Monday, 15 December 2014

Kochabi Double Content @ Times Square, Penang

Here's a Penang post as promised!

We went to this restaurant at Times Square (yes, the shopping centre directly connected to Birch Plaza, the apartment my family and i were staying at. how crazily convenient is that!!) called Kochabi Double Content.

Sounds kinda funny (or maybe not...but i for one was scratching my head wondering why it was called "Double Content") but they specialise in Taiwanese cuisine and more specifically, hot pots!

NOW it all makes sense! Double content? Coz a lot of hot pots are divided into two with a different soup base in each half? :D

The world is full of wonder and amazement.

I absolutely LOOOOOVE hot pots/steamboats/shabu shabu. I love the variety of different ingredients, I love how you decide exactly which ingredients you're going to go for, and I love how you get to take the said ingredients and cook them all by yourself.


You pick whichever ingredient catches your fancy and toss it into the broth. You have a little chat with your family/friends (coz usually hot pots are eaten in the company of others, which just equates to MORE FUN!) and a short while later, your handpicked little piece of food is cooked and ready to eat!

Oh, the thrill of it all!

Here is a post from last year where I screamed and raved about Suki-Ya, the Japanese hot pot buffet. Goddamn, I miss that day so much. Great food and great fun with amazing company. OK THAT'S IT WE NEED TO GO THERE AGAIN SOON IDC

Hello there, beautiful shabu shabu meat.

Thinly sliced slivers of quality beef...MMMMMMmmmmmMMmMMMMMmmmMMMMMmmm~~

I also happen to be a huge fan of ~*sauces*~. My personal favourite was the one on the top left, which was like a homemade chilli paste of sorts. Very strong and pungent with just the right amount of kick without sending me reaching for a gulp of water after every mouthful.

Also in the photo is a plate of fried prawn wantons. Not particularly memorable as I felt they were just so-so, but apparently my sister found them delicious coz she pretty much finished the entire plate save for one each for my mother and I hahaha

More ingredients!

Alright I know it looks like the amount of ingredients is rather measly (trust me i was very heartbroken to see that there were only five slivers of beef *insert crying emoji*) but I believe this is meant to serve two yeah.

Anyways, we got meatballs, seafood balls, crabsticks, beancurd skin, enoki mushroom (YUM), Chinese mushrooms (YUM YUM), black fungus, lettuce, and baby corn.

I can't remember what the brownish cube thingies right smack in the middle of the bowl are, but I'm gonna guess yam?


As you can see, we only went with one soup base so technically ours was Kochabi Single Content ahhahahahahahhaha

alright i'll stop now.

Also, how cute is that little yellow stove???! IT'S SO ADORABLE UGHHHH I WANT ONE.

This right here is what they call a Signature Kochabi Milk Tea.

I'm crazy about milk tea but rather than ordering the regular one, I spotted this on their menu and I thought I might try something new and interesting!

The lady boss (who is suuuper nice, btw) said that it was their own special recipe, and...IT TASTES GREAT!

I have no idea what they put in there but it's like the yumminess of milk tea but taken up a notch, ya feel me? Also, I may be wrong but I seemed to detect a hint of coconut milk flavours in there...which would be GENIUS, I tell you! Coconut milk is THE BOMB.

A side order of fried squid, which I think was dusted with salt and pepper.

The batter was insanely good. Very crunchy and VERY DELICIOUS.

A+! I love fried squid :))

And now, for the grand finale to a wonderful meal...

Y'all ain't even ready for this right now.


I can't remember the exact name but I believe it was along the lines of "Monkey Island" (get it? coz there's a structure of bread and it's got bananas all over it? AMAZING LOL).

It's essentially a dessert consisting of french toast cubes drizzled with delectable golden syrup, plenty of banana slices and three scoops of yummy vanilla ice cream. Topped off with a sprinkling of crushed Oreo cookies and...

the most gorgeous hand-cut strawberry flower ever!! Awwwwwwwwww~~!

I gotta say, the sweet and crunchy toast goes soooo well with the ice cream. And when you add a little bit of everything into each bite you take, that taste combo is FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC.

Bread desserts are amazing.
Ice cream is amazing.


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  1. I love hot pot. I've yet to see someone eat it alone, maybe it looks to sad. Anyway, the dessert looks yummy and it has everything I like. I love maple syrup, ice cream, French toast, banana and strawberry.