Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cheesy EggVocado

aka the night where I magically transformed into complete wifey material.

One thing about me is that I absolutely adore cooking and BAKING in particular, especially since I took Food & Nutrition as an elective subject during my upper secondary school years (year? since i was only in Singapore for my Sec 4 year and that's it hahaha okay that's irrelevant).

Tragically, however, I've never had an oven in my own home all my life :(

Isn't that just sad!! All my dreams of baking...all the recipe books I've amassed over the years. I had an extra special love for cupcakes. In fact, it was right up there with puddings in terms of my strange food-related obsessions. Imagine that! This blog you're currently reading right now could very well have been named CupcakeFancy haha! :P


Dug out this ancient toaster oven that has been sitting around at a corner of junk in my kitchen.

Not gonna lie, I was kinda worried that it wouldn't even be able to get switched on, much less cook edible food. I tried preheating it and it made some freaky clicking noises. I was scared for my life that the whole damn thing would overheat and explode!! Sending metal and glass oven shrapnel flying through my kitchen and embedded into my flesh, SAW style. Damn.

Anyways, it turned out to work pretty okay lol, so I rounded up some ingredients I had lying around and proceeded to try making my very first toaster oven dish!

About five seconds after the above picture was taken, it dawned on me that the cheese was going to provide plenty of flavour so the salt was quite unnecessary thus I tossed it aside haha.

Oh yeah, I don't have any salt and pepper in my house so I usually just keep a couple packets of the McDonald's one haha. They're a multibillion dollar company, for crying out loud. I think they can afford to spare me some seasoning for all the money I'm giving them for their amazing french fries, thank you very much. Plus, their pepper is pretty great lol.

It was pretty straightforward. Basically I sliced the avocado in half, scooped out a little tablespoonful to make a crater for the egg to go in, dumped plenty of amazing parmesan all over the egg and avo, and sprinkled with some pepper so it not only tastes nicely seasoned and herby, but looks stunning as well teehee.

I let it bake at the maximum temperature for 15 minutes, which is the longest you can set the timer to on this toaster oven haha.

Waiting time was spent catching up on new episodes of Modern Family and let me just tell you, the smell of the parmesan was just wafting out of the kitchen and throughout my entire house, teasing my senses and getting me excited as hell to see how my cheesy eggvocado was gonna turn out!

Ta-daa! Attempt #1, not bad huh?

When I took it out from the oven, the cheese was bubbling and sizzling away. It was a gorgeous sight, I tell you. And the aroma, oh goodness. It was to die for!

Think I cooked it for slightly too long however, as the cheese was really starting to get brown and crusty instead of oozing and melty. Still tasted phenomenal though! You can never go wrong with cheese, honestly.

The egg was a tad overcooked as well, as you can see. It was more on the hardboiled side instead of the ideal half cooked, runny egg kinda style haha

So after sitting back and enjoying my delicious creation, I embarked on Attempt #2 with the second half of the avocado and the rest of the egg that was too much to be contained in the crater of the first one!

Sexy, huh? lolololol

Taking into account everything that wasn't on point in my first try, this time I dialed back the cooking time and the cheese topping was definitely more soft, oozy, and just hella delicious.

Unfortunately I couldn't create that beautiful "yolk amidst a sea of egg white" with this one as everything sort of got mixed together when I was spooning it ever so carefully into the avocado without the entire thing spilling over lol. Nevertheless, I was quite happy with the doneness of the egg in this one!

Much softer and the texture went really well with the avocado!

Yay me!! Can't wait to try more recipes with my new cooking buddy teehee :))

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  1. I can relate to life without an oven. My family got a new oven after years of not having one. We don't use the oven very often but it's nice to be able to make a cake and have a roast meal sometimes. I'm glad that your avocado goodness worked out well for you. Did you know you can cook cakes on a stove top? You can look it up on internet.