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Suite Life in Guangzhou Part 4: Zoo Adventures

Of course I'm still rolling out the China blog posts even though I'm currently vacationing in Perth lol

I guess I have to, if my aim is to complete the entire series while we're still in the 21st century :P

Part 1: Flight & Arrival | Part 2: Day One Eats | Part 3: Circus


Wednesday, 24th December 2014
Xiangjiang Safari Park, Chimelong Zoo
Panyu (Guangzhou, China)

And now, get ready for a relentless stream of animal pics, as with any other blog posts that are about visits to the zoo.

BOOM. Flamingoes.

B-BOOM! That's a rhinoceros.

BOOM BOOM POW! Cute monkeys* sitting around happily in a hut!

*asked my vet dad and apparently they're called françois' langurs, how fancy! (if you google baby françois' langurs you will faint just like i did...forreal they are way too cute to be true)

LEMURS!! I wonder if they like to...move it, move it? *smirking face emoji*

(p.s if you don't get that reference you need to get out of my face)
(just kidding that's mean)
(but imma need to educate you on some dreamworks movies about zoo animals getting stranded on an island country after a failed escape attempt and making the acquaintance of a certain lemur king who loves dancing if we're ever gonna be friends)

I have no idea what this animal is but its tail is looking regal as hell. WERK IT.


My mum and I were going oooooh and ahhhhh from seeing this adorable lion cub just casually doing its thang, laying around and being the cutest, cuddliest little creature EVER. There were two keepers around us, one taking care of the cub and another one who was just roaming the area when a friendly Caucasian tourist employed his help to take a photo of him (the tourist) with the cutie cub.

So the zookeeper very kindly agreed to helping the tourist snap a pic, but when he pressed the shutter, the camera set off what was possibly the brightest freaking flashes I've ever witnessed in my life, and take note that the room for the lion cub exhibit was fairly dim.

Oh my goodness, even I was startled by the blinding flash!

Clearly the zookeeper was like OH NO YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY BUT SINCE I'M THE ONE WHO TOOK THE PICTURE TECHNICALLY I'M THE ONE AT FAULT BUT I DIDN'T KNOW???????? and the tourist was looking very embarrassed and I think he genuinely forgot about the fact that his camera's flash was on so I can't really blame him but really none of that even freaking mattered to me at that point because THE POOR LIL BABY LION CUB WAS SO SHOCKED HE ROLLED AROUND THE TABLE AND FELL RIGHT OFF!!


Oh my gosh poor baby.

The photo you see above was during one of his moments of panic. He was so flustered and scared and he just tumbled off to the ground haha. It's actually quite funny a goofy kind of way. And also he was so gosh darn cute.

The other zookeeper comforting him after he picked him up from the floor. He couldn't recover for a while :\ Made me kinda worried to see.

But the zookeeper folded the towel to make a little pillow rest for the cub, which he really seemed to love!

Awwwwww look at him, all snuggled up and happy again :) <3

All in all I'm so happy that I was able to witness the entire ordeal, coz I must say that the cub was really INSANELY adorable hahaha. And I'm super glad that he's alright!

My mum and I were the only visitors present when this happened, aside from the tourist who kinda caused this whole incident in the first place lol. Hope his picture turned out really well!!

A gorgeous macaw perched casually within an open air exhibit. I was so surprised and impressed that it'd stay put and not fly about, wreaking havoc everywhere!

That golden koi was so shiny and magnificent swimming amidst all the other regular looking kois. The fish equivalent of what I aspire to be, tbh.

This was the beginning of the JURASSIC PARK section, which I thought was totally badass because I LOVE DINOSAURS but at the same time I was kinda freaked out by the exhibits (which were fake, duh) due to my strange phobia of life-sized animal statues. Also the dinosaurs came equipped with speakers which would play the loudest screeching and roaring noises from time to time, which really scared the pants off me.

Look how cute the babies are!!

This particular one freaked me the absolutely fuck out...Like seriously what is that claw, it looks scary as hell!!

My all-time favourite dinosaur...the triceratops! :D

Cute cute :)

I don't really know what this is...I wanna say it's a rhino but was in the dinosaur exhibits?? Maybe it's some kind of prehistoric rhinoceros lol

The dinosaur walk ended with the legit scariest shit in the world for me, I'm talking way worse than any haunted house or roller coaster ride.

And that's not just coming from someone like me who has a weird phobia, there were actual WARNING SIGNS outside of the final exhibit telling people that shit's about to go down and if you're a scaredy cat you better just walk on by instead of peeing on the floor and whimpering like a baby for the rest of the day.

Basically there was a completely dark room with this god awful GIANT dinosaur statues (aka my ultimate nightmare) and there were coloured lights beamed upon them in the most horrifying angles. The absolute worst part? Their ferocious roars were played at a heart trembling volume.


It was so scary!!!!!!!!

The enormous red dino was supposedly in battle with whoever was on the blue side, which I think was just an average crocodile. Obviously we know who the winner is...

So, so scary. Even with my ears blocked with my hands I was STILL completely terrified. I tried toughing it out as best as I could to train myself to not be a big ol' wimpy pants but honestly it was like subjecting myself to torture!

After that traumatic experience I had to calm myself down at the gift shop lol. Look at this cute lil penguin plush toy!

I absolutely love it whenever I find a soft toy that's the perfect size for cuddling, wonderfully soft and fluffy with the perfect texture AND looks 100% adorable.

Got my mum to buy me a nice ice cream snack. It comes in a plastic ball, how wacky is that! lol

The name on the label says pong pong qiu xue ni, which literally translates to "pong pong ball (what does pong mean? hit? crash? crash crash ball LOL) snow mud (???)" hahahaha

It's essentially an iced confection lightly flavoured and delightfully fragranced with orange, there's bits of chewy orange bits in it too! Pretty yummy :)) And the ball is quite fun to wash out afterwards and keep as a souvenir haha!

There were all these colourful birds just chillin' on the tree branches without a care in the world. It was cute coz they were scattered in different groups all over the place but once the keeper did his special little song whistle, they all came fluttering right to this special, shorter display tree!

You could feed them too, but I think the visitors had to pay a small fee for the birdseed :)

The all-too-famous panda exhibit. Because what's China without pandas, right?

Climbing climbing...

It's just so happy!!

Thinking 'bout life...

Thinking 'bout life v2.0: a different angle hahaha

Awwwww so cute!! They just look so fat and cuddly, ugh. I wanna snuggle up with em!!

One of the highlights of the zoo was definitely the newborn panda TRIPLETS, which made the headlines in pretty much every country on Earth since it's just so rare for pandas to give birth to a whopping three offspring at one go and have them not only survive but grow up strong and healthy.

They were definitely the superstars of the zoo, with entire rooms and exhibits dedicated to them, filled with clippings of press coverage and a whole ton of merchandise!

Here are the adorable little munchkins in question. How cute are they!!

I would like to point your attention to a clear favourite of mine...

Ahhhh!!!!! How cute!! Look at its little rolled up tongue!!!!!!! Looks like ham lmao

Damn it you are just too cute!!!

Look at this goofy little squish tumbling around its mother teehee. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

It's insanely adorable, not to mention heartwarming, to see the babies interacting with their mom.

After looking through the special room dedicated to the triplets, I made my way through the crowd of locals who had made their way down to the zoo specially just to pay the babies a visit, and I was greeted by the sweetest, most precious sight ever.


Are you kidding me!!!!! How sweet is that!!!!!!!!!! :'))

I'm crying lol that is just TOO. DAMN. CUTE!!!!!

Warms my frickin' heart UGH.

Momma Panda sayang-ing its lil child, best sight of the entire day for sure!

Pretty sure my heart exploded at this moment sigh :')))))) <3

This was the last exhibit we saw before leaving the zoo, and it was a black miniature horse!

Cutezzzzzz omg <3

Me touching it's beautiful butt :))

Pat pat!

It walked away from me! So sad :(

It's okay, there are more miniature horses...

Which also means more butts.

For me to touch! :D


Alrighty, that brings us to the end of this very long and very photo-heavy post. Congratz and a million thank yous if you've made it this far lol

Here's an owl photo for you as a sign of gratitude, also because I have no idea where else in this post to slot it in HAHA

Hoot hoot!

Cya :))

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  1. That's one cool zoo. The orange ball would be great to store valuables in as nobody will think anything of the ball.