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BACK2SKOOL (again)

This right here is a post about the happenings of Term 3 Week 1 which was well over a month or so but here's the story...I had edited all the pictures beforehand and finished writing about 85% of this post at least, but tragically I was doing so at a location that was not equipped with wifi hence I was unable to save my progress.

This vital fact completely slipped my mind, my laptop got drained of its battery juice and was forced to shut down. And there you have it, every word that I had painstaking typed up over a good hour or so (albeit while also munching on a delectable prawn and avocado salad within the cozy comforts of Cedele cafe, that shit was FRESH), just GONE. Forever.

Needless to say I was pissed off beyond imagination. I remember when the reality first dawned upon me my jaw just dropped and my mouth was agape, I didn't know how to continue on with my life from that point on. (a little melodramatic but you know what i mean)

I didn't at all feel motivated to re-write the whole damn thing from scratch because I knew that with every word I tried to retrieve from my memory and recreate for a totally unnecessary second time around, I would just be furiously cursing at my own negligence and how technology failed me. Thus, I said screw it with this whole post and concluded that although all the photos had been edited and ready to go, they would never see the light of day.

But alas, here we are today.

Because I've been so busy with school and haven't gotten any free time at all to edit the pictures for new blog entries I want to write, please accept these awfully overdue photos!

Anyway I figured that I should post more about my school shenanigans, I miss that. It seems that my blog has been taken over by travel entries as of late.

Oh yeah, next post will be about my Penang trip teehee.



A macro shot of the frosted wheaties I had for breakfast on the first day back to school. Ain't it pretty? It reminds me of falling snow during Christmas time, actually!


One of my many frivolous goals for when (and if, i suppose...) I get filthy rich is to just stock my kitchen up with every delicious type of breakfast cereal there is in the world.

All that sugary goodness...BLISS.

Best damn cereal in the world, HONEY ROASTED CORNFLAKES.

Lord almighty, I'm salivating all over myself at the mere THOUGHT of them. Moving on!!


Takeaway Ayam Penyet, which I had finally reunited with after a torturous one and a half months apart :'))


Yes I am aware that I eat a lot lololololol.

I tried the udon noodle soup from the Japanese stall (they're alright, great if you wanna be super duper healthy and stuff) but the real winner is their stir-fried black pepper udon which is legit one of the yummiest foods available on campus.

And since then I've been patronising the Japanese stall so ridiculously often that sometimes I force myself to get something else that I don't even feel like eating just coz I'm afraid the auntie might have gotten sick of seeing my face lol (she is hella nice tho teehee)

Sogurt after first day back to school!!

Yes this photo is terrible...but to be fair I was completely famished and froyo was another thing that I hadn't touched for the entire duration of the semester break so I really couldn't bear waiting any longer before devouring the entire cup of cold and creamy chocolate, tiramisu, and lychee goodness!

(how the hell do i still remember what flavours i got it's been over a month...)

Also, sad fact but we haven't been to Sogurt since then! THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

Probs gonna head there next week since it's the last week of Term 3 (sobs) and I really need my froyo fix. I HOPE THEY HAVE NEW FLAVOURS MMMMMMMM.


The second day back to school was pretty darn swaggy.

I found out that Media Psych lessons are probably one of my favourites this term (i mean how could you not enjoy classes when it's Miss Clarice? suck up siol) and it may or may not have something to do with all the goodies pictured above that Summer and I won for being the winning duo in a class activity/mini contest WOOHOO.

I'd say I can get pretty competitive when I want to, but when there's delicious childhood snacks involved? Hoo boy. I GO HARD LIKE A MOTHERFXCKER jks lol sorry i've been listening to a lot of rap music lately ahem.

An unexpected turn of events at the end of the day relating to project group formations lead to me breaking down into a blubbering mess...I literally could not control my tears no matter how hard I tried.

I know it sounds ultra dramatic and I really do love pretty much everybody in my class but...yeah. You'll never be able to feel the devastation I was going through. I just felt so freaking pissed off and hurt and hopeless.

Alas, that was a good six weeks ago and looking back, I do still believe that my emotions were warranted (i can assure you that nobody would've wanted to be in my position at the time. NOBODY.) but my experience working with said project group wasn't as catastrophic as I had imagined it to be.

Still pretty darn shitty though, but I'm still alive and happy and I haven't punched any of them in the face so yay for that haha :))

Anyways, I obviously felt like a complete trainwreck that evening when I lugged myself home and I knew that I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up so I asked my mum if we could go out for din-din that night.

I told her I was feeling ultra tired (probably from all the sobbing, wtf) and just very shitty in general, and that having good food (that's not gonna be paid with by money from my own pocket lol :P) while chatting with her would really help.

I conveniently left out the details of me having an emotional breakdown just half an hour earlier, and that I cried in school for the third time wtf wtf wtf.

Hence, my wonderful mother brought me out for dinz at Ministry of Food!! :D

I told her that I was over the moon because MOF is one of those restaurants where its so costly to dine at that I would only be able to savour their amazing food if it was a treat from my family haha!

Okay the following pictures have nothing to do with school but hey, it's MOF for cryin' out loud.

Agedashi tofu!! A staple dish in every Japanese cuisine meal ever. VERY YUMZ.

Omg I need to scream about this croquette. Usually the croquettes I eat just consist of mashed potatoes, maybe some corn and pea bits here and there but this one, had PORK in it.


There weren't even that many pork chunks within the croquette but somehow they were still able to lend a really robust, savoury and all-round fantastic aroma and taste to every single bite.

A+, I tell ya. A+!!!!!!

This was a promotional item at the time so I'm not sure if it's still available now. They had another item on their "special croquettes" menu, and it was none other than salmon croquettes. SALMON!!!!!

Gee whiz I bet they would've tasted great :\ Damn my fish allergy!!

Which reminds me lol, a few weeks ago I decided to ~*live life on the edge*~ and eat an entire chunk of salmon fillet from IKEA for breakfast on a Monday. It tasted amazing, but by the time I left the house and was on the train to school I felt sooooo sick I could barely stand. Extreme nausea, upset stomach, throat and mouth rashes, the whole lot. And that was after I popped TWO antihistamines!!

But yeah I made it to class without dying halfway up the hilltop so...yay me lol:))

Back to MOF business, here are the noodles my beloved mama had. I believe they were stir-fried udon noodles or something.

The sauce had a really distinct flavour that was reminiscent of ketchup, but I may be wrong. It was pleasantly light and tangy regardless, and this dish was so chock full of scrum-diddly-umptious ingredients like bell peppers, carrots, squid, prawns (LOVE), and cabbage (i know cabbage sure as hell doesn't sound very "scrum-diddly-umptious" lol but I happen to really like eating it so yeah hahaha).


No lesson on Wednesday due to a public holiday, which was just as well because I had not fully recovered from the traumatic emotional episode I had in school less than 24 hours ago. Nor was I at all prepared to face some of the people in my class, aka the very ones who had caused me to be so stupidly upset in the first place.

Also, it was a nice mid-week break for me to catch up on some sleep teehee


Also known as fake Fridays, since it is the last day of the school week WHAT WHAAAAAT.

Long weekend EVERY week, hell yeah THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING 'BOUT.

Anywhoozles the VanNer duo have Dip+ on Thursday evenings so Sumz and I stayed behind to chill with them, seeing as we don't need to sleep early for school the next day anyway. TGIT, amirite? heheheheheh

Reunited with yet another sweet treat I've been missing terribly all throughout the holidays, LLAO LLAO!!


Featuring Summer Lee's very plump and delicious lips (pls don't tell her i said that) (FOR THE RECORD I HAVE NOT ACTUALLY TASTED HER LIPS OK WHAT I MEAN TO SAY IS THAT THEY LOOK DELICIOUS JUST SAYIN') (oh god please don't tell her any of this i swear) which I didn't crop out coz they be looking fineeeeee as hell.

(again, please don't tell her)

(literally she will block me on every social media platform ever as well as in real life)

(please don't do it)

My Sanum cup with candy milk (which sounds so adorably special and interesting but is pretty much just caramel lol) with melon, watermelon, and one other fruit which I obviously wouldn't be able to recall and cannot identify based on the picture lmao) (but i'm guessing pineapple), and almond crocanti (sweet roasted bits of almond brittle, i'm assuming), which is ridiculously delicious.

You wanna know what's truly fabulous?

Taking the melted remainders of your yogurt plus the little bits of whichever delicious Crunch topping you chose that are now floating all around the cup, and with your longass weirdly-shaped signature green spoon, stirring it all around, scraping the sides too (very important!!) so you can incorporate all the sauces which may have been left stuck on the walls of the cup as well, and creating the yummiest, most sinfully delectable, sweet and chunky milkshake-like concoction ever.


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