Saturday, 17 January 2015

About a week ago, week ago

Fuck with us and then we tweakin', ho (tweakin', ho)

I'm so sorry. I know that Vine meme is so 2014 but I just couldn't resist. Also I've been watching a lot of Vine compilations lately! They're the best lol omg Vine is great.

(Top 3 Vine crushes: Marcus Perez, Nampaikid, and ScottySire)

(Marcus Perez tho, omg. swooooonnnn~~! i swear i must've watched his beatboxing vine compilations on loop for like fourteen hundred times this past month. that boy be ridiculously talented AND cute as hell! HOT DAMN.)

But anyways, yeah. Here are some happenings which took place about a week ago, week ago last week! It was also when I first ~*officially*~ started using the spanking new phone I got for me 19th birthday, so all the pictures you're about to see in this post are taken with its swaggy 8MP camera, woohoo~!

Actually it's not even that high lol.

Lettuce proceed~~

On Thursday, I finally got to go to Sunday Folks! After sooooo long, oh my goodness.

I must say that it's a very lovely café indeed. More so than I had imagined, actually!

When I think of Sunday Folks, I think of their exotically flavoured soft serves and fluffy, freshly-made waffles. But in actual fact, they also have a highly efficient queuing system (very important considering how wildly popular they are now, especially with the hipster crowd ugh), warm and friendly service, a pretty wide array of delicious and super fancy desserts other than the signature soft serves and waffles, and the most gorgeous decor ever.

Even though it was hella crowded and noisy during my visit (there was a huge group of youths seated near us and they were just so rowdy), I really did enjoy my time there! The ambience is wonderful and everything about the café, right down to the little knick-knacks like the cool water dispenser, is close to perfection.

Waiting for the day the hype over Sunday Folks dies down so I can return without being squashed among a sea of café-hopping teenagers lol

Their desserts are really beautiful and fancy looking, omg. They even have super fancy names! All of which I've completely forgotten hahaha

Beautiful station of waffle toppings. Is that a freaking marble countertop? Good gracious me.

Besides the usual toppings of fresh cut fruits, they also offer more exotic choices such as lavender-infused konnyaku jelly, assorted flavours of mochi cubes (including matcha and chocolate), and even small fluffy pieces of soufflé cheesecake.

Forreal doesn't get much fancier than that.

Their legendary soft serves are also dispensed in front of your very eyes right out of this super swaggy metallic wall from behind the counter.

So cool and hi-tech omg...I swear whoever did the interior designing for Sunday Folks is a genius.

And also very artistic teehee

Putting some strawberries and blueberries onto their famous waffles...

Freshly prepared and lightly dusted with icing sugar! There's also a drizzle of maple syrup and chocolate fudge framing the waffles oh-so-prettily  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Gorgeous cake displays!

All the people working there are really attentive and friendly despite how crazily hectic the environment is haha. You don't get that rushed feeling when they're serving you, unlike many food establishments when it tends to get crowded and noisy. This is something I can really appreciate!

Good service ftw *thumbs up*

And finally...

Our waffles are served~!

Sea Salt Gula Melaka for Nerissa, Roasted Pistachio for myself, Earl Grey Lavender for Vanessa.

Or, as Van calls it... Ondeh Ondeh, Peanut, and Teh Tarik lmao

I was planning on getting the Earl Grey Lavender coz earl grey is ma thang and y'all know I'm a little bit obsessed with teas, but another thing I'm kind of obsessed with is not ordering the same thing as someone else whenever I eat in a group...

I don't know lol I just feel like it's very important to achieve as much variety as possible when I'm eating out because then we all get to sample different dishes! And in the event that you and your friend both order the same thing, what if it ends up tasting absolutely horrid? Then you guys will be stuck with double the nastiness!!

These are the kinds of things I think about lol go figure

I was feeling very special because I was the only one who got a generous sprinkling of diced pistachio bits in addition to the fruits and circle of maple + chocolate syrup hahaha

*beams proudly*

I was super happy with my choice (i feel like pistachio flavoured ice creams can be a bit of a gamble; they can either taste fantastic or go terribly wrong and end up tasting like plastic) (rhyming was unintentional) (#rapgod) and my soft serve was delectably nutty and just all-out superb.

If you like strong, roasted, nutty, earthy flavours, definitely give this one a try!

I also had a taste of VanNer's soft serves (what did i say about ordering different stuff so you get a great variety to sample lol), and I can safely say that all three of the flavours we'd chosen were THE BOMB.

Neri's was smooth and creamy, balanced out nicely with the sea salt and actually very reminiscent of ondeh ondeh indeed lol. Vannvanz's was just heaven for me; it was sooooo intensely perfumed with earl grey notes my head was just swirling in amazement!! Not too sure about the lavender elements, but it's like having the perfect cup of freshly brewed earl grey tea...but instead of drinking the hot liquid, all the yummy flavours are presented in the form of an icy cold, creamy soft serve.

So...damn...good. :'))


Afterwards the three of us made our way to Somerset and met up with Summer. We were all going to help out with Sara's filming. Fun!!

We headed to this very cool secluded tunnel place which I think is an area often used by Mediacorp for their drama series too lol.

Cute doggie!! (no i didn't blur out the man's face haha, it was done automatically by my phone camera, idk :\)

I love dogs omg. If life were perfect, there would be a doggie cafe like, right downstairs from my house hehe

Marcus putting makeup on Summer!! Fun times~

And here's the finished product of my makeup...

waddup lol

The concept was so artistic omg I was very very excited. My sister says it kinda reminds her of Gotye in "Somebody That I Used To Know"!

You didn't have to cut me off~~

2011 memories, oh my :'))

With VanNer. Why they so cute?!

Here's a BTS (behind the scenes, not Bangtan Sonyeondan ahahaha) of my solo shot!

It was so fun omggg

Kinda funny how the makeup process took like, two hours and the actual filming only lasted about 20 minutes, but overall it was an awesome experience! (including a lot of hilarity induced from the countless number of times Van managed to frighten Marcus lmao)

I really love having people do my makeup or style my hair. I just feel so relaxed and pampered lol! And what's more, the makeup for this project was so freaking cool. I was very impressed with the quality of the facepaints haha. The colour payoff was superb!!

Except for one thing...

For some reason, all of the colours could be removed just fine, except for the yellow bits which stained my fingers lol. It looks like I just finished cooking biryani right?!!


The Biryani Fingers was born.

It's actually quite ridiculous how much time and effort I put into creating this lmao. But yeah CAs haven't been assigned yet so I've got a lot of time on my hands. (and a lot of yellow on my fingers, apparently)

Nerissa asked why we were fingers, to which I readily supplied pictorial explanation:

(this was me doing the Hunger Games District 12 Salute, btw. or, when it comes to my stained finger situation, the Biryani Salute)

Complete with a choker for Sum, glasses for Van (although i forgot to draw the connector between your two spectacle lenses lol so sorry), and highlights for Ner's hair!

Yup, I definitely have way too much free time.

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  1. Sunday Folks sure looks good. I appreciate the well thought out decor of the place. The thing about young teenagers is that they don't realise how loud they are, I only noticed it when I grew older. My brother also has a thing about everyone ordering different food even though he doesn't taste other people's food. He just hates people copying him.