Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Swiggity Swag @ Paddy Hills

It's super rare for me to post about events any sooner than months and months after they've transpired, but today I'm gonna be blogging about things that have happened TODAY!

It has just been such a tremendously GREAT day for me and I'm honestly feeling over the moon about all the awesome things I've been getting up to in the past few hours. Also, I'm actually flying to Perth (again, i know lol) TOMORROW so I wanna quickly get a new post up so you guys have something to chew on for a couple of days at least while I'm vacationing it up Down Under.

So without further ado...my wonderful day today! Ahhhhhhhh so exciting!!

Basically I was supposed to meet Ian (whom you guys may know as my leading man in the fantastic A Latte Love web series) (shame on you if you haven't watch the series, btw. SHAME. ON. YOU!) to go to this new café that is supposedly the swaggiest shit ever.

I'm guessing you probably already know from this post's title but the café is none other than Paddy Hills.

I don't usually like to read reviews of anything before going to check it out because I hate having certain expectations of the place, be it positive or negative, and all in all I just want to be able to experience things for myself the first time that I visit, and I don't want it to be affected by opinions from anyone else.

But I happened to stumble upon some reviews for Paddy Hills and let me tell you that as soon as I read what people had to say about it, I literally could not wait to go there.

Apparently the food is of amazing taste and quality, and the café just has the coolest look and ambience of all time.

Anyways, sidetrack a little but I made my way to Telok Ayer MRT station over at the Downtown Line to meet Ian, which was according to his instructions. Lo and behold, the moment I reached Telok Ayer he sent me a text saying that the café was at Haw Par Villa instead, which was a total of two transfers and seven stations away.

Facepalmmmmmmmm -_-

Lol but in all honesty I didn't really mind coz I actually really like going to the Downtown Line and this was only the second time in my entire life that I've made a transfer there. I just love how the stations and trains look so sleek and artsy and of course NEW! Even the train seats are an adorable bright shade of creamy yellow and have the most gorgeous designs for every reserved seat. I love it haha

Also, Ian very generously paid for 90% of my train ticket to Haw Par Villa (did i mention that i am a careless buffoon and i lost my ezlink card two days before i went overseas? lol dont tell my mom pls she will very much give my ass the whooping it deserves) so it's all good :)

Thankfully I wasn't already hungry at the time though, otherwise we'd have a problem...

Anywho, Paddy Hills is quite out of the way and there's definitely some walking involved. I'd say about 15 minutes or so trying to navigate around a pretty quiet neighbourhood?

This is where it gets interesting.

As we got closer to the café itself, I started finding the area incredibly familiar before I realised...

Oh my god. This is the neighbourhood where I used to live! That's my kindergarten! We literally walked past my old kindergarten!!

I was completely TRIPPING over the fact that, omg. We are here. In this area where I used to grow up, but haven't been in for a couple of years and have more or less forgotten about.

I was telling Ian where my actual house was, and saying how much I missed this particular duck rice stall which I used to frequent so much as a kid and how much I miss their legendary, very famous and INSANELY delicious duck rice.

Well, guess what?

We reached Paddy Hills, and it was there.

In the spot of The duck rice stall which I so loved and missed.


Excuse me while I shed a tear.

Haha but yeah. I kinda knew for a long time coming that the duck rice stall would've been closed down simply because it was so, SO old. Like several decades old.

But to be stepping into this awesome, chic new café when I still remembered vividly all the times I used to be at that exact same spot as a little carefree kid just having my duck rice, silky tofu and refreshing lime juice (those were the signatures, man they were sooo good), seriously it was just so surreal.

And it kinda dawned on me how much time has passed...like, wow. I'm practically a grown ass woman now. So much has changed.

It's crazy, really.

OKAY lol let's not get emotional hahaha

Back to Paddy Hills business...

We went in and I was really blown away by how fabulous everything looked.

The servers there are all really warm and friendly, which I really appreciate about any dining establishment.

We were seated at a nice sunny spot towards the inner sections of the café, which I was really happy about coz it's much cosier as compared to the wide open spaces near the entrance. Definitely a better choice if you want to perhaps do some studying on your own and enjoy some me-time or just have an intimate conversation with your friend without getting bothered by the loud chatter or larger groups!

I am seriously in love with the decor and ambience of the place...Like, honestly I can't even describe what exactly it was about it but I was just so happy and in awe of how great the vibe of the environment felt!

Simply gorgeous, really.

As you can see, the food was definitely not cheap. Their milkshakes were $11. ELEVEN!! I could buy myself a cheap but filling meal someplace else with that price. I was fine with it though coz I haven't splurged in a while (feels like it's been 800 years since i last went shopping).

In addition to that, it was evident that the food was going to be of crazy good quality both in terms of ingredients and preparation so I really believe in paying a little more for that. I mean come on, just reading the descriptions of each menu item was enough to have me drooling up a storm and being highly willing to fork out half a month's worth of allowance just to have an EPIC meal I know I'm sure to remember.

Our drinks!

I got myself an iced latte ($6.50) and Ian had a flat white ($4).

Their house blend was supposed to have notes of dark chocolate and caramel, which sounds HEAVENLY. It tasted wonderful indeed, very full-bodied and robust. I slurped mine up in no time at all and it was the first time in my life I seriously contemplated getting a second serving haha. But I didn't coz...I'm hella poor :( #brokestudentproblems

(for Ian if you're reading this...CAN I HAVE ANOTHER GLASS??! hahahahahahahah omgg)

My coffee came with this very...interesting Satan coaster lol. Which was funny coz I was just telling Ian about my devilish antics and joking about how I may or may not be Satan so when they put this down on the table for me I almost lost my shit hahaha

But afterwards I sneaked a peek at the table next to ours and saw that everybody gets the same Satan coaster awwww :(( And they had me feeling all special lol

Ian ordered the Kimchi Fried Rice ($20) and I literally almost started weeping when they served it coz it looks (and smells!) so ridiculously good, oh my goodness.

Besides the super sexy slabs of charred hanger steak (which, bless his soul, Ian let me have a piece of and i almost DIED it tasted so so good!!), the fragrant and smokey fried rice was accompanied by the most perfect sous vide egg you ever did see.

It was soooo squishy and soft and runny but still being able to hold its adorable shape at the same time. When Ian burst it and all the egg yolk came oozing out onto his rice, I had to hold on to my heart so I wouldn't pass out right there and then.

It's all about life's little pleasures, man. And for me that means popping, or even seeing other people pop, runny eggs and unleashing the marvellous yolk-lava.

So much joy :'))

We were torn between which appetiser to get, and it was between this and truffle fries. As the latter is quiet common in local cafés and hence a tad boring, we went with the above Cauliflower Fritters ($12) with Paprika Salt & Masala Yogurt dip!

I don't know about Ian but I freaking LOVED it. There was a pretty significant aftertaste of heavy grease which I wasn't a fan of, but aside from that everything about this side dish is a win. The sauce was nice and tangy, flavourful yet light and refreshing at the same time. Oh and the server we approached was more than happy to give us refills when we ran out, so that was awesome! (was sorta worried that they'd ask us to pay for extra sauce hahaha yay free refills!)

My Squid Ink Tagliatelle ($23) with seared scallops, mentaiko, ikura, and tobiko.

*deep breaths*

Let me just tell you, there is nothing, literally, not a single thing, that I do not like about this dish.

EVERYTHING, about that beautiful dish you see in the above picture, was flawless and amazing.

I'm serious.

This was my very first time trying squid ink pasta, and it was just divine, really.

I was worried that it'd stained my teeth, but amazingly my teeth were totally un-blackened! Stained my lips pretty badly though, lol. But that was expected and truth be told this dish was so infuriatingly delicious that I wouldn't mind walking around with black lips for a whole week just to taste its utter perfection.

Yeah, it was that good.

There were some rocket leaves tucked under the pasta at well, which I love and I thought was pretty genius coz it complemented the other strong flavours of this dish so well.

Scallops were A+++, Gordon Ramsay would definitely approve. Although I'm confused as to why they were so soft and flat hahaha. Nevertheless, they tasted grand and this is probably one of my first times ever having scallops that were seared, which is all I've ever wanted after watching Hell's Kitchen lol. So yeah...feeling very #blessed :'))

The wacky and wonderful wall outside of Paddy Hills. Obviously we had to seize this opportunity to take OOTDs, right? Obviously. hahaha

Starting to become a watermelon fanatic and I'm not really sure why.

(this is actually a photo i'm going to post on instagram some time from now so if you're reading this, CONGRATULATIONS for having an exclusive sneak peek at future content that's yet to be seen by my instagram followers!! wow, aren't you special! :D)

(but still, follow me on instagram if you haven't already lol)


To be completely honest this was the first time in a while I've had such a genuinely enjoyable and satisfactory visit to a café.

More often than not, the food at cafés in Singapore is grossly overpriced without really having that wow factor in terms of taste or quality. Furthermore, they're usually super busy and cramped with noisy youths and service staff who aren't exactly friendly...It's gotten to a point where I'm used to having the expectation of leaving each café feeling like I've just wasted a whole load of cash on an overall crappy experience, and that really sucks.

Paddy Hills ticked every single box for me; the ambience was lovely, the decor looked great, the vibe was very chill and laidback with only a small, quiet crowd on this weekday afternoon, the service staff were incredibly warm and helpful, and of course, the food was just superb.

Oh yes, it definitely made a HUGE difference that I was hanging out with such awesome company :)) (thanks Ian!)

I can't wait to visit again, and I foresee myself going there very often indeed haha. And like I told Ian, if only I were still staying at my childhood home now. Best believe that if I lived in that area, I would be going to Paddy Hills EVERY. DAMN. DAY.


How gorgeous is their business card, right?!

I love you Paddy Hills, even though you took over the space which was once a major part of my childhood hahaha.

:')) ❤

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  1. That's sweet that it was in your childhood neighbourhood. I hope you get the chance to visit your old house one day. Although, I'm not a religious person, I wouldn't want a devil coaster. It would spook me out a bit.