Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 Chinese New Year Snack Favourites

The greatest thing about Chinese New Year - besides getting to see your relatives, staying up all night watching funny movies and playing games with your cousins, collecting ang baos, and soaking in the marvellous air of festivity - is the SNACKS!

Here are my top five favourites for #CNY2015 lol

Do note that they may not include my all-time favourites in general, just the ones that I liked most out of what was available to me this year :)

#5: Coffee Love Letters

So, Love Letters are very common CNY snacks in Asia and they're basically thin biscuit rolls that are super crispy and shatter in your mouth when you take a bite.

I quite like them because of their delicious eggy flavour and how light and crackle-y they are, but these coffee ones just introduce a whole new dimension of Love Letter enjoyment.

You get the same yumminess of the thin biscuit, but with a delightfully strong coffee flavour and aroma. And you know its legit when the ingredients used were actually real coffee powder brewed in hot water instead of some nasty artificial coffee flavouring.

A cool twist on a traditional classic which turned out really well. A+!

#4: Orange Gummy Candy

Not gonna lie, this one's more of a favourite due to its novelty factor instead of the actual taste and quality of the food.

Some genius came up with the idea of moulding orange gummy candies into separate little wedges and assembling them into a cute orange shape. Small, adorable and fun to hold in your hands pretending that they're mandarin oranges haha. Very festive indeed!

Taste wise, they can be rather addictive but tragically the batch my family got this year was rock hard and not the most pleasant.

I probably also love them due to my childhood memories, where I'd go to my relatives' house and just devour like five in one sitting. Back then they were so blissfully soft and chewy, juicy on the inside and coated with sinfully tasty pure sugar on the outside. It was like I'd discovered a drug lol. Good times :)

#3: Prawn Rolls

Prawn rolls - or hae bee hiam, which means dried spicy shrimp - are probably one of my all-time fave savoury snacks. The spicy filling is encased by layers of light biscuit which crackles delectably in your mouth.

Most prawn rolls have a decent kick to it, but I've tried some that were so wildly spicy that I honestly couldn't eat more than one at a time without my tongue being set on fire. They're THAT hot!

I also love how they look like tiny versions of spring rolls teehee. But way more crunchy and AWESOME.

#2: Iced Gems

Ahhh yes, another childhood love for me.

I don't know about you but I'm sure a large portion of Singaporeans would agree when I say that these cute and colourful little treats just SCREAM childhood memories.

Besides looking absolutely fabulous - the vibrant colours have filled me with glee ever since i was a kid - they simply taste great. Biscuit is crumbly and super delicious, and the sugary dollops of icing give it a fantastic dose of sweetness and an unbeatable crunch.

I kinda stopped eating them when I grew to a certain age and my parents stopped buying them coz after all, they're not the easiest snacks to find. If I'm not wrong, NTUC doesn't even sell them and if NTUC doesn't sell something, good luck trying to find it hahaha. But anyways I was reintroduced to them when I used them as toppings for my froyo during one of my many visits to Sogurt, and since then I've just been hooked like nobody's business.

I love love LOVE them.

Pssst...try looking for them at neighbourhood marketplaces and the traditional family owned stores!

#1: Tapioca Chips

And finally, my number one favourite CNY snack EVER and quite possibly one of my all-time favourite snacks in general. Salty, crispy, IRRESISTIBLY delicious tapioca chips.

Embarrassingly enough, I devoured the whole lot of it before I thought of writing this post so lo and behold...there are not original photographs of it hahaha. You may click here for some Google images of sincerest apologies lol

Anyway, there's not much to say about them except that I'd gladly shove them down my gullet even after my throat is just completely destroyed by how heaty it is and I'm practically drowning in deep fryer grease.

Tapioca chips have such a unique flavour and the way they have that extra know it's true love when you don't mind feeling the numbness from what seems like an intense jaw workout every time you indulge in this heavenly snack.

And now, here are some honourable mentions!

Ji Dan Gao

Also known as kuih bahulu, these steamed egg cakes were a firm favourite of mine since I was a kid, they're just so simple and yummy! The shape is absolutely adorable too.

Sadly, this year's batch turned out to be hard, CRUNCHY and pretty gross actually, instead of soft and fluffy like any decent cake should be. For that I had to deduct 800 points from its score coz besides being quite horrid to chew, half the fun of eating ji dan gao is squishing it with your fingers and enjoying the wonderful sponginess of it. Nevertheless, the butter, egg and sugar combo still creates a pleasant taste sensation!

Hello Kitty Pineapple Tarts

These weren't particularly outstanding for me in terms of taste coz I'm personally not a big fan of pineapple tarts (collective gasp from the audience), but just one look at them and you already know why I had to include them on this list.

Who can resist such overwhelming cuteness?! They were actually brought over by some of my relatives from all the way at Alor Setah, Kedah in Malaysia. Seriously though...way too cute. Perfect gift idea for any Hello Kitty lover too!

That concludes my list of CNY snack favourites! What are yours? :)


  1. Those are some interesting candies. I'm not Chinese but I like Chinese New Year. Every year, I go to Chinese New Year celebrations because I love being in a festive environment. I like seeing the lion dances and all the food stalls. The only treat that I've had from your list is the love letters. I have not seen the other food before. At Chinese New Year, I like to eat whatever is on offer at the celebrations. This year, I had wontons and winter melon tea.

    1. Wontons sound great! I've personally never had winter melon tea before...hmmm sounds like I need to try some of it soon hehe! :)