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Food Wrap-Up: D'Good Cafe + Earle Swensens

My plan is to try and alternate between my Guangzhou "Suite Life" posts and normal posts of my everyday life. Which is just as well coz most of the China posts take me ages upon ages to write lol.

In the meantime, please enjoy this short wrap-up of some food pics and stories taken last week!


Met up with my darling angel Azra last Friday for some tea and a much needed heart to heart talk.

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I've always wanted to visit D'Good coz it just seems so freaking cool. I mean seriously tho, it has like THREE storeys, a bunch of pretty outdoor areas for you to sit down with your friends and chillax over some good coffee, and just the coolest decor and concept in general.

Sadly it has always been too crowded and I never got the chance to experience the full swagginess of it all...until now!

Oh my god, I am about to scream. Did you know they have a freaking ELEVATOR within the cafe to transport you up and down the three floors?! I WAS SO EXCITED I ALMOST PEED INSIDE OF IT. It's marvellous, really. Very high tech and rocket-like. You MUST try it out for yourself, you MUST!!

Anyways here's the food that my baby boo and I got <3

Azra got some waffles, which is pretty much a staple dish at any café you happen to stumble upon in Singapore, but not just plain ol' regular waffles though. She got Sweet Potato Waffles, oh my goodness, how fab is that? There's chunks of real, delicious and nutrient-packed purple sweet potatoes baked right into the pretty slab of waffle yumminess, and it's topped off with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Doesn't get much better than that, right? WRONG. There's also an adorable little cup of maple syrup for you to drizzle all over this plate of absolute dessert perfection. YUM YUMMMMM.

I was initially planning on getting a small dessert plus a nice coffee but I was pretty famished so I went with a new item called Ham & Cheese French Toast instead. Sounds freaking delicious, right?! I was delighted to see how gorgeous the presentation was. You may think that the portion is rather measly since it's just two small French toast sandwiches, but I was in fact so stuffed by the end of it that I could barely finish it all! The bread is actually hella thick, pleasantly dense and chewy, and overall just freaking DELICIOUS.

Definitely a surprise which threw me off at first...besides a sliver of yummy ham and gooey melted cheese, there's also blueberry jam sandwiched in between the delectable chunks of bread! Never in my life would I think of creating this combo myself, but in all honesty it wound up tasting rather fantastic and I really did love it. Plus, the jam they used was of evident quality and aside from tasting awesome, contained plenty of real blueberry chunks. A+!

After one super satisfying meal and a lovely chatting session, Azra and I made our way to this gorgeous swing set at the side of the café floor we were at and just basked in the glorious sunlight, whimsical surroundings and most of all, each other's company. Absolute bliss, really ❤

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Love this girl so much :'))


The next day I went out for my weekly din-din session with the fam~ ♡

We headed to VivoCity (BOOOOOOO!! i almost burst into tears when my mum announced that it was her chosen destination for that week because I.HATE.GOING THERE!!!!!!!! no particular reason other than that i've probably been there an estimated TWELVE BILLION TIMES in the past six months, and honestly i'm not just sick of it, i have developed some sort of PHOBIA. DISGUSTING, UGHHHH) and had dinz at Earle Swensens because my sister was craving their Cottage Pie!

The swaggy thing about Earle Swensens as compared to the regular Swensens, which y'all know that I've loved like crazy since I was a lil kid, is that all of the mains come with unlimited visits to their salad bar.

The not-so-swaggy thing, however, is the prices :\

Yeah well I guess you gotta pay for the classy ambience and whatnot. Oh well! Just make sure to get your money's worth of the salad bar buffet, huh?

I wasn't feeling particularly hungry so I only made one trip to the salad bar...yes, I know! I'm very ashamed ok!!

Anyway I got some chopped fruit salad (cute and lovely to look at but a little too tangy for my liking), some grilled chicken breast salad (they used the shitty kind of lettuce which is pretty low but i grabbed lots and lots of yummy chicken strips so yay me lol) topped off with alfalfa sprouts and mango dressing (they have a whole assortment of salad dressings but mango sounded the most exotic so i had to try that!), and just a whole heaping of my favourite offering and what I feel to be the only dish from the salad bar worth getting...PESTO PASTA SALAD <3 With plenty of capsicum and red bell pepper strips...YUM!!

Also topped it off with croutons, bacon bits and plenty of parmesan cheese. Hooray!

And here's my sister's buffet plate...

I laughed so hard when I first saw it lmao. My dear baby sis, what are you doing eating a plate of yellow carbs and nothing else?! Baby corns are adorable though, I'll give you that.

And here's her delightful little kids meal plate. The omelette is so ridiculously soft and fluffy, it's like I can almost feel it from looking at the picture, you know?! The warm, fluffy egg goodness envelops oodles of heavenly melted cheese that just oozes out when you slice the omelette open...divine, really.

Yes, I stole a couple mouthfuls of it from my sister, don't judge me.

Oh yeah, my sis was pretty bummed out that she couldn't get the cottage pie she was craving for coz apparently Earle Swensens changed their menu recently. Quite sad but at least there were a number of new additions which seemed rather swell...

like this one!

My Mexican chicken wrap :D

I'm assuming that they mean the chicken wrap is in the style of Mexican cuisine and not that they used Mexican chickens in the wrap lol. Please laugh at my joke thanks...

Anyways, it was pretty yumzz with lots of rich flavours. Chicken chunks were abundant and well marinated, there were lots of chopped onions and assorted bell peppers which I really appreciate because I just LOVE their flavours, and the sweet, smokey sauce it came with was fab as well.

I'm absolutely crazy about Swensen's hot US chips (try them dipped into their tartar sauce...SO good!!), but these potato wedges aren't so bad either! Really crispy and fresh (shout-out to restaurants which actually prepare dishes like these on order so i'm not made to eat some stale and soggy ass fries/wedges...) and I really want some right now...


Here's my dad's smoked duck aglio olio! Isn't it freaking gorgeous? I don't know man I love seeing those grill lines on meat lol is that weird.

Sadly I didn't get to try it coz my precious stomach space was already occupied by the free-flow salads and my yummy chicken wrap (and stealing from my sister's plate lol) but I could smell the generous slabs of duck meat from across the table and it was DIVINE.

And last but not least...

My sister was sifting through her mini mountain of crisps when she saw this cute lil puffy one which had a hollow crack in it lol. Apparently I was so excited by it at the time I rushed to take a photo of it with my phone (PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME LOL special looking chips make me happy ok?!) but the first shot turned out blurry as hell while the second one was beautiful and in focus.

So I decided to make this collage of the focus switch lmao.


Photography, man. Art. Beautiful. Yes.

Ok bye.

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