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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 3: CIRCUS TIME!

Wednesday, 24th December 2014
Panyu (Guangzhou, China)

(after "breakfast", before dinner in this post)

I'd seen the Chimelong International Circus before during my previous trips to Guangzhou but for some reason, my mind was still completely blown this time round.

While I do admit to not having seen any other circus shows at all so there's not really a solid basis for comparison, I can safely say with the utmost confidence that the one at Chimelong is totally amazing and will have you leaving the arena with wonderful feelings of joy, shock, suspense, enchantment, and a whole lot of adrenaline.

Here are some photos to give you a taste of how awesome it was :))

This is only about a third of the entire arena. It's really huge! Quite a pity that we didn't get to sit near the stage or in one of the areas where you'd be able to catch one of the little stuffed toys that the performers would occasionally throw into the audience as crowd pleasers. However, we were given four special seats in the VIP area; barricaded from the rest and with extra comfy chairs as well. You can actually see the "VIP" sign on the lower right side of the photo...#yoloswag, am I right? lol

And the show's about to start! Woohoo~!! Super exciting :D The arena goes dark, bubbles are unleashed upon us and beautiful lights of all colours illuminate the stage.

One of my favourite aspects of the circus occurred even before the first performer stepped out...

The laser effects and light displays!!

Perhaps it was due to my optimal seating position, but the lighting effects coupled with the heart pumping music and sound effects to start the show off was quite magnificent indeed. You really had to be there yourself to witness how high-tech and exciting it was!

Dancers came out to perform the opening act. Beautifully choreographed and the ribbon tricks were great! They just climb up to the top and release their grips, gliding effortlessly to the bottom! Of course, props to the upside-down hanging acrobats as well haha

Very beautiful clam and giant pearl mini stage. Is it weird that I kinda want to experience what it's like to be "inside" that clam hahaha

Anyway this is when the animals started coming out. Besides the horses, there were two lions on the clam stage!

Actually the queen and the two male actors did pretty much nothing lol. Maybe their role was just to mind the lions?

Probably one of my favourite acts in the whole show, even though I'm not a particularly avid lover of horses.

Basically there are a couple of guys and girls who ride on a horse each, and the horses - which are all extremely gorgeous and elegant btw - come galloping out onto the stage in a very rhythmic fashion. And while they're galloping around in circles non-stop, the performers do various tricks WHILE riding on the horses' backs, in a synchronised fashion.

For some reason I didn't really care so much about the male performers but the three ladies? Hoo boy, they were SO badass. They performed all the tricks like standing up straight and balancing, bending over upside down to pick up a handkerchief from the ground, and freaking doing a 360 degrees wrap-around climb on the horses' body, all while the horses were moving at a rapid speed and going clip-clop, clip-clop in a highly shaky and unstable manner.

Aside from the obvious level of skill, the female performers were exuding so much grace and charisma. It was incredible, really.

The lights go off again as they prepare the stage for the next big act. These performers keep us entertained with death-defying dance moves from a crazy height! Besides hanging off the hoop from several floors above ground level, they also hang off of each other's bodies.

Angelic dancers and more bubbles cascading upon the audience.

This was a very cool act featuring elephants, which I love and find super adorable.

Idk man...I always feel a tinge of sadness when I watch these animals performing in the circus coz I know it ain't right. I just hope that they're at least being treated decently by the trainers and are getting plenty of love and care :\

Cute dancers!

I love their outfits. I wonder if they specifically wore those lovely candy cane costumes for the Christmas season and if so, what would they usually wear on normal days and other special occasions? #circusthoughts

When half-time came around, batches of special Christmas dancers came out to strut their stuff in a series of wonderfully whimsical costumes.

I find it hilarious how I actually enjoyed this part more than many of the other performances which are supposed to be way more exciting lol. But the outfits are just so cool! See the above picture? The first batch of dancers were dressed in reindeer themed outfits! :D

And of course, there's also Santa riding in the coolest, most festively decked out Jeep haha

Here come the cute candy cane girls! Man, I wish I owned one of those costumes...I really do!

Candy cane costumes 2.0, the peppermint version! Seriously though their outfits are really too freaking gorgeous. Somebody needs to tell me who their costume designer is, ASAP!

The heart pumping performances resumed with this motorcyclists-defying-gravity-in-a-metal-ball-of-death act.

After the entire thing ends and the whole crowd is just cheering wildly for their mad skills, one of the motorcyclists takes off the helmet to reveal long and luscious locks of hair. It was a chick all along!! The crowd goes insane hahaha

Very beautiful dance performance, but I don't really remember much about it haha. Outfits were stunning though!

The next act was definitely a highlight of the show. One of the most famous performances, consistently a part of the circus throughout the year, and probably in my top three favourites as well teehee

Basically the performers do stunts in the circle thingies while the RING OF DEATH rotates at pretty high speeds haha. It starts out with the simple act of trying to find their balance, then they do flips and jump rope.

Thereafter the performers venture OUTSIDE of the circles one by one, and do the same tricks with the added task of desperately trying to find balance when they're spinning about at a high speed and height with nothing at all to hold on to. And once they get into the groove of things, they do the same stunts...blindfolded.

I know I've seen this act every single time I've been to the Chimelong circus so really it's nothing new at all for me, but I freaking love it lol

It's great :))

There were plenty of other acts as well but I suppose I was trying to be more "into" it so I made a conscious effort to put my camera away and just focus on what was happening in front of my very eyes as much as possible haha. Nevertheless, I hope you got a taste of how completely swagtastic the circus show was!

Here's the ending of the show, where all the performers strolled out along the pathway surrounding the entire arena, waving to the enthusiastic crowd and hurling some small souvenir toys for lucky members of the audience to catch.

Vegas showgirls!

It's actually really cool to see the performers wearing different outfits but still being able to recognise them from the particular act they were in :)

And now, a special treat for da well as the men, or just pretty much anybody with eyes...

Oh my lordy...

Tears almost flowed down my blushing cheeks when I spotted this fine specimen wearing such a marvellous outfit while riding on one of the horses. lucky horse

Obviously my thirst knows no bounds so I rushed to zoom in on him to capture his sheer beauty, and to think that he was actually looking directly at my camera when I took the photo!! Or near it, idk man. Could be because I was squealing like a fangirl a little bit and he was just alarmed at my reaction to his perfect and gorgeous being HAHAHA

This was my attempt to snap another shot (for back-up purposes, y'know...) but unfortunately they were moving too fast so it just wasn't possible. Instead my camera decided to focus on that one particular Chinese man in the red shirt who definitely looks like he was having as good a time as I was. Look at that smile!

And with that, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and reliving all the fantastic memories of that evening!

The end of the show where all the performers came out to take a bow. What a lovely scene!

It was incredible, really. I left the arena feeling so full of glee and excitement! What a truly magical experience :))

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