Sunday, 22 March 2015

Miss Maud Munchies + Adventures @ Woolworths

Howdly-doodly! Second update post about my Perth trip so far, leggo!

Few things make me as happy as seeing displays of baked sweet treats. It doesn't even matter if I don't actually get to buy and eat them! They just look so lovely~~ *heart eyes emoji*

Look at this one...isn't it just adorable?!

I had something similar from Miss Maud's a few years back. It was in the style of Elmo and I think it was a regular offering of theirs. Not sure if they're still making it now!

Basically it's two cookies sandwiching a layer of jam, topped off with an AMAZING glop of marshmallow that's covered by sprinkles and finished with some decorations and "facial features" for the character.

Really yummy! Not to mention cute as hell and totally Instagram worthy haha

Wound up treating myself to this gorgeous lemon tart since they were closing soon and it was going at a special discount price of only $1.90. Yay!!

It tasted fantastic, oh my goodness. I've barely had any lemon-based desserts in my life and one thing I really want to get my hands on is lemon curd, it just sounds like something I'd absolutely love.

Anyway the lemon filling was delightfully tangy and went so incredibly well with the sweet, buttery pastry. I loved it so much ugh!!

Also, not sure if you noticed in the above photo but you can see in the reflection of the display case that I'm wearing a shirt with yellow sleeves which match the lemon tart HAHA

And even better yet...

This is what it says on the shirt lol.

#adventuretime #cmongrabyourfriends #wellgotoverydistantlands #andeatlemontarts

I also got this yummy butter chicken pie which I had for dinz later that evening.

It was crazily delicious, I'm not even kidding.

Creamy butter sauce, chock full of all my favourite veggies like corn, carrots and red bell peppers, and lots of fresh chunks of tasty chicken.


Afterwards we headed to Woolie's and everyone who knows me knows that my idea of a fun ass night out isn't going to the clubs getting piss drunk and being grinded on by some grubby strangers, it's paying a visit to the local supermarket.

I freaking love grocery shop adventures!!

Somethings about frolicking through aisles upon aisles of all sorts of food and other cool stuff just thrills me to no end hahaha

A pack of 12 cinnamon donuts going for only $2.50...that's like a little over 20 cents for a single freaking donut...


I've been waiting for like 14 centuries just to come to Perth and stuff my face with these delicious doughy babies coz it's honestly really hard to find a decent cinnamon donut in Singapore. I mean we have Krispy Kreme which I love and other really great donut shops but they all just sell iced and glazed ones...Donuts just coated with delectable cinnamon sugar is a whole other experience, man! They're just so simple...yet so wonderfully enjoyable <3

Anyway, best believe I swooped up one of those boxes faster than it takes for Homer to say "D'oh!" and began feasting on them as soon as we got home.

Cinnamon donuts 4 lyfe, damn.

More baked goodies! We got cookies, delicious jam tarts, and shortbreads of the chocolate chip or plain buttered variety!

aka give me a tub of each and that's how I'll be spending my Friday night, having a mini buffet of sweet treats all to myself whilst binge watching whatever reality show I'm currently hooked on.

(it's Hell's Kitchen season 12 for now, ever since [SPOILERS] Korina got eliminated from Project Runway season 13 and i lost all reason to watch that show. Sean is still a sweethear and VERY good looking but i'm pretty sure he's gay so it kinda hurts to have to watch that perfection when i know full well that he'd never want me and my vagina-possessing self [END OF SPOILERS])

Tried so hard to resist erupting into a guffaw when I first spotted this atrocious creation. I am in no way a Directioner but am I wrong to say that that photo looks like it was taken a thousand years ago?! I mean look at their clothes!! And the hair omg!!

Also, I never understood why people would want to get cakes with faces of people they love on it. Isn't it just horribly morbid when you slice them into pieces with a knife?? I find it especially creepy when the cake is decorated with a picture of the actual birthday girl/guy. Seriously, it's terrible.

Oh, look! It's my section. :)

I am a hot chicken.

jks im frozen af

This is fancy as hell, oh my god. Sundried tomatoes and feta cheese are two of my favourite things!!

Saw this row of fruit juices and I was really fascinated by how pretty the colours were and the various flavours available. I also like how they listed out all the ingredients in each bottle!

I personally find "juice cleanses" really dodgy. There are a bunch of influential people on the internet promoting the crap out of the juice cleanse hype (well, duh. they're getting sponsored by the juice companies) which kinda upsets me coz it's been proven that juice cleanses are not only ineffective, they can actually pose a harm to your body. I mean, going without food for such a prolonged period of time and only chugging liquids that are incredibly high in sugar? Come on, guys.

Unfollowed a bunch of local celebrities on Instagram because of it...seriously it's something that I just can't respect. May I also add that all those influencers who were sponsored to do the juice cleanses already had great, healthy bodies to begin with. So who are they to convince thousands of young, impressionable and super body-conscious girls on the internet that juice cleanses are a "healthy way" to lose weight?

/end of rant

With that being said, I was almost tempted to buy the Spicy Lemon one and try it out for myself, solely for the novelty factor haha. I mean there's cayenne pepper inside! How weird must that taste!!

But then I saw the price tag and it was almost five bucks for a single bottle, so I was like naaaah bitch.

Freaking "juice cleanse" companies just rolling in stacks of money, ugh.

Eat healthy and work out, people!! Do not cave in to these overpriced, overhyped weight loss scams that never work in the long haul!

One last thing before I go:

I'm sorry but mango or guava coconut water sounds AMAZING.

Oh yeah, I didn't think that I'd stumble upon Zico during my trip Down under.

The NalinA era were some good times, man.

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