Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mini Perth Update!

This is a mini update on what I've been up to in Perth, not an update of the things I've been doing in "Mini Perth".

That's not even a real place, just saying.

I'm not gonna do a flight recap post coz I always write them and they've become more or less the same thing over and over again which is rather boring for both myself as well as the reader (hello, you!) so here's a short overview in video form! How exciting :D

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The beat on this song is as sick as it can possibly get and if you don't start shaking your groove thang the second you hear it, you are doing life totally wrong my friend.

My inflight meal was flawless and amazing, tbh. There was literally nothing on that tray of sheer joy and delight that I didn't absolutely love. Singapore Airlines just nails it, EVERY TIME for crying out loud. God, I love SIA.

Special shout-out to the breakfast vegetable frittata, which I haven't had the pleasure of eating since the first time it was served to me on my 2008 flight to Guangzhou.

It's the most ridiculously delicious breakfast dish I could ever think of, no joke. The cheese flavours were hella strong and every bite sent my tastebuds straight to heaven.

Plus it was chock full of all my favourite veggies, especially spinach, carrots and red bell peppers. Oh my goddd red bell peppers are AMAZING.

Oh yeah, story time!

I was taking a picture of the departure gates because it's just so beautiful and iconic, I mean forreal look at how the word "departure" is reflected onto the shiny floors of Changi Airport.

So anyways I had just finished snapping my photo and was about to proceed to the guards to have my passport and everything checked, when the mandarin orange plant at the side of the gates decided to shed a tiny mandarin...and have it roll about a metre away...til it stopped right at my feet.

Oh my god???!

Like literally it was the coolest thing ever hahaha it just fell off like PLOP! and came rolling right towards me...RIGHT AT MY TWO FEET!! No one else! Me!!

I took it as a sign of fate that the airport loves me as much as I love it hahahaha (jks im not insane) (but still it was hella cool)

But yeah I picked it up and I couldn't bear to leave it behind so I totally had it accompany me throughout my entire flight lmao

I've developed feelings of attachment to it :')) (sidenote but omg my hand looks fifty shades of gross wth why is it so chunky...)

Tragically the strict quarantine checks in Australia prohibit the entrance of any fresh, perishable foods into the country so I had to say goodbye to my newfound buddy once we landed...

I hope it's happy now, wherever it is! probably rotting away in some rubbish dump omg T^T

Okay end of story time lol

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First time in years that our flight was an early morning one and it was so cool to see the sky which was still dark as we drove to the airport at around 6AM before the sun slowly rose throughout our checking in process and eventually boarding the plane.

The gorgeous sights definitely made me feel all the more blessed to have the privilege of embarking on yet another wonderful trip to my second home together with my beloved family :))

And this was the view of the beautiful sunset from my bedroom window the first evening we arrived in Perth. I am so, so in love with the deeply saturated colours of the sky in Australia. Oh, and the abundance of stars in the night sky as well! Just looking up above and seeing them twinkle makes me feel so freaking happy, gosh :))

Almond magnum which I snacked on while watching Project Runway with my sis til late at night. This has nothing to do with Australia tbh hahaha. But the vanilla ice cream in the magnum was so extra milky! Very yumz, and the milkiness of it makes me want to go back to Milk Cow again once I return to Singapore lol

Pink and yellow macaron I had for tea the next day, along with some delicious home made coffee.

I asked my grandmother if she could make me some coffee and when she served it up, I thought it was gonna be basic coffee made from instant powder and whatnot but to my absolute glee she made it taste like café grade latte?! It was great haha

Went shopping and we walked past a Wendy's as they were closing and they only had two churros left, so my sis and I quickly snapped them up coz CHURROS ARE LOVE <3

I just wanna say...not worth it.

They cost $5 for two and they tasted pretty freaking horrible, not gonna lie. Not sure if it was because they were unfresh but they were insanely stale and tough, it was like trying to chew on sticks of bark. Sandy bark, in fact. The cinnamon was oddly dry and tasteless :\

The delicious flavours of fried churro dough and cinnamon sugar weren't distinctly present, in fact the only redeeming factor was the chocolate fudge drizzle which wound up being too sickeningly sweet after a while anyway.

Oh well.

And on that rather disappointing note, I'm going to stop writing this post to go join my mum and sis for a late night telly session coz apparently Aussie tv is straight up AWESOME and they're showing How To Get Away With Murder now.

Always great to be able to watch shows I love on the television screen, even if I've already seen the episodes more than once on my laptop. (through totally legal obtaining of the video files...)


Anyways it's my mum's first time watching HTGAWM and I'm really excited to get her hooked on it haha. Everyone else in my family is a fan, me being the biggest.

Sidenote, how crazy was the season finale though? I knew it was gonna be a shocker full of twists and turns but, wow. It still messed me up pretty bad. Especially the scene with Rudy's breakdown, holy shit? It's been a while since a tv show was able to conjure up legit SICK feelings within my gut and a heavily disturbed weight on my chest.

Can't wait for the next season!!

In the meantime, I'll just be waiting patiently for new episodes of Shameless every week (Svetlana is my QUEEN) and holding my breath til June 12, which is when Orange Is The New Black finally returns.

Just kidding. If I held my breath that long I'd obviously be dead and unable to watch the literal perfection that is Poussey Washington.


  1. Glad that you are in Australia again. I hope you enjoy your trip. Your transcendence with food always makes me happy because it's nice to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. If you happen to come across Donut King, I recommend you get the Warm Maple Donut Sundae. I don't know if Perth Donut Kings have it or not. My mum is obsessed with those donut sundaes. Every time my mum and I go shopping, we always get an ice cream. One day, mum tried that donut sundae and fell in love! So every time we go shopping, we look out for a donut king. You have to ask the vendor to make a fresh donut though so the sundae taste really good. The donut has to be fresh that you can eat it with a spoon. It's not very nice with a stale donut.

    1. Hi Carlyn! Thanks so much for the tip. Tragically the Donut King store at the mall near my house has been closed down and replaced by some new shops, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the Warm Maple Donut Sundae whenever I visit other places with DK, it sounds amazing! I've actually never tried any of the sundaes from DK, but I'm a huge fan of maple so I'm sure I'll love it :) Thank you for the advice on getting a freshly made donut too, I never knew you could do that so it was always a gamble for me whether I'd be served a soft fluffy donut or a stale one haha!

    2. My best friend suggested asking for fresh donuts after I related the whole donut story to her.She says she always asks them to make her fresh donuts. Be sure to only ask when Donut King aren't busy otherwise they might be annoyed.