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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 1: Stranded! At The Airport

Yes I came up with an actual name for the series of blog posts that I'll be writing on my time spent in China. And the first instalment of said series is named in the style of Panic! At The Disco.

Please don't judge me.

Anyways, if you're wondering why it's called the "Suite Life" (and yes, it is inspired by the Disney tv show which i miss very very much #childhoodmemories), it is because unlike most overseas trips, throughout the nine days my family and I spent in Guangzhou, we pretty much just stayed at the hotel.

No sightseeing, no shopping trips, basically just no venturing outside of the hotel whatsoever.

Again, please don't judge me.

But still, it was one of the greatest vacations I've had thus far and every night when I tucked myself in for a cozy night's slumber (it was wintertime there, BLISS!), I had to physically stop myself from grinning like an idiot because I was just so overjoyed and in disbelief of how extraordinarily blessed I am.

Very cheesy, I know. In fact, even up til now, every time I think back to all the fun I had there, I feel myself getting overwhelmed with absolute glee. With that being said, these memories are getting increasingly less vivid as time passes, which is quite sad.

Which is just as well that I'm here now to relive all those wonderful memories again, and have all of them written down and preserved forever until the end of time!

yay lol ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

I am planning on blogging about every single day of my ~*Suite life*~ lol, and if you're still thinking that it'll be hella boring since it's probably just about how I frolicked about in the hotel lobby and locked myself in the room watching cable tv all day long, YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

The thing is, the hotel we stayed at is actually more of a resort kinda thing. So besides the hotel accommodation, there's also a zoo, amusement park, as well as a circus, all within the resort!! Pretty freaking cool, actually.

Oh yes, there's a lot of good food too. Like, a lot. So prepare for an onslaught of food pics!

Also, we visited the same resort in two different locations within Guangzhou, so that was pretty swaggy :)


You don't understand though, I was really so, SO insanely happy during the entire trip. It was really some crazy fun times, I tell ya.

I'm really hella excited and I hope you are too!!

Although fair warning, this first post right here isn't gonna be super exciting or anything since it's gonna be about the flight + arrival and we hadn't really gone out and dabbled in any exciting events yet.

Unless you count getting forgotten about and stranded at the airport overnight exciting...but we'll get to that later!

Anyways...I hope you enjoy reading about it nonetheless!


I love China yayyy~~

A photo posted by ★ Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

So on 23rd December 2014 we made our way to Changi Airport (me favourite place in da world <3) for our flight which was around 9pm-ish.

Flying Singapore Airlines (BEST AIRLINE THERE IS, no question) as a nice end-of-year treat coz we usually fly budget airlines, as you may already know from reading my other travel blog posts teehee.

SIA is legitimately the greatest airline in the entire freaking planet, I love it so so much and I always have since I was just a wee little kid :'))

Speaking of kids, (awesome segue)

Here is my sister's specially prepared child meal for din-din. INCREDIBLE, isn't it?

Aside from the fact that her meal got served way earlier than the rest of the flight passengers (yes, myself included) due to it being a special order, I was also borderline SOBBING tears of envy (and hunger) because there were SO. MANY. TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!

What on earth?!?!

We got a cute lil packet of Ribena (seeing it makes me kinda sad coz i used to chug that shit all day errday when i was a kid but now i can't remember the last time i drank it ☹), nice raisins for you to munch on if you happen to like eating dehydrated grapes (and i do, teehee), muthaeffin' delicious Hello Panda chocolate filled biscuits for a sweet treat after your meal, and freaking CHEEZELS if you want a treat that's salty.



As soon as the air stewardess placed the tray of delectable goodness and variety down on my sister's stowaway table thing, the smell of the pasta sauce smacked me in the face and I almost passed out. Whatever magical ingredients they put in the bolognaise sauce...that stuff was LEGIT.

You can tell when a bolognaise sauce is ~*quality*~ if it contains a whole bunch of carrots, onions, tomatoes, and good, fresh MEAT for that natural added flavour.

Oh my god it smelled so good I wanted to cry :((

Also, in the top left corner there was a nice slab of chocolate mousse cake. IT'S LIKE FREAKING CHRISTMAS MORNING IN THE FORM OF AN AIRPLANE MEAL.

Too good, really. It's just too good!!

My sister let me have a taste of it and apparently there was also a layer of passionfruit puree sandwiched in between the stacks of chocolate sponge and mousse. It was really cool because you could see all the seeds and all within the mashed passionfruit, but I didn't really fancy the combo because tangy and sour flavours just don't mix well with the creaminess of chocolate. But that's just my opinion. Anyway the rest of it (especially the mousse) tasted pretty swaggy so I'm not complaining!

It took a while before my meal was served but at least I had the following to tide me over:

Fresh soya bean milk!!

I ordered it specially coz I didn't want to drink the "conventional" airplane beverages i.e orange or apple juice, and the various soft drinks haha

Not sure if I'm being biased just coz this soya bean milk was from SIA, but it was THE BOMB and I was like holy shit I think I'm in love with it.

I drank two cups in total and tragically, when I tried asking for my third cup I was told that there was none left.


Tiny baby packet of mixed nuts was also great fun for my tastebuds. My favourite are the broad beans, orange prawn crackers and green peas. So basically anything other than boring ass, basic peanuts lol. Just kidding, I love peanuts ^_^

Inflight entertainment wise, I was really craving some Hong Kong movies coz you definitely don't get that on budget airlines.

My criteria for HK flicks is:
a) must be funny
b) the more actors whom i like star in it, the better

And my faves are Bosco Wong and Alex Fong (omg SWOOOOON. they pretty much killed me when i was a young, hormone-ridden teenage girl), and Kate Tsui for da ladies~~ (Kate is literally PERFECTION, her beauty just slays omg)

Sadly none of what was on offer managed to satisfy the above criteria so I had to settle for this chick flick (ugh) called "Girls".

It was alright I guess. There were some portions in the beginning which were actually quite hilarious, but the further it dragged on the more complicating and incoherent the plot became.

It stars Fiona Sit whom I don't particularly fancy...her face just kinda has that "mean girl" vibe which I really hate. Also, it didn't help that her character was kind of superficial and bitchy. Hmm.

Oh yeah, the movie also starred Vanness Wu so that was pretty cool I guess haha. If you like F4...

FINALLY my glorious meal has arrived!

I remember the Western choice sounded hella delicious (grilled chicken with mushroom sauce, if i'm not wrong. BOTH my loves!!) but the salad that it came with contained fish so I was like, ehhhhh...

Went with the Oriental alternative which didn't sound bad at all! Deep fried pork chunks and fried rice with some yummy veg :D

Only complaints would be that the fried rice was on the plain side and almost tasted like normal cooked rice...and, in my mind I was so excited about the deep fried pork being all crispy and amazing but I didn't consider the fact that it was gonna be doused with sauce which, albeit tasting really good, made my pork chunks all soggy and actually pretty gross.

But that's on me hahaha

Overall the flavours were pretty fab and it also came with a nice salad of lettuce, chilled chicken breast meat and WOLFBERRIES!! Never really tried something like that before so it was nice. Also very refreshing!

Y'all know that I take pretty much forever to eat my food, and I really just took my time with this meal coz I wanted to savour it as much as possible and, if I finish too quickly, I might get hungry again way before we arrive at our destination.

However, the flight crew came by with these magnificent ice cream cones when I still had like, half a box of rice left lmao.

I couldn't let it melt and go to waste so I had to chomp that shit down before resuming with my main was weird.

Anyways I know this Wall's Mag-A-Cone thing isn't even da real deal like Drumstick or Cornetto but damn son, it actually tasted pretty freaking good!

Ice cream is ice cream, man. Gotta love it *thumbs up*

Around 4+ hours later, we landed at Bai Yun Airport, Guangzhou on a fairly chilly winter night.

After clearing immigration, grabbing our baggage and all that jazz, we made our way to the arrival zone where somebody had already arranged to come pick us all up and bring us to the hotel so we could quickly check in, wash up and have a good night's sleep.

Well...I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you given the title of this blog post (and also the fact that i'd mentioned it earlier on lol) but as it turns out, the chauffeur completely forgot about us and the worst part was, we had no way of contacting the person.

We waited around for a little bit and the sense of hope sort of dwindled before we finally realised that the entire family was going to have to spend the night at the airport...

Which is all good and fun if you're at like, Changi Airport for instance (SHOUT OUT TO THE BEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD ❤), because it's huge and clean and there's 24-hour food establishments aplenty.

I'm not saying that Bai Yun Airport is bad, in actual fact it was pretty decent.

However, there was pretty much only one eatery that was open when we were there from 1 to 6AM, the airport wasn't heated (so we were practically SHIVERING throughout the night), and they also switched off most of the lights at around 2AM in a bid to conserve electricity. While I applaud their efforts in trying to save the earth, it was pretty terrifying to wander around the huge spaces in near-complete darkness when I had to search for a toilet. Oh yes, toilets. Apparently they don't supply public restrooms with toilet paper in China, what's up with that?


As I mentioned, there was only one restaurant throughout the entire airport, and it was a 24-hour express noodle place. I believe they specialise in beef noodles and I gotta say, their stuff is pretty legit.

Right?? RIGHT?!!!

Nice big bowl of piping hot noodles with strips of succulent beef brisket, delightful veggies and a seriously AMAZING broth, just BURSTING with heavenly flavour and aroma.

Colour me impressed!

The bowl opposite from mine had some weird parts of the cow like the stomach lining or something (or the actual stomach itself...BLEUGH) and as much as I love me some animal meat, I honestly can't bring myself to eat the weird bits of internal organs that seem to be so popular especially in Asian cuisine. It's freaking gross, no THANK YOU. None for me, thanks.

Like forreal tho I don't get how people can munch on things like intestines and livers and freaking SWALLOW them without gagging. It's just vile.

We ordered our noodles in a set which included two bowls of the good stuff, two soft drinks, an appetiser for sharing, and two "desserts".

I was super excited about the dessert coz it looked so red and pretty. I thought it was gonna be some jelly or something, or at least some nice preserved plum (om nom nom).

Turns out their idea of dessert is just a box of cherry tomatoes. -_-

Like literally, a whole load of them. There were at least ten in each box. Oh my god I can't even right now

Raw tomatoes make me gag and they are the DEVIL in the kingdom of fruits (not even durians come anywhere close on the scale of horrendousness), so obviously I did not so much as uncover the lid which was sealing in the tiny red balls of horror.

My mum really enjoyed them though. She said they tasted superbly sweet (WHAT) and devoured the whole lot. Good for her lol

Lastly, the little box of appetiser is actually black fungus! Tossed in some yummy sauce and delectably flavourful, crunchy and chewy. Such a simple yet utterly enjoyable dish :)

I know, "fungus" sounds disgusting and unless you've tried it for yourself, you're probably thinking right now that Chinese people be cray cray. Well, may I remind you that mushrooms are too, fungi. And we all know that mushrooms are FAB.

I don't know if it was just me or the carrot slices seemed to be particularly huge lol

I think it's worth pointing out that it was so cold at the airport, the oil in the noodle soup broth started SOLIDIFYING as I was still eating it. (granted, i take like three years to finish a meal but STILL)

There were solid chunks of orange-ish hardened grease on my spoon, at the edge of the bowl, and just floating around at the surface of the soup which I was still in the process of trying to enjoy.

Oh my gosh.

As we had to stay within the airport and wait til morning arrived before making arrangements for someone to pick us up, my sis and I occupied ourselves with this Nano Block building toy which she really likes.

They're essentially like tiny versions of Legos. Pretty darn adorable! I like it coz the size allows for very intricate details and the finished product always looks hella cute.

Pictured above was the beginning stages of us trying to construct a Taiwanese landmark, the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. There are also some sunflower seeds strewn around the place lol. We were munching on them and the sharp outer shells came in handy when we needed to rip open the plastic packaging on the blocks.

Other activities to kill our time throughout the night included visiting the convenience store multiple times and stocking up on an assortment of snacks and sweet drinks (my mum actually made friends with the cashier lady hehe she was really nice!), sprinting around and doing calisthenics in the big empty spaces which happened to be close to pitch black darkness just so I could get my heart rate up and remain unfrozen, and last but not least, reading the very lengthy but truly EPIC Gushcloud Expose post by Xiaxue, which I cleverly pre-loaded on my Macbook when I was still in Singapore.

Oh god it is now occurring to me how long ago these events took place... :\

Anywho, I guess that does it for the very first instalment in my Guangzhou posts series! This entry became way longer than I expected it to be, my goodness...

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you next time! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Get excited too, okay? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

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