Sunday, 8 February 2015

Puppy Love

How I wish I could be able to blog on a more frequent basis instead of just one post per week, with what little precious free time I have during the weekend when I'm not out spending time with my family (whom i barely get to see anymore, this is just ridiculous) or trying to crawl my way out of a ginormous metaphorical mountain of assignments and submission deadlines.

Truth be told, blogging really does bring me so much joy and it can even be considered a form of therapy for me. But with that being said, it also takes a whole lot of time and energy for me to whip up just one fairly straightforward post.

And I simply do not have the luxury of time OR energy during the school week, because every single day my energy just gets completely sapped out of me when I get home some time in the evening. I'm done with my quota of activities, both physical and mental, and I've had my fair share of social interactions so much so that I don't even feel like talking to anyone anymore for the rest of the night.

Sounds pretty tragic, but I'm actually having a blast most of the time. Tired but happy :))

No "proper post" this week - my apologies - coz I've got submissions for three straight days starting tomorrow and I need to bust my ass and get shit done, but here are some criminally adorable puppy pictures I took this week when I headed to two different pet shops two days in a row.


Ughhhhh they are just so cute I can't.

Siblings!! Look at the fat puff bodies and short legs oh my god


Cuties squished against the glass. I just love it when they rest their head on each other's bodies :'))

Omg shout-out to this cutie right here whom I had a real connection with. When I walked over to his glass cubicle he just stood up and stared right into my soul, I shit you not. I then placed my hand delicately on the glass and he jumped up excitedly, clawing at it and repeatedly trying to "touch" me with his paws!


But the moment I whipped out my phone to take a pic of the beautiful moment he turned around and was like, bitch please lol.

Fatty potatoes snuggled up against each other UGH. The cuteness is unbearable D;

And here we have another shy one with the cutest little watermelon chew toy hehe.

Ciao for now!

Hopefully I'll be back real soon with a China post, or at least something haha

Lotsa love~~


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