriously though Neri and i are always having to pee it’s actually quite alarming

i swear we don’t have bladder problems or anything like that

not our fault we like to keep ourselves adequately hydrated

So we went and did the pee, and as per usual we chatted about random stuff while we were walking back to class and when we walked in together, I saw that everyone was out and about.

I remember seeing the guys of the class standing next to each other and wearing these weird masks of some random guy’s face.

I was like, oh wow. That’s interesting! I was excited to see what was happening and to find out who this little surprise was for (at the time the only thing i could guess was that they were doing something for Azra, and that the masks were of the One Direction dudes lol idek).

I’m rather blind without my spectacles so I was really squinting hard and struggling to make out who the guy on all the masks were of, and I became even more bewildered when I realized that it was a cartoon character.

I didn’t even have the time to think to myself “lol hoo is dat doe” before the class started screaming the happy birthday song while slowly approaching me as a creepily masked, serenading group (the whole class of about 20 people had all put on the masks by now), and with Gloria taking on the role of DJ and playing an instrumental of the song through the classroom’s speakers, no less.

I was utterly dumbfounded at this point, not to mention VERY confused coz I legitimately thought that after the shitty (no offense lol) celebration in the morning, that was that and my birthday celebration for 2014 was a done deal.

Holy crap in a bowl.

These scheming little sausages.

Tricked me.


And they got me so good too, damn.

I was completely flabbergasted and in that few minutes, there was such a swirling cocktail of shock and euphoria within me that it kinda felt like a blur, but I do remember saying “what the f*ck omg what the f*ck guys WHAT THE F*CK” over and over again as I was trying to grasp the beautiful reality that was unfolding before my very eyes lmao.

On hindsight I feel rather embarrassed for dropping about eighteen dozen ‘F’ bombs while Miss Wang was still in the room lmao oops

Anyways, as soon as I’d realized just how HARDCORE I had been duped by everyone, I started receiving more and more surprises just flying at my face. The cards and gifts just kept coming one after the other and they were all so sweet and thoughtful and bursting with warmth and love I thought I was gonna buckle over and die on the floor while 20 Jones faces looked on.

Oh yes, Jones. I should probably provide some explanation for all those damn masks hahahaha

Basically a few months back, a handful of people from the class were playing this Facebook game called Criminal Case. It’s essentially a game where you search for items within a messy scene, and it’s story-based where the player takes on the role of a police officer/investigator and solves crimes and shit.

And let me just tell you, I got reeeally into it. As I do with all games that I enjoy playing…

Like, addiction level craziness. (i actually had to go revisit the game for the first time in several months just to take the screenshots for this post, hopefully i don’t get hooked again lol)

Which would be all fine and dandy but,

I kinda...


A tiny.........



On a character within the game.........

Called Jones…

aka this guy lmao

He quite handsome what no meh?!

Jones and I together side by side teeheeeheeeeee (isn't my detective dog adorable?!)

So yeah, the masks were an inside joke derived from me raving to Vanessa and Nerissa (who were the ones who got me hooked on this blasted game in the first place, DAMN IT) about how handsome Jones is and how thrilled I was that he would praise my awesome sleuthing skills in the game and how proud he was of my astonishing progress every time I leveled up.


Please don’t judge me lol I WAS GOING THROUGH A PHASE.

One that is now past me, thank you very much.

Also please look at this absolute gem of a tweet from Miss Kwa rofl

Dat hashtag tho LMAO

Can’t say that I disagree…

So here are the lovely gifts and cards I received from just the best human beings on Earth and quite possibly the whole darn Universe,

(Follow me here @RenaeCJC)

Marks & Spencer's Percy Pig Gummies (which are VERY yummy and introduced into my world when Summer brought them to class one day last year and shared them around gosh she is like the nicest and most generous person ever like wow thx u sumz for rocking my world) (not like that) (but you get wat i mean) (ok ily x)

Two adorable pudding cups from Paris Baguette (loooooove) because of my obsession with puddings HAHAHAHA. They were so damn good!! Original as well as chocolate flavoured. MmmMMmMMM. Took me straight to pudding heaven, I tell ya.

Not forgetting to mention the lovely locket from Rach! LOVE YA hehe thank you so much once again dear~

Two super duper cute polaroids from the lovely Neripu, aka my selfie/ootd/mirror selfie partner all day every day lmao :P

She was also the one who printed out and prepared all 22 of the Jones masks, like what the flippin’ hell tho hahaha WHO EVEN DOES THAT?!!! Seriously can’t thank you enough for all the insane time and effort and printer ink you went through to do all this for me hehe. Really touches my heart and makes me feel incredibly blessed and loved, it’s so unreal.

A set of three ridiculously swaggy necklaces, the style of which are right up my alley tsk you guys just know me ugh :’)) they are so very preetzxc and I can’t wait to wear them all the freaking time!! (not gonna lie, they are still in the original packaging coz i wanna save them for a special occasion teehee)

I mean forreal tho...


Lastly, the wonderful cards from Nerissa and Vanessa (SASA4LYFE lol) which contained the most thoughtful, heartfelt and beautifully sincere and loving words ever (not to mention some kickass typography work like daaaamn that is some next level shit right there)

For real I thought my heart was just gonna explode while I was reading it. Y’all are too much!! I can’t…I really just can’t...I don’t feel deserving of your tremendous love but all the more am I eternally grateful every single day to have such extraordinary people in my life to call my friends.

Love you so, SO much, forrealz.

And yes, I did get the actual card with the real birthday wishes from each student in the class. Along with all the individual cards, I like to re-read them over and over again whenever I’m feeling down. It’s physically impossible not to break out into the widest grin and just feel my heart swell with love every time I read those wonderful messages… Thank you SO much, you guys!! ❤

The amount of insane effort that was put in to create this epic surprise, the exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions I was sent on throughout the school day, all the thought and kindness and love clearly shown with each treasured gift and every single heartfelt word on all the cards...really is so amazing I never would’ve imagined all this would happen, much less ask for it.

Thank you so much DMC 05, for once again outdoing yourselves and showing what an incredibly fun and loving class you guys are.

So absolutely grateful and blessed to be in this class ❤❤❤

And thank you to my favourite Cool Baes (Cool Chews? hehe). You all are so specel to me and I love love LOVE you guys all the way to the moon and back ❤❤❤

Best birthday surprise ever, hands down. I’ll remember it forever, you guys! Love you all so much teehee ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Following the utterly fabulous day I had at school, I went home to scrub up a little bit before heading out again with my family to have the most amazing dinner I could ever ask for. I'm talking ABSURDLY delicious. ABSURDLY!!

Presenting to you, El Rocho's. A Mexican restaurant located near Clarke Quay (or not lol im not even sure) (i know it's near the river tho).

(this picture is pretty much as shitty as it can possibly get lol i do apologise, i didn't take any other pics of the entrance or anything so this was ripped off a pic i took of their menu using my phone teehee)

This was the second time my family and I had been there, and let me just tell you right now, everything about this restaurant is EXQUISITE.

I'm not even kidding.

The yummy food, the service, the amazing food, the decor, the splendiferous food. Okay I think you get the idea now. The food is grrrrrreat.

Even the TOILET is freaking decked out in fabulous Mexican furnishings, so you can gaze in awe at all the marvellous bright colours and lively decorations as you're peeing.

The thing is, the area is kinda dodgy. To get to the restaurant you have to walk down a pretty long stretch of seedy pubs and bars, with scantily clad women who work there as "entertainers"  clawing at you if you're a dude or giving you the judgemental side-eye if you happen to be a fellow female.

Not a pleasant experience at all, as you can well imagine. Hence, I wouldn't typically head to El Rocho's myself unless I was under the company (and protection) of my family lmao

Well that's enough chit-chat, let's proceed to the droolworthy pictures of authentic* Mexican cuisine!

*I say authentic because the chef David actually spent a period of time abroad (probably in Mexico but i can't be sure, this information was told to me more than a year ago and i'd hate to misquote) studying how the food is traditionally prepared! He's the main guy who prepares all the food served at El Rocho's, working every single day except the one day a week this restaurant is closed. Yay, another plus point for this awesome restaurant!! Also, David's just a really nice chap as well so there's that :)

First up,


I know.

What a way to kick off the meal, right?!!

*cries because cheese is a gift from the high heavens and anything even remotely cheese-related has the power to drive me crazy*

The generous cheese filling also contains hints of peppers and onions, lending a delicious aroma to this already (and OBVIOUSLY) lipsmacking and ultra yummy starter dish. There's also some tomatillo salsa dip, which is definitely BIG on flavour. The cheese rolls actually have completely different tastes with and without the dip, it's like sampling two different foods altogether. Personally, I loved both variations and I couldn't get enough hahaha

Great fun for everyone, especially the kids! You seriously can't go wrong with this. Pick it up with your fingers, bite the delicate rolls in half and the super crispy outer shell crackles to reveal...

Oodles of cheese just oozing out, still warm from the deep fryer!

It's just so unbelievably's what dreams are made of, really. *sobs* :'))

This is their Tortilla Soup, a nice hearty bowl of rich tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado (looove omg), cheese (CRAZY! ♥) and chillies. The soup had just the perfect amount of tang as well as spice and kick from the chillies. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important part. The cute lil tortilla chips floating around!! Hence the name haha.

An interesting soup appetiser indeed :)

Definitely worth a try! Especially if you're bored with the conventional soup choices you get in most restaurants, aka either cream of [fill in the blank] or minestrone lol

Okay I feel really bad because this dish looks so good but in all honesty, I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to recall what it was called...or what it even was haha

Well, it appears to be some sort of meat dish (you don't say)? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it was probably pork. So yeah, tender chunks of pork bathed in some yummy looking sauce (perhaps a chilli of some sort) along with lots of fresh veggies!

And it was served with this delicious little bowl of spiced Achiote rice!

Damn, haha. Wish I was able to talk more about it but sadly, my memory has failed me.

In actual fact I hardly ate any of the pork dish, probably just one or two bites. Not that it wasn't any good, don't get me wrong! I seem to recall that the small tastes I'd had of it were really delicious, but I was saving precious space in my stomach for these babies...


Chicken Taco, babyyyyyy~~!

Soft, warm and fluffy corn tortilla, bed of fresh shredded lettuce, generous scoops of tender and juicy marinated chicken, topped with a zingy and piquant mixture of onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

Not forgetting to mention the most important part other than the meat, the perfect sauce to finish it all off. I went with crema rojo, which translates to red cream. According to the chef, cream rojo was the spicy one out of two sauce choices, and I went with that coz I was felt like living life on the edge lmao. True enough, it really did pack a decent punch and had me reaching out for a gulp of iced water after every bite HAHA. I even had to stop and have 5-minute breaks in between each mouthful to give my poor taste buds a break...

WORTH IT THOUGH, it was abso-freaking-lutely delicious.

Meanwhile, my dad went with the Steak Taco.

Juicy chunks of delicately grilled beef topped off with crema verde, which translates to, you guessed it, green cream lol. A much milder sauce to go with but equally packed with flavour!

I had a (BIG) bite of it and it was pretty freaking awesome too.

$6 for a single taco ($9 for the steak ones coz steak be fancy as hell lol). I find the single serves to be very adorable (LOVE the cute little "boats" they're served in) but I'm not sure how much I feel about having to pay six bucks...

They sure are tasty as hell though, and of supreme quality! Damn I wish we still had Taco Bell in Singapore...Well I guess you gotta pay the price for quality and authenticity, huh? I'll be back for more when I'm not a completely broke student lmao

Also in the daytime when the shady pubs and bars haven't opened yet and there are no hostesses eyeing me up and down as I make my way down the street to where El Rocho's is...ahem.


These are called Flautas De Camarones (quite a mouthful, but hella fun to say if you put on a fake Spanish accent lol. especially the word "camarones". try it!! hahaha) and they're actually crispy prawn tortilla flutes!

I'm sorry, but the phrase "tortilla flute" already sounds like a whole ton of fun HEHEHEEEE.

Not sure if you can tell from the picture but the tortilla was INSANELY crispy. Like, when you bite into it and it goes snap and crackle, it is MADNESS. They ain't messin' around with their tortilla flutes. The crispiness level be OVER 9000. (i hate myself so much for making that reference but you know i had to)

Excuse the horrendous shot omg. But yes, the prawns were super fresh, nicely marinated, and just tasted FAB. Very generous on the filling too, which I can definitely appreciate. The flavours of the crispy tortilla shell along with the prawns were complemented perfectly by the dollop of sour cream that came with it. Yummy. So, sooooo good!!

And here we have the last and, dare I say it, also the most important dish of the whole meal.

We had already finished quite a few substantial dishes, as you can see, but I was still left hankering for something in particular. Seeing as I was the birthday princess (lol), my mum gave in and...



LOL. What's a Mexican meal without nachos, amirite?!

In no way does the picture do the actual dish justice, oh my goodness. It breaks my heart actually.

It's a nice heaping bowl of crazily crispy nacho chips, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, bell peppers.

And guacamole...

And sour cream...

And, and,


You ain't even ready for this.

When you uncover the secret treasures lying beneath the mountain of nachos...



*passes out due to overwhelming amounts of nacho-induce ecstasy*

Hearty, rich and meaty chili con carne, and plenty of hot, melted, gooey cheese.

Seriously. It does not get any better than this. It just doesn't!

I was already pretty full at this point (duh lol) but I remember just stuffing my entire face in and relishing every last bit of it. In all seriousness though, it is just plain amazing. Meat chilli part's probably my fave. I also loved the guac. But who doesn't love guac tho?! Guac is awesome. Every day I am thankful for the existence of avocados.

So that concludes my Mexican birthday meal (lol why does that sound so funny to me) but of course, we can't leave without having cake now, can we?


I personally do not like cake whatsoever, with the exception of cheesecake which I would gladly become morbidly obese for, but it was my birthday so. Ehhh. Lol

With my wish having been made and the candles blown out!

I like how the "chocolate fence" surrounding the cake was actually tied together by an actual ribbon lol. Nice touch!

This cake is the wackiest flavour I've ever chanced upon in my 19 years of living...LYCHEE MOUSSE.


Lol but it was actually pretty good though! The sponge was soft and fluffy, as was the lychee mousse part of the cake, which was surprisingly light and pleasantly perfumed with a delicate fruity aroma.

An interesting new cake experience haha!

Also, is it just me or do the lychees topped with flower petals kinda resemble boobies lol. Lil bit? No? Ok then.

After a dinner of epic proportions, we headed out for a nice stroll along Singapore River before heading to the car.

I also snapped quite a few pictures of the breathtaking landscape that was spread out before my eyes, and for probably the 527th time that day, felt so enormously blessed and grateful and just...happy. Truly, truly happy.


Life is amazing!!

The place was also fully decked out with Christmas lights and decorations as it was close to the festive season. The wind was blowing through my hair, I was chilling with my beloved family and admiring all the glitter and dazzle that was surrounding us and pretty much just soaking in the wonderful atmosphere, really. And I couldn't have been happier :)) ❤

If you thought that was all (to either my day of celebrations OR this painfully lengthy blog post lol), well...

KIDDING lol kiddingggggg

I just wanted an excuse to use a reference from one of my all-time favourite childhood movies hehehe like forrealz tho I've watched Cat in the Hat about twelve hundred times, and I could still watch it over and over again to this very day.


It wasn't midnight yet, and my family and I figured that my birthday wouldn't be complete without paying a visit to undoubtedly my favourite place in the whole wide world.

Changi Airport :')) ❤❤❤

We headed to Swensens at Terminal 2 (HOORAY FOR 24 HOUR FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS) and, despite being absolutely stuffed from our meal at El Rocho's which wasn't even an hour ago, decided to go ahead and order...

A nice Coit Tower sundae...

As well as a Birthday Firehouse sundae, which was on the house coz it was my birthday hahahahah

Get it? Firehouse, on the house? Ok nevermind lol i'll shut up now TEEHEEEE

Now I don't know about you but I'm the kind of person who loves ice cream sooooo much that, no matter how full I am, and no matter how much I say I don't want to have any ice cream, as long as you put ice cream in front of my face, best believe Imma eat that shit in a heart beat.

So yeah, we sang the birthday song again and I made my wish again (same wish, but double the wish strength hehehe i hope it comes true!!) all before the clock struck midnight, and after that, my family proceeded with the fun and exciting activity of handing over my pressies!!


Here's what I got from my dearest family hehe :)

(the post is coming to an end soon lol this is the last part i swear!)

(shoutout to you if you've made it this far and are still reading, YOU DA REAL MVP)

First up was the biggest wrapped present there was, which wasn't even all that big haha. And it turned out to be the cutest little piggy soft toy ever!!


Ok one thing about me is that I quite dislike soft toys because, while they're really cute, soft, fun to hug and all, I feel like they're a massive waste of money. I think it's dumb for girls to expect their boyfriends to buy them a stuffed animal every anniversary, and I'm always telling my mum to stop buying more soft toys for my sister when she already has probably hundreds just taking up space in our home.

I personally hug a bolster to sleep, so any soft toys I happen to own would either be placed somewhere in my room as furniture and subsequently get ignored or, even worse, get thrown into a cupboard and have its existence completely forgotten.

With that being said, I absolutely loooooved this little piggy and I think it may have melted my cold, soft-toy-hating heart lol!! It's mightily soft and the size makes it just PERFECT for snuggling with.

The moment I saw it I decided to name it BACON lol idk I just thought it was so cute and funny. Then someone brought up the fact that it seems rather cruel to name it a food by-product of its kind...and someone (i believe it was Kenneth, so credits to him for this genius idea!) suggested that I name it BAE-con instead! Geddit? Like, bae? COZ THIS LIL PIGGY IS MY BAE~~~ lol

But then again I thought Baecon resembled the word "beacon" a little too much so after much contemplation...the final name for my precious little piggy is





Plus, Baek is a common character in Korean names and there's my obsession with K-Pop so...another fun factor to consider!!

As you can see I put a massive amount of thought into this hahahaha

Now you know why I don't get myself a bunch of stuffed toys...

Photobooth pictures I took with it the day right after my birthday first thing when I woke up in the morning teehee. It was so great cuddling with it as I slept :)

You can tell it was the morning after my birthday because the "tattoo" was still on my hand haha. Also, I was still in my PJs, aka the yellow "Life Is Beautiful" shirt that was made (in)famous by #BOBLIMDOTCOMPRODUCTIONS hahahaha

Oh yeah, not forgetting to mention the very important part about why the gift of a cute little stuffed piggy is extra personal for me. I was born in the year of the pig (i'm actually a wood pig, if you wanna be specific teehee) so that's pretty much been my family's "thing" for me ever since I was a kid haha.

Sounds really cute and sweet I know but one of the favourite nicknames my mum likes to call me is none other than... 肥猪 (fat pig) lmao so yeah. Ahem.

Anywho, here's what I got from my darling little baby sister, whom I seriously love more than life itself ❤

An awesome hand-painted birthday card/picture! Awwwww!! (i don't really think it can be called a card lol it's just a painting with the words "Happy Birthday" and nothing else on the back or anything haha)

But still I really love it!! And again with the pig references, yayyy lol

She also made me the following...

Like. What on earth.


I don't even know right now.

So the adorable little fluff thingamajig is meant to be a cupcake, coz I'm quite obsessed with cupcakes if you didn't already know (it's right up there on my list after puddings. idk what it is that makes me so fascinated by all these different desserts...).

And the DIY mini teabags, oh my goodness. *cries*

My sis made them for me coz, well...I'm sorta addicted to drinking a whole assortment of teas lol.

& THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1

This is madness, I cannot take it. I really can't!!

They were painted to look like peppermint and green tea flavours, and I don't know about you but I think they look 100% ON POINT.

My sister is into some pretty serious arts and craft stuff, and every time I see the amazing DIY projects she churns out I feel like weeping coz like...what am I doing with my life?! Not creating these beautiful little works of art, that's for sure.

And I certainly wasn't anywhere near that talented when I was her age...shit, I probably still had trouble colouring within the lines for crying out loud.

I love love LOVED all the thoughtful and wonderfully made gifts from my sis (HELLO TO YOU IF YOU'RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW!! HELLUUUUUU~!!), and I love her even more :))))))

So the last gift that was left unopened was something from both my parents. The wrapped package was a flat-ish looking box kinda thing and I really had no idea what it could be. Honestly my mind was thinking like...a photo frame?? lol

So I opened it up, with no clue whatsoever what it was gonna be, and as soon as I caught a glimpse of what the box actually was...





(the exact words i was shouting out, probably)

(while my parents and sister watched on in amusement)

So yeah...

I've been using my giant clunker of a phone for close to two whole years now, and it has really been on its last legs for the past few months or so.

I don't usually ask for electronic devices like a new phone or camera unless my old one has completely died out. And especially so for phones, I normally just take whatever free model that comes with the contract renewal of my mobile plan.

So to get a spanking new phone for my birthday...was something that I would never have asked for and never in a million years would expect.

With that being said, I was so so happy and grateful and EXCITED to be using this absolute beauty of a phone!


The glittery look is because I stuck on a "diamond" protective screen sticker!

And the back of the phone is just plain RIDIKULUS...

MINT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!?!?! MINT?!?!??!?!

That's my freaking favourite colour, right after red and tied for second place with yellow lol

But seriously though...WHAT ON EARTHHHHHHHH.

It's so pretty!!

I slipped on a white-ish/clear phone case that I got from Qoo10 coz I really wanna protect my new baby haha.

Here's how it looks originally:


Sighhhh :))))

And that's all for the gifts!

Oh wait, one last thing before I forget...

The gift I got myself!! Woohoooo lol~~

I'd been wanting to try out a bold red lip for the longest time, and I decided to go with NYX coz recently I found out that their products are actually VERY decently priced lmao

All along I was thinking their products are pretty high-end (pls don't judge me ok my beauty knowledge is like minus seventy) when in actual fact, these lippies are only twelve bucks each!! AMAZING~!!

Soft matte lip cream :D

I love everything matte teehee~

Also, can I just say that this stuff smells like the absolute BOMB DIGGITY.

If you like makeup that smells like creme brûlée, sweet cake buttercream, or basically any form of super yummy dessert, please TREAT YO SELF like I did and buy one of these babies.

Morocco; just the most vibrant, pigmented, and drop-dead GORGEOUS shade of red ever.

I am in loveeeee <3

Also, Sephora threw in this cute little gift pack with Benefit samples for me since I got myself a membership card back in September and this is one of the benefits of membership :)

How adorable!!

I've always wanted to try Benefit's products coz they're all so beautiful and creatively named and packaged, but unfortunately Benefit is rather high-end and I'm broke as hell lol

Can't wait to try out their mascara and see if it's really as extraordinary as many girls claim!

So yeah. This was a few days before my actual birthday when I decided to venture out for a little bit of quality ~me time~. I was very pleased with the little birthday treats I got for myself, and I kicked back to enjoy a cup of red velvet latte at McCafe at my favourite spot in Singapore (other than the airport), in the company of no one but myself. Bliss :))) <3

With that, we have finally, FINALLY come to the end of this ridiculously lengthy post.

I seriously don't know how I managed to type all that...

And if you managed to read it all, hats off to you and I really wanna say THANK YOU for being such a lovely human being and taking time out of your busy day to read the (mostly nonsensical) words that I post on my humble little blog teehee.

Feel free to leave me a comment so I can thank you personally. It can be something completely random, you can even type in "beep boop" and hit send comment, I don't care lol

(just no pervy comments thx)

I really do appreciate every single person who reads my blog, it honestly makes me so so happy, and this coming year I'm gonna try my darndest to crank out more posts so that you don't have to wait three months in between every entry lmao

Love ya lots and have a very happy 2015~!!


Saturday, 20 December 2014

UPDATE: Latte Affairs

Bet y'all weren't expecting me to have a new post up in only five days, huh?

I guess Christmas came early this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11



I just wanted to pop in really quickly and post an update on two things that are vaguely related to the topics of lattes lol

The first of which is, A LATTE LOVE IS FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episodes 1 & 2, actually!


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


For those of you who don't know, A Latte Love is a web series that I filmed back in September during my semester break.

Back then it was undecided what the series was going to be called, so you may have chanced upon some posts in my September archives where I referred to it by its working title, #shootfood haha

It's been three months since then but I still can't get over how honoured and grateful I am that the crew even considered me to be a part of this production.

They're all such lovely people and I'm awfully glad to have become friends with them :))

Gosh, it's impossible to adequately describe how happy I was throughout the 10 day period I spent with them on pretty much all-day shoots. It was insane! The wonderful memories alone just take me back to that period of my life and fills me up with glee.

Anyways, it would be awesome if you watched the fruits of our labour (mostly the hardworking and immensely talented crew hahaha Ian and i basically just frolicked around being our dumb crazy selves for the most part) and perhaps even like, comment and share the video with your friends! Your support means so, so much to us and it'll really make us happy to see as many people as possible enjoying this series we're all very proud of :))

With that being said, I'm gonna transition into the second latte related topic, which I now realise is going to sound lame as hell after all that meaningful talk of how filming A Latte Love brought me so much joy hahahahaha

It's Fairywoods Patisserie.

I KNOW I KNOOOOOOOOW omg I seriously need to get a life but try as I may, I can't seem to quit this game no matter what!

During the last week of school I went two or three days without playing it because it was the peak of submissions period and ain't nobody got time for anything except rushing out all my assignments at literally the very last minute. As soon as the holidays started, however, I picked up right where I left off and let me just tell you, my addiction is now back in full swing.

I mean, for crying out loud, it's gotten to the point where I get reminded of the app when I see LATTES in real life!!


The other day I was having a late supper with my parents and sister at Changi Airport's Swensens. You know, quality bonding time with the fam and whatnot. We were just chilling and having a great time over food and chatter when a waiter walked by our table carrying a tray of two lattes.

Something that looked like this:

Image source: Google

And all I could think of...was how it looks so much like the lattes in Fairywoods Patisserie?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?

And that just reminded me of how I had to serve the cooked foods so that I could free up my stoves to prepare even more food hahahahah

Oh gosh. Somebody help me please.

My progress now,

as you can see, I'm quite the baller in the world of Fairywoods Patisserie with almost two million gold coins in the bank. Also my patisserie is just dripping with swagoo (A+ if you get that reference), not just impressive in size (lol) but fully decked out in adorable furniture and decorations too.

Is it weird how proud I am of my progress in this stupidly addictive game?!


It is freaking me out how we are only 11 days away from 2015.

I know I say this every single year but, LORD ALMIGHTY time is passing us by at alarming speeds!! Seriously, where did this year go?!

2014 was so incredible and I am just floored by how absolutely blessed I am.

I'm heading over to China on Tuesday (that phrase just sounds so random to me lol idk why) and I hope to be able to update one more time before the year comes to a close, and that is a mega post of my birthday - which was exactly one month ago today, hooray! - so look out for that!

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and I hope you're all well during this festive time of year!

Lots of love~~