Thursday, 22 January 2015

Life of Crime + Meeting Night Owl Cinematics

Hello friendly bananas, here are some doodly-doos that took place two Fridays ago, when SP Open House was still going on. (not that i had anything to do with that lol)

The new Valentines Day/Chinese New Year themed Starbucks cards are so freaking gorgeous, my heart could barely contain the excitement as I stood in line waiting to make payment.

If someone got me the one with the love letter design and a big ol' red heart, I'd probably love them forever. (w0w totally not blatantly hinting at all!)

Summer's deep dish beef pie + my egg white, red pepper, mushroom and mozzarella wrap.

Starbucks food can be very sexy sometimes.

I mean, can you check out this melty, cheesy goodness?!

*tears of joy*

I thought the wrap wasn't gonna be that good due to the lack of meat (meat is everything to me, tbh) but surprisingly it was a rather spectacular taste explosion! Red peppers were big on flavour, mushrooms were really juicy, the fact that there was lots of cheese just added a thousand points to it from the very beginning, and I guess you got the egg whites taking on the role of protein.

Overall the wrap was pretty darn delicious and for $5.30, I'd say it's quite decently priced!

Summer and I were heading to the MRT station when we spotted a bunch of people roaming around with free cotton candy...and obviously I had to get in on that shit

I don't know man I'm pretty sure the free food was only meant for the secondary school leavers who were visiting the open house, but DAMN! As a fellow human being I do not feel that it is right that I should be deprived of my cotton candy needs!!

But anyways Sumz queued up for it and just before it was our turn to step right up and grab some of that free sugar fluff goodness, this random dude came up to ask us if we were secondary school students lmao.

I was panicking like a middle-aged goat about to get hurled across the field but luckily I spotted a stack of papers he was holding in his hands so I was like, "do you need us to do surveys lol" and he was like yaaaaaas.

So I grabbed the survey and began filling it out, thinking that if I did this guy a favour, maybe he wouldn't report us to the authorities for taking cotton candy that's meant for non-SP students hahahaha

Summer was just ridiculous and she filled hers out with fake info ( LOLL) but for some reason I wrote down all my real details.

Afterwards the dude asked what year of polytechnic we were in, and at this point I was panicking so hard I'm honestly surprised (and impressed) at the fact that I didn't poop myself because I am so bad at lying!!!!!!!! Ok maybe not really lol but I suck at trying to come up with lies ON DA SPOT, ya feel me?!!

Anyways I couldn't tell him that I was already in polytechnic because Summer already told someone else from his company while we were filling out the surveys that she is a secondary school student, but then again I didn't want to say that I was a secondary school student coz I was so scared that I'd get found out!!

I actually kinda just stared at the guy's face for a couple of seconds, quietly hoping that if I don't say anything, maybe he'll just give up and move on to avoid any further awkwardness lol. But he just stared back expectantly, with no intent whatsoever of letting me off the hook, which resulted in me muttering the following words like a buffoon:

"I year 2, she not yet."


Apparently all my grammar skills go right out the window when I'm in a stressful situation hahaha

But alas, the guy accepted my incoherent response and was happily on his way, leaving Sumz and I to get our free cotton candy. Hooray~!



Although the entire situation just reminded me so much of that episode of Spongebob Squarepants where he and Patrick accidentally "steal" a balloon when it was actually Free Balloon Day and so they're under the belief that they are thieves leading a...

hence the title of this post lmao

We took our illegally obtained cotton candy (gosh how many times have i said the phrase "cotton candy in this post omg. am gonna change it to "candy floss" from now on)  and went to go watch Danielle sing for a bit.

Here's me offering "moral support" like a true friend lol. aka waving my candy floss in the air like a light stick at a concert hahaha

But forrealz tho DanDan is so majorly's kinda weird watching her perform from an audience perspective rather than listening to her sing as a friend. It's like, wow. This person is amazing and I happen to be close to her! Lol idk man.

Anyways we've been planning for the past twelve hundred years to record a cover together (where i do the rapping) (if i sing a duet with her it'll be like hearing explosive diarrhea spurts alongside the voice of an angel) (im so sorry i put that image in your head lol) but sadly our plans always fall through. Right now we're aiming to accomplish it by February so hopefully it finally comes to fruition!!

And last but not least...

After Danielle's performance Summer and her supersonic eyeballs managed to spot the people from Night Owl Cinematics making their way through the crowd.

(for those of you who aren't familiar with NOC, they make really swaggy and hilarious videos on Youtube!)

As a fangirl I was dying on the inside but tragically I'm also too wimpy to ever approach famous people to ask for a photo. Good thing Sumz was like "don't lie pls i know u want to" and together we trudged over to them, where they were then swarmed by a sizeable crowd of fans/curious onlookers.

I was trying so hard to remain calm you have no idea!!

People were going in for photos but there wasn't an obvious queue so it was hard to gauge when it was appropriate for me to pop in front of their faces and request for one myself.

They took photos with a handful of people before turning around and leaving (!!) so at this point I was like FUCK THIS SHIT (pardon my french lol) I CAME THIS CLOSE TO THEM AND IF I DON'T GET A PHOTO OUT OF THIS I AM GONNA KICK MYSELF IN THE BUTTOCKS SO HARD.

So yeah I literally squeezed through a whole bunch of sweaty teenagers and went right up to their faces and was like "Hi can I please get a picture with you guys?" and even though they were actually trying to make their way out of this increasingly hectic scene, they happily obliged!


With Ryan (Xi Kway Ong/Watermelon King), Sylvia (xiiaobitch aka MY FAVOURITE!!) and Nina!

Can I just say that they're all so adorable omg. And nice!!

I love how Ryan is so 100% normal in real life but manages to switch on the Xi Kway Ong persona in like 0.3 seconds haha. And Sylvia is just the bomb omg. If you haven't already, you need to go check out their videos coz she is a QUEEN at accents! Like literally everything, be it the Singaporean ah lian slangs, the stereotypical American bimbo, even Taiwanese accents, is ON POINT when it's coming from her. (and that's something super rare among local Youtubers, just sayin').

Also, her psychedelic hair colours always remind me of My Little Ponies, so there's that!

Twilight Sparkle, amirite?!

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  1. I'm glad that you got to meet some people you admire. Good luck if you decide to rap with your friend one day, I am sure it will be a fun experience. Sometimes, I feel guilty doing little things too. For instance, I still use my student card because it's not expired to get concession prices at the movies and other places.