Sunday, 29 March 2015

Return to Da Lil Red Dot

Hello, friend.

Most of the blog entries I've been posting for the past couple of months are drafts that I work on for a few days to a whole week (possibly more, if i'm feeling extra lazy lol) at a time before scheduling it to be published on a weekly basis.

It's actually been a while since I just sat down and typed out a whole entry before hitting "post". Seeing as my sleep cycle has just been ridiculous (i've been sleeping from 7am to like 5pm the past few days) and I am currently awake at the ungodly hour of 6am after a four hour surprise slumber session, I thought I'd churn out a really quick post just on my thoughts and feelings as of late.

As you probably can tell from the title of this post, yes I am back from my two week Perth vacation!

Homebound ✈ Thank you Perth, it's been a pleasure as usual. ♡

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It was amazing, as usual. Really got to rejuvenate my weary soul and recharge my soggy batteries after an insane year at school.

Speaking of school, I received my long-awaited results a day before my departure and I was so elated I almost bounced off the walls and into the galaxy! idk what that means But yeah, honestly I really did work super hard so I'm proud to say I think I deserve it. Also, I'm just extremely relieved to have been able to pull up my GPA which I can tell you right now, was ultra shitty after the hot mess that was Semester 1 of Year 2.

Oh yes, back to the subject of Perth.

Truth be told, by the time the second weekend of the trip rolled around, I actually got a tiny bit sick of it lol. Gosh I sound like such an ungrateful spoiled brat right now hahaha but it's true! There's only so much relaxation and just bumming around with no real important tasks to do you can take before you feel the desperate need for some sense of structure to return to your life.

Plus, I was starting to miss the rest of my family who were in Singapore, as well as my friends.

I'm thoroughly glad to be back home but the Perth feels are constantly creeping up on me. After all, I really did have a spectacular time there every single day. Seriously, I am the most blessed girl ever. Or at least that's how I feel hahaha. Very, very grateful indeed.

I wanna talk about this song called Do You Remember by Jarryd James.

Yeah, I don't know who he is either HAHAHA.

I have no idea whether it's getting played in SG, but back in Aussie this song was completely BLOWING UP. I'm talking about radio airplay so frequent, you could hear it twice in the span of a single car trip lasting not more than an hour, and topping the charts on a freaking DAILY basis.

And for good reason, too.

The song is really great, do give it a listen!

Plus, it's always nice and refreshing to have a song by a relatively unknown artist (i'm saying in comparison to the big names who dominate the charts ALL the time, like One Direction, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, etc. etc.) become this cosmically successful, and in such an organic way too.

That's when you know it's really because the song is just bomb as hell, no other reasons!

So yeah, I've really been loving the song and I'm currently just looping it like a maniac haha. Music has that awesome power of transporting you to a particular period or moment of time and space. Take me back to Perth! jks lol

Oh, funny story. This was the very first song I heard upon my arrival in Perth because it was playing on the radio when my dad first started up the rental car that we got for the trip. I remember thinking, wow. This song sounds AMAZING and I must know who sang it! So I proceeded writing all the lyrics that I could pick up onto a draft SMS in my phone lol so that I could Google it later on when I was at home.

Damn. Idk man I thought that was pretty cool haha

Okay I've just wrote a mini essay entirely about how much I am obsessed with this song. Clearly I need help.

Gonna end off this (pretty pointless) post with a shout out to yet another superb inflight meal courtesy of Singapore Airlines. I mean, when do they ever disappoint?! Y'all know I am just absolutely CRAZY about airline food, I love love LOVE it, but seriously the meals they serve on SIA be on a whole. 'nother. level.

Grilled chicken thigh with some of my fave vegetables, Lyonnaise potatoes (the caramelised onions were SUPERB), and the most heavenly creamy mushroom sauce. Oh boy, if only you could smell it.

Cheese and crackers are always A+ (i like to take them off the tray and "reserve" them as a snack several hours after the very filling meal teehee) and it also came with a lil appetiser of very fragrant and flavourful balsamic potato salad.

I'm usually not a big fan of the appetisers coz they're mainly just salads, but this one...holy shit.

THEY. HAD. SCALLOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love scallops so damn much it's actually quite irrational.

I actually have never had them seared (waiting to go to Hell's Kitchen for dem legendary *Gordon Ramsay accent* SCALLOPS, ultimate #lifegoals yesss), so these were a real treat.

I wasn't even mad that there was only one tiny baby scallop in my entire salad dish hahaha. My sister didn't want hers at all though, so yay!

More for me! :D

So good, man. SO GOOD!!!!!!!

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  1. Glad that your hardwork with your studies paid off. I never heard of Jarryd James before but that song is great!